Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater Dress w/ OTK Boots

Greetings on this fine Monday morning!!! It is a good day to be a Philadelphian. 🦅 Last night’s game was SO much fun. It might have even made a football fan out of me. It was a nail biter to the bitter end, and I honestly thought we were going to lose when the Pats pulled ahead in the 4th, but somehow our Eagles got it done. I’m so super happy for them and for our city.

Anyway, I realize y’all don’t come here for football, so let’s talk fashion! This is what I was talking about when I said I was going to give you whiplash for the next few weeks. I had a spring weekend outfit on Friday, and today I’m bringing you a winter date night look.

I’ve actually worn this outfit three times already and shared it on Instagram a couple of those times, so I wasn’t planning to shoot the look for the blog, but it’s such a good price on such a good dress that I decided to photograph it and share it with you.

What I really love about this dress (besides how cozy and comfy it is… and how flattering it is… and how amazing the price is for a classic cashmere sweater dress that you can wear for years…) is how versatile it is.

I’ve actually worn this outfit out to dinner with my husband, to church on a Sunday, and even to a funeral. I swapped out my jewelry and bag, depending on the occasion, but I wore the same dress and boots.

I’m dubbing this a date night look because the metallic clutch and the necklace dress it up a bit.

For size reference, I have this dress in a medium, and I would recommending sizing up if you’re at all in doubt. It definitely runs a little small, plus it’s on the shorter side.

When I share a dress on the blog, I usually get asked about shapewear and undergarments. I always wear this slip under this dress to keep it from clinging, and I’m also wearing Spanx tights. These are awesome because they double as shapewear.

I’ve tried the dress with ankle boots and pumps, but I like it best with tall boots. They seem to create the best visual balance, but I think that’s because I tend to be a little top heavy.

It would probably look fine with those other options on someone else. I bet it would even be cute with ballet flats.

I like how these OTK boots come just up over the knee and aren’t super high like some other OTK boot styles. They’re also incredibly comfortable. I scored them for 60% off before the holidays, but they’re 50% off right now, which is a pretty sweet deal for this brand.

For a more budget-friendly option, I also like the looks of this $79 pair by Chinese Laundry.

This horn pendant is hard to see in these pictures, but it’s from the collaboration between R Minkoff and Stella & Dot. I love the mix of feminine and edgy. I do wish it was slightly longer so I think I’m going to order an extender.

I also wore a gold and black stone cuff bracelet, but it sold out long ago. I really like the gold jewelry against the cool plum tones of the dress.

Also note my green nails — not my first choice of color to go with this dress, but it was appropriate for this weekend! ????

To keep the outfit on the edgier side for a date night look, I added my black leather moto jacket.

I like how the jacket lends structure to the outfit, and it also adds warmth. I don’t usually wear it inside unless I’m really chilly, but if I want to, I can and it looks like part of the outfit.

The best part about this outfit is how comfortable it is. I rarely feel comfortable in a dress, plus these boots have 4″ heels, but I would happily wear this outfit all day long. Plus, bonus! Just about every part of it is on sale.

sweater dress // boots (option) // clutch // necklace // tights // leather jacket // similar bracelet

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47 thoughts on “Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater Dress w/ OTK Boots

  1. Love the tall boots and Purple dress my favorite color
    I was sitting on the edge of my seat hugging my Eagles shirt during the last few minutes of the game, Biting my nails too, and talking about a Happy dance when they Won Go Eagles

  2. I love this classic look. I remember seeing it on Instagram and thinking it would be good to add to  my wardrobe since it could be accessorized so many ways. Congratulations on the football ???? win,

  3. Beautiful outfit. I love the tall boots & the addition of the leather jacket!  A hit in my book!  
    And for you & your family  —#itsgoodtobeaneaglesfan

  4. Congrats to the Eagles and a well played game!  Super glad that NE lost.  It was time for a new champion.  Love the dress and the color in particular.

  5. Is the dress itchy, Jo-lynne? Several reviewers thought so. You said you wear a slip under it though. (I don’t even own a slip anymore.) And did you find the neck tight? I love sweater dresses but usually wear a V neck. I’m really tempted, at this price, to give it a try though. Thanks!

  6. I always like this dress on you.  

     Congratulations on your team winning the Super Bowl!   I didn’t watch it all but I’m sure was very exciting for the Eagles fans!  ????

  7. Go Eagles! Great game!
    I got a kick out of your nail color, way to support the home team!
    That plummy purple is so pretty on you ❤️

  8. I do love this time of year when everything is on sale, yet I still have time to wear them for another couple of months!!
    And a dress like this is so versatile….layered with a vest or jacket, as well as how you’ve shown it!!

