My Holy Grail Beauty Products

I’m by no means a beauty guru or an expert about anything makeup/haircare/skincare related, but I’ve tried a lot of products and do have some favorites that I come back to time and again. I thought it would be fun to share my holy grail beauty products — basically the ones I use faithfully and continue to buy over and over.

I gathered up most of them and spread them out for the photo above, but since then I’ve remembered a few more that I want to share so I’ll add those in here as well.

My Holy Grail Beauty Products

Lets start with haircare products.

My Holy Grail Haircare Products

Aquis Hair Towel // I bought this towel after reading about it on another blog. I struggle with delicate and thinning hair, and I’m doing everything in my power to care for it properly to minimize hair loss and damage. Supposedly this microfiber towel dries your hair more quickly, thoroughly, and gently than typical cotton terry towels. I like it a lot, and it’s also easy to tie up in a turban while I put on my makeup.

T3 Hair Dryer // I’ve been using a salon quality hair dryer for years because they dry your hair faster and minimize damage, but mine was getting old so I decided to purchase this T3 hair dryer when it went on sale. I already had the curling wands (love those too!) and I admit, I got it in part because it’s so pretty and matches my other hair tools.

Amazon reviews are mixed, but I like it a lot, and it does seem to dry my hair more quickly than conventional dryers, and makes it soft and shiny. I usually take it with me when I travel (actually broke down and bought the travel size last summer, in fact) but over Christmas I was trying to pack light and I didn’t bring it to Virginia with me and used my mom’s instead. It took FOREVER for my hair to dry with hers and now I will be sure to bring mine with me wherever I go.

T3 products do go on sale from time to time, and I recommend taking advantage of that because they are definitely pricey.

Monat Black Shampoo + Conditioner // This is actually a newer product to me, but I’m sharing because right now it seems to be helping with my thinning hair, and I know a lot of women have this issue. I’ve tried other products from the Monat line that didn’t seem to help, but when I switched to this around the holidays, I noticed a significant decrease in the hair loss I’d been experiencing for the past year or so. I am praying it continues to help because there are few things as demoralizing to a woman as thinning hair, especially in my industry.

While it does contain a conditioner, it doesn’t leaven your hair feeling like you conditioned it, so I use the IRT conditioner as well. I’m actually working on a post about my entire haircare routine because I’ve had some questions about that.

I’m not a Monat distributor, but I did sign up for the VIP membership to save 15% on my purchases and to get free shipping on all $84 Flexship orders. (There is a one-time fee of 19.99 for joining as a VIP customer.) You can use my ID (355851) to sign up for the VIP membership, if you’d like.

Bio Ionic Conditioning Brush XL // My hairdresser recommended this brush many years ago, and I’ve since replaced it once or twice. It is the one I use to blow out my hair when I wear it straight. I have the XL size.

Goody Claw Clips // Yes, these are basic claw clips, but when these are missing, I can’t blow dry my hair. I have to pin it up in sections to really get it blown out the way I like it, or when I curl it, and I go berserk when I can’t find one of these clips. (I have two daughters with long hair, so they tend to walk away.)

Slip Silk Pillowcase // This isn’t in the picture, but I love my silk pillowcase. It’s supposed to protect and hydrate your skin, reduce split ends, and ensure a longer-lasting blow out. Plus it just feels fancy.

My Holy Grail Makeup Products

Anatasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Pencil // I love and adore this eyebrow pencil. My brows are quite sparse and I don’t go anywhere without filling them in. This ultra slim retractable pencil creates precise, hair-like strokes that look very natural. Word of warning, though: it runs out suddenly and with no warning, so I buy these two at a time and make sure to always have a backup at the ready.

Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Mascara // I’ve been using Lancôme mascara since I was 16, and no matter how many brands I try, I always come back to this one. I apply 2 or 3 light coats — the key is to use light coats and let it dry between each one.

I also use Rodan + Fields Lash Boost, mainly because my eyelashes started thinning, not because I needed the length, although that’s a nice benefit!


I’ve recently started using a new eye shadow primer, Dior Backstage Eye Prime Longwear Eye Primer, and I love how easy it is to apply, plus it helps my eye shadow last longer and not crease.

