My Least Used Products of 2017

Greetings and happy Thursday! Earlier this week, I fell down the proverbial rabbit hole and found myself lost in the strange world of designer handbag reviews and YouTube channels.

I’ve long known that there are forums for the handbag-obsessed and YouTube channels dedicated to handbag reviews, but I’ve never gotten caught up in them… which is truly ironic because I’m both a handbag girl and a bit of an info junkie. I don’t make any significant buying decision, be it a car or a household appliance or a pricey handbag, without considerable research. I actually enjoy the research aspect of making purchases, in some strange way.

But I never really paid attention to that alternate reality of handbag review forums and YouTube channels until the other day when I started researching classic black totes, and I fell upon this strange and wonderful world! Ha! (Just search designer handbag reviews on YouTube, if you’re curious.) Their bags are all pretty much out of my league, but I still find the videos fascinating to watch.

I spent the better part of yesterday immersed in this particular YouTube channel, which is where I got the idea for today’s post.

I realize we’re well into 2018 at this point, but I thought this post would tie in nicely with My Best Purchases of 2017, which was so well-received. Better late than ever, right!?!

To be clear, this is not a “worst purchases” list. These are all things I still like and would recommend, but I just didn’t end up wearing or using them all that much. Either they didn’t work for my personal style, for my lifestyle, or with the rest of my wardrobe; but they weren’t bad purchases, so please don’t feel duped if you bought any of these off of my recommendation. They might work great for you; they just didn’t work for me.

This a helpful exercise because I was drawn to each of these items for one reason or another, and hopefully I can learn from these purchases and make better buying decisions going forward.

My Least Used Products of 2017

#1. Vince Rachelle Slides

I absolutely love these shoes, but I don’t seem to ever wear them. Of course, it’s currently wintertime, and they’re not winter-friendly shoes, but even back in the fall, when the chestnut suede open toe slides were perfect for our mild weather, I hardly wore them. I wanted to, but they just never seemed to work with what I was wearing or where I was going.

I think it’s both a color issue and a formality/practicality issue. One reason I was drawn to this chestnut color is because it complements my LV Neverfull so nicely, but the color doesn’t seem to work with most of my wardrobe, even though it’s a neutral.

Also, I think these shoes are just a tad dressier than what I like to wear on a daily basis, but not as dressy as the shoes I like to wear for my date night outfits, so they  just fall in this nebulous in-between category that doesn’t get much use.

I’m not giving up on them yet, but if I don’t wear them frequently this summer and next fall, they’ll need to move on to a new home.

#2. R Minkoff Unlined Convertible Hobo

It pains me to add this bag to this list. I bought it during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and I thought I’d carry it a ton through the fall and winter, but I only carried it a couple of times, and mainly for photo shoots. It’s an absolutely gorgeous bag, the color is on trend, and it’s comfortable to carry and a good size, but I never seem to go for it.

I think it’s a color issue because I purchased a pair of booties in the same color that I never wore or even featured in an outfit for the blog. It just never quite seems to work with everything else I have on. Either the color is too close to something else I’m wearing, or the gold hardware clashes with my silver accessories, or… I dunno. It’s always something!

It still hangs in my closet taunting me, but it’s probably time to pass it on to a new home where it will get some good use.

#3. Current/Elliott Cropped Straight Released Hem Jeans

It’s rare that I regret a denim purchase, but I sure wish I could return these. They were pricey, and while I thought I liked them, almost every time I go to wear them, I end up taking them off and putting on another pair. I know this style is trending, but they seem to cut off my leg at an awkward spot… either that, or I just haven’t figured out how to style them in a way that flatters me. They’re called straight cropped jeans, but for some reason they look flared on me.

If I need a pair of cropped jeans that aren’t super skinny, I usually go for my slim boyfriend jeans. For some reason, the boyfriend jeans seem to suit me better. I think it’s because they have a slight taper, which follows the line of the body instead of belling out at the bottom, and that silhouette is more flattering on me.

The lesson here is don’t kowtow to trends just because they’re trends. If they don’t work for you, it’s fine to take a pass.

I haven’t passed them on just yet… I’m afraid that as soon as I do, I’ll wish I had them, but if I can’t figure out a way to love them this spring, they’re going up on @shopjolynnescloset.

#4. Hobo Reghan Leather Crossbody

This was another Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchase. (What is it with my #NSale handbag purchases this year???) I only carried it one time, for a trip to the mall, and I knew on that day that I would never carry it again. I believe I passed it on to one of my nieces at Christmastime.

While I love the glazed leather and it’s the perfect shade of taupe, I found it very uncomfortable to carry, and that’s all there is to it. By the time I realized that, I’d removed the tags and thrown them away, so I was stuck with it.

#5. Stuart Weitzman Elevated Boots

These aren’t a purchasing regret so much as a color choice regret. Haha! Would you believe I had them in black, and exchanged them for the brown, and now I wish I had the black? Sigh…

I thought I’d get more wear out of the brown because they seemed more casual, but I think they’re actually a hard color to match, especially considering the colors I typically wear. (See #1.)

I’m not giving them up because I do love them, and I got a really good price on them, but I just have to be intentional about creating outfits around them so they get worn, whereas shoes are typcially not where I start when putting outfits together.

