My Current Makeup Routine

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my current makeup routine, especially eye makeup, since that is all anyone sees of us anymore, so I thought this would be a good time to update and republish this post.

Currently (as of July 2020) this is my makeup routine.

Current Makeup Routine: Face

Foundation: My latest obsession (I know, that word is overused, but I do love this stuff!) is my La Mer soft fluid foundation. It is ridiculously expensive, and I hate to share about it because I realize not many people want to spend three digits on foundation, but I’m often asked how I get such glowing skin, and this stuff really does have a way of making your skin look luminous.

While I’ve used the iconic LaMer moisturizer off and on, I had never heard of their foundation and would have never tried it, except I got a free sample with a makeup order last summer.

I was amazed when I put it on the first time. It’s very light, kind of runny, and it has such a gorgeous finish.

When I looked it up and saw the price, I did a double-take, but I had some Nordstrom Notes to use, so I splurged, and I absolutely love it. I use 22 NEUTRAL in the winter, and 32 BEIGE in the summer.

I always apply my foundation with this Sigma Kabuki brush.

Other Foundation Options: If the La Mer price tag is totally out of range (and I get it, trust me!) I’m also a big fan of MAC Studio Sculpt. It’s a bit heavier than the LaMer, but it goes on easily and has a nice finish. Another one that is good for those with more oily skin is Estee Lauder Double Wear. I tried it and liked it okay, but it was too drying for me personally. A lot of women love it, though, especially in summertime.

I also sometimes use the Jane Iredale PurePressed Base, especially in the summertime when I want a lighter look. It’s buildable, and it lasts all day if you spray it with their Balance Hydration Spray. I use Latte in the summer, and Warm Sienna in the winter.

Another nice lightweight option is the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. This product has a bit of a cult following, and for good reason. It has more coverage than your typical tinted moisturizer, and it’s lightweight and has a really nice finish.

Concealer: The concealer I’m currently using is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away, and it’s also an amazing product. I love the way it blends in, and it doesn’t crease too badly throughout the day. (I have yet to find anything that doesn’t crease at all.)

I use color #4. I apply it with the sponge applicator, and then I blend it in with a damp BeautyBlender. (Make sure to wet your BeautyBlender before using!)

In the summertime, I find I don’t need this every day, and I mainly use it when I have a photo shoot and want extra coverage. I don’t intentionally tan my face, but it does get some color, and the concealer doesn’t seem as important now as it does in the winter.

Powder: I have the LaMer powder as well, and it’s lovely, but I don’t think it’s necessary, and I probably won’t replace it because $$$$.

I also really like I.T. Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores for a setting powder. It smooths everything out and gives my skin an airbrushed finish.

And sometimes I just use the Jane Iredale PurePressed Base on top of my foundation. (I’m currently doing that because the Latte color is a bit darker than my foundation, and it matches my neck and arms better than the foundation alone.)

Blush: I use Nars Orgasm. Hate the name, love the blush. It’s so pretty on. I’ve tried others, and I always go back to this. (It’s also at Ulta and Nordstrom.) I apply it with a Sigma F10 Powder/Blush Brush.

Current Makeup Routine: Eyes

Let’s face it, right now all anyone really sees is our eyes, unless we are eating out, so I’ve been taking extra care with my eye makeup lately.

Eye Shadow Primer: My favorite is this Dior Backstage Eye Prime Longwear Eye Primer. This is a nice product because it’s skin colored, so it evens out your skin tone, and if you don’t want to deal with eye shadow, you can wear it alone for a natural look. It also goes a long way towards helping your eye shadow stay on all day and preventing creasing.

Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued, and the only place I can find it right now is on eBay.

I just snapped up a new one on Amazon from a 3rd party seller, and I hope it lasts me a couple of years!

Eye Shadow: I love and adore the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette, but it’s been discontinued. Lately I’ve been using my Trish McEvoy eyeshadows most of the time because they do a better job of not creasing throughout the day, especially this time of year.

I use a combination of white peach, rose quartz, golden fig, and blackberry granite. They aren’t cheap, but I like how you buy each color separately and fill your compact with only the colors you need.

Eye Liner: I’ve been using Lancôme Le Stylo Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner in Noir for a few years now, and I love it. It’s self-sharpening and easy to apply, and it doesn’t rub off on my eyelids except in the worst of the summer heat, and in that case, I haven’t found anything that sticks. If you have a better solution, I’m all ears!