Nars Orgasm Blush

Nars Orgasm Blush // Hate the name, love the blush. It’s so pretty on. I’ve tried others, and I always go back to this one.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores // This stuff is magic. I apply this as the very last step of my makeup routine because it helps set everything and makes my face look practically airbrushed.

Sigma Flat Kabuki Brush

Sigma Flat Kabuki Brush // I love this brush for applying foundation — either my liquid foundation or my mineral powder foundation.

I have a lot of other favorite makeup products, but I tried to pick the best of the best for this post. A few months back, I shared my current makeup routine, if you’re interested. I keep it under the Beauty tab in the menu bar at the top of my website for your easy reference.

Joan Rivers Great Hair Day Fill-In Powder with Brush // Someone recommended this to me a few years back, and I ordered it right away. I’m not sure if this is considered makeup or haircare, but we have it pictured with the makeup section, and that is usually when I apply it. This is a transfer-proof fill-in powder for thinning hair that matches your color to give the appearance of a fuller head of hair.

It’s intended for ladies who have thinning in the scalp area, whereas my thinning is more on the ends, where it just doesn’t grow back fast enough to keep up with the daily hair loss, but I do have some thin areas around my temples that show especially when I pull my hair back or tuck it behind my ear, so I’ve started applying this almost daily to those areas.

It fills in nicely and looks fuller and thicker. Best of all, the powder truly does not come off on your hands, your bedsheets, or anything. I can even apply it before I dry my hair, and it doesn’t get messed up. It washes out with shampoo.

Holy Grail Body Care Products

Rodan + Fields Daily Body Moisturizer // I’ve shared about this before, but it bears mentioning again. This body moisturizer is the only thing I’ve found that truly eliminates my itchy winter dry skin, but I have to use it almost daily to keep up. It absorbs quickly and isn’t sticky, so I can pull on my clothes after just a few minutes.

L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil // This is another product I’ve shared before, but I love it and buy more every time it runs out. It smells wonderful and makes my skin feel soft, plus I use it to shave my legs so it’s basically a 2-in-1.

CND Solar Oil // This cuticle oil saves my nails in the wintertime. If I use it faithfully, once or twice a day (preferably at night before bed so it has lots of time to soak in), my nails stay strong and healthy. If I start skipping too many days, they start getting brittle and breaking. I keep Shellac polish on my nails pretty much all the time, so using this oil is key to being able to do that.

Primally Pure Deodorant // I realize I’m terribly inconsistent when it comes to using natural products vs their chemical-based counterparts. Sure, I’d love to go all natural, but it’s a process, and I’m not there yet. For some reason, deodorant is one of those things that particularly worries me so I sought out a natural deodorant alternative. I’m quite happy with the Primally Pure deodorants, but you do have to give yourself time to get used to it because it seems to work better as time goes on. You also have to get used to not always feeling dry, but it eliminates body odor, the scents are pleasant, and it makes me feel like I’m doing one small thing to eliminate daily toxins in my life.

Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel // This is the only self tanner I’ll use anymore. I’ve tried quite a few, but this is by far the best I’ve found. I don’t mind the scent, but it definitely has one. If you struggle with the application, see my tutorial on how to apply self tanner like a pro.

Holy Grail Skincare Products

Okay, guys. Home stretch! WE CAN DO THIS!!!

(Honestly, I had no idea how long this post was going to become.)

Olay Daily Facials Cleansing Cloths // I reviewed these last summer, and I’m still using them. They’re particularly nice for travel, or just whenever you want a quick and easy and thorough makeup removal job.

Almay Eye Makeup Remover Pads // This is another product I’ve used for years. I used to buy the pricey Lancôme eye makeup remover, which is wonderful, but these are much cheaper, work just as well, and don’t require me to stock additional cotton pads.

Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm // Lastly, but certainly not least, my favorite facial cleanser for a really spa-tastic makeup removal experience. I just love the smell of this product. I use this on the nights I want to pamper myself and don’t mind taking a bit longer with my nighttime routine.

I didn’t list any facial moisturizers or eye creams because I’ve tried out quite a few recently and they’re all good. I’m currently testing out some more Olay products, so at the moment I don’t have a consistent skincare regimen. I’ve been mixing and matching different products, which is probably not best practice, but I do find it interesting to change it up every now and again and try something new.