#6. Flecked Off-The Shoulder Foldover Sweater

Because I do cycle through clothing rather quickly for the blog, it isn’t unusual for me to wear sweaters and tops only a handful of times before passing them on, and that doesn’t necessarily make them regrettable purchases; it’s just one of the occupational hazards of fashion blogging. This one, though, is a good lesson for me… and perhaps for you.

I only wore this sweater once, out to dinner with my husband, and I wore it simply to wear it — because I had it and felt like I needed to wear it to justify the purchase. I was uncomfortable the whole time. The off-the-shoulder sweater seemed a little “over the top” for a cold winter night and for the venue, plus I found myself pulling and tugging at it all night long because it doesn’t stay in place easily.

I could have easily worn something else from my closet that night, and been more comfortable and felt just as attractive. At the end of the day, off-the-shoulder tops just aren’t very practical for my lifestyle — especially off-the-shoulder winter sweaters.

Funny thing, the day I tried it on in the store, I left it there because I didn’t think I’d wear it much, but then I went ahead and ordered it after so many of you liked it in an Shop With Me post. This is a good reminder to go with my gut. All that said, it was not an expensive purchase, so it’s not a big regret or anything… just a good life lesson.

#7. 1.State Off-the-Shoulder Flounce Sleeve Blouse

This top is a similar example, and for that matter, so is #8…

#8. White House Black Market Embellished Lace Shell

I love and adore both tops, but I never wore them other than for these photo shoots because I never found the right occasion. (Well, in my defense, I took the black top to a fashion blogging conference last spring, and then forgot my strapless bra. Womp… womp…)

The lesson for me here is, I don’t need many fancy tops in my closet… and the lesson for you may be to consider your lifestyle when making purchases. Our closet ratios should represent our lifestyles. If you have fancy dinners to attend only 5% of the time, then you don’t want 25% of your closet to be comprised of fancy dinner outfits. Make sense?

I’m always drawn to fancy tops, and I love to pair them with jeans and heels, but I have to remember that the area in which I live and the lifestyle that I lead don’t require a lot of fancy clothes.

I can’t remember if I kept the black top or not (I may have put it away with summer clothes in hopes of wearing it this season) but I still have the embellished lace shell, and I hope to wear it sometime… maybe next holiday season? Or perhaps I should wear it for my Valentine’s Day dinner on Saturday night. I had something else in mind, but I’m not sure it’s going to work with our weather.

#9. Kork Ease Velma Booties

I’m not giving up on these booties yet either, but for some reason I can’t get terribly excited about them, and I find myself passing over them for another shoe option when getting dressed for the day. I love the combination of grey leather and the wood sole, and the color should work well with my wardrobe, but I feel like they make my feet look huge, which I think is why I always end up swapping them out for a different pair.

That said, I keep holding onto them because they come in handy every once in a while — mainly because of the leather factor. (Most of my booties are suede, which don’t always work for our weather.)

I guess the lesson here is not to buy something purely for a functional reason. If you don’t feel like they flatter you, you’ll never wear them — even if they make sense on paper, so to speak.

#10. Halogen Mock Neck Knit Sleeveless Dress

While I like this dress, I didn’t wear it even once since I bought it last spring, and I’m not sure why not. It would work well for church in the summer or under a cardigan sweater, fitted blazer, or denim jacket in spring and fall, but I just never wear it.

It’s a good thing I kept it, though, because my 15 year-old daughter had nothing to wear to a funeral last weekend, and this worked out great for her. She may end up keeping it for good!

In Summary…

There are probably more, but these are a good sampling of things I bought last year, kept, and then didn’t wear as much as I hoped I would. It’s actually kind of enlightening to talk through each piece as I write this post. After all, you can’t learn from your mistakes if you don’t take time to analyze what didn’t work.

Going forward, I’m going to try to be even more intentional about what I purchase (or more importantly, what I keep.) I’ve already come a long way in the last few years, and my closet isn’t nearly as overwhelming as it was a few years ago, but judging by this post, I still have a ways to go.

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146 thoughts on “My Least Used Products of 2017

  1. Thanks for posting this. I’ve been going through my closet the past couple of weeks and am finding many “regrets”, I don’t feel like I am the only one – lol!

  2. I absolutely love this post! I also have many purchase regrets that I hope to learn from. Please keep creating this type of post in the future. Thank you!

  3. Love this post! So thoughtful and honest! I am finding that, unless I’m shopping for a very specific item or occasion, I am better off with a ” do NOT buy” list vs a “what to buy” list. For example, don’t buy black sweaters ( because I have plenty), don’t buy jeans because I have more than enough to get me through Spring and I just don’t wear them in the Summer, don’t buy dress pants because I have learned that I will always reach for a dress/skirt for any semi-dressy event.
    With my current “don’t buy” list firmly in hand, I find that I can have fun just shopping for what catches my eye and I’m making fewer regretful purchases.

    1. I love this idea! It’s like the sticky-note in your planner reminding you that you do NOT need Christmas wrapping paper!
      I’m with you on the no Black/White tops thing. Also I have a million button-down shirts and wear them rarely.

