Are P448 Sneakers Worth It?

If you’ve been hanging out here for more than five minutes, you know my love for my P448 sneakers runs deep.

These shoes are definitely a splurge, so if you’ve been debating a pair or are just wondering if they’re worth it, I’m breaking down all the important things to know about quality, comfort, sizing, styling, pricing, and durability. I’ve also got tips on where to find them on sale, as well as some lower priced alternatives.

P448 John in Nautilus at Zappos // at Nordstrom // AGOLDE denim // LOFT sweater

I bought my first pair of P448s three years ago when I looking for a lower cost alternative to the cult-favorite Golden Goose. That shoe search spawned my first Fashion Sneakers Review post, where I tried 9 pairs of fashion sneakers and listed their pros and cons.

Ironically, the P448 wasn’t the sneaker I ended up keeping at the time. That’s when I discovered the Veja Esplar, which I still have and love. But I kept feeling drawn to the style of the P448s, so I tried them again the following year (see my 2020 Fashion Sneaker Reviews) and that’s when I became a convert.

P448 John in White/leb Brown (older style) // AGOLDE denim

Since then, I’ve purchased several pairs of P448 sneakers and tried many more.

I love the attention to detail and all the fun colors and patterns and textures. It’s such a fun way to express your personality in subtle ways. Plus, I live a very casual life, and these sneakers provide the perfect marriage of comfort and style for so many of my everyday outfits.

P448 John in White/Leopard // similar joggers // KUT from the Kloth utility jacket // R Minkoff hobo

About the Brand

P448 is an Italian luxury sneaker brand that incorporates a mix of street trends and original designs. Each shoe is 100% made in Italy with meticulous attention to detail, and because each pair is made by hand, no two are exactly alike.

They’re constantly coming out with new styles that combine colors and patterns and textures in different ways, and no detail is overlooked. I love how they even change up the colors on the bottom of the shoe.

P448 Jack in Zebby c/o Evereve // at Zappos // at Nordstrom

Are P448 Sneakers Comfortable?

All P448 sneakers have a remarkable amount of padding around the collar and a cushioned footbed. They’re also lined with a moisture-wicking terry cloth material for added comfort and breathability, making them a year round shoe.

I find P448 sneakers to be extremely comfortable right out of the box, but not all styles fit the same. I’ve tried the John, Thea, and Jack, and the John is by far my favorite.

P448 John in Guantino on sale at Nordstrom Rack

The Thea has a platform and a slightly narrower toe bed, and I wasn’t able to wear these comfortably. The Jack is more similar to the John, and the newest addition to my P448 collection. I like them, but they’re stiffer and heavier than the John, and they also have a chunkier profile.

P448 Jack in Zebby c/o Evereve // at Zappos // at Nordstrom

I’ve also noticed that the ones with the suede on the topline are more comfortable than the leather, but I have a pair of each and I love them equally. I choose the style I want to wear based on which complements my outfit best.

P448 John in Nautilus at Zappos // at Nordstrom // AGOLDE denim // LOFT sweater

As to the overall comfort level of these sneakers, I have literally walked miles in these shoes. I brought a pair with me on my last trip, and I walked all over the city wearing them, without a bit of discomfort.

They’re also incredibly durable. The only reason I have purchased so many in the past two years is because I’m always trying to make sure I have current styles to link for the blog. I was sad to pass along my first two pairs, but I was able to sell them for a decent amount because even though I had worn them a lot, they still looked great.

Some are designed to look lived-in and already have some smudges around the base, but some are more pristine, so you have a lot of options based on personal preference. The nice thing about the lived-in look is that you don’t have to worry about scuffing them up or keeping them clean.

P448 Sneaker Sizing

I generally find the P448 sneakers to run slightly small, and their sizing has become more consistent over the past few years.

P448 John in Peony at Nordstrom

I used to have to try both the size 38 and 39, and I needed the 38 in my first pair, but the last few pairs I tried all fit best in the 39. I also wear a 39 in the Veja and an 8.5 in the On Cloud brand, for size reference.

If in doubt, it’s always best to order from stores with a generous return policy so you can order two sizes and decide between them in the comfort of home. For this reason, I recommend buying P448 sneakers at Zappos, Bloomingdales, or Nordstrom.

Why Are P448 Sneakers So Expensive?

Each pair of P448 sneakers is made by hand by Italian craftsmen, and the quality of materials and attention to detail is exquisite. They’re also remarkably comfortable.

Of course, price is partially determined by supply and demand, and there’s a point at which you’re paying for the brand, but I feel like that’s more true with Golden Goose than with the P448. Golden Goose run upwards of $500 a pair, and I don’t think they are any better quality or any more innovative or unique than the P448s.

P448 John in Molly

The full retail price of women’s P448 sneakers is usually right under the $300 mark. Like everything else, they’ve gone up in price a bit in the past few years. My first pair was $265, and I got them on sale at Neiman’s. Now they typically run $298, and some styles are a bit more. The good news is, you can frequently find them on sale.