You can always peruse my Beauty Archives if you’re curious about other products I’ve tried and recommend. It’s linked on the menu bar at the top of my site.

I’d love to hear from you, if you have any tried and true beauty products you love or think I should try!

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photo credit: Alison Cornell

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  1. These are all great products.  I use the Olay Daily Facial cloths (sometimes at home) but always when I travel.  I put some in a baggie, so that I don’t have to take the plastic box.  Using these eliminate one more liquid from the prime real estate in the quart bag for my carry on.  I also use the CND nail oil based on your recommendation.  Great post with lots of detail, as always!

  2. Like you, I struggle with the whole hair loss/thinning hair. It has definitely been a difficult adjustment to make. I am still searching out natural healthy ways to help with this issue. The loss,of,my thyroid really has thrown my body for a loop. Thank you for all your suggestions! 

    1. I have a slightly hypoactive thyroid, but I have been on and off meds, and nothing changes with my hair or how I feel so I am currently not on meds, per my doctor. Thyroids or lack thereof can really mess with you!

  3. Thanks for the helpful post.  I have been wondering about the R+F lash boost.  I recently noticed a small section of my eyelashes was gone. I have dark lashes and without eyeliner you can actually see a spot where there aren’t any lashes-how strange is that?  I think I would have noticed if I pulled them out with my eyelash curler.  Do you think lash boost will help?

  4. The hair towel in this post looks very much like a baby’s blanket. I don’t see any real difference from the photos.  I think I might invest in an inexpensive baby blanket and see how that works.

    1. Try it and let us know how it works. I can tell you it feels different from a baby’s blanket. It does have that waffle texture, but the towel seems like it would be way more absorbent.

  5. Because of your recommendations, I started using Lash Boost and Lancôme Hypnos Drama mascara and both have become game changers for me. I love them both! A fairly new product I love is tarte shape tape. It’s by far the best concealer I’ve used. It covers my under eye dark circles and a sun spot so well. It’s exclusive to Ulta only. Lastly I recommend Mary Kay’s oil-free eye make up remover. It’s gentle and easily removes my mascara, even waterproof mascara. I am interested in trying the Almay make up remover pads though and I just received my first order of Coleen Rothchild’s skin care line!

    When our Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl  a few years ago, my husband and brother-in-law went to the parade. They both said it was well worth the craziness of all the people, traffic, etc. Great memory fir them and kits if great pictures if the players, etc.!

  6. Every post gives me a new reason for you to be my favorite blogger.???? Today’s reason is the Joan Rivers fill in powder. I did not even know such a thing existed and I am so in need of just this thing in my life. You’re such a big help in so many ways. I am really thankful I discovered your blog. One of the reasons I share your posts on Facebook is that I truly feel that many of the women I know are looking for the kind of guidance you offer through your blog. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Lori, if u try the powder can u let us all know how it works:) I have had very visible bare spots and thinning since my teens and for about 3 years now I’ve been using the Joico Clinicure botanical thinning hair solutions line. My mom just recently bought me the step 3 advanced thinning rescue so I’m praying some new growth might come of it. I’ve been using hair thickening fiber fill in for years now and its made my confidence much better! Please share your results with us:) Have a great day!!

      1. Hi Tamra, I’ve used the Joan Rivers powder for about 10 years now and it really is fantastic. I always had super thick hair and in my 30s I started noticing it getting a bit thinner on top and I hated the contrast between my very white scalp and my very dark brown hair at the part and bought this product when I saw it on QVC. I told my sister in law about and she bought it for the same reason and loved it too. A few years later another sister in law was having issues with thinning hair and a lot of scalp showing so I gave her this and it was a life changer for her. She still thanks me for it. I highly recommend it and if you don’t like it, you have 30 days to return it. Also, I developed enough gray hairs to start coloring a couple of years ago and find I don’t need the powder when my color is fresh but as my hair grows out it works great at covering the gray hairs on my part and temples. There is a lot of product in the compact and it lasts a long time.

  7. Love your makeup posts! It’s funny how you mentioned the Brow Wiz Pencil runs out without warning. It just happened to me this morning! I should take your advice and buy a backup as well.

    x S | Design by Sydnee ????

