What I Wore // Instagram Roundup 02.10.18

Hello and happy Saturday to everyone!!! We have dinner plans tonight at a new restaurant we’ve been wanting to try, and otherwise it’s kind of a quiet weekend around here. How about you?

Today I’m rounding up the outfits I’ve worn over the past couple of weeks. These were all shared on Instagram or Facebook, and this basically answers the question: What do you REALLY wear? (Yes, I get that a lot.)

I’m going to try to do this weekly, but if I can only get to it every other week, I’ll just include two weeks’ worth of outfits. Because it’s late in the season, a lot of what I’m wearing is sold out or low inventory, but I’ll share the LTK links from Instagram so you can see the details on each outfit.

This outfit is from two weekends ago. I wore it all day Saturday to work from home, and then my husband suggested we take the kids and go out to dinner, so I threw on the necklace (along with my taupe suede moto jacket) and we headed out!

I picked up this necklace at the Lucky Brand Store, and I think it’s really fun for casual outfits. I like the combination of leather and metal.

And I can’t say enough about this sweater. It is just the most comfy thing, and I love the overall length as well as the longer sleeve length. It’s almost sold out but if you can find your size, grab one! For size reference, I’m wearing a small, but I could probably take a medium.


I wore this one day to work from home. It was snowy and I threw on my cozy UGGs to drive my son to school. (Yes, I also wore a coat!!) This J.Crew sweater sold out, and the UGG boots are old, so I don’t have any shopping links except my favorite jeans (they’re cheaper here, but almost sold out.)

This is another outfit made up of mostly sold-out pieces. I mentioned in my “least worn items” post on Thursday that I love these boots but I have to work a little bit to find outfits for them. This scarf is a great match, and I also like how it also pulls in the camel color from the sweater and the blue from the jeans.


This is the top-down selfie of the casual dinner outfit I showed above in my bedroom mirror. I snapped this after I added the moto jacket as I was on my way to the car.


I wore this outfit one Saturday a few weeks ago, actually. I just got around to posting it on National Go Red for Women Day. We were having mild weather the day I wore it, but I haven’t been able to wear my mules much in the past couple weeks. I can’t wait for spring weather!


I wore this outfit to a funeral last weekend. I just swapped out the necklace for one with a little less bling, and I carried a black handbag. You can see more of this look in THIS POST.

Also, this clutch is 33% off, and it’s a great piece to have on hand for dinners out. The gold color goes with just about everything, and it’s a nice quality leather for $64.


I wore this to the movies last weekend with girlfriends. It was FREEZING but I was cozy and warm in my Eagles green and black! Okay, so my feet were a little cold. I was too lazy to put on socks.


Another nod to the Eagles on Sunday morning for church… I put my green vest on over my favorite black turtleneck, and I wore black jeans and leopard mules. I actually really love this outfit, Eagles or not!

These jeans are really good, and they’re marked WAY down on Amazon. That’s an amazing price for Hudson jeans. And speaking of amazing prices, these leopard mules are still available in most sizes and they’re like 60% off.

P.S. Do you like my green nails? *grin*


And then Sunday night for The Game. I’m sure you guys will be SO GLAD when I stop talking about the Eagles. I promise, this is probably the last mention till next fall. At that point, all bets are off.

It was pouring cats and dogs, and I had to walk down the street to a neighbor’s house, so I wore rain boots and brought my Converse to change into. FYI, these Hunter rain boots are currently 25% off! I really love the more refined style.


This striped sweater is a great transition piece, and it’s $20 off right now! I wore it with skinny jeans and white mules working from home one day last week, but I’ve seen other bloggers style it with black jeans and grey accessories for a more wintry look.


Another cute LOFT sweater that’s $20 off right now… this textured boatneck sweater is the perfect shade of pink, in my opinion!

I wore this next outfit one day a while back to run to the mall for a few things. For size reference, I have this moto jacket in a medium; it runs a tad small. This jacket now comes in a really gorgeous color they’re calling blondie, and I ordered it for my Valentine’s Day dinner tonight, but I don’t think I’ll get to wear it since they’re calling for rain. #boo

FYI, the sweater I’m wearing is the Bloomingdale’s one in black donegal. (I linked a few other options because things are selling out.) I LOVE this turtleneck, and it’s a great price for cashmere. I sized up to a medium for a looser fit, and I’m happy I did, but the small fits too so I’d say it’s pretty true to size. Also, I found my favorite mules marked way down at Nordstrom Rack. There are a few sizes left. I recommend sizing down half in these.


Wednesday was a snow day, and I ventured out for about 2 minutes to snap this picture before heading back inside to hunker down for a day of work. Everything is old, sorry!

Thursday was a much nicer day, thankfully, because it was the day of the Eagles parade. I wore this casual outfit to meet some friends at a restaurant for lunch and to enjoy the Eagles parade on TV. I didn’t post this to LTK, so I’ll put the shopping links below.

Eagles tee // my favorite jeans // Converse Shoreline // similar hoodie // Luna pendant

Finally, this is another outfit I wore last week, but I posted it to IG yesterday to share that this sweater is on sale, and these $75 jeans have been restocked at Madewell! They have a comfy high rise, and a great fit throughout the legs. For size reference, I have the 29.


This really is a tough time of year to dress for. I’ve got a touch of spring fever, but it’s still very cold and often icy and/or snowy so boots are usually a necessity. I’m trying to incorporate a few lighter sweaters into my closet that can transition from now into spring and wear a few different ways. Whenever I get the chance, I go for a quilted vest or moto jacket, but a lot of days still call for a heavy coat.

