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I got an email this week from a lovely reader, telling me she misses my Coffee Talk posts. I’m guessing if she misses them, others are probably missing them too. I was assuming that my Instagram Roundups were replacing the Coffee Talk posts since I share a lot of my life and goings-on in them, but they are full of shopping links so maybe it doesn’t feel quite as much like sitting down with me over a cup of coffee.

Although, if you DID sit down with me over a cup of coffee, I would whip out my phone every 5 seconds to show you something on Instagram or where I got my newest pair of shoes. So maybe it’s not so different. Heh.

I also share a bit about my everyday happenings in my daily emails, but I realize not everyone is signed up for those. If you’re not, and you’d like to get emails each day with a little about what’s up with me and a link to my most recent post, you can sign up for those here.

Meanwhile, grab a cup of coffee and let’s chat.

coffee talk

Right now my life is pretty much monopolized with getting my bedroom makeover finished. I stink at decorating, but I know what I like and what I don’t like, and I know what’s tacky and what’s not. Ha! So basically I am very fussy and want to get it right, but I have no talent for putting things together. I like so many different styles, I get overwhelmed with all the choices and how to make them work together.

I expect that is how some of you feel about fashion.

I used to work with a decorator when I did home improvement projects, but she moved away last year. I’ve been going back and forth with her via texts and emails, and that’s helpful, but it’s just not the same. She used to go shopping with me and help me pick stuff out and then come back to my house and set it up for me. I LOVED THAT!!

I probably make it sound like I have money to burn, but she became my friend and didn’t charge me nearly what she was worth. In fact, I’m sure she saved us money in the long run because before I found her, we would paint a room three times, trying to find the right color. When I finally found her, even my frugal husband agreed that she was worth it. That was 15 years ago, and she helped me off and on over the years. I really miss her.

I finally made some decisions this week. After spending hours in Home Goods one afternoon a couple weeks ago, I found the perfect curtains. I need to have them hemmed, but I hung them for now because I couldn’t seem to move forward on the lamps and wall art because I couldn’t visualize how it was all going to come together.

This week I went to Pier1 Imports and found this adorable wall hanging for over our bed. I knew the second I saw it that it was exactly what I want for that spot. I like how it adds texture to the room without adding color. I also picked up lamps for our bedside tables. I swear, it’s a good thing I’m on a clothing shopping hiatus because I’m more than making up for the money I’m saving there, shopping for our bedroom.

Here’s how it’s coming together so far. I posted this on Instagram this week.

my bedroom - 1

I plan to replace the lumbar pillow on the bed. I want something a little dressier, and I feel like it’s too grey, now that I have my lamps chosen and the lampshade is more of a mushroom color. I’m going to take that lampshade with me to Pier1 and pick up something there. I’m looking at this and this online. I really love this but I think I want the lumbar style. I also want to get Euro shams to help fill out the head of the bed. That’s what my decorator friend is suggesting, and I think it will look nice.

I also still need wall art for over my husband’s dresser, and there is a whole bare wall between our closet and our bedroom door — I have no clue what’s going there. Maybe another bookcase since some of my husband’s books are still sitting on the floor. Ha! But it’s coming together.

Someone commented on my Instagram that I need some pops of color in the room. Originally we were going to work some blues into the mix, but I think I’m going to keep it all neutral. I like the variety of textures, and the neutral backdrop is perfect for my outfit photos. It’s all about the outfit photos, dontchaknow!!!

Speaking of outfit photos, I posted this to Instagram yesterday.

ootd sat

Yes, we got our snow!!! I put on my white jeans and navy turtleneck with my Sorel boots for snow pictures. The pink hat is my running hat. I need a cute beanie, I guess. And of course I wouldn’t wear a wool peacoat for long in the snow, but it looked cute with my outfit. (See above: It’s all about the outfit pictures.)

We have well over 2 feet of snow. It started around 8pm Friday night and didn’t end till about 8pm last night. We tried to get down to my neighbors’ for socializing last night, but I couldn’t get over the snowbank to cross the street. My husband got through it, but the snow was up to his waist. I turned around and went back inside and watched House Hunters. I know, that’s pretty pathetic, but I really wasn’t feeling sociable anyway. Sorry, neighbors!

Before I came in, I snapped this selfie. I figured I might as well document the experience.


That red scarf, by the way, is so luxe. I love it. I ordered it on a sale before Christmas, and it’s the perfect classic scarf. I just wish I’d ordered it in raspberry so it would match my winter capsule better. It comes in 8 colors.

The coat I’m wearing is my Andrew Marc Gayle down coat. It was sent to me for a product review, and it’s pricey, but it is 40% off right now, which brings it into a somewhat more reasonable price range at $359. I wore it on Thursday and Friday to go to lunch and run errands, and it is so super warm, I can’t even believe it. It’s so much warmer than my regular down parka. Plus it’s stunning. My other down coat is almost black, and I’m enjoying this light silvery grey for a change.

