Classy Camel and Black Outfit

A camel and black outfit is such a classic look — if ever in doubt, you can’t go wrong with this duo. This outfit came together rather by accident, but I absolutely love it.

It’s this scarf that actually inspired the look.

Camel and Black Checked Blanket Scarf

I saw it at LOFT while shopping with my daughter a couple weeks back, and I was immediately drawn to the large check pattern and the classy camel and black color palette. I felt like it was begging to be styled into a camel and black outfit.

It’s also really soft and cozy, and it’s 40% off right now!

I grabbed the scarf and threw it over my arm, knowing I would be purchasing it, and then I turned the corner and practically ran into this ribbed open cardigan. It was fate!

How to style a camel and black outfit for a classy fall look #fashion #fallfashion #falloutfit #scarfoutfit

I drawn to this cardigan not only because it would complete my camel and black outfit so perfectly, but also because it has such lovely cool undertones. It’s hard to find a cool shade of camel.

It also has a super flattering fit. For some reason, a ribbed cardigan tends to fit slimmer and straighter than most cardigans, which helps to create a long, lean silhouette.

I also like how this cardigan has on-shoulder seams, slim-fitting arms, and a versatile length. Longer lengths are trending, but cardigans that extend below the knee can be overwhelming on those of us who aren’t super tall.

This one is long enough to look current, but not so long as to overwhelm.

Loft Open Ribbed Cardigan in Warm Neutral Melange

If you struggle with cardigans, you might like this post: How To Wear Cardigans Without Looking Frumpy.

See, even from the back, it fits close to the body (but without clinging) so as to not add visual weight.

And before you ask me about wearing a coat… they do make long coats!

Ideally, I would prefer my coat extend past this cardigan, but if an inch or two were to show, I wouldn’t let it bother me.

This cardigan is also 40% off right now! It runs true to size (I have the small, for reference) and also comes in a gorgeous shade of blue.

Underneath, I’m simply wearing a silky black tank and black jeans.

My suede mules are old, but these are similar. Of course, you could also wear black boots or pumps or any semi-dressy black shoe with this outfit.

How to style a camel and black outfit for a classy fall look #fashion #fallfashion #falloutfit #scarfoutfit

For accessories, I wore pearl earrings and this black on black Victoria Emerson 5 wrap bracelet.

I love the understated elegance — it has just hint of sparkle and adds another element of interest to the camel and black outfit.

Victoria Emerson Midnight Mist 5 Wrap Bracelet

To tie this scarf, I simply wrap it around my neck and dunk the long end inside. Super simple!

I did a demo on my Insta Story if you want to see it live and in action. It’s saved to my highlights — those circles across the top of my feed.

Unless I’m in a super cold environment, I wouldn’t wear this scarf indoors because it’s pretty thick, so this outfit really needs a necklace underneath. I didn’t think to add it for these pictures, but I would probably wear something like this or even this.

I actually think the longer, layered necklace would look best with this outfit because the black column created by the tank and jeans can be kind of plain.

How to style a camel and black outfit

Outfit Details:

checked scarf // ribbed cardigan // black tank // black jeans // similar black mules // similar earrings // Victoria Emerson 5 wrap bracelet // optional necklace

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photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. Hi Jo-Lynne. Although I like the idea of camel and black, I am going to be honest – I do not love this outfit on you. I think it’s the cardi. I think this outfit would look great on you if you swapped the cardi with a black moto jacket. Or your beige suede moto jacket. I love the scarf and your jeans, I am not a fan of the loafers, but that’s just a personal thing. Maybe you could show us with a black moto jacket instead? Don’t take my comment the wrong way – you’re super stylish, I just think this time, the outfit isn’t your best! It’s not edgy enough, somehow. 

    1. I hear ya – I think everyone looks better in a fitted jacket. 🙂 But a lot of women ask for cardigan outfits, and I love the fit on this one.

      The one thing that bugged me about these pictures is how it’s sitting too closed in front. This one actually hangs really nicely on its own – one reason I like it so much, but I’m used to having to pull my cardigans over the boobs, lol, so I did that instinctively when we were shooting this look, and as a result, it’s pulled too far to the front. When you wear it and don’t futz with it, it hangs more naturally… I hope that makes sense.

      1. Jo-Lynne, looks like everyone else loves the outfit. I get what you say about the cardigan and pulling it too tight, I can imagine it looked quite different when hanging more naturally. Maybe my view is coloured by the fact that I feel frumpy in long cardigans – as much as I love the idea, and find them comfortable, I have tried them each and every way and it just doesn’t work – sweater suit me far better.

  2. I just LOVE camel and black together!  So classic looking.  

    I’d be very interested to hear about what all goes into a sponsored post.  It might be good for a FB live, but so many can’t make those, so it would probably be better as a blog post.  But I do watch the replays of the FB lives (well most of them) so for me either works.  😉

    Have a blessed day.  

