Capsule Wardrobe Week 1 Recap

It’s been a week since I started officially living with my 50-piece capsule wardrobe. I’ve been posting my daily outfits on Instagram, and they’ve generated a lot of interest. A few people were curious as to WHY I’m doing this — they couldn’t imagine being so limited with their wardrobes. A few others chimed in with their support and reasons why they love living with a capsule wardrobe. It’s interesting to hear the different perspectives.

I know not everyone is on Instagram, so I’ll share my outfits here at the end of each week, and I’ll also share how it’s going.

Winter Capsule Wardrobe: My Outfits, Week #1

First, some thoughts. I will be totally honest with you and tell you that the novelty of having a smaller wardrobe is beginning to wear off. I am not exactly tired of the clothes in my closet, but I do feel that my outfits are already getting repetitive — which wouldn’t matter if I had an ordinary stay-at-home mom life. But I do make a living putting together cute outfits, and I have fun styling new pieces, so it’s not ideal for me. And yet, on the other hand, it is a fun challenge to stretch my smaller wardrobe and make different outfit combinations.

I’m also learning that I didn’t give myself a lot of options in my capsule for layering and mixing and matching. I knew I was setting myself up for failure in this way, but that’s just how I dress. I don’t wear a lot of layers, and I can’t really change that for the purpose of a capsule wardrobe. At the end of the day, I’m a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl. (Or, in the winter, sweater and jeans kinda girl.)

I’m doing my best to use accessories and scarves to jazz things up, and shoes also help. I’m glad I kept a lot of shoes!

It’s not so hard to NOT shop for new things, but some items I ordered before I started living with my capsule arrived this week, and I really want to wear them!! They are sitting in my closet staring at me, begging to be worn. I also received a box from a brand wanting me to feature their clothes, and I have another piece coming this week. Both were arranged before I started the capsule, so I will probably style them and share pictures, but not actually wear them or count them towards my capsule wardrobe outfits.

What I DO like about the capsule wardrobe is that everything goes together — or, at least, everything goes with something. I don’t have to worry about not having the right pants to go with a top I’m wearing, or the right shoes to go with a certain pair of jeans. I’ve already planned it out so everything works, and that is really nice.

I think a capsule wardrobe is great for the woman who gets overwhelmed by too many choices and wants to simplify getting dressed in the mornings. But a capsule wardrobe is not so great for the woman who truly enjoys trying new trends and changing things up often.

With that said, here is what I wore this week. There’s a lot, so I’ll TRY to be brief. Ha!

Capsule Outfits: Week 1

FRIDAY (January 15): Last Friday was officially the first day of my 30-day capsule wardrobe challenge. I wore this outfit on the plane to meet Cyndi in Nashville.

ootd fri 15 - 1

similar pink sweater | Emma skinnies (limited sizes ON SALE at ShopBop) | OTK boots
similar grey peacoat | scarf (ON SALE!) | similar carry-on | necklace | David Yurman ring

SATURDAY: I wore this outfit IN Nashville with Cyndi. We spent most of the day working in a coffee shop, and then we went shopping at Nordstrom. We turned in by 9pm both nights. We’re such grannies! LOL!

ootd sat - 1

pink turtleneckEmma skinnies (limited sizes ON SALE at ShopBop) | OTK boots
similar grey peacoat | New Moon Necklace | Cage Cuff | Alex and Ani bangle

SUNDAY: This is what I wore home on the plane. I also wore this sweater on Friday night to dinner with my black boots and Emma jeans.

ootd sun - 1

ivory cowlneck sweater | similar black jeans | similar leopard flats (dupes for cheaper)
pink crossbody (old) | Dalton pendant

MONDAY: I called Monday a “grace day” and didn’t bother to put on makeup or wash my hair. The kids were home from school, and I took it easy and tried to get caught up on stuff around the house. It’s been soooo cold here, so I bundled up. Yes, I even wore my scarf in the house!

You may notice that these boots weren’t in my capsule. I never put them away, and I have found myself going to them all week while I’m at home. I don’t usually wear them out and about, unless I’m doing a quick school drop-off or picking up milk at the dairy. They’re more like slippers than boots, so I’m going to count them as loungewear. (I know, I cheat. So sue me.)

ootd mon - 1

similar marled cardigan | similar black thumbhole tee | similar cropped skinnies
UGG Classic Cardy (ON SALE) | similar infinity scarves

TUESDAY: On Tuesday, I was feeling more like myself! I got a workout in and then got dressed in this cozy outfit. I love my new LOFT skinny utility pants. SO glad I added these to my capsule. They’re a nice update to the olive cargo skinnies I’d been wearing for a few years.

ootd tues - 1

LOFT Skinny Utility Pants ON SALE for $39 | J.Crew Cambridge Cable Chunky Turtleneck
Sam Edelman Felicia Flats (dupes) | similar blanket scarf | Alex and Ani bangles

Wednesday was another day spent mostly at home. I went back to my faithful marled cardigan and black tee, but this time I wore them with black jeans and leopard flats. I must have gone somewhere because I’m carrying a bag. This orange tassel crossbody came in my last LeTote, so I linked to a similar one below.

