Fall 2019 Handbag Trend: The Modern Lady Bag

If you’re looking to update your handbag this fall, the modern lady bag is the way to go. These chic, boxy top-handle styles are perfect for elevating a basic outfit or modernizing your work wear looks.

If you’re looking to update your handbag this fall, the modern lady bag is the way to go. These chic, boxy top-handle styles are perfect for elevating a basic outfit or modernizing your work wear looks.

Handbags are a very personal thing, so if a structured bag doesn’t work with your personal style aesthetic or your handbag preferences, you may want to sit this one out. Or better yet, buy an inexpensive one to try out first. You may find you like it!

Personally, I’m more of a tote girl, but I do like my bags to have some structure so these work well for me. Most come with a shoulder strap so you have some carrying options, which is nice.

I’ve rounded up a bunch of options at various price points for you to peruse…

Splurge ($400+)

NOTE: Most Bloomingdale’s bags below are included in their 25% off Friends & Family Sale.

Spend ($100+)

Save (Under $100)

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  1. I have to have a shoulder strap, and I find a bag which has both handles and shoulder strap looks weird (that’s just me.)

  2. I tend to not be much of a handbag person. I like to buy decent quality handbags – Dooney & Burke, Michael Kors, and I’ve had Fossil in the past. I’m currently carrying the Nordstrom Croc Tote from the NSale and I really like it. I tend to not want the hassle of changing them out. I know you’ve said you have smaller pouches (?) that you switch from bag to bag? I do like that idea. Plus, it would help keep my handbags more organized, lol. I prefer totes, but a few of the ones up above are *tote-like* and I like them. I immediately clicked on the Dryden Marcy, but it’s currently unavailable. I also kind of like the Top Shop one, but the color says pink, and I don’t want something pink-toned. I’m thinking of the Mango Croc-Effect bag. It’s a decent price for me. I just wish the website gave dimensions or showed w/ a model so I could judge the size.

    Great post, btw. I love several of the splurge ones & spend ones, but I don’t love handbags enough to spend over $200. I’d rather spend money on shoes! 😀

  3. I do like this style of handbag! I like how they are smaller and I only fit what I need. I can also find things easily, I don’t like to fumble through a huge tote and not be able to find my keys or lipstick easily. The Sole Society hexagon shape bag is interesting, not sure I have seen that shape for a handbag before 🙂

  4. I am a handbag gal!! Every few years I make the mistake of buying a expensive beautiful leather bag just because it’s fantastic and fits all my requirements. 
    Then after a few wears I realize how heavy it is!! I always forget that. 
    My favorite light weight leather bag is by Hobo. I’m sure I’ll make the mistake of A heavy handbag again as I fall in love quite easily but for this season I’m happy with my Hobo. 
    Plus a zipper is great on a purse when throwing under plane seat!! Just sayin. 

  5. These bags are beautiful. I own a few but they are seldom used as I find them boxy & awkward.  Like others here, I don’t care for the duo carrying option, looks weird to me and feels weirder.  Loop handle inevitably ends up over my wrist and makes me feel like an old-er lady.  These look great with certain outfits, I do agree. Hands down, I will grab a hobo or tote style (top zip a must) nearly every time. 

  6. I used to always carry bigger handbags then found my shoulders getting sore because I over stuffed them. So I started carrying crossbody bags more and it does make a big difference. They’re great for shopping and heading out in a few errands. If I’m heading out somewhere and need to take more I’ll  grab a tote . I do like some of these options you’ve shared . I like a satchel as it’s not too big or as small as a crossbody  as long as there’s a longer strap .
    Have a great day

  7. I was just looking through my cold weather pinterest board (64 degrees this morning!) and I saw an old 17 outfits to recreate this season post. I think I’d pinned 3-4 outfits from that post. That would be a fun thing to see again! Not that you are lacking for ideas and content right now, but I still thought I’d send you the idea.

  8. These are my favorite style of bag because shoulder straps bring pain to my shoulder. I’m always hooking the purse over my forearm to free up my hand when necessary. Otherwise just carrying by my side keeps me pain free. I also keep it as light as possible with my contents.

  9. I think I need to revisit this style of bag.  In the past they have all seemed hard.  I don’t mind a little structure but I don’t like stiff.  I think I’ll check out one of the Mango bags.  
    How do you deal with the different handles and straps?   The shoulder straps are not typically removal on this style, correct? 

  10. I like some of these bags. I must have a shoulder strap for hands free, a zipper for safety and an outside pocket for my keys. It can’t be too big, nor too small. I know! Picky! 😝 Also, I find the hard sided, structured ones are too stiff for my lifestyle. I love the looks of them on others though. 

  11. This is great. I was just looking at handbags yesterday. I need a winter bag in a neutral color. I actually don’t have a black purse I like so was thinking about that. Debating between black and taupe. Is taupe more versatile? I do have a Kate Spade gray crossbody style I’ve used a ton because it goes with so much but sometimes it’s not big enough. 

  12. Haahaa – I guess I am a Modern Lady 🙂 I have carried a Miche bag for the past 10 years and like the structured look and the fact I can change/update the outside to fit with my outfits. I do have a couple of totes, but most times I just carry the smaller purse. Great post – I love all the purses shown!

  13. Thanks for this post on the bags. I loved several of them. I ordered the DKNY one. Its a good size for me and they are currently having a flash sale on it! I’ll let you know how I like it.

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