  3. I love this outfit! Cyndi styled a similar outfit not long ago (and I have worn my similar outfit to work a few times this fall), and I was thinking of wearing it for Thanksgiving dinner, without the scarf you style (although I love the scarf!) I won’t be going outside, so I won’t need the scarf. (but will wear some gold layered necklaces.) I was also thinking of wearing leopard flats with it (although I have nice black flats as well.) Still not sure about which shoes. A very classy outfit, and it looks great on you.

  4. I loved the outfit and thought it looked great on you although I would have preferred it with booties. I would enjoy a behind the scene peek as well. The blog would work best for me.
    I follow your blog daily and look forward to it.

  5. Love this outfit, especially the cardigan because it doesn’t look to heavy and perfect for this time of year. Not to mention the color goes with everything. 

  6. I’d love to hear about what it takes to create a post! (As a writer, I’m fascinated by other writers’ processes. I want the gritty details like what do you do to combat typos? Grammarly?) You look great in this outfit. Sadly, I would not. I love the look of camel and black and look awful in camel. It makes me look very washed out. 😔Thanks for sharing, Jo-Lynne.Happy Thursday, all!

  7. Love this outfit.  A classic look.  I don’t like form fitting sweaters as much as those that flow. Looks good on you.

  8. This is such a cute outfit that allows us to use what we have in our closet for inspiration.  I love it on you!  I can’t normally wear camel, even though I love the color, but with the black in the scarf, it just might work out well!  Such a classic look.

  9. I would love to hear about the behind the scenes of blogging and what you do before a post goes live…. But I am not on FB for a number of reasons…would it be possible to do a mini summary on the blog?

  10. I love this outfit on you.  I can see why that scarf sparked the inspiration.  It’s beautiful.  And you wear it well!  I would love to see some “behind the scenes” of what goes on with sponsored posts.   I love that sort of thing.  Looking forward to the FB Lives again!

  11. I looked at that cardi on you and looked at the one I’m wearing today (pills everywhere). Sold! Just ordered it and the shimmer v-neck sweater you showed earlier this week. I’m going to pair the sweater with dark green coated jeans for my husband’s semi-casual office Christmas party. Feeling jazzed that I’ve got a plan!! (Of course, I threw in a few other things to get free shipping!)

  12. Hi , I think this outfit looks stunning on you . It was a great post. Like you said so many of us wear sweaters and similar styles on a regular basis. I don’t know anyone that wears a moto jacket much, and I have some friends that dress really well. It was also nice to see flats for us tall girls too. I think you nailed it ! 

  13. I really like this color combo.. it’s a nice change from the usual black and red… I don’t do Facebook either so a behind the scenes look on a post would be appreciated.

  14. Love this classy outfit on you! It is stylish and as another person said not many own moto jackets—a cardigan is much for versatile.

  15. Love this outfit! The camel and black combination is great! Black can be so stark so the camel really adds a great touch!

  16. I really like this outfit.  I’d be interested in trying it with the Spanx leather leggings that everyone is wearing.

    Question- you linked this cardigan:https://www.loft.com/ribbed-open-cardigan/514094?utm_source=618723&utm_medium=Affiliates&utm_campaign=*2nGiS3mv0Y&cid=aff_*2nGiS3mv0Y&ogmap=AFF%7CRTN%7C*2nGiS3mv0Y%7CSTND%7CMULTI%7CSITEWIDE%7C%7C%7C10%7C618723%7C1&siteID=.2nGiS3mv0Y-kgTxmQYSNF_vNmsWIiAFRA&ranSiteID=.2nGiS3mv0Y-kgTxmQYSNF_vNmsWIiAFRA&SID=3096943&Pubname=ShopStyle%2B%2BCollective&selectedColor=7674

    Are you sure it’s not this one?  https://www.loft.com/ribbed-open-cardigan/502191?skuId=27608999&defaultColor=7238&catid=catl000012&selectedColor=7238

  17. I love this outfit and i have the pants and the tank Just  need to find a cardie.  this one is a little long for me Im only 5’4.  this would make a great church outfit.  

  18. I tried on this outfit before I packed it for Thanksgiving. (I purchased the sweater today 🙂 using your link, and did store pick-up. I even tried a front tuck with my black tank (from Loft) into black velvet skinny jeans from Loft that I had. The front tuck worked – hurray! Thank you for styling this look!

  19. I just adore this outfit! I never deleted this email because I was on the fence about purchasing. Now with the first real cold front coming through South Florida coupled with the awesome cyber Monday sales, I came back to this post and purchased both the scarf and the cardigan. It looks amazing on you and I think it will look great with black booties or tall boots. Thanks for the outfit inspiration!

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