2016 Fall Jewelry Trends

Hello, friends. Happy Monday! Let’s talk fall jewelry trends. Accessories are the easiest and least expensive way to update an outfit, so it’s always helpful to stay up to date on the latest trends in jewelry. I recommend incorporating a few new pieces each season to keep your wardrobe fresh.

2016 Fall Jewelry Trends: Accessories are the easiest and most affordable way to update your wardrobe, so I put together a list of the biggest fall jewelry trends and how to wear them!

As a Stella & Dot Independent Stylist, I get lots of information on the latest jewelry trends, and I get to try out a lot of different styles. I always try to order an assortment each season so I can showcase the latest styles, but I find myself reverting back to what’s comfortable and what I like best. I guess that’s pretty typical. I’m excited that the more delicate styles are still in vogue this fall because I much prefer layering delicates to big chunky pieces.

Over the weekend, I read a short little book on my Kindle, How to Dress Like a Parisian Woman. It’s a quick, easy read, written as a list of 100 tips, and I found it interesting. Not that we all are trying to dress like Parisian women, but I personally love that chic yet timeless style, so I’m always fascinated with information on how French woman dress. The advice in this book focused a lot on keeping a classic wardrobe and investing in key quality pieces that you wear for years, but one tip said this:

Accessories are updated with every season.

I thought that was interesting. Most of us probably have a few pieces of fine jewelry that we wear for many years, but it is fun to buy some fashion jewelry to mix in and keep our outfits interesting and up to date.

I personally enjoy wearing a mix of both. I have diamond earrings and several designer jewelry pieces that my husband has given me for major holidays over the years, and those will be in my collection forever. But I always add some fun fashion jewelry into the mix to keep my looks on trend and because the variety is fun!

Here’s a list of the latest fall jewelry trends and how to wear them.

9 Top Fall Jewelry Trends for 2016

#1. Lariat: In my humble opinion, if you are going to add one new piece of jewelry to your wardrobe this fall, it should be a lariat. Some are delicate like this Mika Lariat from Gorjana, and some are bold like this Zoe Lariat from Stella & Dot. There is something for everyone. You can wear lariats with anything. I personally like a bolder lariat on a casual outfit and a more delicate style on a dressier outfit.

Kendra Scott Phara Tassel Lariat

#2. Tassels: Tassels are everywhere — from handbags to scarves to earrings to necklaces. I love this trend because you can find tassel jewelry in all styles — classic, boho, or bright and fun. I stick to tassels in the metals. I have tried a few in bright and fun styles and they don’t feel right to me, but everybody has a different style aesthetic so go with what works for you.

Panacea Jasper & Tassel Pendant Necklace

#3. Mixed Metals: No longer do you have to choose silver or gold. Most of my jewelry combines both in some way. This makes it SO much easier to mix and match, and it also allows you to carry a handbag with either color hardware, which is nice. I know that many people don’t worry about the hardware of their bag matching their jewelry, and I won’t necessarily NOT carry a bag if it doesn’t go with my jewelry, but I love it when it all works together, and mixed metal jewelry makes this a non-issue.

Stella & Dot Sutton Necklace

#4. Layering: Layering isn’t new this season, but it’s still a hot trend. My personal preference is jewelry that comes already layered that you can wear in multiple ways. Delicates are more on trend than heavy pieces, although I still see some heavy pieces around. I personally love layering delicates. It works best for my personal style. Layer your necklaces, your bracelets, your rings, everything! But my personal advice is to go easy. One or maybe two sets of layered pieces is good. Don’t over do it. (This goes back to that Parisian style that I’m so fond of! They are always intentional but understated in their accessorizing — less is more.)

layered bracelets

#5. Gunmetal & Rose Gold: That’s right, it’s no longer a question of silver or gold. Other shades of these basics such as gunmetal and rose gold are stealing the show this season. I personally love gunmetal for fall because I tend to wear a lot of grey and black and plum and other deep jewel tones, and gunmetal mixes so beautifully with those shades. I enjoy rose gold, but I’ve had a hard time incorporating it into my wardrobe. To each her own, right!?!

Stella & Dot Celine Wrap Bracelet Stella & Dot Icon Convertible Watch in Rose Gold

#6. Arm Cuffs: Narrow or wide, cuff bracelets can be worn alone or paired with other pieces for a fun arm party. I love to pair a cuff with my watch.

Stella & Dot Pearl Spike Cuff

#7. Ear Cuffs: I’m not such a fan of the ear cuff, but it’s a fun way to change up your look. The ear jacket is a fun option and a little more of a classic look.

Stella & Dot Drape Ear Jacket

#8. Stacked Rings and Midi Rings: I used to always just wear my wedding ring on my left hand and one nice ring on my right hand, usually with a precious stone or a pearl. I’d rotate that one with the ones I currently had in my jewelry box. These days it’s trendy to wear multiple rings on one hand or even on one finger. You can often buy sets meant to be worn together, or buy a set of midi rings and disperse them among several fingers. Double finger rings are also popular right now. In this picture you can see a set of midi rings, a double finger ring, and a lariat with tassels — several popular jewelry trends in action!

Jewelry Trends for Fall 2016 featuring Kendra Scott

#9 Choker: I’m not sure if I’ll be participating in the choker trend, but I figure it bears mentioning because it is becoming very popular. Look, they’re even layering chokers. That look I actually kind of like.

Loren Olivia Layered Coin Pendant Choker

Those are the biggest fall jewelry trends I’m seeing right now! Which ones are your favorites???

I intended to do more of these fall trends posts this month, but I ended up posting a lot of outfits. We have another week before Cyndi and I start our 26 Days of Fall Fashion Series, so I hope to tackle a few of these topics before then. If you have any particular topics you’re interested in, let me know!

Coming Soon: 26 Days of Fall Fashion!!!


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  1. LOVED this post! Please do one every season. One of the best things about accessories is that they are available at every price point. I’ve been mixing metals for awhile now, but find it hard to incorporate the rose gold as well. I really want to try the layered necklace look this season. Thanks again for a great post.

  2. Enjoyed this post and the preview…so many fun looks to consider!

    I’m one of those who tend to stick with the same pieces… and am usually reluctant to invest in accessories for one main reason: storage/organization.

    If it isn’t already in a post that I missed, may I ask how you store and organize these pieces, and how large a collection do you maintain…and how long you tend to keep them before sorting out and replenishing?

  3. Love this post! Jewelry is my favorite fashion accessory!!!!!! Like you, I have several key pieces that were gifts from my honey over the years and those will are tried and true classic pieces. However, it’s fun to incorporate some new items each season,…..especially in the fall…..with the deep colors and higher necklines for a great backdrop. I love that gunmetal bracelet you featured and the midi rings……drool! 😉

  4. You are getting me in the mood for fall Jo-Lynne! I especially love the Stella & Dot pearl cuff bracelet. I love how you suggest pieces I wouldn’t have known about without your blog. Thanks!

  5. I really enjoyed reading all about what is new. I now live in the country and hardly ever go to the big cities.
    I was wondering where some good places are to shop for some bracelets and a new watch. Thank you so much.

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