Coffee Talk 01.21.18

Greetings and salutations on this fine Sunday morning! The temperatures are rising, the sun is peeking up over the cornfields behind my neighborhood, and the sky is a wash of pinks and purples.

It’s lovely, but what is that they say? Pink sky in the morning, sailors take warning? Well, we ARE supposed to get some rain tomorrow . . . but for now I’ll enjoy the sunshine.

So anyway, enough about the weather. I had a good time last night. I met a friend for drinks, then came home and caught an episode or two of The Crown before heading up to bed waaaay past my bedtime. I’m feeling a little groggy this morning, but it’s nothing that a leisurely 3-mile run can’t cure!

Now, for a few items of housekeeping . . .

#1. I updated my Shop Page with my current favorites. You can access that at any time through the SHOP tab in the menu bar at the top of my site (if on mobile, click the 3 lines at the top left for a dropdown menu) OR this Shop My Favorites graphic on the sidebar (on mobile, the sidebar items appear beneath my blog posts.)

#2. In that dropdown menu under the SHOP tab, you can also Shop My Instagram or my current LOFT favorites. (They’re still running 50% off with code COZY!)

Are there any other tabs you would like me to create that might be helpful??? I used to have a Nordstrom Favorites page but I haven’t updated it in a while so I took it off the menu. I never know if those tabs are used much or not so I’m never sure if it’s worth my time to keep up with them. If you’d like me to update it and add it back, let me know.

#3. Are you following me on Pinterest? I realized the other day that I don’t mention my Pinterest very often, but you can see what fashions I’m inspired by, some of the food and recipes I’d like to try (or at least have for reference), and beauty and fitness articles and tips I want to save. I pin my own stuff as well because that is one way people find my blog, so feel free to re-pin anything that inspires you!

#4. I’ve been thinking of writing a post entitled Ways To Support Your Favorite Bloggers, but it seems so self-serving that I keep putting it off. It occurred to me, though, because I get a lot of questions about certain behaviors and if they help me or not, so I thought maybe people may want to know how that all works and some of the more unknown ways you can support not just me, but any bloggers you enjoy.

What do y’all think? Is that icky? Or would it be helpful and fun to read?

#5. I’m working on getting the comment box for my posts moved to the top of the comments, rather than at the bottom where it’s placed now. When my design team sent me the mockup, they had rearranged the comments to show in reverse chronological order, with the latest comment at the top, rather than at the bottom as they are now. I guess with the comment box is at the top, it makes sense?

I’m wondering how y’all feel about that. Would that throw you off? Cyndi’s is set up that way, and it always takes me a minute to realize, when I want to read her comments, that I need to scroll to the bottom and read back up. Is it weird to have the comment box at the top and still show the comments in chronological order?

Yes, these are the things I have to think about, ha! It seems like any design change results in several other questions and decisions to be made.

So let me know if you have an opinion on that. I figure if you’re reading this post, you’re probably one of my most engaged readers and one of the ones most likely to actually read through the comments on my posts, so I may as well ask for input.

Well, that’s about it for me! I need to get a move on if I’m going to be ready for church on time. I hope you’re having a great weekend, and enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. The order of comments wouldn’t matter to me sometimes I read them mostly I don’t. I like to read the comments when you ask for opinions especially after a try on session. It’s interesting to see how off the mark I am in fashion ????. I would be interested in how to help bloggers since I also work for a very small business. Loved the black tunic from yesterday!

  2. I would like to see how we can support bloggers. I try to buy from posted links, but I’m sure there are other ways to support you and the others I follow. 

  3. I read your blog daily. I would appreciate a post about what helps bloggers. I love your blog and would love to know how to help you. I purchase a lot of the clothes and products you feature in your blog posts but I don’t always do it through the post. Knowing more about what helps you would be great! Please put the comment box at the top and have the comments in chronological order.  Happy Sunday! 

  4. Definitely would like to know more about the whole “blogger support” issue, both just generally as well as how to support my favorite blogger (that’s you!). 

    The order of the comments doesn’t matter to me. I probably go into the comments about half the time or more and will continue to do so. 

    Blessed Sunday!

  5. I like knowing how to support you and other favorite bloggers. It is your job and we want to keep you in business! 🙂
    Also, I’d prefer to have the comment box at the top and read the comments from the bottom up. It make sense to me to have the latest at the top.
    Have a good day!