  9. First time commenting here or any blog.  Just have to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog everyday and think you are a class act.  I’m 57 years old and love your style. I’m also busty but only 5ft3in so I cannot wear the higher necklines that look great on you.  I try to look for V necks but sometimes they are so low and I cannot add another layer underneath because it adds extra bulk to the area I’m trying to minimize. 
    I’m from Minnesota and I’m happy for you eagle fans on your victory last night. 

  10. Congrats to the Super Bowl Champions. Eagles sure flew high last night! It was a great game but the Eagles played better.  A well deserved win.  Enjoy the celebrations!

    1. Thanks, Sue!!! It’s been fun. My 18-y/o even seemed excited to get to school today – wearing his Eagles jersey of course. 🙂 I’m sure they’re all flying high, as you aptly put it!

  11. Green is my favorite color so I absolutely love your nail polish. What color is it? Also, I cheered your team on last night, it was a great game.????

  12. Congrats on the win! We have one sad Patriots fan in my house, but for the rest of us the game was pretty good! This is a great look. Thanks for the Saturday post with all the reader favorites – I found that pretty interesting! Are you going to the victory parade?

      1. Haha – I’m the same way with people.   My hubby & I purposely vacation places off-season to avoid crowds.   No wonder our favorite recent vacation was to Iceland (although we saw a guy wearing an Eagles jersey!)   I might go to a parade if the Flyers ever win the Cup since I’m a huge fan.

      2. Yes we did.   We looked at each other and my husband says no matter where we go, we can’t get away from Eagles fans. (LOL!)  We were in the middle of nowhere without any other cars around for miles.

  13. I love that color on you! Trying not to buy anymore winter clothes. I am hoping we are about done with cold weather here.
    My son in law is a huge Eagles fan and my two year old granddaughter says go Beagles ???? . She even sings part of the fly eagles fly song! So cute!

  14. Looks great on you. Too short for me at 5’7″ but you wear it well. So happy Eagles won. I only saw last 2 min but that was best part. I even made it through This Is Us.

    1. Yeah, I do think it would be too short on anyone taller than my 5’5″. Good point. I haven’t watched This Is Us yet. I want to watch it one night when I’m alone in the house, lol. My kids and husband would just make fun of me and ruin it. 🙂

  15. I’ve loved this dress every way I’ve seen you style it. I don’t typically see sweater dresses that are very flattering, but this one is just gorgeous on you.

    And congrats on the big win! I know how y’all felt last night…reminds me of when my Astros won the WS for the first time ever back in the fall. I can only imagine the energy in both cities after their wins! I only saw the tail end of it (to make sure I caught “This Is Us”, lol), but it appeared to have been a good one!

  16. Hey Jo-Lynne !!! I’m not a football fan at all…but had it on last night just to listen in and wait for This is Us. I thought about you and told my husband “the blogger lady I read daily” will be so happy????
    Congrats to your city! 
    P.s….I loved hearing God get the Glory❤️

  17. Love the outfit, Jo-Lynne! The fit and color of the dress are beautiful. I love the way you styled it with the tights, boots and clutch. As a lifelong Patriots fan, I understand the joy of winning and the pain of losing (throughout the years!) The Eagles outplayed and out coached the Pats – so congratulations on the victory!

  18. So cute.  Love a good sweater dress. I have a new one I got this Winter from LOFT. Its burgundy with a little bloused sleeve at the bottom.  Cyndi styled it.  Love the color of  yours better though.  Could you give us more transitional outfits?  Always a struggle to know what to wear staring Feb. when sick of the dark colors but its still in the high 40’s and low 50’s here in the Northwest.  Lots of rain too.  

  19. The color is so rich and pretty for this time of the year! I think the green nails sealed the deal for the Eagles. So happy for Philadelphia!!

  20. Just a quick question before I order the sweater dress – is eggplant the color you are wearing? It looks quite purple in your beautiful pics, but the pics on Bloomingdale’s look more maroon. Thanks for always having such helpful posts!

  21. Hi Jo-Lynne! I’m celebrating along with you on that big Eagles win!!! I’m a huge fan of this team, such class!!! Anyway, I actually laughed out loud when I read your email this morning.
    “We went out on our deck afterwards, and pretty much the entire neighborhood was outside celebrating, cheering, setting off fireworks, honking horns, banging pants. It was great.”
    Banging pants? That’s hysterical, I could image you and your neighbors outside with your skinny jeans, banging away! HA HA!!
    That sweater dress looks amazing on you!

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