High Rise Ankle Jeans with Leopard Mules

Hey guys! Happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend. Over the weekend I tried my hand at styling these high rise ankle jeans from Madewell. This is a new silhouette for me so I’m experimenting with how to make it work for me and for those of us who may be a bit wary of this trend.

First let me just say that these are a size to small. They should not be that tight across the hip area. I have the next size on order, but I went ahead and styled these for this post because I was eager to give them a try.

I scrolled through my Instagram feed to see how others are wearing this style of jeans, and I determined that front-tucking a slouchy sweater is the most popular approach, but I didn’t think it would work for me. Front-tucking sweaters is generally best left to those who are smaller on top, and I most certainly do not fall into that demographic. *grin*

That said, when I tried the jeans with this sweater left out, the way I normally wear it with skinny jeans, I thought it looked frumpy and a bit out of balance compared to the front-tucked version. Here, I’ll show you.

A shorter sweater would be fine untucked. It’s a matter of proportions. With the top out, it is longer, and the pants are cropped, so it cuts my body in half rather than providing that pleasing 1/3 to 2/3 ratio.

So for the photo shoot, I did the front tuck and held my breath, hoping I wouldn’t look ridonculous when the pictures came back.

I actually think I rather like it. Or, I could get used to it, although admittedly, it’s probably not the most flattering silhouette for my hourglass body type. It doesn’t really show my curves like skinny jeans and a more fitted top would do, but at least I’m balanced, and I feel like my shape isn’t totally lost in the outfit.

Because this drop shoulders on this sweater make me look a little wider on top, these jeans provide better balance than my usual skinny style. For size reference, I have a small in the sweater and a 28 in the jeans (but I need a 29.)

I ordered these jeans from Nordstrom for $98, but they’ve almost sold out. Madewell is full stocked, but they’re $115. For those not familiar, Madewell is owned by J.Crew, and they’re known primarily for their jeans, although they carry all types of apparel as well as shoes, handbags, and accessories.

They do a good job with modern denim styles and good washes at a more moderate price point than some of the higher end premium brands. They tend keep their prices right around $100, and they do run occasional sales, although the denim is often excluded from those (but not always.) They also carry both tall and taller sizes, so if you need a longer inseam, they’re a good place to look.

TIP: Become a Madewell Insider to get free shipping and free returns!

So let’s discuss these shoes.

I’m in love. I’ve never met a leopard print I didn’t like, and mules are my current favorite shoe trend, so leopard print mules have been on my wish list for a while.

The hardest part is finding a pair I can walk comfortably in, and these are pretty good. I like my R Minkoff pair better, but these are half the price and they print is really pretty. I also like the gold detail on the heel.

I recommend sizing up a half size in these, although as I look at them in these pictures, they look a little big for me. I have the 8.5 an I usually wear 7.5 or 8 in backless shoes. An 8 may be a better fit. Most people who have ordered these said they sized up a half size and that worked for them.

I accessorized with two new pieces from Stella & Dot — the Rhett Cuff and Diedre Double Horn Pendant. Both are delicate mixed metal pieces with a touch of glam, and I’ve been wearing them quite a bit recently. I meant to get a close-up shot of each, and we forgot. #ooops

Color-wise, I really like the lighter wash jeans with this camel melange sweater, and then the leopard mules add pattern and texture to an otherwise simple outfit. I often carry a black bag with my leopard flats, but since the colors in the outfit are so light, I opted for the cognac bag instead.

My bag is old, but I came across this Topshop suede hobo while searching for something similar, and I LOVE IT. For $100, it is definitely a great buy. I love that it is also suede inside, not cloth-lined.

Here’s one more look at the full ensemble. I don’t know that I’m super excited about it, but it’s not too bad for my first attempt, I guess… although my husband is not a fan.

Feel free to give me your input. I’ve got my armor on; I can handle it. 🙂

LOFT slouchy v-neck sweater // Madewell Perfect Summer Jeans (cheaper but limited sizes at Nordstrom) // Michael Kors Natasha leopard slides (also at Nordstrom Rack) // Stella & Dot Rhett Cuff and Diedre Double Horn Pendant // Kendra Scott Sophia drop earrings // Coco Palms sunnies c/o Maui Jim

In other news…

Thanks for all the feedback on yesterday’s post! I appreciate it. Much of it is similar, so forgive me if I don’t reply to every comment, but know that I read them all.

