Fall Outfit Inspo | #NSale 2020

Happy Monday, friends! There’s a nip in the air this morning, and it feels a little bit like fall, so I thought I’d share some fall outfit inspiration with you.

Of course, this fall will look very different than years past, but I’m hoping we can keep a lid on this Covid thing and continue to be out and about some. And even when we’re at home all day, it’s important for our mental health and well-being to get dressed and feel good about how we look.

Why not wear all of those cute clothes hanging in our closets!? No sense letting them rot just because we aren’t conducting our normal activities.

everyday fall outfit inspiration for women over 40

I’m trying to share things that are at least somewhat stocked, but #NSale pickings are getting slim. If something you love is out of stock right now, I’m confident there will be tons of restocks over the next few weeks from people making returns, so keep an eye on your favorites!

Also, I don’t know how many of you are aware, but a devastating storm ripped through parts of Iowa last Monday. There was no warning, so it caught people totally unprepared, and the loss of life and property (and crops, as much of the area is farmland) were is intense and widespread. Many are still without power, even a week later, and of course relief efforts are complicated by Covid. [read about it here]

I share this because one of Nordstrom’s biggest distribution centers is located in that area, and many #NSale orders are delayed. So if you’re still waiting on some, be patient; I’m sure they’re doing the best they can.

And if you are one who was affected by that storm, I hope you’re back up and running very soon!

There is no graceful way to segue from a natural disaster to cute fall outfits, so I won’t even try.

Fall Outfit Inspo | #NSale 2020

Some of these items you’ve seen me share before, but others have come in since my last Try-On Haul, so there are definitely some new fun finds in here.

As a reminder, I’ve linked all my 2020 #NSale coverage at the top of the blog so it’s easy to access. When you use my Nordstrom links to shop, it helps support this blog, and it is SO very much appreciated!

Outfit #1: Plush Tunic + Faux Leather Leggings

AllSaints sweater // Spanx leggings // Vince boots // Kendra Scott hoops

I’ve already shown the AllSaints Tara sweater with skinny jeans, but I recently got the Spanx faux leather leggings in the mail, and they seemed like the perfect pairing.

I will be honest, though, the Spanx leggings are a bit much for me. I might like them better with a knee-high boot and a tunic that doesn’t have that big side slit…

I don’t have a longer tunic, but I do have these Vince Camuto knee high boots.

Hmmmm… the leather boots on the faux leather leggings is a lot of shine.

AllSaints sweater // Spanx leggings // Vince Camuto boots (size up half) // Kendra Scott hoops

Suede would look a lot better, but I’m still not feeling the leggings. I like them when I see them on other women, but I don’t think I would ever actually wear them.

Alternative #1: Plush Tunic + Skinny Jeans

AllSaints sweater // Kut from the Kloth skinny jeans (similar option) // Vince Camuto bootie

This look is WAY more in my comfort zone. I feel like the sweater doesn’t do much in pictures, but in person, it’s absolutely scrumptious.

It feels so good on, and has such a nice flow to it as you move around. Plus, it’s just a little bit different than anything else I have. I love the color and the details in the knit…

Also, these booties are really good, but size up half.

And I highly recommend these jeans for a bargain buy.

Sizes are getting depleted, but this pair is very similar and also on sale.

Alternative #2: Faux Leather Leggings + Luxe Cardigan & Leopard Tee

Nordstrom Signature cardigan // Caslon tee (option) // Spanx leggings // Vince boots // Kendra Scott hoops

Before totally ditching the leggings, I thought I’d try them with a tee and cardigan combo.

The beige cardigan definitely tones down the leggings, but I still think I’d prefer the tee and cardigan combo with jeans.

This Nordstrom Signature open cardigan is still fully stocked, and I love it. I’m still trying to decide if I want to keep the black or beige.

By way of reminder, here is the black.

I guess this could be alternative #3, but we are really getting away from the original outfit formula!

Oh, well. It’s a rabbit trail of the best kind… the fashion kind!

Alternative #3: Luxe Cardigan & White Tee + Skinny Jeans

Nordstrom Signature cardigan // Caslon tee // Paige jeans // Sofft sneaker mules

FYI, the Paige jeans and Sofft sneaker mules are still fully stocked!

Here is another cozy cardigan optionthis one is under $50 and very thick but soft and cozy. Size down, though. I’m in the S and definitely need an XS in this one.

