7 Sandal Trends for Spring 2018

Spring is a ways off for most of us, unless you’re fortunate enough to be planning a trip to a warm weather destination in the next few weeks, but I’ve already had a few requests for sandal trends for spring.

I’m not traveling to a warm weather destination until April, but I’m already thinking about the new sandals I want to add to my closet this season. This always happens to me this time of year. I know we have a lot of winter yet, but I get so antsy for springtime… especially on a day like today when it’s snowing and the kids are home from school!

Sandals Trends for Spring 2018

I wrote the bulk of this post last week, but yesterday I went to the mall to walk around and see what trends are popping up for spring. I like to look both online and in stores to really get a good feel for what’s trending, and I like what I’m seeing!

I’m going to share 7 sandal style trends below, but color-wise, I’m seeing a lot of light neutrals and metallics, as well as some bold colors like yellow and pink and more muted shades of blue and green. I haven’t seen a lot of lavender in footwear, ironically, since violet is the Pantone color of the year and I heard lavender was going to be big. I’m seeing it in clothing more so than shoes, but it’s still early.

Don’t hate me, but everything I’m linking is at Nordstrom. Their online shoe department is so easy to navigate, plus they have a wide range of prices and so many good sandals to choose from already. (Not all retailers are there yet.)

I’m linking mostly to sandals at what I consider a mid-range price point, but I tried to include some lower priced styles, and I threw in a few higher-end designer styles for fun. Of course you can find these sandal styles at your favorite retailers for pretty much any budget. This post is intended as more of a preview to spring styles, although I did find a few pairs I’m already planning to add to my closet.

7 Sandal Trends for Spring 2018

#1. Slides // This is probably the biggest trend going this year. This pair of Sam Edelman Gio slides immediately caught my eye when I opened up the Nordstrom sandals category online. I predict we’re going to be seeing a lot of these this spring and summer.

Sam Edelman Gio Slides

My biggest issues with this style of shoe is I have flat feet and sometimes the strap sits up too high off my foot and makes them hard to walk in. I hope this pair works for me because I love the sleek minimalistic styling, and it comes in some great colors.

This pair is slightly dressier with a low wedge heel. Yellow is everywhere this spring.

Another trend within the slide category is the pool slides or athletic slides. Every designer seems to have a pair out this year, from Gucci to Nike to Fendi to Tory Burch.

Lina Slide Sandal TORY BURCH

Here are these and more fun slides to tempt you:

#2. Espadrille Wedges // Yes, this trend is still going strong! The popular Marc Fisher Adalyn and Annie styles are back this year in some new colors as well as a few old favorites, and I also like this updated style called the Alida.

If you’re into the higher end designer brands, this pair by Chloe caught my eye. I love her signature scalloped edges, and I also like the lower heel.

Here are these and more espadrille wedges to whet your spring appetite:

#3. Platform sandals // These overlap a bit with the espadrille wedges I mention above, as often the espadrille wedges are on a platform. I’m also seeing some of the retro wood-grained platforms, which is kind of fun.

Lulla Platform Sandal STEVE MADDEN

When I was at the mall yesterday, I immediately honed in on this Stuart Weitzman pair. The sales associate showed me some other similar styles from the super high end designers like Fendi and Saint Laurent and said this is definitely where sandal trends are going this year.

I’m also seeing some of the styles from the past few years updated with a bit of a platform, such as this pair of Pelle Moda platform sandals.

Pelle Moda Palo 2 Platform Sandals

I know some of you will say your day for sporting platforms is long gone, and I get it. But for those of us who like to wear heels, this is a fun way to do it, and they’re usually more stable than a stiletto. Although I have to say, I tend to turn my ankle wearing platform sandals because I’ve had ankle injuries so I have to be careful. I find that I am more likely to turn my ankle in the wedge platforms than these block heeled platform styles.

#4. Block Heel Sandals // Sorry to tell you, but this popular style isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and I’m not sad about it. I love these shoes and have them in a few colors. (My no-duplicates rule does not extend to shoes… ha!) They’re remarkably comfortable for a high heel and go with everything from dresses to jeans.

Sam Edelman Yaro Sandals

Several brands make them, even Target, but I think the Sam Edelman Yaro style (pictured above) looks the most high quality of the low to mid-range brands. You can often find them on sale. I bought mine during a Shopbop sale last spring. They also have a new scalloped version this spring with a slightly lower heel.

Also in the block heel category, these popular perforated block heel sandals are back for another season, as are these peep toe block heel sandals. No ones does a block heel sandal or bootie like Vince Camuto, in my opinion. I love his eye for detail, and the comfort level is unbeatable, even among higher priced designer brands.

Vince Camuto Kensa Peep Toe Booties

Here are these and other fun block heel sandal styles for spring:

#5. Woven Details // This is a fun way to be on-trend without being overly trendy, if that makes any sense.

I actually had a hard time finding many good examples of this style, but here are a few to consider:

#6. Transparency // I’m not sure how mainstream this trend will be, but it’s kind of fun if you like to be a little more daring in your wardrobe choices.

BP. Sophia Platform Sandal

Clear heels are another variation on this trend that is popular right now.

Here are these and a few other styles to see what I’m talking about. I’m not sure about this trend… it may have to grow on me.