  6. Hi Jo-Lynne!  Regarding the comment box on your posts, I would love for it to appear before all of the comments.  There are many times that I’ve read your post and want to comment, but life happens before I can scroll down to the bottom, then I don’t have time to comment.  I do enjoy reading comments from the other ladies, but that is something I can do at the end of the day.  I have the Pinterest icon on my devices, but don’t use it like I should.  I am now following you, so maybe I will start referencing it.  We too, are blessed with a beautiful Sunday; the sun is out, very little wind, and our high will be in the upper 60’s/low 70’s.  The flu epidemic here is keeping us at home and away from others since Larry’s immune system is so compromised.  But, we are still very blessed!  Enjoy your day!

  7. Hello JoLynne! Another great Coffee Talk! To answer your questions….
    1 & 2 – I did not know that was there & my bank account is in more trouble now. 😉
    3 – Love your Pinterest boards!
    4 – I don’t think it’s icky at all to advertise & promote your business. I love to learn the inner workings of the blog.
    5 – The order of the comments isn’t a deal breaker for me. I’m coming to the blog daily & reading the ones I want to or not. I enjoy reading how other ladies think and react to trends and ideas.
    As always, thanks for asking!

  8. I’d love to hear behind the scenes ways that we can help a blogger out. And I like the idea of the comment box at the top. If you’re short on time, the comment box is right there. If you want to read through comments, you can scroll down. Have a relaxing Sunday!

  9. Jo-Lynne,

    Please do the post on how to support your favorite bloggers. I think we all realize that you are running a business and we appreciate the free service. I’d like to know what to do, and what not to do, to help you out.

    BTW – I really do think that you are the best. Your fashion choices are practical and wearable, your site is extremely professional and easy to use. I also appreciate the frequency of your posts and how thorough and thoughtful you are. Thanks for all of it!

  10. Jolynne, I always thought myself to understand fashion and enjoy new things every season. For over 30 years working in Banking I wore suits and heels. Now at home and enjoying travel with hubby and friends and doing things with Grands I need different clothing. I have told you before I over buy out of boredom. My closet is so full and I do give away lots of things to needy people. I have to say I’m learning from you to watch what I buy that will look good with my body shape. I think that is what I was doing wrg all along. I was buying cause I liked it but it hung in closet cause didn’t look good on me. I need to pay attention to my body type. Thank you for your suggestions. I like your try on sessions cause we see what works and what doesn’t. I alway hate trying in store so that could be a down fall. When I order I can return just as easy. I’m 63 and still learning. Have a great Day. B

  11. I understand your hesitancy about doing a post of this kind because it opens you up for comments that can be negative. This is something I hate about the virtual world. People feel free to blast hurtful comments when. It to someone’s face. I hope you consider a post for those of us who do not  know  how this all works.   I love and appreciate it when you teach as you style clothing. I learn so much. If there is a way to support your time and effort for all you do, i want to know about it. I guess you could say Its self serving on my part. Ha  Enjoy your Sunday. 

  12. Just a few things. I’d love for the comment box to be above all the comments. Thanks for trying to get that changed. I don’t always read through all the comments to it would be a nice change for me. I follow you on Pinterest and enjoy seeing what you pin. I’d love to see a post on how to support your favorite blogger. I really appreciate how much you value and support your readers. Thanks.

  13. Most comment sections are newest on top.  I think readers can quickly figure out which way a page is set up. There are advantages to each format, but I lean toward newest comment on top.

  14. Hi Jolynne! I really love the shop my favorites tabs, but I forget to use them! Thank you for reminding me! It’s very helpful to get a reminder from time time! Krista

  15. I’m sure we’d adjust. I think it’s easier to comment on mobile devices if the new comment box is just under the post and not all they way at the bottom. I like your little tabs for shopping if they are kept current. It’s like a summary of all your posts…I’m sure it’s a lot of work!

  16. I do follow you on Pinterest, had to double check! Ever since Pinterest changed to not show who posted a pin, I never know who posts what. I should check a few favorite profiles from time to time to see new pins!

    Would love the post on blogging and helping support, behind the scenes, etc.

    I love to read the comments section to see what others are saying too 🙂 The comment box on top would be helpful so I can comment when I have time and go back through comments another time. 