Treasure & Bond cardigan (option) // Caslon tee (option) // Spanx leggings // Kendra Scott hoops

Okay, moving on…

Outfit #2: Cozy Pullover + Skinny Jeans & Booties

This outfit is pretty much my fall/winter uniform. It’s so simple, but there is truly nothing I’d rather wear in the winter than a cozy pullover with skinny jeans and boots.

Vince funnel neck sweater // Mother jeans // Marc Fisher booties

The sweater is pricey, but it’s exactly the reason I love the #NSale. I never pay full-price for Vince, but if I can get it for 40% off right here at the beginning of the season, the cost per wear will be practically nill by the time I’m done with it. The classic style and stellar quality mean it will be in my closet for years.

I really like the combination of the pale grey sweater light wash jeans. FYI, these jeans are almost sold out, but this Paige pair is very similar.

Here’s another option with a classic crewneck sweater.

Vince crew neck sweater // Mother jeans // Marc Fisher booties

This one is also by Vince, and I think this pink shade is so pretty. It also pairs perfectly with light wash jeans and light grey boots.

I love these boots in the Cloud Suede. They pair so well with light and mid-wash denim, and they’re a nice way to transition from summer to fall.

To lighten up the look, you can always swap out the booties for loafers.

Alternative #1: Cozy Pullover + Skinny Jeans & Loafers

Vince funnel neck sweater // Mother jeans // Everlane loafer mules (option)

This caramel color of these loafer mules is really pretty with this outfit, but the taupe Steve Madden pair from the #NSale would work too.

Alternative #2: Oversized Pullover + Skinny Jeans & Mules

Chelsea28 sweater // Paige jeans // Steve Madden mules // Tory Burch crossbody // Kendra Scott hoops & layer necklace

Here’s another variation on the theme. This sweater is under $50, and I love the relaxed fit. It also feels really soft on and has a great drape. It has *almost* no wool content, for those who need that — it’s 40% viscose, 33% nylon, 25% polyester, 2% cashmere.

Those jeans really need about an inch hacked off the bottom… it’s driving me nuts. But I really love this bag.

It’s sold out online, but if you want it, I recommend calling your local store. A few people have told me they had luck finding one that way.

Outfit #3: Longline Cardigan + Printed Cami

Halogen cardigan // Halogen cami // Paige jeans // Steve Madden mules // Kendra Scott hoops & layer necklace

Cardigans and fall go hand-in-hand, and this cardigan has a beautiful drape, patch pockets, and a nice long, slim silhouette.

It’s soft and lightweight and has very little wool content — 40% viscose, 30% nylon, 25% polyester, 5% cashmere. You can definitely size down in this; I’m in the small but I think I’d prefer the fit of the XS.

This woven cami comes in several fun prints. I got the stripe and the leopard for layering under jackets and cardigans. You can also dress up the look with heeled sandals.

Halogen cardigan // Halogen cami // Paige jeans // Vionic sandals // Kendra Scott hoops & layer necklace

A chunky suede sandal like these Vionics are another great way to transition your outfits from summer to fall. These are sooo comfortable, and I really like the styling.

Alternative #1: Cozy Cardigan + Printed Cami with Skinny Jeans & Booties

While the longline cardigans are chic and fun, I usually gravitate to the shorter, cozier ones — mid-thigh or above is my sweet spot. I keep coming back to this Nordstrom Signature one.

But, black or beige is the question…

Nordstrom Signature cardigan // Halogen cami (option) // rag & bone Nina skinnies // Vince Camuto booties

For more casual looks, I like to wear a cardigan over a t-shirt…

Alternative #2: Cozy Cardigan + T-Shirt with Skinny Jeans and Mules

Nordstrom Signature cardigan // Caslon tee // Paige jeans // Sofft sneaker mules

Hey look, we’re back to this one. Ha! I guess I know what I like.

I found this Daily Ritual cardigan on Amazon to give you a more budget-friendly cardigan option. It comes in tons of colors and ships free with Prime.