I’m going to have my design team put the comment box up top so it’s easier to find without scrolling but leave comments in chronological order. With the replies tiered under each comment, I think it makes most sense that way. And the order of comments doesn’t REALLY matter anyway.

I know a few like to see the comment box at the bottom so they can read thru what others are saying and then respond, but it seems like the vast majority would prefer to not have to scroll through to comment.

Also, I forgot to tell y’all yesterday, but Adore Your Wardrobe is now OPEN for registration!!!

Registration for Adore Your Wardrobe is OPEN now through January 30th.
Classes begin on January 31st.

I’ve written ad nauseum about this class, so I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but if you are new to this and want to know more, read more about my experience HERE. If you’re already sure you want to take the course, you can sign up directly through my referral link.

Oh, and one more thing.

On the road to victory . . .

Haha. I couldn’t resist. I am so not a football fan, but it is impossible not to get caught up in the excitement around here. We are Superbowl bound for the first time since 2004.

Have a marvelous Monday!

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114 Responses

  1. I love those jeans and the shoes are adorable (I’ve not found any mules so far that are comfy…..I keep trying!). The only thing I would change with the outfit is I think I would prefer a darker sweater with the lighter jeans. But you said you like it and that’s all that matters. Have a great week !

    1. I think a darker sweater would work just as well – just a different look. 🙂 I think black would look great with this and the leopard mules. And I actually wore that bright tomato red Loft sweater with my boyfriend jeans (they look similar to these) and these leopard mules on Saturday, and they worked well together.

      1. You look adorable in all your recent outfits & my absolute favorite was the tweed skirt!!
        Please more outfits like that. Thank you~~

  2. I really like this outfit, even though it feels like it won’t be warm enough to go sockless for another month or so. I could definitely see wearing it closer to springtime. The light wash jeans are so nice for a change…I tend to keep buying dark washes. Love your jewelry choices too…those seem like pieces I’d wear a ton and would be willing to spend a little more for since they are so classic. Nice job!

    1. Thanks, Nancy. And yeah, I see this as more of a spring outfit. I actually put it in my Spring Outfits category. Although I would wear it now… I might like the darker top for now.

  3. I really like this on you!  It has a more casual vibe than what you normally style…maybe it’s the wash on the jeans in addition to the fit.  

    I would happily duplicate the whole smash.  It looks fun and comfy.  Interesting that you would size up in the jeans…is that because of how they feel or how they look (because to my untrained eye they look perfect)?

    1. They definitely feel too tight. I could barely button them. But I also feel that they look like they’re pulling across the front of the hips and that ghastly word I hate (crotch) area. ????

      I do worry that a bigger size will be too baggy thru the legs tho… so we shall see!

  4. oh man – I will have to go against the comments before mine and say that I dislike these jeans on you quite a bit. I think they are not a flattering look. I think they look like “mom jeans” if that is ok to say! Maybe they would be more flattering in a darker wash? Just not my fave but I can appreciate trying out the trend!

    1. I agree, KimW.  I like the lighter wash as a nice change (and thinking spring!) but love the skinnies on you.  I’m pea green Jo-Lynne can wear them so well (I’m a pear,) and think you look smoking hot in the skinnies with high boots.  The grey cowlneck you wore with skinnies and grey Uggs — OMG, you looked amazing in that!  

      Anyway, not loving the frumpy pants.  The mules are cute though!  And, yes, thank you for trying out the trend!  I tried the cardigans but they just are a no for me.  Too much junk in the trunk.  They lay weird on my frame.

      Thank you for testing the waters for us all, and especially trying on the Loft stuff.  On their website, the models are all slouchy and hiding the cuts of the clothes.  I think you wearing the clothing looks WAY better as a real woman with a shape.  

      1. LOL, thank you! I like to be smokin’ hot. 😉 It’s not often that a 45 y/o woman with a middle-age middle hears that, so I’ll take it when I can get it. I do love my skinnies, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Still, it’s fun to change it up every now and again. I think I like my boyfriend jeans better than these, tho.

