Coffee Talk 07.16.17

Good morning and happy Sunday! I hope y’all are having a good weekend.

My son arrived home yesterday afternoon, and it was SO good to see him. It sounds like he had a great time at camp. He’s not one to talk a lot, but he was pretty chatty about his week and asking us about our time in Maine, and that was nice. I think it was good for him to get a taste of independence. It is so hard to believe, but this time next year I’ll be sending him off to college. Oh my heart…

We have a week at home and then we head to the beach for a week. I really need to get back on track with my clean eating habits and exercise because I’ve put on some weight and I’m not feeling my best. I hate to go to the beach feeling like that, so this week I’m really going to make an effort to get back on the bandwagon. Does anyone else find that summer is the hardest time of year to stick to healthy eating habits? This happens to me every summer.

Occasionally I get asked about what I eat and what I do for exercise. My goal is to eat a modified paleo diet (I eat some dairy, although I limit that when I’m trying to drop a few pounds) and run 3-4 times a week in addition to weight lifting 2x a week, but it’s hard to keep up with it all. I didn’t have a single dessert the whole time we were in Maine, but I do have a weakness for potato chips and salty snacks, and I just like food in general so it’s easy for me to overdo it.

I was doing Hello Fresh for a few weeks, and I loved it, but it’s not quite enough food for our family when all 5 of us are here for dinner, and they skimp on the meat so I’m going to go back to some of my paleo dinner recipes this week and try to really curb the carbs and hope that helps.

I hope this doesn’t sound like complaining. It’s not intended that way; it’s just where I am right now, and I know many women my age struggle with this so I just want you to know that I’m right there with ya! #thestruggleisreal

In other news, I mentioned in my daily email yesterday that my editorial calendar is startlingly empty. I was so focused on getting through my 25 Days of Summer Fashion last month and then the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale coverage last week that I didn’t have much planned for this week. This time of year it’s hard to know what to post about because summer fashion gets repetitive, and fall is still a ways off.

With our beach trip coming up, I’d like to work ahead this week so I have most of my posts prepped, but I’m feeling a little burned out on topics to be completely honest. I don’t want to overdo it with fall looks from the #NSale, but I’m happy to put more of those together if that’s what y’all want to see. But maybe there are some other general fashion topics I could tackle — like the 3 types of handbags every woman needs post I did last week. If you have any specific topics that you would find helpful, please let me know!

I’m off to church this morning and then I plan to spend the afternoon relaxing by the pool. We didn’t get there yesterday so it’s definitely on my agenda for today. Hope y’all have a great Sunday!

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133 thoughts on “Coffee Talk 07.16.17

  1. My son was the same way! I use to ask him if he and his friends talked or if they just grunted at each other!! I always (and stil do) have lots of questions.!! Now that he is older, I usually get all the details from his girlfriend:). I would love to see you stye some flare crop pants!! Also, I struggle with layering and getting hem lines right for the different layers so I would love to see you do a post on that. I have some blazers and jackets coming from Nordstroms that I’m going to have to style.

  2. I also feel the weight struggle. The fall and winter comfort foods always get me so every summer I am trying to get the unwanted weight off!
    I would like to see a post about booties and the best jean types to wear them with.

  3. Always look forward to your posts and would welcome one regarding the beauty products featured in the AS merchandise at. Nordstrom. Your in-depth coverage is greatly appreciated. I am especially interested in skincare and am particularly interested in learning about how facial skin care product lines compare to one another and whether the lower priced products are as effective as the luxury brands. Btw, your skin and makeup always look fabulous!