Daily Ritual cardigan // Caslon tee // Kut from the Kloth skinnies (option) // Rachel Parcell belt // Everlane loafer mules

Outfit #4: Leather Jacket + Printed Tee with Skinny Jeans & Booties

ATM cheetah tee (options here & here) // Caslon leather jacket (options here & here) // Paige jeans // Vince boots

I know I’ve shared this look before, and it’s probably mean to post it again because the jacket and tee are both sold out, but it’s such a good fall look, so I had to include it here.

I am HOPING they restock these pieces at some point, but if not, you can recreate this look with similar items.

This tee is an Amazon Fashion find, and it has a very similar look to my ATM tee at a fraction of the price. I also found this one from J.Crew that I like a lot.

And while my leather jacket is fun because it has the hood, but I also love this more traditional Sam Edelman leather moto.

Alternative #1: Printed Tee with Boyfriend Jeans & Booties

ATM cheetah tee (options here & here) // rag & bone boyfriend jeans // Marc Fisher booties

When it’s too hot for a jacket in the fall, I love to wear a short-sleeve tee with ankle boots.

These are the Marc Fisher booties in the Cognac Suede. Both colors are so good, I had a hard time making a choice, and I still wonder if I should have kept both.

Also, these boyfriend jeans are a nice break from skinny jeans.

Alternative #2: Military Jacket + White Tee with Skinny Jeans & Loafers

Rails military jacket // Caslon tee // Kut from the Kloth skinny jeans (similar option) // Everlane mules

Sometimes a leather moto is a bit much, and a military jacket can be a nice alternative. This one is super lightweight, and I love the mini cheetah print.

FYI, there’s a solid colored one that’s part of the #NSale. I would typically gravitate toward the sage, but I’ve seen several bloggers style the pink, and it’s really cute on.

Alternative #3: Woven Tank + Leather Jacket

Coming full circle, this is the Sam Edelman leather moto I mentioned as an alternative to the black Caslon one that inspired the original outfit formula with the cheetah print tee.

Sam Edelman moto // Chelsea28 woven tank (not on sale; option) // similar flares // leopard pumps (not on sale)

I drug this photo out of last year’s Nordstrom sale picks because they brought this jacket back this year, and it’s good! It’s also available in black, and it runs true to size. I have the small.

This is pretty much my go-to outfit formula for a fall date night — the toughness of the leather jacket offsets the feminine woven tank, and then the casual jeans and classic pumps create more visual tension. It all works together so perfectly.

Incidentally, this jacket would be amazing over that stripe cami (and there’s also a tank version).

Outfit #5: Cargo Pants + Tee & Denim Jacket

I couldn’t possibly share a fall outfit roundup without a denim jacket and olive cargo pant combo…

Paige cargo pants (budget option) // Caslon stripe tee // Vince Camuto denim jacket // Vince Camuto booties

These Paige cargo pants just came in the mail over the weekend, and I like them more than I thought I would. They’re thick and soft and hug the body in all the right places. They came cuffed, and I left them that way.

There’s also a Caslon pair that will give you a similar look for less.

I like this look with the booties for fall, but I can swap them out for my favorite neutral sandals and start wearing this outfit now!

And that’s a wrap!

I have a few more, but I’m saving them for some collaborations I’m doing with Nordstrom later this week. I hope this gives you some outfit inspiration as you look ahead to fall.

Meanwhile, I’ll be back tomorrow with my Save/Spend/Splurge handbag roundup!

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49 thoughts on “Fall Outfit Inspo | #NSale 2020

  1. THANK YOU for mentioning the derecho we had last Monday (basically a hurricane on land–winds up to 112 in one town). Although I was not affected, my son and a close friend were. We feel forgotten as it has not been mentioned much. People are still without power, over 14 million acres of crops ruined. It’s devastating. I appreciate you saying something.

    1. Anne, I’m your neighbor in Illinois. We have heard about the devastation but have not seen news photos. Chicago burbs suffered Tornado touchdowns so there was local disaster for the news to cover. My neighborhood had no power for 4 days. This is certainly no comparison to the devastation suffered by our Iowa neighbors. I’ve friends from KS that drove through Iowa this past weekend and described the devastated crops, homes, livestock. Their descriptions were heart wrenching. Please know that many of us are thinking of you all and keeping you in our prayers. Honestly, I don’t know what else 2020 can deliver. Be well, you and all our Iowa neighbors stay safe  God bless. 