I’m posting these totally out of order, but I snapped this picture on my run the other day.

calm before storm - 1

I’ve been lax with my running, and it felt so good to get back out there. It’s just been so stinkin’ cold, and I don’t have proper cold weather running gear. I thought I did, and what I have is fine when it’s in the 20s and 30s, but when it dips into the teens AND there’s the wind chill factor to contend with, I just don’t have the right gear. I guess I need to invest, but I have been investing into a lot of areas of my life lately, so this one might have to wait.

I’m always inspired when I see fitness bloggers posting workout pictures, so we took a few on Friday.

working out - 1

I was hoping I’d look as cute as @paleOMG, but I just look like an old lady. Oh well, at least I’ll be a fit old lady! I’ve been working out for over three years, and I’m pretty proud of how far I’ve come. It’s a great supplement to running, and I want to be sure to keep up my bone density as I age.

So, to wrap up this epistle, here’s a picture my husband took of my daughter and her friend playing in the snow yesterday. They had so much fun.

snow fun

And we totally staged the picture at the top of this post. I wanted a new “coffee talk” picture, so I took advantage of my husband being home during the day, and we took this one yesterday. He was standing on a chair and everything, just like that Instagram Husband video.

I swear, the things we do for my blog!

Church was canceled for today, so we’re hunkered down for another snow day inside. I’m about to fire up another House Hunters Renovation Collection. I’m so addicted to that show! We buy them by the season on Amazon. The only problem is, now I’m jonesing to make over my kitchen. My poor husband . . .

Have a great day, and stay warm!!

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  1. I love coffee talk too! I know you probably invest a lot of time into your blogs but I love the fact that reading them is just like having a conversation. You provide enough detail to cover almost any questions that I may have and if anyone posts questions in the comments, it’s great that you take the time to answer! That tells me that you put some thought into your writing about what you wish to say and engaging your readers. ????????
    We’ve been hunkered down since Friday morning here in KY. I’m about 45 miles south of Lexington. And since we live in a rural area, our road is one of the last on the list to get graded. I think we have about 18 inches of snow so my hunny has had the tractor out and kept the driveway under control. He will scrape it again today as well as some of the road I imagine, if the road department doesn’t show up. ???????? It’s back to work tomorrow and it’s supposed to be 46 degrees so hopefully, most of this stuff will melt! Enjoy your Sunday and House Hunters Renovation marathon!

    1. I do invest a lot of time, but I really, really love it. 🙂 And I love the conversation that develops in the comments. I appreciate them so much. I watched 3 House Hunters this morning, so I think I’m good for now. Ha! I never watch TV in the mornings. EVER. It was fun, but I am really seriously thinking of calling a kitchen designer to price out a renovation, so I should probably stop watching for a while. My husband is going to cut me off. Haha!

  2. I missed the Coffee Talk posts, too, although I agree that the Instagram posts are similar. Looks like you are enjoying the snow! It doesn’t seem to me that we got as much over here in Barto as the areas around us, but maybe we just don’t know how to measure correctly. 🙂 BTW, If you are looking for a cute beanie or hat to wear on snowy days, check out my crocheted stuff on my FB page: http://www.facebook.com/handcraftedbycheryl
    I can customize colors, too! (I’m also on Instagram @handcraftedbycheryl)

      1. Thanks! To order, just message me through the Facebook page. I don’t have an Etsy shop set up b/c it’s just so inundated, so I just sell through my FB page and process payments online by sending invoices through my Square reader. I can pretty much make any style hat in any size and color!

  3. Love this blog post today! I have a suggestion for your bare walls. . .I’m not very good with art but I love old things!! I purchased several old windows with multi panels of glass. World Market has some cute ones that I’m using to display pictures for my daughter’s wedding at the reception. Just a thought! Love your blog!! Also, I’d post pics on the FB page but don’t know how to post there – seems my phone only wants me to post on my FB page! ????????

  4. Hi! I have a neutral bedroom too. I put the three Euro pillows on my bed, and have shams on them to dress them up. All white. My husband LOVES pillows that “you can use”, but I think he is used to the shams going on the floor before climbing in bed. He purposely leaves them on the floor if he is the one that makes the bed, as if to say….”We don’t even need those”. Ha! I have the ruched fur throw from Pottery Barn across the bottom, but other than that, it is all white. Relaxing and calm. (No matter what my husband says 🙂

  5. Don’t forget IKEA. Cute curtains, love their pillows, and the lamps! If I wasn’t already fully lamped, there were a few I would have gotten.

  6. I love Coffee Talk too. And you do not look like an old lady working out. You look like a fit lady staying fit.

  7. I love your Coffee Talk….and I don’t even drink coffee! Your bedroom wall hanfing above the bed is beautiful! I too try to exercise although it isn’t always regular. I don’t have a specific routine planned out so I always feel like a hot mess at the gym. I also don’t look glamourous but I spent less money and I figure no one should care when you sweat! Maybe a workout routine post would be good! I’ve actually improved my bone density thru the years so my doctor says to keep it up. It’s never been bad but it’s nice to get better when were at an age it usually starts to decline. Love your blog!

    1. That is awesome that you’ve improved your bone density. That is hard to do! Osteopenia runs in my family, and I can’t drink milk, so I feel like I have to do what I can with strength training to ward it off!