I have paused my LeTote subscription during my capsule challenge, but I didn’t return my last tote yet. I’m allowing myself to use the accessories, but not the clothing, since there is no limit on accessories in the capsule wardrobe. Oh, and I bought that grey and black baseball tee. I can’t part with that!! I set it aside for spring.

ootd wed - 1

similar marled cardigan | similar black thumbhole teesimilar black jeans
similar leopard flats (dupes) | New Moon Necklace | similar orange tassel clutch

THURSDAY: I wore this outfit to meet friends for lunch. I decided I wanted to wear wedge ankle boots, so I pretty much built the outfit around them. Then when I realized I wanted to run some errands in addition to my lunch date, I changed into my black OTK boots. I give up! LOL!! My life is too casual for heels.

A word about this tunic sweater. I LOVE IT. I saw it on Instagram and ordered it in my usual size — a medium. I had to return it for a small, and this one fits perfectly, so if you order one, I recommend sizing down. I love the fit. It’s not bulky at all, and the curved high/low hem is flattering. I struggle with finding tunics and turtlenecks that don’t make me look frumpy, and this one hits the sweet spot. The turtleneck isn’t too tight, and the material of the sweater is super soft. It’s a bit pricier than the Nordstrom juniors sweaters I often link to, but the extra $$ is worth it because it feels and looks higher quality than the juniors ones. The grey and ivory are on sale for $49, but sizes are very limited. They do have a whole slew of gorgeous colors at full price, which is $79. If you wait, I expect the other colors to go on sale before spring. At any rate, this Chelsea28 brand is one I’m going to watch because I think it’s a great price point for nice quality products.

ootd thursday - 1

Chelsea28 Turtleneck Tunic (more colors) | similar cropped skinnies
VANELi  Jara ankle boots (gifted) | my Stella & Dot Veda Split Ring
LOFT Mixed Metal Pendant | Tory Burch Britten Slouchy Tote (my color discontinued)

FRIDAY: Yesterday I met my husband for lunch, and I DID wear heels this time! I brought flats to change into when I went over to the mall to make a few returns. Here is where I come clean and admit to you that I did some shopping in Nashville. But you know me, I’m going to justify it all to you. Ready? Here we go. So I had a pair of nude pumps from Payless that I really loved. They fit well, they were comfortable, and they were super cute. But the heel broke just a few days before my capsule wardrobe started. Womp. Womp.

So I decided that it was time to invest in a nice pair of nude pumps since they are such a classic wardrobe staple. I ordered a few pairs, which I returned because none were comfortable or fit just right. When the capsule wardrobe started, I had not found the perfect nude pumps, so I just didn’t include them. I did include my leopard ones, which I have determined are a half size too big, which is why I can’t walk in them.

I kept them in my closet because a) they make me happy when I look at them and b) because I knew I could wear them for outfit pictures even if I couldn’t wear them out anywhere. Yes, that probably sounds stupid, but it’s my job to make up cute outfits, so I figured they sort of count as work wear, right? Ha! I do adore them. I just wish I could WALK in them.

So. Fast forward to Nashville. True to my word, I did not purchase any clothing, but I did find The Perfect Nude Pumps! The lady in the shoe department had fun bringing me lots to try — including a pair of Prada with a price tag of $670. GULP.

Prada Pointy Toe Pump

I tried them, and as incredibly gorgeous as they were, they were NOT comfortable. They had no cushion on the sole, and they were rough on the sides and rubbed my foot. Crazy, right!?! For $670, you’d think they could make a comfortable pair of shoes. But my goodness, were they ever gorgeous.

I ended up buying these Charles David Pact Pumps for $99.

Charles by Charles David 'Pact' Pump

They have a cushioned footbed, and the leather around the edges is super soft. They don’t rub anywhere. They ARE higher than I wanted, at 4 inches (I was looking for something lower than 3.5 inches), but I’m doing better walking in heels these days (my foot injury still nags me, but it’s getting better.) I decided to bite the bullet and get them because I’ve tried so many pumps in the past few weeks, and these are actually the most comfortable I’ve found. They don’t make QUITE the statement the Prada pumps do, but then, $670 is not in my shoe budget.

I was planning to hold off on wearing them until my capsule is over, but then yesterday when I got dressed to go out to lunch, I wanted to wear heels. I put on the leopard, thinking maybe I could make them work, but I kept walking out of them. That’s when I decided to trade out my new nude pumps for the leopard in my capsule. So that is my long story justifying a new purchase during my capsule challenge. I couldn’t even make it a week.

Anyway, here is what I wore to lunch. I changed into my Felicia Flats for the mall. Also, behind me you can see my new wall hanging! For 10 years, we have had nothing over our bed. I found this white carved piece at Pier1 on Thursday, and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect. It was also 15% off. WOOT!


similar sweater | Florence skinnies | Charles David Pact Pumps
LOFT Mixed Metal Pendant | Tory Burch Britten Slouchy Tote (my color discontinued)
my Stella & Dot Luna Wrap Bracelet | silver hoops

Did I say I was going to keep this brief? Bwahaha! Well, anyway. There you have it, my first week living with a capsule wardrobe. It’s been interesting, for sure.

I’m glad I’m doing it. I think it is going to change how I shop, and I’m curious to see how I feel about it when the 30 days are up. I can definitely say this, though: I’m glad I’m not doing it for 3 months!

Have a great weekend, and STAY WARM!