    2. Deb, I love this idea! I find myself buying the same thing over and over! Hello, 3/4 sleeve cardigans and longer cardigans! I just realized that I have a “uniform” and need to branch out a little more. Thanks!

    3. Deb! I have this “Don’t buy” list running in my head all the time, but I like the idea of keeping a list. Thanks for the great tip!

  4. yes, thank you for this. I agree with the person who wrote, it makes me feel better, that I am not the only one who does this!! I am trying to be better about just buying what I LOVE, but I don’t always do that and more often than not regret it. So silly, as I rarely ever NEED something, so I should just chill. Thanks for the honesty 🙂 Love all of your posts!

    1. This is EXACTLY what I’m trying to do this year! I have too many items in my closet with tags still attached that have never been worn (I know it’s bad!) I tend to be the shopper who thinks “oh that’ll be so fun to wear for…… and I never reach for it.) 

      I went shopping yesterday and after trying on 6 things I left with one item because although the others were cute on, I couldn’t imagine more than  1 or 2 times I might wear them. One was a super cute Joie cashmere  sweater with little cherries all over it. It looked really good on, but in reality, I probably wouldn’t have a time to wear it as the winters in So Cal are mild (this year we’re having summer like weather in the 80s) so I passed on it. Plus at $298.00 it was too much for a “one-time” wear.) 

      Great idea – purchase things we LOVE ❤️! 

  5. I enjoyed today’s post as well as well as any others ever!  It is so nice to see a fashion blogger make decisions like me. Lol it was interesting to read that yes I like something but can never put it on and keep it on. For some reason I just like it that day. I share your thoughts on fancy tops….dressy clothes period. My lifestyle rarely requires a really dressy outfit. Last year I bought a red top for Christmas or valentines. I wore it last year and it worked great. So far this year not at all and I don’t see it happening. 

  6. love To know I am not the only one who makes purchases that just don’t get the use they deserve. Can’t wait to make some purchases off your site! 

    1. I am so glad you suggested the sock bootie, Wendy. I was thinking the same thing. Those jeans look super cute with a pointy loafer as well. Next time you are Nordstrom’s website, look up Frame jeans. There is a pair on sale for $99 that looks just like your jeans and the model photo has a super cute cowl neck sweater and sock booties with it. I LOVE that look. I think you will love them with the sock bootie. 🙂

  7. I do this same thing every year as well! Perhaps you can put them on a site and sell them! Have a wonderful day!!

  8. This is such a good post. I think we all have purchase regrets, and it’s nice to know that even you do too! I had those korkease booties and felt the same way about them – I loved the look (and the comfort!) but I didn’t like the way they looked on. That said, I think they look cute on you in the picture. Makes me want to try them again, ha ha.

  9. I love this post!  It’s interesting to hear your take on this. I too purchased over the knee boots in that carmel color intently because I already had tall black boots and wanted variety. I rarely wear them and have to be intentional about it. I also have felt self pressure to try an off the shoulder or cutout top, but at the end of the day haven’t spent the money because I really don’t think I would be comfortable and wear it. It’s reassuring to know I’m not the only one & it’s ok to not go with all the trends. Thank you for your honesty and thoughtfulness of this post!

  10. What a great idea for a post! I feel as if I’ve been far more careful about my purchases in the last 2 years and I STILL end up with nice clothes/shoes/bags that I don’t wear often. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I keep wondering if there’s a common thread in the “wrong” purchases, but I can’t find one. Color is sometimes it. Your green bag is a good example. Green is my favorite color but I discovered that’s not true in bags. Because I wear green so often, I don’t grab the green bag even though I love it because it often clashes with the green I’m wearing. I bought an identical pair of slides to your chestnut Vince slides in light gray suede and wore them so often last year that I wish I had a second pair as backup when I ruin these. (The light colored suede is eventually an issue.) As for denim, the #1 reason I don’t wear jeans I’ve bought is because I buy a pair, love them for half a day, and then they stretch out. Too late to return because I wore them. Thanks for this post, Jo-Lynne!

  11. I’m right there with you with regrets. Now that I am a stay at home mom, our income got cut in half. I have to be super mindful now of what I am buying. Purchases have to match my lifestyle & I need to know I can wear them often. No longer am I quick to impulsively buy something because it’s so cute, or popular on Insta. My closet load is much smaller now, but most items are pieces I really like and are worn often.

  12. Glad I am not the only one. I was justing talking to my sister yesterday that I need to stop buying clothes just because I like them if it doesn’t fit my casual lifestyle or if I am not 100% satisfied with the fit. Going to make that a goal.

  13. Once again, you show what sets you apart from other fashion bloggers. Everyone shows us clothes, but it is your INSIGHT that is so valuable. Why this works for your body, why this doesn’t. What you wear the most, what you regret. What beauty products you can’t live without, and which ones you can’t see any difference (even in a sponsored post!). I tell you, girl, you are a treasure! Thanks and MAKE IT a fantastic day!

  14. Fantastic post. I could do my own!  Yay to your Eagles. We were rooting for them down here just north of Atlanta!  And the black dress is very flattering in you. Love it with the pink strappy sandals!

  15. Good Morning!  This was a great post.  I think you look lovely in all of these things – your comments really illustrate a couple of things-it is important to feel comfortable in what we wear, and as you said, go with your gut.  I look to you and Cindy Spivey for clothing and cosmetic recommendations.  God Bless you, and have a wonderful day!