      2. Totally agree with kim and heather…not a good look in the jeans…jolynne has such a great shape and she rocks those skinnies; I just don’t think these do her justice!!  Anyway, everything else was adorable…

        1. Every time I see these pictures on my IG feed or here at the top of my blog, I cringe, lol. I don’t know if I can find a pair I like, but these really do nothing for me. It may just be a trend that I can’t participate in.

    2. It is definitely okay to say! They are actually called “mom jeans” as a trend. I KNOW. Why??? LOL! Well, I had to try. And I am not saying I’ll never embrace them, but I’m not there yet.

  5. I think u made the most of those hideous jeans!????. I will let this trend go by, I’d rather look slimmer in my darker skinnies.  You r thin enough u can wear it if u like it, but I don’t like it as much as your usual looks (that is on the jeans, not u).   Thanks for being brave enough to try it so we can all check it out though ????

  6. I like the outfit! I’m still struggling with finding a pair that I like on me. I’ve tried the Gap (and I have a lot of their jeans that I like) but just didn’t like the REALLY thick material. I tried on a pair of Levis yesterday and liked them more than the Gap jeans. The material wasn’t quite as thick as the Gap jeans, but I was looking for a lighter wash, which they didn’t have in my size. I’ve ordered a pair of light wash Levis, so we’ll see. It’s possible that this style just looks better on someone who’s not short (5’0″)

  7. I like this look! This isn’t something I could wear here in suburban Chicago for a couple of months but switching to loafers and maybe a darker sweater and it’s a possibility now. Thanks for showing the sweater tucked and untucked! It really helps to see the difference.

  8. You look great! I think the jeans are very flattering and a fun option away from your skinnies! :).  Not a fan of the mules, my feet always fall out of them.  I am clumsy.  A cute sneaker would be fun with them.  

  9. I love the sweater on you but don’t care for the mom jeans. You look really great in skinny jeans, but these aren’t the most flattering. Great post on how to wear some new trends.

  10. I agree with your husband. I don’t think these jeans are flattering to you.  I do appreciate you trying the trend!

  11. Have you tried styling these jeans with a button down shirt instead of a sweater? Perhaps that might work better for you.

  12. Wow! Way to take a tricky trend and make it wearable for a woman in her forties! We volunteer at our church youth group and I see the girls wearing this type of jean a lot. Thanks to you I feel like I could try it out and still be very grown up looking. The leopard print mules are the perfect finishing touch.
    Also, I am excited to tell you that I am signing up for the “Adore Your Wardrobe ” course through your link. I am finally going to be able to show a little monetary support for your blog. Plus, I am using it as part of my preparation for starting my blog.
    Have a great day!!

  13. I  don’t know if I’ll be able to watch the live this Wednesday, so I’m giving you my question now to address live. It’s more of a topic.   Educate me more on proportions.  You talk about thirds and about being cut in half.  I get the concept, but I’m hoping you can elaborate more.  Thank you! 

    Not a fan of the outfit.  It just isn’t “you”…so it looks off. 

    Go EAGLES!

    1. Yay!  I would like to learn about that, too.  

      Thank you for trying the trend in those jeans.  I think they will look better once you get the fit the way you want it.  I love the leopard mules. 

  14. I think it’s fun to have variety.  I’m a pear who has been banned from skinny jeans after ADY but I still wear them all the time.  You have to know what makes you feel good. This is a cute option for you.  It’s not perfect like skinnies but it’s still cute. Looks like you’re ready for some casual fun. 

    1. Yeah, I know what you’re saying. After ADY, I do get hung up on “you can do better,” but sometimes it’s fun to participate in a trend even if it’s not perfect, as you say. Still not sure these jeans are the best ones for me… I actually prefer my boyfriend jeans, and when I compare, other than the high rise, they’re not that different. The boyfriend are slightly tapered, which I think is what I prefer.

  15. I really like the lighter wash jeans and sweater. I’m not so sure about the high rise jeans, especially for a petite lady like me (5’0 & 112). I’m also short-waisted so there’s not much room left in the rib cage area! I purchased a pair of high rise skinnies this fall but I’m not so sure about them! However, I do like the way they look on you and I don’t think they are too small. I would like to see a shorter top with the higher rise jeans. I really enjoy your blog and look forward to it each morning! Keep on showing us how to look our best!