  17. I think a post on how to support your favorite bloggers would be nice! I clicked on a Loft item last night from your blog, and then ended up ordering a couple of tees and some socks (I know, big spender! 🙂 ) but I also signed up for their credit card and I was worried by the end that I had jumped around so much you might not have gotten the credit? So a post would be helpful :). Have a lovely weekend!!!! (Oh, and how do I get to your Amazon favorites?) Thanks!!!

  18. I’d enjoy reading how I can support the Bloggers I follow. I glean so much from you and the other Bloggers I follow so I’m happy to support all of you where I can. I don’t mind how you have your comment section set up right now and would adjust just fine if you decide to change it. Happy Sunday!

  19. I have to disagree with everyone! I like the comment section at the bottom. It makes sense to me to read comments from first to last. I read your blog every day and always read the comments. I learn from fellow readers as well as Jo-Lynne.

  20. I think that tell us how it all work how to make our favorite blogger is good idea. It would give a little more into what goes in to all of magic that we get in our in box.  As for the weather If you could send the sun over to Delaware I would love it. Its so dark and  dreary . But its warm so I will take it.
    Have a wonderful sunday 

  21. Yes, absolutely do a post on how to support bloggers please! I remember asking you about it some months back, and I was completely surprised by your answer. I follow and keep up quite a bit, so I can imagine how many more people are in the dark on this. We WANT you to get the credit! After all you are the one inspiring us 😉 . I just don’t think it even occurs to a lot of people. There have even been times when I was tempted to ask you to provide a link because I wanted to buy one of your recommendations from a different site, lol. Anyway, yes, please do this and please include how long these links last and whether hopping and closing browsers affect them.

  22. I kind of like reading through the comments first before commenting, but it’s not a big deal either way to me.  It’s not like we can’t still read through them if the box is at the top.  And I’d enjoy the info on how support from the blog works.  You’re the only blogger I follow regularly, and I want you to get credit for purchases.  It must be a great deal of work, and you do a great job.  

  23. I don’t think you teaching us how to support you and other bloggers is icky at all.  It would be a way for you to build up others, and you would get a blessing from it, as well. 

    As for where to place the comments, I like them at the bottom at the end of the post. It makes sense to me rather than scrolling all the way back up to the top.  As for chronological order, it doesn’t bother me.  I read all of them, anyway.  

    Have a great Sunday! 

  24. I think it’s a great idea to write a post about ways to support your favorite blogger. Your blog never comes off as self serving,even though it is a source of income for you. You are very personable and honest and genuinely helpful. One of the ways you help is by directing women to great clothes. In my opinion you should feel free to let us know how we can support you, because you sure do a fantastic job of supporting a girls pursuit of balancing our lives. You support your readers in “fighting the frump”, finding ways to stay fit, finding quality items for our wardrobes, and walking with Christ in an increasingly difficult time. You deserve all the support you can get in return.

  25. I would not think a post about blogging and how you make money self serving. Instead, it would help me understand better the blogging world. Yours is the first post I look for in the morning, so if I get busy at least I have checked in with my favourite fashion blogger.
    It makes no difference if the comment section is at the top or bottom. It takes seconds to scroll to the bottom to leave a comment. If I’m reading the comments, it’s easier to follow the flow from the top to bottom, as well.
    I follow you on Pinterest but don’t think to check it often enough. A gentle reminder at the bottom of your post would prompt us to take a look at new content. 

  26. It would be super interesting to me to read a post about supporting favorite bloggers. Also, I don’t have a strong opinion either way about the comment box. Love your blog!

  27. I would prefer being able to make a comment right away( on top). Because I work full time during the day, I sit down and read emails/blogs early evening. Usually there are many comments.  If I have to scroll thru all the comments to the bottom then put in my comment , I either have lost interest in my own comment ; or more likely forgot what I was going to say! LOL

  28. Absolutely, send us info on how to support you and our fav bloggers. We want to support you and your business. No “ick” factor here at all. Your blog is a fun part of my day and I look forward to it. Thanks for asking our input.

  29. I appreciate so much your transparency and wanting the opinions of your readers. It is like a community here and we all want to learn what you have to share about style, trends, what looks good or not…Your blog is such a big help and I’ve learned so much! I think we all want to be supportive of your business so do not think for a minute that seeking information would not be ok. Just keep being “you”. Your correspondence/feedback to the comments is noticed and so appreciated!! As far as the order of the comments, I think it’s fine the way it is but whatever you and your design team decide will be great. Thanks so very much for the amount of time and thought you put into your blog and social media outreach! I so look forward to it! Have a blessed Sunday!