  16. I love this post! It is a good reminder to us on how to decide to buy or pass. I also have items in my closet that I thought I would wear a lot and don’t for similar reasons!

  17. Love this post!   I can’t tell you how many pairs of skinny jeans I have in my closet that I bought because everyone is saying that’s the trend – that’s what you should wear.  But they just don’t fit my personal style.  I like my straight leg (yes probably “Mom” jeans).  My jeans fit how I am and don’t make me look like Im trying to be something I’m not.  Lesson learned:  while it’s fun to look and even try on new trends if you’re not in love with it or if it makes you feel out of place to wear it – don’t buy it – even if the fashion industry says that’s what you should wear.  Only you know YOU!  

  18. I think this was an excellent post too! It helps to be reminded that our clothing choices should be considered primarily based on our lifestyle. Nice to know I am in good company with others who have items just hanging in their closet, rarely worn. I gravitate to the same favorites.

  19. Love your watch eith the  2 toned metal band. Can u share the brand 
    Also wondering your feelings on jack Rogers sandals and the Lilly pullitzer brand 

    1. Hey Rose, it’s Tory Burch. It was another Anniversary Sale purchase, but I don’t think they carry it anymore.

      I don’t love the Jack Rogers sandals, but I know a lot of women do and say they’re comfortable. I think Lilly Pulitzer is gorgeous on the right women, but most of her clothes don’t really suit my personal style aesthetic. It seems to be more of a regional thing. If you love it, I say go for it!

  20. Great post! I’m so guilty of buying things outside my lifestyle. And then when I have the occasion to wear an item I reach for or go buy something else. More mindful buying is what I take away from this. Thanks! I love those booties! 

  21. I loved this post. I recently bought a silk drop sleeved blouse and totally regret the purchase. I have slim shoulders and it looks terrible on me but I cannot return it since  i hemmed it. We learn from our mistakes. No more drop sleeved  anything for me. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Love this post…thank you!!  Oh boy can I relate!! But in my old age I hope I have gotten wiser…sometimes!  I love Debs idea about carrying a “do not buy” list when I shop..will be doing this next time.  I keep in my phone memos a list of what I have in a certain item–this fall it was mock Tnecks–so as not to repeat colors but of course I ended up with 2 in whites…no regret there though…not a bad color to have on repeat!!

  23. I really like this post! We all have those items that “should” work, but never make the cut for some reason. For me the main reason is that my office went casual a couple of years ago. I still wear some dressier things, but sometimes it feels over-done. Then we have a meeting and I don’t have a suit to wear (happens 2X a year, should I buy the suit?)
    It’s good to see I’m not alone in my closet struggles. I did find the AYW 2 week class useful for this. I ended up buying some athletic clothes that didn’t make me look like a hobo since I wear them home 2X a week and my DH and children deserve better than that (not to mention me!)

  24. I loved this post. It was interesting and you gave great advice, but I think what I enjoyed most was the feeling that I was having cofee with a friend, discussing one of my favorite topics:fashion. You have a gift for that style of writing. I learn from you in a really fun, relaxing way.
    P.S. I love the boots in #5. I think they would be perfect with dresses in early fall. ( for me, anyway.)

    1. I agree and this why I love Jolynne’s blog.  I don’t like when it’s an outfit, several pictures and links to buy.  I like hearing the thought process behind decisions.  

  25. I absolutely agree that you are a treasure!  There no other bloggers out there like you. Your posts are so original and helpful. Love your blog. It’s my favorite!

  26. I have to say this post makes me feel better about some of my purchases that seldom or never get worn either. Lol. I have recently lost almost 45 pounds and plan to lose more, so my closets have gotten cleaned out and I’ve purchased a few things as I’ve gone down sizes,…hopefully I’ll make less of these “not gonna wear” things. 

    I do think I’m a bigger offender in jewelry and shoes. 

  27. Love this post! Thank you for giving us (well, me) permission to admit that some trends or choices just aren’t the right ones for us and go embrace the ones that do work for us. I sometimes am drawn to beautiful dressy clothes in the store–then remember that, hey, I work from home and my money would be better spent on casual everyday wear. Of course, that sometimes comes back to haunt me when I have to pull together an outfit for a special occasion and then realize that I don’t have anything that’s both cute and current.

    1. It’s a bit of a balancing act, isn’t it? Trying to maintain enough basic essentials to never be caught with nothing to wear… but not so much stuff that you end up with a closet full of clothes you don’t wear.

  28. Thanks for posting and keeping it real.   It’s nice to see I’m not the only one.  Not bad items, just wrong for me.  

  29. I think the speck off the shoulder navy sweater is gorgeous on you along with the mock dress. Don’t get rid of yet.????

  30. Don’t forget, Nordstroms takes returns for 6 months. I recently returned a bag purchased at the N Sale with no tags, and no questions asked! It was just hanging in my closet and never quite worked.

    1. Yes, that is why I leave tags on until I wear them. I’ve definitely returned unworn things months later. I try not to take advantage, but that’s their policy. I guess they end up at Nordstrom Rack or somewhere like that?