Where to Buy P448 Sneakers on Sale

Because new styles are always being introduced and older styles discontinued, it’s not hard to find P448 sneakers on sale at any of the major retailers that sell them. Right now there are a lot of P448s on sale at Nordstrom, and there’s an incredible selection at Nordstrom Rack.

P448 John in Guantino // Good American jeans // KUT from the Kloth sherpa

In fact, I just realized they have my P448 John in the Guantino, which I thought were sold out!

How to Style P448 Sneakers

Depending on your personal style, you can pretty much wear P448s with anything from cutoffs to dresses, but I wear mine mostly with jeans or denim shorts in the summertime.

P448 John in Guantino on sale at Nordstrom Rack // AGOLDE denim // Levis jacket (restocked!) // Vince sweater // AllSaints belt

P448 Jack in Zebby c/o Evereve // at Zappos // at Nordstrom // Mother Denim (restocked!) // Evereve sweater (on sale!)

P448 John (old style) // Free People camo tee // GAP denim (old style)

P448 John (old style) // Bernardo leather jacket (old style) // Good American denim // similar turtleneck // Everlane handbag

They also pair well with joggers and utility pants, and you can wear them with leggings as well.

P448 John in Guantino on sale at Nordstrom Rack // Vuori joggers // KUT from the Kloth denim jacket // ATM tee

P448 John in White/Leopard // similar joggers // KUT from the Kloth utility jacket // R Minkoff hobo

P448 John in Guantino on sale at Nordstrom Rack // Athleta moto tights // Athleta henley

P448 John sneakers (38) // cargo pants (29) // denim jacket (S) // tank (M) // / sunglasses // similar belt

How to Tie P448 Sneakers

I get this question ALL the time. Of course, you can tie them like any regular sneaker, but I personally like to tie them on the sides, as shown in all of the pictures above. For one thing, it looks more intentionally styled. It also allows the detail of the tongue to shoe, which is part of what makes the P448 sneaker styles so much fun.

The other reason I like tying my shoes this way is so I can slip them on and off without tying and untying every time. Once you tie them this way, they stay put and you don’t have to futz with them ever again.

P448 John in Molly

Because I get this question so often, I had Alison shoot a quick video of the process. Basically, all you do is put on the shoes and make sure the laces are tight enough. Then tie a little knot at the end of each shoelace. Very simple, but the video should make it clear if you haven’t figured it out yet.

Are P448 Sneakers Worth It?

P448 John in White/Leopard

Of course, this depends entirely on your budget and how often you expect to wear them. It also depends on how much you value luxury goods. While P448 sneakers are trendy and you may not have them in your closet for 10 years, if you wear fashion sneakers on a regular basis, the cost per wear should average out over time.

For me, they’re definitely worth it. It’s not about the name or the status; if it were, I’d go for the Golden Goose. I actually prefer the styling of the P448 to the Golden Goose, and they fit my feet much better. I also love the details and the uniqueness of each shoe, but it’s the combination of quality materials and supreme comfort that keep me coming back to this brand again and again.

P448 John in White/leb Brown (older style) // AGOLDE denim // Marrakech jacket (older style)

If I wasn’t trying to keep mine current for the blog, I would still have my original 3 pairs and probably wouldn’t have added any new ones to those, but I really love the new spring styles that are out right now. I’m planning to keep the P448 John in Molly, and I hope they stay in stock for a while!

Shop P448 Sneakers:

Can You Recommend a P448 Dupe?

Gola for J.Crew (older style)

If you don’t have the budget or just can’t bring yourself to drop over $100 on sneakers, there are definitely some good alternatives out there. I’m not a fan of dupes that are an exact copy of a designer brand, but here are some good options that give you a similar look for less.

The Sam Edelman Aubrie sneaker is a great option. It’s been around for a few years, and I tried it once in the black, so I can attest to the quality and comfort of this shoe. Best of all, it’s currently on sale at Nordstrom Rack for $54, and there are a few other colors at HSN.

Vintage Havana does a similar style to the P448 and Golden Goose brands. You can find tons of them at DSW and some at Macy’s. And Gola is another sneaker brand that does some fun styles. You can find Gola at DSW and Zappos, and also at J.Crew.

I hope this post was helpful, if you’ve been wondering about P448 sneakers. If you have a pair, I’d love to hear from you. Do you think they’re worth it? 

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photos: Alison Cornell

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29 thoughts on “Are P448 Sneakers Worth It?

  1. I love a leather high top sneaker in the fall and winter. It’s really easy to wear socks with them. I’ve been wearing the Skate high top in a neutral snake print pretty consistently, It was a replacement for an old Ecco pair, which tells you how much I value comfort. I’m a solid US8.5 and wear a 39. I got them around 30% off at Nordstrom Rack and I would say for me this one pair has been a great buy.