  16. Hello Jolynne, 
             I really enjoy your blog and have learned a lot from it. I have never taken the time to learn about fashion much and am currently working to change that.  With all that said, I ‘m not sure how much value my opinion has—- I really like this look.  It looks comfortable, stylish in a simple unplanned way. You mentioned something about 1/3 or 2/3 look. Would you explain that a bit more?  Thank you for your help.

  17. Not a fan of this look! They remind me of “mom jeans”. You look so fabulous in other cuts but thanks for showing us this trend.  I won’t be purchasing this one! Plus, I know many like the mules but I just think mules and loafers are too “manly” looking.  I prefer a more feminine look….but to each their own and who knows, I could have a change of heart as the trend grows! Have a great week!

    1. Well, they are called “mom jeans” a lot of places. Haha! It’s definitely a trending look, but I’m not loving it… yet. I don’t know if I need to find the right jeans, or get used to it, or if it just isn’t for me. I am more than happy to wear skinnies for the rest of my life, but I think eventually they’re going to phase out. I’m still team bootcut for the most flattering fit, but I only like them with heels, so that is limiting. 🙂

      As for mules, yes, they’re definitely menswear inspired, and some don’t like that. I think it’s a nice change but definitely not a trend everyone will embrace. I appreciate your feedback!

  18. Thanks for trying this trend but I agree with some others and your hubby…not the best look! Think I will pass???? I’m pretty petite…5’4 and 110 lbs so I would probably look like a 12 year old boy???? I really enjoy your blog! Have a great Monday!

    1. Actually, I think they’d be cute – well, depends on your figure type, but you’re obviously way thinner than I, so I think they’d look better on you. I feel like they don’t really flatter girls with curves.

  19. You always look good in whatever you wear but I like you in skinny jeans better. They do look comfy though. Maybe great for a work at home outfit. I guess we are just use to the skinny jeans. I might feel a little frumpy in them myself and I am much older than you. Lots of opinions on that post. 🙂

    1. Funny how everyone says these look comfortable. They are, I guess — or would be in the right size, haha! But I also find skinnies incredibly comfortable.

      When I come home and want to be cozy to sit around the house, I put on a sweatshirt and my AG distressed skinnies. I even nap in them. LOL!!! I don’t even really have yoga pants or joggers I like right now. It’s my skinny jeans or pajama pants.

  20. Kudos to your for trying the high rise jean. I’m 5’10” and a size 8 but have curvy hips. High rise jeans honestly frighten me!! They don’t look bad on you, but I would say I think you look best in a mid – low rise AG. My fav brand!! The shoes though are perfect. Love a good leopard print!!

  21. This is the first time I have really disagreed with you……GO PATRIOTS!!!! ????????????. For the outfit, I would like jeans with sneakers , I love these jeans for some reason. But they don’t look right to me with the mules. I still struggle with mules anyway, but occasionally like them in a look. Oh well, first world problems! Love you anyway!

    1. I think they’d be great with my white Converse Shoreline, but with a different top.

      And you are ON. Eagles vs Patriots should be very interesting, especially since all of the rest of my family are huge Pats fans.

      1. I have to say I am completely rooting for the Eagles!! I was excited that they won yesterday and can’t help but want the underdog to win!!!!!

  22. I’m older than you and not a fan of trends. That said, I really don’t like the jeans. Agree that they look like Mom 
    jeans and I don’t like rinse, either. 
    So so many outfits you style that really flatter you but I just can’t with the jeans.
    Love seeing you preview trends even if I’m not a fan of them.

  23. Hmmmm…something’s not working for me and I think it might be the sweater. If you are going to size up in the jeans they’ll take a bagger took which will still look cute with the mikes but I feel like to top is wrong. It feels a bit heavy looking. I’d love to see you pair this with a cool T-shirt or something that has a bit more form to it to offset the baggies of the jeans. Thanks for trying this…we curvy gals have a harder time with these type of jeans!! 🙂

    1. Yeah, I think I tried them with a t-shirt in the Try On Sesh I posted on Saturday, and I did like that look better. I’ll keep playing around with them. At the end of the day, I know I look best in jeans that are fitted thru the hips and thighs, like skinnies or bootcuts that have a snug fit on the top half. It’s fun to try, tho!

