5 Under $50

Good morning, friends! Cheers to the weekend! Today I put together a 5 Under $50 post with 5 items priced less than $50 that I love and think you will too!

5 Under $50

#1. Jersey Robe $38 // Last Christmas, my mom gifted me with a gorgeous thick and cozy UGG bathrobe, and I wore it daily until it got too hot for it, so I decided to find a lightweight robe for summer. I actually ordered this one in the amaretto, and I love it, but it’s $59, and this post is 5 Under $50. SO! I am sharing the one that I almost got when I decided to order the Natori robe. This jersey robe gets great reviews and it looks super soft and comfortable, and it comes in 6 pretty colors.

Jersey Robe

#2. Sigma brush cleaning mat + 3DHD Kabuki brush $35 // This pairing is a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale beauty exclusive, but you can also purchase the two pieces individually for $25 each. This mat is awesome for cleaning makeup brushes, and I also I loooove my Sigma foundation brush. I have the flat one, but this one looks even better because it has angles and edges designed to reach every curve of the face. I kind of want to try it and compare to mine!

Here’s a link to just the 3DHD Kabuki brush, and then here’s just the mat, in case you don’t want both. Those are not on the #NSale so they’re available to everyone right away, but you can see that $35 for both is a great price.

#3. Halogen long open cardigan $49.90 // This is another #NSale product, and it is selling out, but they usually restock popular styles when the #NSale opens to the public, which happens this Friday. I wore this cardigan yesterday (yes, it’s hot and muggy here, but I was going to the nail salon where I always freeze, so I took the opportunity to give it a test drive.) I like how thin and soft it is. I often feel like these long cardigans swallow me up, but this one is actually slimming. I love it, and I also like that it has a casual vibe. I wore it over a graphic tee with jean shorts and sandals. You can see that look HERE. For size reference, I’m wearing the navy peacoat in a size small.

#4. Sam Edelman Gigi sandals $41.96 // Next to my Tory Burch Miller sandals, these are my favorite summer sandals. I have them in gold and pink. They’re quite comfortable for a flat sandal, and you can adjust the buckle so they stay on your feet. You’ll want to size up a half size in these. Select colors are on sale, bringing them down to the under $50 range. Zappo’s has some more options for $42.99. I really like the snakeskin print shown here, and the teal is calling my name! Sizes are limited, but it’s a great price if you can find a size/color combo you like.

#5. LOFT denim flip cuff shorts (6 1/2″ inseam) $27.25 // Nordstrom isn’t the only store having a nice sale right now. LOFT has 50% off full price tees, shorts, and pants, and 40% off all other full price styles. There’s no code needed, the price adjustment is automatically calculated when you put an item in your shopping bag.

These denim flip cuff shorts have a nice modest length without being Bermudas and they also come in a dark wash if that’s preferable to you. (They call they Bermuda shorts for some crazy reason, but typically Bermuda shorts have a 9″ or 10″ inseam.) Sizes are starting to get depleted, so these denim roll shorts are a nice option, although the inseam on those is quite a bit shorter at 3 1/2″. For size reference, I wear a 28 in LOFT denim shorts, and I wear a 29 or a size 8 in most other brands. These will stretch out with wear, so definitely buy them snug. You can see me wearing them HERE.

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26 Responses

  1. I ordered the brush cleaning kit from your post yesterday. I can’t woat to try it. I don’t wear a lot of makeup but when I do, I haven’t been good about learning how to clean my tools. So thank you!

  2. I just got a mat like that. Im going to give a try today. After I run around town w my daughter. Enjoy the pool!

  3. I have been debating on a brush cleaning mat for months. I’ve not used one before but have taken care of the one and only brush I use; which believe it or not, I got it in high school.
    Should I bite the bullet?

    1. I love it, but it’s not really a necessity. I’m sure you can wash it just fine with soap and water, but I like feeling like I’m getting all the makeup and junk out.

  4. Thank you for your great links for the Nordstrom sale- I went a little bit overboard this year but the 10 point deal was hard to resist LOL.! I always admire your eye make up by the way…do you use an eyeshadow primer? I’ve tried a couple but haven’t found one I’m in love with.

    1. Yes, that 10 point deal was amazing. I decided to splurge on those SW boots… I wanted a pair last year but they were full price (came in a Trunk Club) and I just couldn’t bring myself to pay that. But at $499 + 10 points, I decided it’s now or never! I do not usually use eye shadow primer, but when I do, I use the Mary Kay. I like it fine but I haven’t tried many others. I had the popular Urban Decay one once that was good too.

  5. The quality of your blog is beyond compare! It’s clear you put your heart and soul into your work!

  6. I’m so glad to see your post! Please take off when you need it, guilt free, but know we appreciate hearing from you each day. I personally look forward to every post-you are a bright spot each day!

  7. Oh my we would have understood if you took a day off, buttttttttt, I do look forward to your post and usually you and Cyndi are my first emails I look at each morning. 🙂 Thanks for posting and its a good one. 🙂 Have a great day at the pool. I need to get going, we have company coming tomorrow afternoon and I have honey do’s to give my husband. Ha Ha

  8. PS Yes, the Loft bermuda shorts do stretch out, so go one size down for sure. I did and even thought about going 2 sizes down, but when I tried that, they just felt too snug and wasn’t sure they’d stretch enough. I have the darker wash and love them. They are just the right length for me. You can always roll them one more time to hide the frayed edge and shorten them. I see Cyndi did on her post. 🙂

  9. Have a lovely weekend!!!! I think I will walk around an outdoor mall (may not be the correct term for it?!) with my daughter today, and we may go to a drive-in movie tonight!!! We try to go to a drive-in at least once every summer :). Hugs! Karen

  10. I recently bought those exact Sam Edelman sandals, my second pair. They go with so many outfits. I love them and they are my go to sandals. Definitely needed to size up half a size.

  11. JoLynne, I look forward to your daily posts because it’s like checking in with a friend each day. ???? (Sounds weird to say to someone I’ve never personally met!) You must’ve been a great teacher! You are organized, have the ability to connect with people, and keep it real. And you have a good fashion sense!

    I love this post!! All 5 items are perfect for me (and for Christmas gifts – I know it sounds dreadfully early to shop but I can’t pass up a good deal.) I agree with you on the sandals; I love my TB millers, but I LIVE in my Sam Edelman! I have them in gold, black, tan, leopard, almond patent, teal, and silver. And today I’m going to order the orange. They’re surprisingly comfortable and I can teach all day in them too!

    I am enjoying my morning cup of coffee right now while I read your blog and check email. I’m looking out at the hazy CA sky- some humidity is rolling in on the west coast. I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend too with nothing major planned. Thanks for your post! ????☀️

  12. Loving the robe, and the cardi!
    While you most definitely deserve the freedom and ability to take a day off, we all sure do enjoy connecting with you on every post.
    I, too, have come to look forward your and Cyndi’s emails and blogs ❤️❤️

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