  8. Do you have a Monat consultant? I think the IRT product goes with the black. My consultant is Robert Tangatz. Can find him on fb. He actually is a hairdresser who also works with a physician who helps people with hair loss. Extremely knowledgeable about hair loss. I love Monat. Use is exclusively. Love and use many of your products you listed. As far as crowds….nope, not for me. ????

    1. Yes, I do – Emily Hostetler. She is the one who suggested I try Monat Black because I told her how frustrated I was that I was still losing so much hair. I have my husband using it now too.

  9. I am a makeup JUNKIE. I have several of those .. sigma brush , pallet, anastasia brow (I use diobrow) , tried the blush, mascara, no more pores (but pressed)   buuuuut what had me most intrigued is the pillow case!!!!! 

    Curious how you actually “care for it” ?? How do you wash it? Do you have just one or did you get more to “match”??

    1. At first, i was precious with it and put it in a lingerie bag and washed it with my delicates. Now I toss it in with my sheets. LOL! It seems to be just fine. I only have one because $$$.

    2. Dharma trading company has 100% silk ones at a very reasonable price. I’ve liked them. I too just through them in with the sheets.

  10. Jo-Lynne, what a great post! Couple of items from here I will be trying. One thing that my dermatologist suggested is Biotin to help with hair thinning. I have taken the supplement for few years and I see pretty good improvement. The other thing I have found that really helps my skin is to run the humidifier in my bedroom at night in the winter and keep doors to bedroom closed to maximize it.  Thank you for all this helpful info! Julie 

    1. I’ve wondered if Biotin would help. I’ve taken it off and on over the years. I expect there are some nutrients I’m missing or something. I come back with low iron on almost every bloodwork I have taken, and I always forget to take those supplements. I wonder if that’s part of it too.

      1. I realized that I do take Biotin. I have a Hair, Skin & Nails vitamin that has a ton of Biotin in it. I’m really bad about remembering to take it, tho. When my hair stopped falling out so bad with the Monat Black, I decided to find a way to consistently take the vitamin so I can hopefully get my hair to start growing in faster. It has Biotin, Zinc, Vitamin A and C, and Copper. I keep it by my keyboard so when I come sit down here after breakfast or lunch, I see it and remember to take it. (It has to be taken with food, so first thing in the morning with coffee doesn’t work.)

  11. Hi Jo-Lynne! Thanks so much for mentioning Monat in your post today. I’m thrilled you are liking your results with Monat Black and IR conditioner! These products have helped my hair tremendously. My hair is thicker, shinier, and easier to style since i started using Monat. Keep me posted on your progress!

  12. I loved this post today Jo-Lynne!  It’s always nice to see what products work for someone else and it’s fun to try new ones. I think I’m going to order the Colleen Rothschild products and the Clarins self tanner – oh and maybe the eyebrow pencil too!  Thanks for a fun post!! 

  13. Great post and my 21yr old daughter recently told me my pores looked big…yikes,  I have always had really good skin so I was upset to hear this but she was also sitting very close to me in the car and looking directly at my face. But I have to say she does a great job with her makeup and watches a lot of tutorials so with all this said. I am going to order the IT Bye Bye pores powder. My daughter said that most powders do age you and maybe it’s time to switch. Lots of things I want on this post but this one will be number 1 
    Congrats to your team! I was so glad they won but like you I wouldn’t want to tackle the parade crowd but you should let your son go enjoy it. I know it’s hard, especially with all the things happening now days. I had to fight my anxiety and let my daughter go to ACL in Austin last year for her 21st bday. Boy was that hard but she said 3days was too hard on her feet and although it was a great experience, she wouldn’t do it again. Lol 

  14. I look forward to your posts everyday! But I have to say I think this one is my favorite so far!! Great job! ????

  15. I’m with you on the crowds!  Really don’t like them.  Which doesn’t make any sense evausr I love going to Disney Wirkd and would go every year if I could afford it. Go figure!  ????

    Question to you and your readers regarding Monat hair thinning products.  Are they like the Nioxin where if you stop your hair goes back to being thin again (and I’ve “heard” in some cases the thinning is even worse)?  I’ve had fine, thin and straight hair all my life but after kids and now aging it’s just worse.  Sigh …

    1. Ugh, even Disney is too many people for me. It gets more crowded every time I go. I really am a hermit.

      I haven’t stopped the Monat so I can’t say for sure, but I assume if it truly works, then if I took a break, the hairloss would return. I’m too scared to experiment, since I am finally not shedding all over the bathroom floor! 🙂 It’s supposedly more natural than Nioxin, which I feel good about.