  24. I really like the color combination and each piece, just not together. Since you asked for feedback I don’t think this is the best look for you. I think it’s the cuffed ankle with the mules. To me it’s just not a well porportioned silhouette. But I say all this with a lot of respect for you because you rock most everything you style and are certainly more of an expert on fashion than I! ????

  25. I appreciate that you tried the new jeans! I agree with the some of the other ladies that the skinny jeans do play up your assets better but it’s okay to at least try something new. Those jeans may not be your favorite but they’re different and we need to change things up sometimes, who knows you may decide you like them better when you try other looks with them. Maybe you could try them a couple more ways and include photos on the blog. You’re doing a great job, thank you.

  26. I’m not a fan of this jeans style. Like you said though, it could be something to get used to visually. In my mind, these jeans would be good for wearing around the house or to a baseball game, a park. I’m not knocking it, just not my fave. I see them being worn with the Converse shorelines or something like that. Thanks for styling them! Have a great day!


  27. I know I must be missing some subtlety, but I’m just seeing “boyfriend” jeans. I know these are higher waisted, and maybe not so loose/distressed, but the overall look, to me, is a boyfriend jeans outfit. I would probably want to tuck in a button down shirt or wear a shorter top so that your waist shows and wear heels with these jeans. But then I’m not sure if that would look dated, or possibly defeat the whole idea of a relaxed look??

  28. I like the look 🙂 Not sure if I look as cute as you, but it looks comfy .. Although, I have invested some $$ into skinnys that I love so I wear them all the time.
    But this is definitely a spring look I will probably follow!

  29. Well…I am for sure going to weigh in here! lol I cannot , yet, seem to get into the mules. I just don’t like the looks of any of them. Perhaps it will change. The dark shoes with the entirely light outfit looks off to me. I love the front tuck and like the jeans until they get to your ankle. For an ankle jean i think the slimmer fit looks better. With the flare at the end,it cuts you off. You can carry it off, but I can assure you my less than 5 foot, three inch frame cannot. 

  30. I’m not feeling it. I think I would like it better with a more fitted top so your figure doesn’t get so lost in all the loose fabric. Anyway, you are beautiful no matter what outfit you are styling for us 🙂

  31. I am undecided on the jeans, but think that I prefer a bolder top with lighter jeans or the lighter top with darker jeans and my brain just can’t get past that! I do like you better in skinny jeans – you are so lucky to be able to wear those! 🙂
    Thanks for trying out this trend and I also LOVE your mules! I have been looking for a grey pair to replace some flats that have had the bun, but now I might need a leopard pair too!

  32. I think you look great. I haven’t been liking the mules either. They’re just wrong somehow (not just on you, on everybody). I prefer a loafer with a back to it! And there is something about a flip flop/backless type shoe that changes the stride. (It’s like a tromp, trying to keep the shoes on…) Anyway….I like the sweater AND the jeans. A crisp white button down would look awesome, but I don’t think you like to wear them. If I passed you on the street, I might think you cuffed your pants one too many times, but other than that – who am I to judge, I am not the fashion blogger! 🙂 I appreciate you tried all the new trends out for us! Have an awesome day!

    1. I think it depends on the mules. I don’t have any trouble at all walking in the Rebecca Minkoff ones. These, admittedly, are not quite so graceful, but they do stay on – I wore them all over Target on Saturday. 🙂

      That said, I get that some just don’t like how they look on. Fair enough! I did link a pair of leopard loafers with backs on them too. 🙂 If I didn’t have these, I’d snap those up in a hot second. I had to make myself not order them.

      The jeans came cuffed this way. I prefer the look of a single cuff as well, but these would be too long on me if I did them that way. All in all, maybe not the right jeans for me.

  33. Not as bad as SNL Mom jeans, but still Mom jeans just the same. Probably due to the color. I think for those who want a more ‘forgiving’ look this might work for them if they were darker. The rolled cuffs are rather cute. But you’ve got a great figure and it’s just not working for you.

  34. I like the light sweater with the light wash jeans. Overall, I think it’s a cute outfit, but I do much prefer the skinny jeans style. They’re just so slimming. I’m hoping they don’t go out of style any time soon!