  2. I personally wouldn’t spend that on sneakers … I have really finnicky feet (maybe we all do !?)
    I have found that Naturalizer brand fits me best for this type of shoe…. but not all of their styles work for me.. Shoes are the BIGGEST struggle for me lol. Finding the most comfortable is by far my biggest challenge… That’s why I wear mules (ALOT) … and have found that the clogs work well for me (yay!) Let’s just hope the clogs stay in style for awhile 🙂

  3. I tried P448 after you started showing them. I’m a big fan! The quality is incredible and they are very comfortable. I just bought another pair…the John Margo. I love the cork tongue detail for spring/summer! Thank you for showcasing this fantastic brand.

    1. Hi Courtney, same as what happened to me. I bouught my first pair of P448 when saw them on Jo-Lynn blog. They’re defenitely comfortable and perfectly to wear in summer and also in fall time of the year. I most of the times wear them without any socks without any issues, and feet still feel comfortable and breathable. I don’t know if this is weird but I do prefer a good sneakers to be worn without sock, it feels much comfortable and chic.

  4. I bought the Sam Edelman Aubrie sneakers in the fall and like them a lot! They’re comfortable and were true to size for me.

  5. Great post! I love my P448s. I have two pairs, and I’m eyeing those P448 John – in Molly. Really cute! I’ve found them comfortable right out of the box as well, and I’ve also found the sizing inconsistent, but mine are both a couple of years old, so maybe I would not have that problem now.

    I still long for a pair of Golden Goose…I just love that distressed asthetic, but I just can’t bring myself to spend that much on a pair of sneakers. I’ve read that they really are not more comfortable than the P448s, and at this stage, I am all about comfort.

    1. The GG fits very differently. Maybe they break in and are as comfortable, but right out of the box, they didn’t have nearly the same cushion, and the narrow toe bed didn’t work for me.

  6. What a coincidence! I ordered a pair on sale at Nordstrom over the weekend and I am waiting for them to come in. You kept saying how comfortable they are, so I thought it was time to try them.

  7. I am the type of person this post was targeted to – I live in fashion sneakers and I’ve been on the fence about the P448’s – I ordered 3 pair from Nordstrom, expecting to keep 1, maybe. We’ll see – my fingers are crossed 🙂 I love the ones with pink soles. Thanks for the post, it’s very timely.

  8. Thanks for this post. I was in the market for white leather sneakers last summer, and ordered probably around 10 pair on-line, including the P448. I did not find them to be comfortable and ended up with the Golden Goose Purestar (grrr, hate the price but at least got mine on sale). I found that the tongue on the P448s came up too high and irritated my ankle. However, after I decided on the GGs, I also learned how to tie them as you do. Thinking that I might try the P448s again but tie them the same way – they might work.

  9. What a detailed post! I wish the P448s looked as good on me as they do on you. I’ve tried but they make my size 9 1/2 feet look huge. And they felt heavy and hot. Sadly. Because you style them really cute! The GG make my feet look smaller so I chose to splurge on those …..and I love my Superga because they are a feminine style I can wear with skirts and dresses and I like that they’re canvas. But, I love how you wear your P 448s!

  10. The colored soles and variety are nice but another brand to consider is Oliver Cabell. They are super comfy handmade leather with a good variety of styles.

  11. Ok maybe it’s because in ten years time I’ve never downloaded all the pictures I have on my iPhone and organized them on my computer. I tried once and it didn’t download all of them for some reason. So I have a phone with lots of memory backed up to the cloud with I won’t say how many 1000’s of pics. But this post illustrated how organized you have to be for your blog and some mad photo tagging? skills. I have no idea how you do it! But great post as always! Hope your tooth feels better soon.

    1. LOL! I appreciate the insight. 🙂 I label all my pictures with the product names. They’re saved to dropbox by year and season, but also they’re in the blog images database. So I can click to upload a picture from my blog, search by the product name, and all the options come up. That’s how I found all these. I also never delete an email. I have gmail and I archive them so I can search to find the order, the size I have, the product name, etc. so it’s easy to find a link, if it’s still available.

  12. Thank you so much for doing the video on how to tie the laces! I have a pair of high top P448’s that, as you said, are extremely comfortable. I do want to add a pair geared more towards summer, so that I can rid of my lower priced ones, since I do have challenging feet to keep happy. Since there are some on sale, now is the time to make that purchase.

  13. I love the look of these – I’m hesitant to try because I have tried similar styles and they haven’t been comfortable and hurt my feet. I can wear my onclouds all day with no issues. Di these offer that level of comfort? Suggestions?

  14. Has anyone ever bought a pair of Jack Strass high-tops with the iridescent pave crystals? I bought a pair so I could see what they look like in person. I think they are pretty but a little “chunky” looking. Plus, I’m not sure how to wear them. Does anyone have any ideas? Not sure if I will keep them or return. Thanks

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