I also use this brush to apply the darkest color eye shadow on top of my eyeliner, to smudge it into the lash line. Sometimes I forego the eyeliner and just use eyeshadow for this, to create a more natural look. That works really well with the Trish McEvoy blackberry granite.

Mascara: I love and swear by Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Instant Full Volume Mascara in Black (also at Ulta and Nordstrom). I’ve been wearing Lancôme mascara since high school, and I always regret trying something new. The key is to apply two or three very light coats, and let it dry in between each one.

Sometimes I use Benefit’s They’re Real Lengthening Mascara (also at Nordstrom) as my final coat because I like how it separates and lengthens my lashes. The key here is patience. If you rush, your lashes will get all glompy, but if you’re patient, your lashes will be AH-mazing.

I do not currently use an eyelash primer, although I really like the Givenchy. When it ran out, I didn’t replace it, and my eyelashes still look great as long as I’m patient and use 2 thin coats of the Lancôme and 1 of the They’re Real on top.

Eyebrow Pencil: I cannot live without my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Mechanical Brow Pencil in Ebony (also at Ulta).

I buy these two at a time because they run out without warning, and I can’t be without it. Even after microblading, I still need to fill in a bit with pencil.

Current Makeup Routine: Lips

Finally, LIPS… I use a lip liner, lipstick, and lipgloss to get the appearance of fuller lips. #oldladyproblems

Lip Liner: I love the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Pencil in Pillow Talk (also at Nordstrom).

This is the only lip liner I’ve tried that prevents my lipstick from bleeding into the skin around my lips.

It goes on super soft and easy, and you can use it to build out the appearance of fuller lips. (I use the Pillow Talk Original.)

I line my lips and fill them in lightly with this liner to help my lipstick last longer.

Lipstick: I am so excited to tell you that Nordstrom has restocked my favorite Charlotte Tilbury color — Rose Kiss!!!

It was an #NSale beauty exclusive at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale several years ago, sold along with the Pillow Talk lip liner and another lighter lipstick shade. They didn’t sell it separately for the longest time, but evidently they do now!

Lipgloss: I use MAC Lipglass in All Things Magical (also at Nordstrom) over top of every lip color I wear. It adds a nice sheen to the lips, and it’s moisturizing without being sticky.

Makeup Storage

Finally, I keep all of my makeup in this travel makeup train case from Amazon. Even though it says it’s for travel, I like it for full-time use. I keep it in my bathroom closet and pull it out each day to use it.

I store my skincare products on the bathroom counter in this revolving acrylic makeup organizer.

Oh, and this is my favorite self tanning lotion (also at Ulta and Nordstrom). It has a light, pleasant scent, and it goes on well without streaking. See my tips for applying self tanner, if you need help with that.

How to Apply Self Tanner Like a Pro

I think that’s it! Let me know if I forgot anything.

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34 thoughts on “My Current Makeup Routine

  1. I think your skin always looks amazing so thank you for sharing what you use.  Quick question:  do you microplane and if so what do you use?  Your thoughts on the whole procedure? Anxious to try it but have some reservations…  

  2. Too funny you had the face care on your blog and Cyndi covered the hair care….I recently switched back in the fall to Jane Iredale pure pressed foundation and bronzer. Then for Christmas got the pure pressed blush. I absolutely love their products and the fact that they are mineral based. I would switch to the eyeshadow and pencil but they don’t carry the colors I like so that right now is with Clinique. I did get the balance spray( as a freebie) but forgot I had it until I saw it on your blog today, I must give it a try. Your Easter dinner sounds yummy. I am doing a small turkey with the trimmings.

  3. I love the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. I’m only 50 but have some pretty bad sun damage from living in So. Cal as a kid and tanning incessantly as a teenager so I have a hard time with foundation settling into lines. The Laura Mercier doesn’t settle into lines but still gives nice coverage (I used to use the NARS tinted moisturizer, I like the LM better, the color match is better and the coverage is a bit smoother). I usually layer it over SuperGoop unseen sunscreen which is both a sunscreen and a primer and is completely colorless. I use a few drops of Biossance Vitamin C Rosehip oil to moisturize under the SuperGoop. It helps give a luminous finish. I’ll probably need to change that out when it gets warmer.