    1. I just read through most of the comments and it seems this look has pretty mixed reviews. I don’t love it but don’t hate it either. I feel like it’s slouchy with slouchy and that’s what throws it off. The jeans do look big on you (even though you said they’re small) after getting used to you in skinnies. 
      I have commented multiple times about trying skinnies and my frustrations with them. I haven’t taken AYW but know skinnies just aren’t as flattering on us pear shaped. I don’t have any issues with my stomach area but hips and thighs…oh boy!  I wish people (some commentors) wouldn’t assume skinnies are more flattering to all. Everyone’s body is different and different styles work on different people.  Anyway, love to see the way you style items and adapt for me. Thank you!! 

      1. Sorry, I just meant they are more slimming on me and on Jo-Lynne too since we are the same shape. I realize each body type has its own most flattering styles.

    2. Debra – Thanks! It’s a general theme – people profess their love for their skinny jeans. I think I just get frustrated because they are everywhere and they just don’t look good on me. I guess I’m just in the minority. Like I said, they look fantastic on Jo Lynne.

      1. Hopefully, they will continue to make jeans that make us all happy! My nightmare was when all you could find was cap sleeves. They look terrible on me with my larger than average arms. Thank goodness I can find a normal short sleeve now!

  35. The whole ensemble is really cute look and I am loving the jean color for spring, but it is the jeans themselves that is throwing this outfit off. I don’t think it is the size of the jeans, but instead, where the zipper flap and inseam meet. It is too high. In other words, there is too much inseam showing which elongates the whole waist area and makes it look like they are sagging. I have tried on jeans made this way and they look so out of proportion!  Find another pair in the same style and color and I think you will love the outfit 🙂

    1. I’m still trying different ones for sure, but all the high rise jeans seem to do that – make the whole waist area look long. I figured it was just the way it goes with high rise, but I will compare more closely to the others I have here that I haven’t returned yet.

  36. I think it funny how we all have ideas in our head of what we think doesn’t work well on us. The front tuck looks great on you IMHO. I definitely like the sweater better tucked and I’d have never guessed the jeans were too small. ???? I just bought a pair of mules that are black and leopard combo this weekend and ordered a couple of other pairs for spring. Yippee!!! Have a great week, Jo-Lynne!

  37. It is a different look for you, but I really like it on you! I really like the jeans and the sweater is cute and I love the way the leopard mules finish the look. I think the front tuck works really well with this style jeans. This is a great spring transition look!

  38. Happy Monday!  While I think this is a nice outfit, and I like each piece, I don’t think it’s as flattering on you as other outfits you share with us.  I’ll put it this way, on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being my favorite look, I’d give this one a 4.  I also want to say that this outfit has given me insight to some of the outfits I put together trying to camouflage my md section.  I realize that I need to look more closely at the proportions.  Thank you!  It’s drizzling here, so it’ll be an indoor day, giving me more time to tackle the assignment from Kelly.

  39. I think these jeans make you look young and thin!  I think think they would look cool with a little bit of a heel, too.  I agree with poster above who said they just look like boyfriend jeans. I can hardly tell that they are high rise.  (I am personally a big fan of jeans that sit at my natural waist. I am not a tucker so it’s not for the look, it’s for the feel.  Perils of having a poochy belly!)

  40. You look so great in your AG skinnies that it’s not fair to compare other jeans. Even other skinnies usually. 🙂 Given that, I think you pulled off this look well. And look at you rocking the front tuck! You look great! It’s nice to see this style done in a classy way that someone that say, remembers when pool slides were in style the FIRST time, might be able to do. It’s a fun change and something you definitely pull off. It’s really helpful to see as a reader.

  41. I love the leopard mules. I can never seem to find mules that fit so I don’t have to clench my toes down to keep them from sliding off. Is there a trick to finding a pair that fit right, or it is that my feet are too wonky to ever successfully pull off mules?