  31. This is one of your best! I have done the same thing (with purchases) and so glad it is not just me and even a “professional” has the same issues. Thanks so much for this!

  32. Thanks for being “real”, what I like most about you! I’m guilty of the same thing. Off the shoulder is hard to enjoy wearing if it doesn’t stay in place. 

  33. Love this post! I found myself so into it!! 😀 Really good tips to remember – like, it doesn’t matter how well something works on paper, if you don’t feel good in it, you’re not going to wear it!

    Also, even though you may not wear that last dress much, those pink heels are still delish!! 🙂

  34. This was a great post. Because I work full time, when I go shopping I gravitate toward work clothes (although I have enough) and then stand in my closet on the weekend and go “What am I going to wear?!” 🙂 Like most of the ladies, I am getting better and always ask myself when buying/ trying on – do I have something like this already at home? PS. I love that green bag -would you ship it to Canada? 🙂 LOL!

  35. I love this post! I’ll bet every one of us could do our own “regrets” post. I love your “real you” style and the depth of thought for each item listed. I have new found inspiration to get rid of those things that I keep passing over, and never seem to want to wear. I, also, am not a fan of off the shoulder tops.

  36. One of my favorite posts ever! I always appreciate your honesty and analysis.  This was so helpful.  I retired two years ago and it’s taken me two years to stop buying “work” clothes just because I’m attracted to them.  They no longer fit my lifestyle. These types of posts are incredibly helpful.   

  37. I love this post!  Love. I don’t think I’ve ever read a post of the ten top misses and it makes me feel so normal.  I have several misses in my closet that I don’t want to part with either because of cost or because they “should work” if I just could find a, b, or c to go with them.  Truth, I ordered a new Thred Up bag to be filled with these items as I type. 🙂  I just have to get up the guts to part with them.  Thanks for keeping it so real!

  38. Great topic! We all have things we purchase and at the time they seem like the best idea ever, but then you wear them and think, WHAT was I thinking?

  39. Are a lot of your clothing work expenses or are they out of you personal clothing budget?  I ask because it doesn’t seem emotionally challenging for you to let go of expensive items.

    1. There are no clothing work expenses. According to the accountants I’ve consulted, the IRS doesn’t allow bloggers to write off their clothing & shoes (or makeup and beauty treatments, for that matter) so everything I buy is from my personal budget.

      I’ve never been terribly emotional about getting rid of material things, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have any conscience about it. I look at it this way: I would rather pass them along to someone who can use them and enjoy them rather than let them sit in my closet gathering dust until they’re out of style. I don’t intentionally buy expensive items with the intention of having them only for a season, but sometimes things don’t work out, so I move on and try to learn from them so I can make wiser choices in the future.

  40. I have SOOOO many things like this … mostly clothes. I have purged so much it isn’t even funny. I still have a bunch of ‘what if’s’ too… ugh. The struggle is real 🙂 lol

  41. For the record I really liked the off the shoulder tops on you.  I thought they were very flattering and looked very nice on you.  I also loved the lace shell !  I know what you mean about not spending too much money on fancy tops because I find that I do the same thing…I never wear them!

    1. Thank you. I like them too! I just can’t ever seem to feel that I have the right occasion to wear them. I have another one that I wore a couple of time last summer – it had a slightly more casual styling that works better with my lifestyle. I wore it for date night dinners or GNO events.

  42. Love, love this post!! And I can say, been there, bought that & wished I hadn’t…. I like your point on knowing what your lifestyle is & buy accordingly. My area of overpurchases/regrets seems to be in the somewhat dressy jacket area. Most of the women in our church wear stricly dresses, I’m in the minority that will will dress pants, but I like a nice jacket on the top. Well, I don’t need 8 jackets, considering how many Sunday’s in a month and I don’t wear a jacket every Sunday, sometimes a dressier cardigan or sweater. So by the time I try to wear them all, we’re into another season. Four, the most, would have been better. I”m also doing that reverse coat hanger trick to see what I’ve actually worn and what I didn’t . Handbags – I’ve purged last year and will do so again with some of my older spring handbags. I went with black, brown & caramel. A hot pink fun color and a few crossbodys in basic colors. Again, I’m buying for my lifestyle now. I can certainly see that as a blogger, you want a variety to style, but it’s really interesting to see what actually worked for you. Thank you again for all your great advice!

  43. This post and the comments make me so happy. I’m so glad I am not the only one who buys things and doesn’t wear them. For me, living in Phoenix, the thing I need to remember is that our Winter is not really a “winter” per say so I don’t need much in terms of winter clothes. Yet I always get so excited about the fall/winter clothes and buy a lot and then I don’t wear them much. Especially this year. I love your comment about buying for your lifestyle. That is a big one for me. I have a casual lifestyle so that is what I should and do buy for. I’m on a shopping freeze right now. I’m really trying to wear what is in my closet and purge what doesn’t work or make me feel good when wearing. Then when I do buy I want to only buy what I love, what fits perfectly, and is not a duplicate of something I already have in my closet.