  4. I ordered the eyeliner and brush you linked the other day from Nordstrom (on sale). When I get that, I can try using your tips. I never wear eyeliner, but I was thinking it might bring out my eyes a bit. I already use the eyebrow pencil you had recommended awhile ago (and I love it) and the Clarins self-tanner which I use and love for my face. I usually wear very little make-up (concealer, foundation, blush, mascara), but I am going to try vamping things up a bit haha! For now, I am only using the minimum for zoom classes and meetings. Thank you for all your tips and instructions. I can really use them. I will rewatch your eye tutorial for help.

  5. I find it fascinating that you talk about LaMer, MAC, Jane Iredale, and Laura Mercier foundations, but the picture is Estee Lauder Double Wear . . . and there are more comments about the Double Wear than any of the others. I just recently broke down and tried Double Wear, and I really like it, but to my absolute shock, the first two shades I tried were both too light for me I think–and that is an absolute first, since I ALWAYS need the lightest shade, and in some brands, even that is too dark. I suppose I will try again. But now you have me wanting to try the MAC.

    1. Yes, the picture is old, and this post was written a while back, and I keep updating it – thus the old comments. 🙂 Usually when I update and republish a post, I delete the old comments, but I forgot today.

      The doublewear is good for those who have oily skin. It was too drying for me. I do think it’s a good product, tho!

  6. I use the Mac Lipglass in the shade “Dreamy” and love it on top of lip liner or lipstick or just by itself. After trying a ton of different foundations over the years I keep going back to Clinique “Even Better” makeup …. it’s a perfect medium coverage with a little SPF and doesn’t streak or get cakey and lasts all day looking very natural. I use my favorite Dermalogica 50spf underneath it along w/ the Dermalogica age smart eye cream. I don’t use extra concealer or primer- I feel it accentuates fine lines on me.
     I love mineral based setting powder, blush, bronzer, and eye shadow. I highly recommend to your readers trying the brand “Mineral Fusion” available at Whole Foods or on Amazon. I even use a couple of their lipsticks/lipgloss now and they have some pretty shades. After having skin cancer in 2015, I was made more aware of how our skin absorbs many toxins and chemicals that can make us sick. I tended to always think as long as I wasn’t ingesting it then I was fine, but nope. 😊 (I realize the Clinique foundation isn’t considered organic or natural but so far I haven’t been able to find a natural foundation I like. Still looking though!) 
    Not hear to preach though, as I still use products that aren’t deemed organic! 

    1. Hi Heather
      I was a long time user of the Clinique liquid foundation in fact it was the only one I ever used. At 51 I decided to switch to the Jane Iredale pure pressed powder foundation with SPF and love it. I also got the bronzer and then the blush. I couldn’t believe the difference in how soft and smooth my face felt.. 

      1. Thanks for the recommendation Karen. I’ve heard good things about Jane Iredale products. I’m 53 and have always liked Clinique products because they give more of a natural soft look. I’ll check out the JI pressed powder foundation next time I’m in the beauty supply store. 

  7. I just switched my skincare to Beautycounter. I guess it works because my functional med doc thought I was 50. I haven’t tried any of the makeup yet because I have so much to use up first. I do love love love the IT pore disappearer as I call it. I can’t belief the reviews it got on Sephora because it’s awesome. And Nars — especially Orgasm. I have the blush, the lipstick and the gloss but my go to every day these days is MAC.  I bought City Lips in clear to put on at night. It’s a hyaluronic acid product and it goes right over my injections without aggravating them when they are fresh. Not that I’m going to be getting any fillers any time soon. Good thing Juvederm lasts a long time. Wish I could say the same for my very grown out dip mani. I managed to get the gel off my toes and put regular polish on them.  I’ve NOT been sleeping late. Just listened to a Doc Parsley interview / podcast with Melanie Avalon. She’s a real neat person, keto, intermittent faster, very simpatico. And Doc Parsley’s Sleep Remedy is fantastic and his tips on sleep and staying on our schedule we’re invaluable.

    Great tips on products I may never have tried had you not mentioned them here. I’m using Perricone foundation but it’s almost gone.  :(. I’ve heard great things about LaMer. Gotta keep them thinking I’m 20 years younger LOL. 