  4. Jo-Lynne, reading your blog posts are a part of my daily routine and I so appreciate all that you do. When you talk about weight issues and problem times of the year for you, I don’t see it as complaining. You are doing what you do best: keeping it real.
    You have asked for ideas for future posts:
    I’m not tired of hearing about the Nordstrom sale yet so add to what you have already posted. I love your unboxing posts…so a post about items you have ordered…..what worked/you kept…what you sent back.
    Fall trends (colors that you notice are trending; did you see more skinny jeans/pants or wider legs; details on, and color of, shoes/boots; are open-toed booties still trending; details on purses/clutches; what is trending in accessories, etc.)
    I suggested a post on necklaces a few weeks back. What types of necklaces should women have in their accessory arsenal? Also are there any brands or pieces that you think would be considered investment pieces (similar to when you write about which purses or coats that you think are investment pieces).
    What jackets/sweaters look best with different lengths of tops.
    Ideas for outfits during the transition from summer to early fall.
    A post about your skin care and makeup routine because you look amazing! Looking back on older posts, I really notice a difference.
    How about a departure from fashion for a day and talk about the not-to-miss places or restaurants in Philly?

    Have I given you enough ideas? LOL! But honestly, you are allowed to go off on vacation and not post at all. Many other bloggers go on vacation and we, the readers wait patiently for their return. Why don’t you go off and relax and recharge your batteries? I’m sure you would return with your creative juices flowing.

  5. I agree that you should take your beach week off from blogging to relax and enjoy yourself and your family. We will all be anxious to hear about it when you return. Have fun!

  6. Thank you for your blog and for keeping it real. I also struggle with summer weight gain! What is that about!!
    I travel a lot and the Olay facials are perfect! You don’t have to worry about fitting your cleaning product in the 3 ounce or less quart baggie!! I also appreciate your comments about the Nsale saying if you don’t get something, don’t stress because you can find something similar somewhere else!! Take a week off if you want, we will be here when you get back!!

  7. Hi Jo-Lynne,

    I’m just now reading today’s blog so, maybe it’s already been suggested, but, I would love to here how you manage your mani/pedi routine; how you found your nail technician, the products you prefer, the frequency of your appointments.

    I love your blog, really appreciate “your voice” and your honesty. I also admire your work ethic. I think you’re pretty busy and yet your “voice” doesn’t indicate someone who’s overwhelmed or stressed out. How do you manage your time? Are you someone who works after 10 pm, when family responsibilities are less pressing?

  8. So many good ideas! Here’s an idea that may help you and motivate you!. We readers could post outfits we wear as a direct result of your influence! Not sure how that would work but you could come up with those details!????

    On the weight gain, move over….if there is room! We just made yet another 4th of July cake. My jeans are so snug, zipping them is a workout! For what it’s worth, you look healthy and happy. That’s most important!

  9. Hi JoLynne,

    This is my first time to comment but I felt the need to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. Your blog is exceptional! I used to follow several blogs and have unsubscribed because they did not provide the quality of information that yours does. You explain each detail of your outfit, why it works or doesn’t, options for price points, and creative ideas. Your writing is so enjoyable and I feel like I’m talking with a friend. Please keep up the fantastic job and don’t change anything!

    I do have a question: I have been longing for a pair of Tory Burch sandals but just couldn’t justify the cost. I was thrilled to see the ones for sale at Nordstrom and snagged the makeup color on first day before the site crashed. Should I keep the makeup color or would black be better? Which color do you wear the most? It you only have one pair, which color do you recommend? BTW I love them in any color and so excited to get them on sale!!

    Future blog ideas: More unboxing or dressing room posts, choose an unlikely store and choose 3-5 best pieces to buy ( Kohls, JCPenney, Target), an entire outfit where each piece is under $30, makeup tutorial, how to know what colors work best for you, outfit that does work and one that doesn’t and explain the differences, how put an outfit together ( what do you choose to wear first, then next, etc. until your outfit is complete), trends we older friends should avoid, pajama post, warm layering ideas for places with freezing A/C, how to avoid looking frumpy, I’m sure that is way more ideas than you want or need!

    I know this is written late, but I love to read the comments and see how you answer everyone and not with the same copied answer! You are a very special blogger!

    1. Hey Karen, thank you for the kind words! 🙂 I love all the blog post ideas too. As far as the sandals, DEFINITELY the Makeup. A skin color is way more versatile than black. 🙂 You can literally wear them with anything. The black could be too heavy for some outfits. Hope that helps!