  44. I think we all have purchase regrets hanging in our closet, some with the tags still on. Seeing them hang there makes me feel bad for impulse buying, so I take them to consignment. 
    I have a pair of tall riding boots that make my feet look big. My girlfriend said it was just from my vantage point so I bought them. Never worn. 
    I don’t buy anything that requires a strapless bra. I find those bras uncomfortable and I want to feel good in my clothes. So, I pass. 
    I think the embellished lace shell is timeless. It would be cute with jeans and a leather jacket, giving you that feminine feel with an edge. Worth a try for date night?

    1. Sometimes the boot issue is definitely vantage point. I try to tell myself that about those booties – they look better front-on in the mirror. But for some reason, I usually seem to find a better option in my closet.

  45. I liked this post. Unfortunately I buy some items because “its a good deal” and I only wear them a few times, if at all.

  46. I have some cropped flared jeans. I like them but sometimes I roll them up a couple of times to shorten the length and eliminate the flare. It works for me.

  47. Jo-Lynne- This post is so helpful- I learned so much! You’re so right about looking at your lifestyle, not going with every trend, and purchasing what looks right on you. I know I have made purchases and then think, “why?” Now I need to go through my closet and really think about what I wear and what works for me or not! Thank you so much for all you do and for this post today!

  48. Great post ???? I can totally relate! It always is annoying when I take tags off items too quickly! I’ve tried to stop doing that lol!!!

  49. I was very interested to read this post. I think we all buy things we end up regretting and it is great that you shared those and why. I am super excited that you are going to sell items on instagram! Can you explain any details of how that will work?

    1. In the past, I list things with a price and the first commenter to leave their Paypal email address gets it. Once or twice, that got awkward, so I may try it a different way this time. Different bloggers do it different ways, but I will announce it here on the blog first.

  50. What a fabulous and useful post! I bought both of those anniversary sale purses after your recommendation except I got the Rebecca Minkoff one in black. I love it and use it almost every day. Color could have been the issue! Now what to do with the rest of my purses that sit unused in my closet…

  51. I was one of the ones who thought #6 looked great on you, but not so much for the off-the-shoulder feature as for the color.  It’s a great color on you!

    1. I agree. I think maybe because it was just “different” .. I remember the post from that day thinking I really liked it and seemed “fresh” 

    2. Yeah, it is such a pretty color, and such a soft knit too. After I bought that and wore it that one time, they came out with more of a traditional turtleneck version, and I’ve often wished I had that instead.

  52. Great post! I know how you feel about needing to stop with the fancy tops! I am almost always “atheleisure”. I have so many clothes I don’t wear. And boots! I HATE feeling overdressed. Bring on more sneakers!! 

    Also, thank you so much for sending the silk pillow case recommendation.. I couldn’t get my response to load for some reason 

    1. Sometimes comments get held for moderation so it may look like they don’t come through because I have to approve them. It’s only supposed to be first time commenters (it helps weed out spam) but sometimes other comments get held back too. 🙂 So glad you like the silk pillowcase!

  53. I saw this quote on IG recently:

    “ I spend all of my money on clothes and food and I never have anything to wear and I’m always hungry “

  54. I am having trouble with some of my messages loading.. I tried to respond and thank you for the link and recommendation for the silk pillowcase yesterday and couldn’t get it to load. I really appreciate it I just responded to this a few minutes ago and it didn’t load… I wonder if it’s on my end?

     I know how you feel about needing to start buying “fancy tops “I’m with you. I have so many and I never wear them. Pretty much in “atheleisure “ all the time. I HATE feeling overdressed 

  55. I feel better now! I bought the Rebecca Minkoff purse at the Anniversary sale too. I’ve only used it once and I didn’t care for the way the zipper closure worked. 

    1. That is another thing I didn’t love about it, but I bought it knowing that I hate those kind of closures… stupid, but I was drawn in by that gorgeous buttery leather and the minimalistic hobo styling that I love… and the embellished strap… there is a lot I DO like about it!

  56. I LOVE this post, as a regular reader, but not necessarily commenter. I love seeing things you have shown us and then tell us what happened to it. Also those OTK boots, so dang cute on you! Love them, but I can see how black would be better. Poor purses, and shoes, they seemed to been showcased the most. It’s so painful to see something you adored when you bought it not really work out.

  57. I bought #6 because I thought you looked so pretty in it in your blog, but I ended up returning it for the same reason! It was hard because it’s pretty and SO soft, but it just wasn’t for me. I think #3 is super cute– maybe try pairing them with woven wedges or espadrilles for Spring? A little dressier than sneakers but still cute/casual 🙂

    1. Yeah, I was thinking a nude shoe might look better with those jeans – and a shorter top – it’s all about proportion and balance, and I haven’t figured that out yet with that style pant.

  58. OMG, thank you for this post!  Great job explaining the who/what/why things are just “meh” and not working for your lifestyle.  I, too, have the OTK boots in brown and like a fawn color, thinking I’d wear them all the time, and instead I only wear the black and blue color with jeans!  I love browns, but I have the same coloring as you and gravitate to the jewel tones, so the browns don’t match anything I wear.  Such a bummer!

    As for the off-the-shoulder blue sweater, I still think that’s beautiful on you, but if you have to futz with it too much, I hear ya.  No bueno.