  8. Always love your posts! Question about microblading. If you covered it before in your posts I apologize since I probably missed it. What is the downtime? Were you able to get your eyebrows wet? I heard you have to keep them dry for 2 weeks. I ask that since I workout regularly and in the summer I’m always sweating a ton after a run. I do love the idea of getting them done tho- yours look great. Thanks in advance of your reply 

    1. I have heard that too, but Colleen told me I could, she said just not to stand under a hot shower. Part of my care instructions were to pat them down with water on a clean cotton pad and then put A&D ointment on top. But some of my pigment isn’t staying really good, and I wonder if they would have done better if I hadn’t gotten them wet. It’s really hard to avoid them while taking makeup off, but I tried not to get any makeup or products on them for the first 2 weeks.

      The sweat is an issue and that’s why I originally had mine done in the winter. I was supposed to get my touchup in March, but that didn’t happen, so I’ve had to be careful about not sweating or getting them in the pool water for the past 2 weeks.

      I would highly recommend doing it in the winter if you like to run.

  9. What moisturizer do you use? I’ve been using Lancome and wonder if it’s worth the price or if there’s something better out there. I’m not dissatisfied with Lancome .

    1. My mom used Lancome skincare for years, and she has great skin. She now uses Rodan + Fields, and she likes it a lot.

      I use the Philosophy Hope in a Jar at night – and sometimes in the mornings, b/c I like how it feels. But I need an SPF so sometimes I just use the Coola face cream – It’s really enough moisture for most days. Sometimes I do the Philosophy in the morning and then before makeup I do the Coola.

  10. I love the NARS Orgasm blush too but didn’t want to spend the $$. I discovered Sephora blush in Heated that’s very close to NARS and much cheaper!

  11. Oh Jo-Lynne…. I have been using La Mer moisturizer for a long time. Just closed my eyes and handed over my credit card when I ran out. Painful, but I love it. Didn’t even realize they made a foundation until you mentioned trying it a while back. So I immediately ordered it. Much to my dismay, this stuff is the HOLY GRAIL of makeup! Best foundation ever, and I’ve tried a bunch. So, so good for mature (I kinda hate that word!) skin. I’ll never go back. My wallet now hates me.

    1. Your comment made me laugh. Yes, something about that foundation really does enhance “mature” skin. 🤮 I save up my Nordstrom Notes so it doesn’t seem so pricey. #fashionmathappliestomakeuptoo

  12. What makeup remover do you use? Do you use the same one for skin and eyes? I use makeup remover wipes from Costco that I love. I have read mixed reviews on remover wipes. I am trying to be more gentle on my skin as I get older.😊

  13. Thank you for sharing all this detail and updates.  Except for an event at church a few weeks ago, I haven’t worn makeup  since March 13th!  I’m actually enjoying this break.  I never wore much eye makeup except liner and mascara anyway..  I don’t want to get it all over my masks and when I’m not wearing a mask, I’m at home.  Even on zoom calls, I figure they can’t see me that well anyway so oh well!  I’m going to try some of these products when I go back to work in the fall (school).  
    How did you get your color match for the foundation?  Nordstrom?  There are so many choices!  

  14. I love the Clarin self-tanner – use it on my face often to give me some color.
    I ordered the acrylic make-up organizer. I have been looking for something, and this seems like it will work for me and not too expensive.
    I rarely wear much make-up, but I thought I would try a few things out that you had recommended. I have the eyebrow whiz, and I do love it. I won’t go into a store yet to try items, so I am not buying anything I would need to find out which color to use. I also bought the eyeliner pencil you had recommended, but I have yet to try it.
    My daughter bought me a microblading (I think that is it) from Nordstrom as a gift. After my poison ivy clears, I can go back to using it and see if I see a difference.
    Thank you for looking so beautiful and inspiring many (including me) to step out and try something new.

  15. Just a thought — perhaps it might be better not to call the eyelid primer you use “skin colored”, a product that could be used alone if someone doesn’t wish to wear eye shadow, for a “natural look”. With your skin color, this may be true, but for women with dark skin, the primer you mention is not skin colored.

  16. Not makeup-related, but what kind of eyelash curler do you use? I have straight eyelashes and they never seem to stay curled.

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