  42. I like the sweater ( ordered this weekend after seeing your try-on post) and it looks really nice on you with the half tuck. The jeans are not attractive, not sure who they’d look good on, maybe a 20 something model? I think they’re going to make the average woman look dumpy

  43. Jo -Lynne, you look darling in everything so that is not the issue. Wonder how these would look with a shorter more fitted top? One that lies flat no requiring a front tuck ?  Not sure this look works for me personally but am working hard to find denim that I like that is flattering etc. ( almost as hard as buying a swimsuit). Like your adventurous enthusiasm too! Julie L 

  44. I am so used to seeing you in your skinnies that this is definitely a different look. My 14 year old, tall and very thin, is really into Mom jeans with a tucked or cropped sweater right now, and hair up in a messy high bun. She looks adorable. When I tried on high waisted Mom jeans, I looked like, well, a mom. Ha! Thanks for keeping it real. 

  45. So glad you styled the leopard mules. But not loving the jeans but admire you for styling them for us since they are currently on trend.  I looked at the RM necklace on your favorites post and glad you styled it. I may have to get it ????

  46. Hi, Jo-Lynne! I have to say that I’m not a fan of this style of jean, they remind me so much of the “mom jeans” of the past. I’m barely over 5’0 feet tall and feel this style tends to make us shorter gals look stumpy (if this is even a word)! Perhaps there is a good way to balance this look out for shorter gals. You have a talent for always looking great, no matter what you’re styling. On another note, is the cold shoulder look out? I haven’t been seeing it and just wondered. Thank you very much for your blog and all of the hard work you put into it, I look forward to seeing and reading it each and every day! 

  47. I just cannot love the jeans. Full disclosure – I hate boyfriend jeans too. I just can’t seem to make them work on my body. My mom wears them and is adorable but she is built totally different than I am. I love the shoes though. I too have never met a leopard print that I did not love! Have a great day! #flyeaglesfly

  48. I have not read through every comment so I apologize if this had already been said but my first thoughts are the sweater and mules (though darling!)  are not working with the jeans. Boyfriend/ girlfriend jeans seem by nature to be a more casual look jean. Add in the light wash and they scream to be styled with a casual top and shoes. Maybe converse and and tshirt or sweatshirt?  Maybe something like the blue top you posted yesterday?  Would love to see these styled in a different way!

  49. I love this look! These jeans are super cute and I would wear them with a ton of tops!!! 
    I am built like you and I feel like a wider leg balances out my athletic shoulders. (Although I won’t be giving up skinny jeans anytime soon, yaknowwhatimean?) 🙂 

  50. Sorry, just dont like the mom jeans or the mules, they look a bit frumpy to me, but thanks for trying!
    Love your blog!

  51. It’s growing on me…..????
    Well except the mules, I want to like them but I just can’t appreciate the trend

  52. Okay…..here is what I think.  I think the size is good. If you go bigger I think the leg and all over will look to sloppy.  But, you know how they feel on.  Second, I’m one who likes my skinny jeans and do not want them to go out of style, so my eye is having a hard time going with this look jean.  But, saying that, you really have pulled it off pretty well.  I think it helps to have some height.  I’m 5’3″ and don’t think I’d do well with this look.  I agree, the top front tuck is the way to go with this sweater. No way does the sweater out look flattering.  I think this style jean is going to be hard to wear the right shoe.  With skinnies, you can get away with so many different shoes and sandals.  You’ve done a great job trying this for us and you do look good in your photos.  Love the leopard mules. I haven’t got on board with mules yet.  

  53. I’m not a huge fan of that style of jeans. They don’t look terrible on you, but the cropped, cuffed style does cut off the line of the leg. If my pear-shaped self looked as good in skinny jeans as you, I’d never branch out, though! 🙂 And those shoes are super-adorable. I haven’t tried mules yet, but I’m tempted.

  54. Jo-Lynne, you look great and I definitely think a crop sweater or top would work better, but your front tuck did the trick. I can’t wrap my head around these jeans, because I grew up, raising my kids in the “mom” jeans era and looking back I think, “That is not flattering at all.” However, I used to think I would never wear so many things that I now have embraced so never say never, right? – Amy

  55. I love reading all the comments too!! Yea- definitely “Mom Jeans”… and a throw back to the ’80’s, which there’s not much, if anything, that I want to repeat from the ’80’s!! LOL! Maybe my figure!! (that I hated at the time, but now wish I had it back!! lol!) It works for some of the young girls, tall, flat tummy & shorter tops…. BUT…… like some of the ladies already said, it still makes us look like moms! So, yea, even though it looks alright and you DID pull it off, I’m not a fan either. I’m even not sure that I’m much of a ‘fan’ of the mules- but if they’re comfortable and you love them, then Rock On Hot Mamma!! 😀 Would love to do your course Adore Your Wardrobe, but it caught me at a bad time … working on paying off Christmas! 😉
    Happy Monday Y’all – it’s a good to have a good day!