  30. I don’t really have a preference for the comment box at the top vs. the bottom. Maybe that’s because I typically read on a laptop/desktop computer so scrolling isn’t a big deal? I do frequently read the comments on your posts because there are often questions and answers that I was thinking of asking or that help me. But unlike what it seems others are saying, I have a strong preference for the comments to be listed in chronological order. I think that must just be how my brain works. I would never want to start at the bottom and go up to read them in order. Also, that would mean the replies to the comments are oddly placed as you scroll up reading them from oldest to newest. Of course, either way I’ll still be reading your posts! But if the comments are in reverse order I don’t think I’ll read them as frequently. 🙂

  31. And I agree with Wendy and Yolanda!  Ditto ditto ditto Thank you! ????
    Would like a post on good undergarments as well especially with jeans and casual tops

    1. Yes, that is tricky. Unfortunately the piece I have and love is discontinued. I am hoarding a few that I bought when I saw they were selling out. I don’t know what I’ll do when those are gone, and not sure what to recommend. I will start looking.

  32. I don’t comment a lot, although I usually read most of the comments. However, I do think I would like the comment box at the top of the comments versus the bottom, especially for those times when MANY comments have been made, such as when you have a giveaway.  As for the order the posts appear, chronologically makes sense to me.  

    And yes, a post about how we could help support you and your blog would be very interesting. We definitely want to help you stay in business! ???? And  I am curious about how it all works. ????

    Hope you had a great Sunday! 

  33. I’ve learned so much from you and continue to learn with every post.  You put so much effort into your posts.  Some bloggers take a bunch of pictures of themselves and write a few captions, then, of course, place the links.  You put so much thought into each and every scenario…each and every picture.  THIS is why we love you and follow you closely.  I would be happy to have a refresher on how you make money on the Blog.  I’m happy to support you, my “friend in the business”!    As for the comment box, I would like it to appear right after the post.  In that case, I would expect the comments to appear with the newest first, right after the comment box.  BTW, I’m still chuckling about your comments wondering what the UPS driver thinks of you…frustrated housewife with a shopping addiction…lol!  Thank you and Happy Sunday!

  34. As for the order of comments. I like if I comment for it to fall at the bottom, following those who comment before me.  Just seems more natural that way.  

  35. Comment box def at the top. I had to scroll down many comments to add mine to the mix. LOL. Even though most everyone said the same thing! Now that I’ve added my comment, I can go back and read them if I want to. Yes, I’d like to know the ins and outs of how to support my fave bloggers. That’s good info.



  36. Please do the post on blogger support. It is not at all icky and would certainly help out your fellow bloggers! The location of the comment box and order of comments is not an issue for me. I love your style, format, dedication, and most importantly, your sweet personality! Thanks for sharing it all with all of us!

  37. Yes I think i would like the comments at the top. I just scrolled through these and read a lot but not all. You should advertise your business. I feel your advice and dedicated professionalism (is that even a word) deserves our respect and if we can purchase through it link we should. Blessings.

  38. No preference on comment box. Works for me as is because I read the comments first and avoid repeating questions that have already been addressed (I see that often in your feed). I love reading the comments…good stuff there!
    I adore the shop links and wondered where the Nordstrom link had gone. Maybe forget the vendor specific link and just have a “my favorites”? We can take it from there by clicking on your link.
    By all means, inform us on supporting bloggers.
    I spend every a.m. coffee checking your blog. You are doing a great job.

  39. I think commenting at the top is definitely easier, but scrolling to the bottom does encourage me to read some of the other comments on my way down.  

    Love your favorites page…several times I’ve used your search bar to find out things like which style of Tory Burch flats you wear, or the length of your monogram necklace.

    If you have things that help you as a blogger, go for it!  In addition to being happy to help, we fledgling bloggers also learn along the way.  But either way, I think whatever keeps you moving forward only helps you audience.

    PS…Saturday’s try-on session was AWESOME!!! 

  40. Hi Jo-Lynne! I read your blog every day and I like where the comment box presently is placed and I also like the way the comments are placed from oldest to newest. I like to read all the comments first before I comment so that I don’t repeat a question that already has been asked and answered. So IMO, don’t fix what isn’t broken.
    I think it would be great if you could write a post on how we can support your blog! You give us (your readers) so much, I think most of us would love to be able to give back to you. Thanks for valuing our opinions.

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