Daily Mom Style 11.28.12

Did I just type 11.28.12????

Where did November go? Can someone riddle me that?

I’ve just been plowing through, trying to get everything done that I’ve committed to do, and somehow the month just disappeared.

I am determined NOT to let that happen to December. Can I get an amen?

Let’s commit ourselves to ENJOYING the holidays, people! What is so hard about that??

So anyway, movingrightalong.

If you’re wondering what this Daily Mom Style deal is all about, I started taking photos of my daily outfits along with Lindsay and many other bloggers as a way of holding myself accountable to get dressed every day. It’s so tempting to sit around in your pajamas all day when you work at home.

But over time, this has become more of an exercise in getting out of a fashion rut and trying new styles and learning what works and what doesn’t.  For me. In that process, I’ve discovered that I’m encouraging other moms out there who also have allowed themselves to get into a bit of a rut and need some style inspiration. I’m not an expert by any means, but I’m learning.

So here we are!

day 1

I just wore this to work from home and to attend parent-teacher conferences. This is a sweater I picked up on a whim at the Oakley Factory Outlet a couple months ago. It was on a mannequin, and it caught my eye. At first I thought it was a sweatshirt, but it’s actually more of a sweater.

I like the funky stripes, and it’s comfy and easy to throw on. They had it layered over a tank on the mannequin in the store, so I tried it that way and it definitely needs the pop of color. These gray cords are fairly casual and seemed to work with the sweater, and the suede mocs were the best I could do in the shoe department. I know I say this every week, but I still need some type of “fashion sneaker” that will look cute with casual outfits.

Aaaaand that’s me being a dork. My daughter hijacked my camera.

day 2

I wore this outfit on Thanksgiving Day. My inlaws hosted and it was a rather warmish day. I knew the house would be hot with the oven on and 25 people plus 6 dogs milling around so I opted for short sleeves.

I got this top at the LOFT back in September, and it has been a great transition piece. I wore it over a black tank because it tends to ride up and I didn’t want to overshare, if you know what I mean.

I paired it with my green Emma Leggings from DL1961 and my Franco Sarto Poet boots. I tried it on with a scarf but changed my mind and opted for this long silver link necklace that I picked up for cheap several years ago… I don’t even remember where.

day 3

This is an outfit I’ve never put together before. I was pulling the cream sweater out of my closet, and I noticed the tan cords hanging below it and the combination just caught my eye — simple, clean, easy.

The next question was boots or ballet flats? I thought the outfit needed some balance so I went for my brown suede boots. I think the dark brown in the boots balances the dark brown in my hair, and the weight of the boot balances top-heavy me! LOL. I wore this to church on Sunday and then out to lunch. It’s pretty casual for church, but I was cold and didn’t care.

day 4

I actually wore this outfit twice this week. The blouse came from a promotion I’m doing with @cakestyleme — I’ll tell you all about it on Friday, so stay tuned. I debated profusely before deciding to keep it but I’m glad I did. It’s a bit of a departure for me, but I’m tired of wearing sweaters all the time!

I took pictures both times I wore the outfit and I cringe looking at every last one of them. My hair has passed the point of no return. I can’t do a thing with it. I have an appointment for a cut and color TODAY! YAY!

Meanwhile, I went to my husband’s 25th high school reunion and my own Philly Social Media Moms holiday party with a mop. But hey, at least my outfit was cute, right!?

Here’s a close up of the blouse.

The more I wear it, the more I like it. It’s also great for those bloated days b/c it’s not form fitting. WIN!

day 5

And what would Daily Mom Style be without a Savannah appearance!?

I wore this to a neighbor’s for a casual get together. I picked it up at Target during my Black Friday scavenger hunt, and I think I expected it to be longer… more of a tunic to wear with leggings. I’m not sure the length is exactly right, but it is comfy and sparkly and I’m sure I will get some wear out of it.

I paired it with dark skinny jeans and wore my warmest gray Uggs because it was COLD outside.

Those are the only pictures I got this week. If you posted your outfits today, let me know and I’ll stop by and visit!

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17 Responses

  1. Like day 1 best! But I love architectural pieces. Your hair is looking really good – I wanted to tell you that the other day. Proud of you for day 4! A blouse AND a print! 😉

    1. HA! you have NO idea how I labored over that piece of clothing. I still don’t love it – it just doesn’t feel as flattering as more form fitting items, but I felt like I needed something different. my closet is boring me lately. 😉

  2. Very cute outfits and it amazes me how you manage to do it every single day 🙂 It would great if you could shed some light on how you store your clothes and pick the ones you need…is it lot of closet space or smart organization?

    1. well…. I don’t do it EVERY day, lol. but it has become a habit.

      I do have a lot of closet space, and I recently won a closet makeover by Easy Closets, so it is actually MUCH easier to see what I have now.

  3. I love that red blouse! Red looks really great on you, and I love those tops that hide the muffin top (not yours, mine!)

  4. Love day 1 the most – probably because it’s most like what I could see myself wearing during the day as a stay-at-home mom. All the outfits are great though. :). I need a “fashion sneaker” as well. Keep us posted if you find something that works!

  5. Puma makes some super cute tennis shoe-type ballet flats that I’m super tempted to buy. You should check them out! They have some in plain black that are super comfy and go with everything.

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