#7. Embellishments // Think big bows, pompoms, ruffles, etc. This is not my thing, at all, but if they’re yours, you’ll be on trend this spring and summer!

Notable Mention: Tory Burch Miller Sandals // In about every Facebook Live, I get asked if these iconic sandals will still be trending this spring. I daresay that they will. They’ve come out with a slew of new trendy colors including Bleach (the new white), Spark Gold (a beautiful subtle gold), and Dusty Cassia (a gorgeous shade of yellow) but they’ve also retained a few of the popular neutrals from seasons past including Sand Patent (my personal favorite), Makeup, and Vintage Vachetta Leather.

Tory Burch Miller Sandals

They’re also trying to reinvent them in fun ways, like with embellishments and colorful embroidery thread, but I’m not sure these styles will take off. I think part of the reason these sandals are so popular is the simplicity.

I hope you found that fun! Which styles are you excited about this year?

Also, it’s Wednesday, so that means I have a Facebook Live Q&A at 1PM EST! The kids are home from school so hopefully I can pop on and chat with you guys for a half hour or so. Feel free to leave any questions or topic suggestions in the comments. You can find my Facebook Page HERE.

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26 Responses

  1. Great post! And so happy that the Miller sandals are still on trend. I splurged on a pair last year and LOVE them. I saw that one of the new colors is Tortoise, which I had a pair of Minnies in that color that my foster dog ate. I loved the Tortoise. I now have those and the Liliana from Sam Edelman on my list!

  2. Jo-Lynne, Thank you for this post especially today!  I know you love a weather report and we are getting slammed in Atlanta area with thunderstorms. So glad to see I can actually wear some of the shoes I bought last year and feel stylish! HA. I have narrow feet and when my sandal or slide gaps on top of my foot I put one of those ball of foot pads on the top part of shoe inside right at edge to fill it in. Lots of tricks for skinny feet. Have a great day! Julie 

  3. Thanks for all the info!  Lots of cute shoes to choose from (oy!  my pocketbook!). I will be steering clear from the platform and transparent ones though.  Just don’t like them.  But I say to those who do – go for it!  Really love the ones with scallops – cute and feminine.  And that last Tory Burch sandal with the embroidery thread – to die for!  May be time for me to splurge!  Lol. 

  4. I think the number 3 sandal is the one I am most likely to add this year. I am tall but I like a hero and these look way more stable than some styles I gravitated toward as a younger woman. BUT the Tory Burch sandals…. oh my…those are so amazing.

  5. Some pretty interesting styles out there for sure!  Got a kick out of the pair with the pouff!  I really like the Tory Burch slides, they have a nice versatile look.  The woven ones are nice as well. 
    Snow day, yet again!  Grandkids are doing the happy dance, not so for my teacher daughter though. She teaches in the neighboring school district of where we all live. Both school district’s built-in snow days are dwindling…..we have already booked our Maine vaca for the Monday after her last day of school!  It will be a while before we bring out the sandals!  

  6. I love all of these! It’s so fun to see the wood grain again. Reminds me of my teen years in the 70s. (showing my age). I need the white woven pair. They are great!

  7. Some of the sandals are cute, fun, and practical, but then a few of them, not so much.  I keep hearing my former orthopedic, that specializes in feet/ankles, saying that shoe designers make shoes that do not conform to how our feet are shaped or how we are meant to walk on them.  It’s sort of haunting!  When I was on the DSW site looking at spring sandals and shoes, I had to sit back and think about my lifestyle and what makes the most sense for it and the needs of my feet.  I ended up not ordering sandals.  Sure hope I will be happy with my decision.  I don’t like polishing my toes or keeping the polish looking nice, so that also played a part in my decision.
    Y’all have snow and we’re having rain with the potential of severe weather.  What a contrast!  Have fun with the kids being home.

  8. Just wanted to take a moment to say that your posts this year have been great! Seems like you are hitting on so many topics that are exactly what I want to know about/read about. Thanks for keeping us all up to date on trends and helping us “fight the frump”. I love your honesty and that you seem so down to earth…you’re fabulous!

  9. I missed you first thing this morning. I’m on the west coast and always look for your post first. But, this one was worth waiting for. As much as I like booties I’ll be happy when 
    I can just slip on a pair of sandals. I don’t see any fringe on these. Is it out? I bought a pair at Nordstrom last year and didn’t get a lot of opportunity to wear them. Tell me it ain’t so! ????

  10. Appreciate a sandals post since it will be 77 degrees today, here in Central California. Sure like the white woven sandals (#5) with the fraying. A twenty-something gal in the office wore a pair of puff embellished sandals late last fall. Very cute but I thought they were bedroom slippers until she explained.

  11. I love those Sam Edelman Gio Slides!  That may be a pair I add to my spring/summer wishlist.  Glad to see the peep toe booties are still on trend as well. Although I do like some of the block heels, some of them seem to have too much of a retro vibe for my liking. And I’m definitely not a fan of the frou-frou sandals, although I have thought about getting my 9 year old granddaughter a pair. She would love the ones with the poms!  It appears there will be plenty of options to choose from this season so all us fashionistas can shop, shop, shop! ????????

  12. Thank you so much for the live sessions – I always seem to be watching it later but really do appreciate you putting yourself out there for us. 

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