  56. Personally I not a fan of  the front tuck, but as an alternative when my sweater has a band at the bottom like the one you are wearing I fold it under to shorten my sweater.

  57. I think you are too short waisted to wear high rise jeans.  I have the same problem.  When I look back at pictures of my tall, skinny, twenty-something self in high rise jeans and short tops, I realize the proportions are all wrong.  No way will I be repeating that mistake with my almost 50 figure!

  58. Ooooo, not a fan! Not awful, and you pull it off well, but I am so reminded of mom jeans frump and even the mules,, which I usually like, kinda seem like sloppy bedroom slippers! Believe me, it’s not about YOU, but…. no. ????

  59. First off I can’t believe there’s three other commenters here named “Heather!” I’ve always been the only one where ever I’m at! ???? Lol! 

    I like this outfit on you! I think that it’s different from anything else we normally see you in. I too luv everything and anything leopard, but for some reason I’m not loving those leopard mules with the light wash jeans and light sweater. I’m thinking a taupe colored mule or even a sneaker. (I bought that same sweater last week from loft after following your link.) I’m a big front tuck girl myself; I like the way it changes an outfit and somehow looks more put together-not sure why! 

    Just FYI- a friend of mine works for Madewell and took me to the store over the weekend to show me and break down all the denim types, inseams/rises, washes etc…..it was so great to see all the options and how to wear them. In addition, I found out they carry Tall sizes so for all your 5’9” & over followers it’s good to know (I’m 5’9” and need a longer inseam). And….teachers get a discount (just need to show ID). My friend said the best selling denim right now is a 9 or 10 inch rise and all washes light and dark are popular. After trying on a ton of jeans I ended up buying two pairs – (one has a button front fly and raw hem, ankle length (so cute and flattering on!) I also bought a cute tie-front sweater and a silk blouse. I’ve found a new favorite place to shop now!! ???? 

  60. I’m still trying to warm up to the high rises. I have one very inexpensive pair, but I’m too self conscious to wear them with a shorter top. They just don’t do my backside any favors, lol. I’m certainly not ruling them out, just still looking for a more flattering pair. For this look being so out of your comfort zone, I think you did a fantastic job with it. And I love the lighter wash!

  61. I forgot to mention this in my post previously. You watch the Crown. Isn’t it a great show? If you’re interested in Historical Fiction (though the Crown is obviously based on fact), you might try Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. There’s a whole series, but I couldn’t put this one down once I got about 100 pages in. Up to that point it was slow going. Then BAM!

  62. At first look, I didn’t like this look on you but after looking the next day, it is growing on me. I think the jeans don’t look too tight in your hips, at least from the front it keeps them from looking too baggy. Like you have said it doesn’t hurt sometimes to change up your look. Maybe a tighter fitting sweater or shirt would work better.

    1. I do think something more fitted on top would help, and agree, going up a size may make them too baggy… but they are waaaay too tight in the midsection to keep this size. 🙂 I’ll report back on how the bigger size fits.

  63. Hey, I have to say the outfit is adorable and I think very flattering! I have skinny jeans, boot’s etc, but THIS is a comfortable and EASY TO WEAR outfit!! These jeans remind me of my MOST comfortable jeans which are the Girlfriend from WHBM. I didn’t say they are my most flattering but there are times, many times. that comfort WINS!!
    I enjoy you, your ideas, your blog, Instagram, so much! I seriously look forward to it!

  64. I like your outfit, I think the jeans are flattering on you, as well as the front tuck. I had a leather pair of mules I got rid of several years ago that I loved. I’m wishing I had kept them now!

  65. I think the look is frumpy.  The jeans are baggy in the leg and the cuff looks to bunched up and wide.  I personally don’t think it looks good to half tuck a bulky material like a sweater.  The mules are cute but mismatched with the outfit.  In my opinion ditch the jeans for a skinny version, untuck the sweater and the look would appear classy.
    Love your other blogs!

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