  10. Wow, I love all of these blog post ideas! You should be set now 😉 I’d like to echo the one item multiple ways suggestion and the try on sessions. Those are always my personal favorites. I was excited to see you had another IG try on story yesterday too.

  11. Hi Jo-Lynne! I’d love some posts about jewelry. I’ve been wearing the same things winter and summer, and I’d love some colourful things for summer, but not sure where to start. I have too much silver, gold and black. But also, I’m in Canada, so not all of your stores are available to me, and I don’t always want to order from the States and ship here if it’s not economical.

    And like some of the comments above, I’m always interested in skin care and makeup. In the past I’ve enjoyed your recipes too, but I understand how you want to focus on fashion instead of posting all over the place 🙂 But often the food we eat does lead us to the fashion choices we can make.

  12. Late reading this post but I would also love it (as others already recommended) if you would do a post on shopping your own closet, ways to rewear certain items you already have in your closet. I feel like I have pieces that I keep wearing the same way but I would like to have more ways to wear each item. Sometimes I think that is why I overbuy things… I am looking for a new look but not very good at coming up with new ways to wear something!!
    I also have put on a about 6 or 7 pounds lately. I find in my 40’s it is easy to put the extra weight on but getting more and more difficult to get it off. I went back to using my fitness pal and am upping my exercise. SIGH

  13. I have always enjoyed Coffee Talk, I guess I like the feeling of just chatting. I have really enjoyed the posts where you un-box whatever came in your Stitch Fix or when you try on in the dressing room. I also enjoy a product review – like the Olay Daily Facials. I agree about the teen girls post – but I understand that getting the girls to cooperate may not be possible right now.

  14. I enjoy your posts. You’re very good at describing the fabric material, the fit, etc. which helps when I order clothes online. For example, I usually wear a size 4, but when I go to order clothes sometimes the sizing with be 2-4 and sometimes the sizing will be 4-6, so knowing if an item runs small or large is very helpful. Although Nordstrom has free shipping and returns, I really want to order the correct size the first time.

    I enjoy posts that show an item different ways–jeans dressed up for date night, for running errands, or a striped t-shirt w/jeans, with a skirt, with a scarf, etc. Most of us bought clothes from the Nordstrom sale and from your summer fashion posts, so it would be fun to see how to wear the clothes a variety of ways.

    Thanks for all the time and effort you put into your posts. As I said, your descriptions are often detailed and you have great photos.

  15. Some ideas I’d like to see
    1) a day in the life of Jo-Lynne, from the AM to the PM
    2) more workout gear posts – clothes (fitted & loose), running & training shoes
    3) your 3-5 favorites in your closet in each category – tee shirts, blouses, jeans, pants, shorts, dresses, skirts, sweaters, jackets, coats, purses, booties, boots, heels, sandals, etc.

    Thank you

  16. I’ve read through all the comments, such great ideas!!

    This is something I have seen on a home design blog but think it could work for fashion – do a reader fashion dilemma and provide answers for them? Say Jane Doe has a special occasion coming up and has this great dress but doesn’t know how to style it, show the pic and provide options for accessories/shoes?

    Hopefully this makes sense lol – it does in my head but not sure I am describing it well!

  17. You may have covered this in a past post – ways to style scarves? I bought several from your #nsale picks but really am clueless when it comes to know how to wear them lol!! Or should I look forward to ideas in your Fall Fashion series?

  18. I just discovered you (perhaps re-discovered you ) -via Instagram and now blogging and I love your blog and social media presence! You are so generous with your expertise as well, which is amazing! . I started a blog over 10 years ago (gulp!) about my life and family etc… when my kids were younger (I may have seen you via Blogher or other community?), and then only inconsistently for the past few years when I dove back into full time corporate work. I am tiptoeing back into the social media to explore my creative side again., with some writing but more focus on fashion and lifestyle. I just had to comment on how impressed I am with what you have accomplished so far-a true inspiration Jo-Lynne!

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