      1. My Mom never drinks milk, never has since she was little. She will be 87 years young (????) in April and still goes to the fitness centre a few times a week. She is not on any medication and just got a clean bill of health from her doctor. She swears by strength training but also does some step aerobics and works in her garden at least 10 months out of the year (grows flowers, fruits & vegetables)

  8. I love coffee talks, too.

    I love your nuetral bedroom. When you mentioned you had to hem your curtains, I had to take a look. I’m not sure how tall your walls are. I have learned (by watching HGTV and reading magazines) that if you hang your curtains close to the ceiling it makes your room look taller.

    Curtains have always been my nemesis. Lol.

    Your room is beautiful, so far. I love the textured wallhanging above your bed.

    1. Yeah, I have always hung mine high. There isn’t much room above them. I couldn’t hang them high enough to not have to hem them, or I would have. The ceilings in our bedroom are only 8′ and the curtains are 96″ so it would be really tight. I decided to hang them about halfway between the top of the window and the ceiling. I do wish I’d hung them wider, though. We did extend the rods a bit and put one of the rings on the outside of the wall anchor piece, to give them some more width, but the rods are 36″ so they only go so far. Ahhh… curtains! They confound me.

  9. I really enjoyed the coffee talk this morning, especially since I am sitting here drinking coffee. All of the pictures are awesome! You are very smart to work now on keeping your bones strong. Quite impressive,mi might add. Enjoy another snow day with the family. God bless!

  10. I love the coffee talk on Sunday morning. I’m not on Instagram. I don’t want social media to take over my life. They really are time stealers. Not giving up my fav blogs though. Lol

    1. LOL, we all have to set our limits somewhere. 🙂 Instagram is my fave. I’d gladly give up Facebook if it was the only way to keep Instagram. There’s generally no drama on Instagram, and I get lots of great fashion inspiration there. But it’s no where near as personal as blogs. I’m glad you’re not giving up blogs! 🙂

  11. Hi Jo-Lynne – I love your glasses! Would you mind sharing what brand/style they are? Oh and by the way…this is my first coffee chat – I really enjoyed it!

  12. I love the Coffee Talk! I’m guessing I wasn’t following you then….lots of good conversation and information. Could you tell me about your bed covering, I,e. bedspread, comforter, or duvet? Love hearing about your life in the area where you are, since its so different from where I live here in Northeast PA. I’m just outside of Scranton, but still a drive if I want to shop. We do have a Pier 1 and a Macys. Wished there was a Home Goods, but we have TJ Maxx & Marshals. I like your thoughts on staying with the neutrals. I think every so often, we just need to get away from the colors and go neutral. Then after that phase passes, back to decorating with color again! How often do you redo your bedroom?

    1. I’ve been in this house for over 10 years, and this is the first time we’ve made over the bedroom. We painted before we moved in back in fall of 2005. It was a dark red. I am loving the light neutrals!!

  13. I’ve missed your Coffee talks too! It just feels like catching up with a friend, so I loved this post! I really like the neutrals you have chosen for your bedroom. It looks calm and peaceful – just want you want when lay your head down to sleep!

  14. I love the coffee talk posts! Yesterday afternoon I made myself a cup of coffee & got a couple of my favorite cookies & opened my Ipad up to check e-mails and WOW….there was your new picture with cookies just like I was having….what a coincidence!!! I knew all along we had a lot in common! Thanks for sharing your world…love all your posts & inspiration….you’ve become like a trusted friend!!!
    Susan – Mississippi

  15. Definitely missed the Coffee Talk posts Jo-Lynne!! I like your fashion posts, but they are just not something I can really relate to. Fashion and me just don’t mix, lol. I miss a lot of your travel posts, and recipe posts, and well, real life Mom posts. So I haven’t really been visiting as much as I used to. Glad to see the other side of you again!

  16. I missed the coffee talk yesterday but read it today and really enjoyed it.

    I love your bedroom and all the neutrals. I just changed our bedroom to and did a lot of the whites and neutrals but added some color as mine is a beach cottage feel. And I have lots of pillows. It makes it so cozy my husband questioned it at first but loves the look now that its done. I just want to say also that I love the choices of pillows that you like but you don’t have to use just one shape you can mix your shapes and patterns and it will add dimension to the neutral palette. I also agree with the previous comment about decorating with older windows. I used a beautiful white weathered looking shutter I picked up from Home goods. It looks great ! I’m excited to see what you add next! And I’m with you since I’ve paired down my wardrobe (which I love) I have been spending money on decorating the house. However, It seems every year after the Christmas decorations come down I have to do some sprucing up the place. Ha! Sorry for the book!
    Have a wonderful day in the snow!

    1. I know I could add more pillows, but then I have to figure out what works together and how to place them. Ha! I’m hopeless. 🙂 I also love the idea of a shutter. I found on online but it was too bit for over our bed. Now I’m thinking maybe it would work for our bathroom. Hmmm….

  17. I’ve missed coffee talk as well so glad you brought it back. I’m probably the only person around that doesn’t participate in the growing social media world; it’s such a huge time suck. I do love to read a few blogs though and that’s enough. I don’t see how so many do it and keep up with life. The Instragram husband video is absolutely hilarious!

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