Ahhh, Snow Days…


This has been an odd winter. It’s been colder than normal here in eastern Pennsylvania, and while we have had more winter weather events than you can shake a stick at, they never amount to much. New England keeps getting dumped on, and even the Southern states seem to be getting fairly significant snow accumulations, but every storm seems to go right around us, leaving us with a dusting of a mere inch or two. I’m not complaining. It’s just enough to keep it pretty but not enough to slow us down too much.

But today we are finally getting our snow. It’s still nothing that will go down in the history books, but we are expecting 4 to 6 inches. School has already been cancelled, and the kids are THRILLED.

I live in a newish neighborhood comprised mostly of young families with kids, and there’s nothing like a snow storm to bring everyone out of winter hibernation. Three streets in the development back up to a large common area/drainage basin that creates nice sledding area where everyone congregates with their sleds and saucers when it snows. They will play out there for HOURS. Then inevitably, at some point, everyone will tire of the cold, and they’ll traipse off into various houses, where they will drop their wet snow gear and demand hot chocolate and popcorn. We couldn’t be more stereotypical suburbia if we tried.

I have a love/hate relationship with snow days. On the one hand, it’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement. When the kids wake up and see the snow, their exuberance will rival that of Christmas morning. But as the day wears on, and my foyer becomes a glut of soggy snow clothes, and the kitchen counters collect the remnants of hot chocolate and pancake batter and the crumbs and spills that accompany children nearing the age of independence, and my work goals for the day seem more and more elusive, I will begin to wonder why I didn’t move south years ago.

So I’m sitting here, enjoying my second cup of coffee and the last few minutes of silence as I revise my to-do list in hopes of making it more realistic given the unexpected “holiday” that has been thrust upon us. I know that one day, I will look back on this hectic season of life and say that it was fleeting, and I will instruct the young moms coming up behind me in the ranks to enjoy it because it won’t last forever. But we all know, when you’re in the trenches, there’s nothing fleeting about it.

I guess all we can do is go with the flow… roll with the punches… grin and bear it… and all that jazz. I might as well forget accomplishing anything of substance today and just resign myself to running interference and cleaning up the aftermath.

In light of all that, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite snow day activities and recipes.

How about you? How do you survive snow days??

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  1. What a delightful recipe round-up! Yummmmm… Now I’m craving popcorn and tomato soup and hot chocolate and I haven’t even had breakfast yet!

  2. You are so right, now that my “littles” are all grown up all I have left to clean up after is the dog. Somehow it’s not near as much fun! haha My girls grandmother thinks Bailey’s is a coffee creamer, I say go for it and have a 3rd cup with a little something extra for mama. 🙂 Stay warm!!!

  3. Trust me, moving south wouldn’t help you! We get ice down here, and then they close the schools for days. My older son has been out of school for more than two weeks, due to snow days and illness. Crazy!

  4. Awesome! We got it here in TX, too. And, of couree, a couple inches here is like a foot there. Everything is closed today. 🙂 Enjoy your day!

  5. We have had a crazy winter as well. We have gotten snow here and there, but it never amounts to much and melts the next day or two. The kids have been sledding only twice and both times there was barely enough snow.

  6. I have been done with snow 3 or 4 storms ago. I want bugs and heat and humidity and everything else that goes with no snow.

    Plus, I want my parking spot back too!

    Loved the recipes you shared. It’s funny, I shared a soup recipe of yours today with my snow day soup recipe post!

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