    I have stopped buying fancy/dressy/work clothes now that I work from home with preschoolers, but I still find myself drawn to them and have to actively resist them.  I, too, have a “do not buy” list which has black sweaters/tops and jeans, capris — basically, any more bottoms.  I’m good.

    This is a great post, Jolynn, and I really appreciate the thought process you spell out for us.  Like, I never thought of looking at/matching bag/shoe/clothing hardware of silver/gold/bronze/black to have a cohesive look, but it DOES throw things off if they don’t coordinate!  

    Keep up the good work keeping it real.  I think 99% of the public leads pretty casual lifestyles, so no need to go crazy with uber trendy stuff.  Fun to try, but not every trend needs to be jumped on.  I look super wide in the cold-shoulder tops, and I just *cannot* jump on the cropped/flaired/crazy jeans.  Sitting those out and waiting for the next cool iteration that works for this bubble butt pear!

    1. “bubble butt pear”… LOL!!! That made me laugh. It really is hard to sit out trends sometimes, especially if you (like me) enjoy being in on the latest and greatest. I have to really school myself not to buy things that don’t work for me. Then people tell me my looks are the same a lot… well, that’s b/c it works! LOL

  59. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one that does this. I’ll be super excited in the store about something and purchase it and then later, I’m like why did I buy that.

  60. GREAT idea for a post!  There must be some hesitation because you don’t want to annoy your sponsors/partners/whomever.  You accomplished this trickiness with such thoughtfulness and care.  I know I buy the wrong things a lot too, so I love knowing I’m not alone.  I also have #3 and have found I can only wear them with fashion-forward heels and am super careful on proportions in that outfit.  Sometimes that’s too much work (hahaha), so they just sit…

  61. I’ve been using a “don’t buy” list for years and found that it is best developed from an inventory list. I know, I know that may be overkill but if l have clothes in more than one place I can’t remember what I have. I started out with index cards but now use an Excel spreadsheet that I can sort an way I want. And there are actually wardrobe inventory apps now!

  62. Thank you, I enjoyed your post, I’m so glad I’m not the only one that has buyers regret for one reason or another!

  63. This post is great! Item #1, the Vince slides, is the thing that trips me up the worst. It’s just what you said; they are sort of too dressy, even though they are casual. I have repeatedly brought home wonderful, beautiful items like these that seem like they are basic enough and casual enough only to find out they outclass the rest of my clothes. And I have nice clothes. It’s super frustrating, and I really struggle with it. I mean, these shoes are brown, suede slides. There’s nothing particularly fancy about them. They seem basic. But when you put them on with your regular clothes, they seem to demand something finer. How can you tell this is going to happen until it’s too late?? Glad it’s not just me! Jo-Lynne, you’re doing such a great job!!!!

    1. I wish I knew, Sandra! I have seen another blogger say that she only buys an item if she can think of three outfits she will put it with. That’s an idea… but I can’t always think of them without looking at my closet.

  64. Jolynne,

    This post is one of the reasons I’m fond of your blog and tend to read it every day. Thank you for sharing your thought process when putting together and actualy wearing an outfit. I also wanted to take this time to tell you how much I appreciate the way to break down the pros and cons of a particular outfit. Many bloggers post images of themselves in particular pieces but, don’t discuss their opinions of them. You note if you think something is flattering and working or not. Which incidentally, item #3 (the jeans) do seem to flair and I agree with your own observations.

  65. Absolutely fabulous post!  I felt you saying my name numerous times, and that’s good!  Great lessons for us!

  66. I really enjoyed this post! I loved hearing your thought process. It helps me learn to make the best choices for myself. It’s easy to get caught up in what’s trending or what looks great on someone else, but I need trust my gut too! Thanks JoLynne!

  67. I can so relate. You inspired me to make a Nordstrom return today. I was on the fence on a top I ordered so back it went instead of hanging on to it. $49 bucks saved ti be put toward something I really love in the future. Thank you for posting this. One of my goals for this year is to shop with intention and only have clothes in my closet that I really love.

  68. This was very interesting. Thanks for all the thought you put into this post! Definitely going to look through my closet to figure out what I regret from last year so I can make better decisions in 2018.

  69. I also have that taupe bag from the NSale and have carried it about 4 times. It’s gorgeous but uncomfortable, and I too clipped and tossed the tags (my lesson learned!). I love the green hobo bag you listed here – it’s a beautiful color and a great shaped bag. Hope you find it in your rotation more often!! I also have the off the shoulder navy Loft sweater too. Have put it on to wear maybe half a dozen times then end up changing. So strange…I loved it in the store. Ugh!

  70. Love this post! Great idea and I appreciate your honesty on the items!  Helpful to know when to take a step back and look at our closets and reevaluate!

  71. I am right there with you! I’m still purging my closet ( I feel like I’m always doing this!) and getting rid of so many things, some more recent things that I feel like are new! I’m really trying to be a smarter consumer. And I agree that investing in classic pieces is smarter in the long run. Great post! 

  72. I love this post!  I am trying to me more selective in my purchases and knowing why something doesn’t work for our wardrobe is as valuable as knowing what does work.  I’ve already started thinking about what I want to add/replace to my spring wardrobe and I hope I am able to make good choices.  The insight and detail you provide in your posts always give me something to think about. ????

