Crushing on Wedgwood #FashionFriday

Pastels are in this spring, and one of my favorite color trends right now is Wedgwood. I’ve long been a fan of this elegant English china, but now we can wear it! I love the innocent sophistication of this delicate hue.

Style Tips for Wearing Wedgwood {from InStyle Magazine}

1. Mix feminine details, like lace or ruffles, with structured silhouettes to keep it from looking too precious.

I love the structure of this lace sheath by Matty M at Nordstrom.

2. A wedgwood sheath or jacket with white slacks make for a sharp office look this season.

I almost wish I worked in an office so I could wear this! (Keyword: almost.)
Wedgwood & White for the Office

3. Wear wedgwood with light shades such as tan, seafoam green, lilac or white.

(See #2) Or for a more modern look . . . try it this way!

Wedgwood and White with Seafoam Green Shoes

4. For a bolder statement, wear wedgwood with gunmetal accents, royal blue or even ruby.


This is the dress they pictured in the InStyle article. I googled for it to show you because honestly, I can’t quite see myself pairing ruby and wedgwood in an ordinary outfit. I’m too much of a plain jane. Although I do love the idea of pairing it with another neutral – such as the seafoam green pumps above.

5. (my tip) Finally, as with any trend, I always say that if you’re unsure and just want to dip a baby toe into the water, try it out with an inexpensive accessory.

Trend Watch: Wedgwood Blue for Spring 2013

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  1. It is a such a pretty color. I kinda hate it though that fashion has to have special color names. Like can’t it be light blue? And, can’t oxblood be like burgundy. I don’t know, so confusing!

  2. I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of this color blue, probably because my mother put me in lots of it when I was younger. I do like the accessories though, and I do see myself adding it into my wardrobe that way. 🙂

  3. I loooove wedgewood. We went to the factory in England and even got to make our own wedgewood piece. These are beautiful pieces you picked!

  4. Just found your blog and love it – thanks for all the useful information

    Emily @ Town And Country Shuffle

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