  16. This is one of my favorite posts from you!! I also use the Olay cloths and love them for traveling. I’m also a 40 something and have noticed my hair getting thinner over the last 1-2 years and read about the Monat products but have been on the fence. Thank you for an honest review.

  17. I’m wondering whether that towel would work with the “plop” method for curly hair? I’ve been wanting to try it, but my current towels won’t work….

  18. Great post Jo-Lynne!  I am definitely going to buy the IT facial powder!  There are four items, that are part of my daily routine:  1) Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream; 2) Avon Skin So Soft supreme nourishment body lotion; 3) Garner Feuctis Style Curl Shape Defining Spray Gel; 4) Target brand, up&up pre-moistened lens wipes for my prescription eye glasses.
    Regarding the celebration on Thursday, I wouldn’t be going either.  Way too many people and I don’t trust everyone to be ongood behavior! Good luck with your decision!

  19. I loved this post because I’m always on the lookout for new beauty products. I have the blow dryer on my wishlist.  I ordered the brow wiz after you mentioned it in a post, and I absolutely love it! Good to know about it running out with no warning tho…. I’ll be ordering another today.  I’ve been using a nightly moisturizer that is called a “ sleeping facial mask “ by Korres. It’s terrific! It has almost all natural ingredients and is packed with vitamin C. It’s made a huge difference in my skin. My skin is plumped, soft, and dewy when I wake up in the morning, and stays that way all day. Just thought I’d pass it along. ????

  20. I have been using the Olay daily facials ever since you reviewed them last year. I can’t imagine life without them now and recommend them to all. Give them a try and you’ll be hooked. I also swear by the Joan Rivers great hair day product. I’ve been using since 2011 and love it. Great product.

  21. I enjoyed this post very much. I found some items here that I will try. I always enjoy your posts very much. Thank you.

  22. I have been using the Joan Rivers Great Hair Day Fill-In Powder for years as a root cover up. It buys me time between root touch-ups! Highly recommend this product.

  23. Have you tried Rograine for your thinning hair? I read on another blog that she uses Rograine for Men and has had success. 
    I’m going to try the oil. My skin gets pretty dry during the winter months and no amount of body lotion seems to make a difference. 
    Does your mom have a birthday coming up? Buy her the hair dryer and you can borrow it when you visit. It’s a win/win. ????

    1. I bought it once and never used it, lol. But I’ve also heard that it works. I was worried about the chemicals.

      And ironically, my mom DOES have a birthday coming up… LOL!

  24. I love holy grail/favorites posts. I always find something new to try. I’m going to give the cuticle oil a try. My nails and cuticles are in horrible shape right now and need all the help they can get! Have a wonderful day!

  25. Primally Pure deodorants and a makeup question does the deodorant hold up good when your exercising. and do you wear makeup while you exercise if so what kind. I use the Olay wipes and night and then apply the Olay night gel

  26. What about perfume? I just bought one that @lisa_allen linked in a like to know it… I had never smelled it just decided to be daring.  I LOVE it. It is joe Malone 

    And are you still using Jane iredale pressed foundation?

    1. I don’t use perfume. 🙂 I don’t know why — I have a couple of them, but I forget to use them. I do still use that foundation, or the MAC Studio Sculpt when I want more coverage.

  27. I remember those claw clips! I used them a lot when my hair was long.

    I decided to try the urban decay. I love the color palette.

    I just started using Neutrogena Hydroboost exfoliating cleanser for my menopausal, somewhat oily skin. It’s made my skin much smoother and softer, though it took me a few weeks to realize my skin had improved. I’m using the Hydroboost serum to see how well that works.

    One thing I realized is that I don’t take the time to moisturize my upper eye area. I’m hoping doing that will help revive the area which looks a bit wrinkled.

  28. Thank you for the wonderful recommendations! I especially struggle with fragile, thinning hair also. So frustrating! I love your honesty! Can’t wait to try some ideas to help.