  73. I loved today’s post. Your critical review of what you wore, or hardly wore is something we all need to do. I think many of us have a fantasy self and but clothes we like but don’t fit our lifestyle. Thanks for being ‘real’. 

  74. What an awesome, informative and something I’m sure happens to all of us! I love your thought process on why pieces didn’t work. Love your blog too! 

  75. I still think that blue flecked off-the-shoulder sweater looks soooooo beautiful on you! Too bad it felt uncomfortable and impractical for you.

    I understand though. I have a really cute OTS floral blouse I bought last year and only wore it twice because I felt like after everyone saw it on me and in pics on fb and insta, the “magic” was gone and I felt weird wearing it again. Sounds crazy, I know. 

  76. Such a helpful and encouraging post! I have been passing along good clothing lately that somebody could really enjoy. My closet goal is to reflect what I really love to wear now and not hang on to something just because I hope to fall in love with it someday.

  77. This makes me want to go back through my closet and decide why I made purchases. I also have things I have not worn more than once but can’t talk myself into letting go because I really like them. Think I may have to have a friend help me with this. 

  78. I think the slides at the top of the list would look better with some pants that were wider and longer, maybe wide legged linen pants or something similar.  The heel seems odd with the jeans in the picture.  Not a fan of the off the shoulder tops, but the black dress looks very nice on you!

  79. Hint for #6 – I don’t wear mine off the shoulder. I wear it “pulled” up over the should & it looks like a cowl neck. Maybe it will work for you too. 

  80. Such a great post I was in that spot a couple years ago and that’s why I decided to downsize my closet. I want a close filled with things I love. Everything that I didn’t wear ended up on eBay. I am still going through that process but it’s less intense now. I also have a strict do not buy list, made of items I really don’t need.


  81. Love this post!  I too have bought things that I thought I would love, and then for many reasons, just don’t wear or use them.  And, like the items you show here, they are fabulous, but just don’t work for me or my lifestyle.  A few months ago, I cleaned out my closet.   Then, I went through the discard pile and thought about each item and why I didn’t wear it.  Several of the items were the same mistake – drop shoulders, no defined waist, or a trendy color that doesn’t compliment my skin.   So, to keep myself in check I made a “don’t’ list and refer to it as needed.   I have learned so much about what works for me by following your blog!  And, as many have already said, I love your honest and detailed style of writing.  It always makes me think, which has helped me get better at deciding what will work for me.  I’m still learning!   Thanks, Jolynne!

  82. Yes, love this post as i gets me to thinking about my own purchases.  This would be a good regular seasonal topic!

  83. Quality over quantity, quality over quantity … this has become my mantra, the older I’ve gotten … I do not have unlimited resources for a clothing budget, by ANY means, but I am finding myself purchasing a quality, staple item time and again, over an inexpensive staple that is not well made, OR a less expensive “trendy” item… in fact, I think my having paid less for something that I may have purchased on a whim,  regardless of the style, maybe subconsciously gives me an excuse to throw it in a goodwill or resale pile before a season is even over … yet I constantly reach for and wear the more expensive, quality staples over and over !!!! I think I may actually be SAVING money in the long run !!!! And having a “thinned out” closet sure makes getting dressed easier in the mornings !!!!! ☺️

  84. Excellent Post! I wish more bloggers would do posts like this. There are things I have purchased because they were on trend and looked so cute in a blog or on Instagram, but where completely impractical for my life or just not something I would use.

  85. Love a “lessons learned” post!  So helpful for the me as I contemplate purchases…especially trends that I’m not sure about.  Go with your gut.  Best advice!!

  86. I loved this post! Even though you made purchases that you might have regretted, you stayed positive throughout. I am sure this post resonated with most if not all of your readers. Well done!

  87. Great post!
    Giving reasons why garment don’t work is such a learning experience. My regrets mostly fall into the category of not working with what I want to wear and not really going with the “outfit”.
    Thanks for the input!

  88. I really enjoyed this post! I have made many purchases that didn’t see any ‘wear time’, or ended up in the donation bag. I made the same mistake with suede rust-brown boots (have them in both tall and bootie style). I was so certain they’d become a wardrobe staple, but out of all the much loved and worn shades of brown boots in my wardrobe, this particular color never sees the light of day. Somehow they always seem a little too glaringly bright and take over the entire outfit. I have to laugh about what Tricia said regarding seeming to have a ‘uniform’ she tends to stick with—-that is SO me! I have a back injury that makes tight clothing uncomfortable. Once I find something flattering and comfortable I tend to buy it in multiple colors, adopt it as a preferred style, and choose it over anything else in my closet. Right now it’s those scrumptiously soft a-line swing dresses with black tights or leggings, tall boots or booties, paired with accessories such as scarves (I am a scarf junkie and have a million scarves), pearls, or long necklaces. My adult daughter recently looked in my closet and said she didn’t realize I had turned into Sponge Bob. I am also a handbag junkie and tend to hang out on the purse forum website. I need to stop doing that, because after each visit I always end up with a new bag—lol. 

      1. Hi, Jo-Lynne! 
        The one I follow is, which is pretty comprehensive. The trouble is, they always send updates with each seasons latest and greatest, and I’m prone to impulse shopping. 😊

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