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Hi there! I’m up at o’dark-thirty to pack and get the house tidied up because we’re headed to Maine this morning! That means I can’t spend much time on this post, but I at least wanted to say hello and get my daily email out.

There isn’t much new to tell you, as I’ve been working pretty much non-stop for the past two weeks. I love what I do, so it usually doesn’t feel much like work, but I’ll admit that I’m feeling pretty burnt out at this point. I don’t want to try on another fall sweater until at least September!

All that to say, I’m very much ready for this vacation. I’ve done everything I can to make it so I can relax and unplug. I’ll still get up in the mornings and put the finishing touches on my blog posts and send out my emails, which I actually enjoy doing while I’m sipping my morning coffee while the lake is quiet and serene. But after that, I plan to put my computer away and soak up those lazy lake daze… like the t-shirt says. Haha!

It’s a short trip because our younger daughter starts marching band camp next weekend, and our son finished up his last week of summer camp counseling yesterday. But I’m just happy everyone can go! We’re praying for good weather and good health… as you may remember, both eluded us last year.

My dad is meeting us at the airport so we can fly up together, and hopefully it will be smooth sailing… or smooth flying, rather. My mom is already there, and she’s planning to have lobster rolls ready for lunch or dinner, depending on when we get there.

This is their vacation home, and it’s the area where my mom grew up, so we’ve been visiting in the summer for as long as I can remember. I’m looking forward to seeing some of my extended family while we’re there.

Once we get back, summer will feel like it’s pretty much over because we’ll need to start getting our older daughter ready to go back to college, and our younger one will be at band camp every day. This year she can drive herself, so that will be different! Our son has one more year of college, and he’s going to finish that up from here at home. Ironically, he may be around more than the girls.

So, anyway.That’s the latest over here. Time just keeps marching on.

I’m going to hop off here and start getting ready so we can make it to the airport on time. Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Hope you have a wonderful vacation! Thank you so much for all you do! I’ve been following you for over 5 years now and I so appreciate the work you do. Actually, I consider you my personal shopper – I don’t know what I would do without you! Take care and be safe!

  2. Please tell me by “packing” you mean the last minute items, not your entire suitcase! That doesn’t sound like you.

    1. Haha. It is very much like me, unfortunately. I did start packing this morning. 🤪 But it’s a quick trip and I’ve been so many times, it didn’t take long.

  3. Hope you have a nice relaxing vacation! I know this is a fashion blog, but if you are able to touch upon college essential shopping as you go through the experience, that would be so appreciated!

  4. Enjoy. My husband is from Maine. The family had a modest summer home in Somesville, near Bar Harbor. After my in-laws passing we tried hard to keep it in the family. With 4 siblings not agreeing it became difficult. So we had to sell. Now there is a mega mansion in its place. Really miss going there.

  5. Have a wonderful lake vacation! I’d love to go to Maine some day! That is on my bucket list along with Nantucket. But, right now I’m enjoying a beautiful Myrtle Beach vacation! Nothing like the beach in the summer! I have been shopping the sales from my laptop, but I don’t want packages to pile up on my porch while I’m gone. I did buy a few things at a Nordstrom’s store before I left. I feel bad that I can’t give you “credit” while shopping at a store. But maybe I’ll place some more on-line orders when I get home! Enjoy your family (and especially the lobster rolls!) and I hope we see a photo or two!

  6. Safe travels and ENJOY!!! You know Maine is our most favorite place EVER! Enjoy your time in the “real” Maine! Where the Lobstah rolls are the best!

  7. Have a wonderful vacation with your family- you certainly deserve some down time after all you’ve done especially in the last few weeks! It’s much appreciated! I’d never known about the Treasure and Bond bomber jacket if not for you. I was bummed that it was sold out in my size but it just came back in stock and I just placed my order- Yay!

  8. Safe travels and enjoy the time at the lake with the family! Prayers that the weather will be nicer this year and that no one has the need for a doctor or hospital. I REALLY appreciate all of the extra work you have put in since the beginning of the NAS. You definitely deserve the down time!

  9. We live in New Hampshire, but love Maine and head that way often. My older son went to the University of New England in Biddeford, ME and now lives in Portland. Our favorite beach is Ogunquit, either Moody or Footbridge are great spots. Of course shopping at the Kittery Outlets is always a must. Have a great vacation and fingers crossed you have good weather.

  10. You work hard and you deserve a nice break! Enjoy this time with all of your family-it all goes too fast. I’ve been following you for several years now and really appreciate what you do. I’m 70 now and I refuse to be frumpy! I actually think I’m more stylish now (because of you bloggers) than I was when I was younger. And, I like that I don’t have to go to the stores to try on because you’ve already done that for us. Then I just order on line!

  11. I’d love to hear an update on how you are doing post surgery. I realize it’s personal so if you don’t want to I get it. But you look great

  12. Hi! Happy vacation….boy, you earned it! It may not be fashion-related, but I’d love to see a photo of the lobster roll (west coaster here!). It sounds delightful.

    Relax, take care, have fun, and kick your sandles off, toes in the sand. We will see you in a week!

  13. I hope you have a fabulous and relaxing vacation!! You have definitely earned it!! I got my Evereve order this weekend, and I love it! I ordered the white hoodie, and the cable knit sweater. I’m usually an x-small, but that size and the small were both sold out 😭 so I ordered the medium on a wing and a prayer, lol. It’s a bit big, but cozy so I’ll manage. ❤️

  14. Always enjoy hearing you mention Maine in your posts. I live in SC now but grew up in Bradley, not far from Bangor. My brother and his wife live in West Gardiner and have a camp on Sebec lake, so that’s where we stay when we go to Maine during the summer. Hope you will enjoy your well-earned vacation and will return rested and filled with energy.

  15. Hope you have a great vacation, Jo-Lynne! I’ll be in Maine for a few days this week for my vacation. It’s so beautiful up there! Hope you have fun and are able to relax. That’s what I’m planning to do!

  16. I remember when Ellsworth was a Rinky dink town. Now it’s a major city LOL. I love northwest Harbor and southwest harbor,

  17. Oh yes, I forgot you had this vacation coming. Have a great time and rest up. You really have put out soooo many post and been so helpful over the Nordtrom sale. I look forward to your emails daily and get so much from them. You have such a way of writing. A gift. Enjoy the rest of your Summer and don’t put on a sweater until Fall. Lol.

  18. Hi Jo-Lynne
    I hope you have a wonderful blessed time with all the family on your getaway.
    I remember when I started following you, your children were young. Time is passing quickly..

    Thank you for all you do for all of us.

    God bless you and your family 👪 ❤️ 🙏🏻

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