I’m really glad I got that grey wool coat for Christmas because it’s become a great option for this February weather. The color lightens up my outfits a bit, but it’s still heavy enough to keep me warm. If you’ve been on the fence, it’s currently in stock in most sizes and on sale for 35% off!


Weekend Sales

There are some really good sales this weekend, so I thought I’d share my favorites.

J.Crew // 30% off Valentine’s Day Picks with code XOXO. I just snapped up this tote in Soft Blossom. I was looking for a go-to black tote, but I fell in love with this color.

LOFT // 20% off sweaters. They have a ton of good ones right now. In addition to the three I wore in this post, I also love this, this, and this.

BLOOMINGDALE’S // Take 25% off at Bloomingdale’s when you shop with a Bloomingdale’s card (or 20% off when you shop any other way) on a large selection of full-price items. Look for promo code LOVE as you shop. On almost all other regular-priced items, Lloyalists get a $25 reward card for every $125 they spend. Bloomies has a great selection of premium denim, designer handbags, and women’s shoes. They make it easy to drill down by brand, style, price point, etc.

American Eagle // If you’re a fan, they have 20-60% off their jeans this weekend.

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27 thoughts on “What I Wore // Instagram Roundup 02.10.18

  1. Keep on talking about the Eagles all you want.  It never gets old!  Fly Eagles fly……..
    Philly born and raised.

    1. It’s the app that allows me to link to my outfits on Instagram (because IG doesn’t allow active links in posts.) Since I already shared these outfits on IG and linked them up with LTK, it’s easier to use that link than it is to link to each piece for each outfit. I did it this way in my last IG roundup to save time, and several of you guys said you actually liked it better. Let me know how it works for you. I can do links too if LTK is a pain. 🙂

  2. We live just outside of Buffalo, and believe me, if the Bills or Sabres are ever able to seal the deal, I would LOVE to talk about it “too much.”   So you keep flying, Eagles fan!  It was a long road to this celebration ????!

    I loved all your outfits!  That suede moto jacket is my fave.

  3. One of my favorite outfits on you is the one in the 3rd pic from the top. You really make those OTK boots look casual and fun and I love the camel sweater and scarve. I searched the world over for a petite camel sweater and no luck. I wanted it to wear with my leopard mules. But you’ve done a great job styling them with the red sweater and the green and black (eagles inspired) outfit. Unfortunately I haven’t wore my leopard mules much either as it’s beem cold and yucky in Texas as welll. So don’t feel too bad. 
    I look forward to seeing how you style them for spring, because I so want to wear them more. 
    Enjoy your dinner date with your hubby and friends ????

  4. This is honestly my favorite way to see outfits and get inspiration. It’s real life and relatable. Our weather is wreaking havoc on my dinner outfit plans tonight too. Not only is flooding here, it’s also on the warm and muggy side, so my plan to wear that cute Loft striped sweater and suede boots isn’t looking very promising. Actually, getting out at all will be a challenge if it doesn’t let up soon. We’ve had 3″ already and it’s still pouring. :/

  5. Thanks for the Hudson jeans link! Those have been on my wish list. I think I scooped up the last in my size at that price. Oh, that suede jacket. You would look great in the blondie color.

  6. Love the green vest outfit and the tee with cardigan.  You said the tee was old, but where did you get it? Any suggestions on where to find cute tees? That fits my lifestyle, and yours is so cute.  My husband made reservations in the town where we got married 20 years ago in July (not an anniversary thing but it’s nice to go back there), so I’m super excited about getting away for the weekend and just having fun.  It’s easier to do that sort of thing now that our kids are almost grown.  I’m having a hard time bracing myself for the empty nest, so this weekend may help me realize the next stage of our life has its good points too! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Hey Shane. It was from White House Black Market. They had a few nicer graphic tees last year but they’re gone now. Hopefully they’ll bring a few more out this spring and summer.

  7. I knew you would make those OTK boots work. They go well with your jeans and camel top. ????????
    Enjoy your date night. It’s always nice to have your hubby to yourself for a little while. 

  8. Fun to look at all your outfits Jo-Lynne! Can I get your advice? I have a very casual event to go to this weekend and plan to wear a cute gray sweatshirt and skinny jeans with booties. The sweatshirt is solid gray with side lace ups in cream. Meaning it laces up on each side with a cream colored ribbon. What kind of necklace would you wear with it? Long, short, statement or would you forfeit a necklace altogether. I’m pretty sure I’m overthinking this but value your opinion.

  9. Congrats to the Philly Eagles! Fly Eagles fly! So glad anyone but the Patriots won for a change ???? and the well deserved opportunity. Love your hairstyle for meeting friends to watch the Eagles parade. Thanks for the weekly wrap up. Stay warm!

  10. What size are you wearing in the pink boatneck sweater from Loft? It looks roomy, so I’m wondering if you sized up. Thanks! 

  11. I ???? LOVE the Steve Madden leopard mules you featured in the IG Roundup this week. Do yours run true to size? I think I tried on the “Trace” mules at Nordstroms when I was visiting my daughter in Atlanta 2 weeks ago. With that style I was my regular shoe size, so am assuming I would be the same with the “Natasha” leopard mule. However a few reviews said to size up a 1\2 size. These are at a great sale price, so I definitely want to take advantage of the sale before my size is out of stock. What do you think?

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