  29. Have you tried Native deo? I’m like you and that’s one thing I want to make sure is natural. Native is the ONLY natural deo I’ve tried that actually works for me. And I’ve tried a ton although I haven’t tried the one you’re using lol. Great post! 

  30. Love your post. Not too long at all! I always heard that was the best blush shade for most people but never tried it. Now I will and I’ll try the mascara. Not loving mine. Thanks Jo-Lynne!

  31. Try spraying brewed black tea on your scalp and see if it helps reduce hair loss. It works for me and I discovered it by accident. I brewed black tea (from tea bags) and put it in a spray bottle because I was in between hairdressers and I was trying to cover some grays, hey, I was desperate. After about two weeks I noticed a huge reduction of hair loss in the shower and when I combed my hair. I only brew a very small batch using one tea bag and make it concentrated, maybe a quarter to half cup. I section my hair and spray it on my scalp at night. Make sure to check the tea doesn’t go bad, since it’s cheap you can replace often. I tried this back in 2014 and I will never stop using it. I really hope this helps because it’s made such a difference for me. 

  32. I want to leave a comment not related to beauty products. I would like to encourage you to attend the celebration parade. I am from Kansas City. In 2015 our Royals won the World Series. I had the exact same feelings and hesitation (crowd comment) as you about attending the parade. In the end I did go with my 18 year old son (he was a high school senior).  We parked and walked over two miles to get a fantastic spot along the parade route. I am so glad I went and created what has become a WONDERFUL memory for my son and I. I have zero regrets!!!! Oh and CONGRATS to the Eagles!!

    1. Hey Greta, thanks for the insight. I hear ya, I do. But this is more than just any old crowd. Our old city is small, and our transportation systems are simply not adequate for this size crowd. Driving isn’t an option, parking will be impossible, it is already bad on normal high traffic days. The train tickets are already pretty much sold out, and they are saying regional rail is going to be tricky. It will be insane. If I can get there, getting home is going to be a nightmare. I’m just not up for it. I’m not even sure I’d get a spot on the route where I could even see anything… and my son wouldn’t really want to be with me anyway. 🙂 But if something comes up, I’m open to changing my mind. I do wish it were more feasible because I can see how it would be an experience of a lifetime. 🙂

  33. I love this post. I’ve put many items in a wish list, …..ah the price of beauty!  Thank you for the tips and products. 

  34. Thanks for the great information! Does the pillowcase make your hair staticky? I slept on one before, but my hair would have tons of static by morning.

  35. I’m so glad you did this post. I always like to know about game changing products others are loving. I already use a few of these, and I’ll be adding a few more to my list. It’s funny you listed those clips. I would’ve never thought to list those, but I’d be lost without mine too! I’ve used them for as long as I can remember, and they are an absolute must when I curl/flat iron my hair.

  36. Great post Jo Lynne. So many good suggestions. I follow several other fashion blogs, but yours is hands down the best. I spend my life “fighting the frump” and your practical and stylish ideas really help. 

  37. Love this post!  I bought the Urban Decay smoky which you suggested!  Been using Monat for 15 months with great results.  I’ve learned a lot about hair in regards to hormone issues 😂. Used nioxin and dried my hair out!  There is a supplement at Costco hair, skin and nails, little pink gummy with lots of Biotin in it.

  38. Hi I just wanted to say I love you blog. I recently started one of my own and I am doing an article similar to your Holy Grail Beauty Products one. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing where you got your photos? I don’t want to accidentally copy something that I shouldn’t. If you could help me that would be great! Thank you!!

    1. Hi Abby! A photographer friend of mine took the ones of me and the product shots on the bed. But the generic stock photos are copied from the websites that sell them. It’s typical for bloggers to use those photos when promoting products, and as far as I know, it’s totally fine to do so. The photos you do NOT want to use are any you find on google images, pictures from other blogs, and celeb photos, or even photos on Pinterest. I only ever use generic product shots and that’s when I’m linking to them and promoting them. Hope that helps!

      One other thing – if you’re doing a roundup of recipes or outfits from other blogs, you can reach out and ask the blogger if you can use a picture, and assure her you are linking back to her with full credit. Most will say yes because they appreciate the link love. 🙂

  39. Thank you for this! I’m a new’ish reader and was just thinking I wish you would put out a beauty product post. Great timing! 😊

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