    2. I live in the Cedar Rapids/Marion area. We were very lucky not to have damage at home or our camper (husband was in it right before the storm). We have been without power since August 10th. Everyday I say maybe today the power will come back on. We are so happy now that we installed a whole house Generac generator back in July 2014. So many people don’t even have a gas generator. This storm is something I will never forget.

  2. Morning Jolynne!  My favorite post yet!  All posts are great but this one has many favorites.  

    Thank you for mentioning Iowa.  I live in Des Moines and while we never lost power thousands still don’t.  The destruction this storm caused is devastating.  I have never experienced winds like we had-hurricane force winds. Many farm fields have been leveled and it truly looks like a war zone in rural areas.  

  3. Thanks for the shout out to the people in Iowa. I’m from Iowa (lived there most of my 43 years) and know a lot of people would appreciate our thoughts and prayers. So much of the state was hit hard last week. 2020 just keeps on giving!

  4. I can see myself wearing virtually everything you highlighted in this post except the Spanx leggings.  No…..just no.  LOL!  I don’t understand why they are that much different than skinny jeans but they are.  Everything else – oh my goodness – I love!  One of the reasons I follow you is because your style and mine are very similar.  Give me a tee and shorts in warm weather and a sweater and skinny jeans in cool weather and I’m a happy camper!  On another note, I feel so sorry for everyone affected by the derecho in Iowa, I didn’t know that word until this happened.  As the daughter of a farmer, seeing all the corn flattened in the state was tragic too.  I hope people get power back very soon.  Prayers for them!

  5. AHHH! you tired the Paige cargo…. they look FAB on you! Such a different pair than the Mayslie, I think! Do you think you’ll keep? I hope to put mine back on and sit in them for a few hours to see how they give/don’t give so I know which size to keep.

    1. I think so, although I have the Caslon too, and I like them a lot as well. I was thinking I might need to try the Paige in the 27. I had the Mayslie last year in 28, when I was wearing mostly 29s, and they’re too big now. I got these in the 28, but they seem to have a lot of give to them, and I think I should try the 27 before deciding to keep or not.

  6. Fun post – lots of great looks. My two cents: I would not keep the leggings. I think you look better in other things. The vince sweaters are gorgeous – my favorite sweater brand. The cardigans. When I first saw the beige cardigan I thought “definitely keep the beige”…then I saw the black and thought “definitely keep the black”….not helpful, I know. They both look great. On balance I think I like the detailing that can be seen on the beige, and I feel like it can be harder to find the right shade of beige. But those flecks…! Not what you asked for, but if I were you, I think I’d return the brown jacket and keep both cardigans. The jacket is beautiful, but it’s not my favorite color on you. And I’d get more wear out of the cardigans (that might be less true for you – I love cardigans). Did you decide to keep both the paige and the mother jeans? They both look great on you. I was also flip flopping on those, so decided you should keep both of those also…you’re welcome. 🙂

  7. P.S.  Nordstrom should upload the picture of you in the Vince funnel neck sweater on their website because it looks waaaaaaay better on you than on their model! 

  8. I really like the Nordstrom Signature cardigan in the light color. I may put it on my wishlist and think about it. I am waiting for my items to arrive and see what I keep and what I return. Love this try-on session and look forward to the Nordstrom session later in the week. I did order the Sam Edelman leather jacket and hope it works. I have been looking for a brown one for awhile. 

    1. Usually my regular one, and I don’t remove the cardigan or jacket. If I think I may want to remove it, I wear a strapless, but I don’t have a lot of patience for those, even though I have one I like.

  9. I tried on a pair of the Spanx leggings and found them too edgy and overtly sexy. I love them on others but knew I would not wear them.

    I love fall and look forward to the colder mornings. Walking in this heat is exhausting. 

  10. I had a pair of faux leggings a few years ago. I couldn’t stand to wear them very long as I found them extremely hot, although it probably didn’t help that I was going through menopause at the time. Lol.

    I love your looks, the pink sweater looks really lovely on you. As a person that lives in rural Alberta my heart goes out to the people in Iowa.

  11. I’m going to be the outlier here, lol. I like the faux leather legging look on you. However, I do not like Spanx leggings. I bought faux leather leggings last fall (And I do not wear leggings except at the gym.) from Nordstrom after trying on 4 or 5 brands. The Spanx was one of my least favorite pairs of the bunch. I wore the ones I purchased out in the evenings to dinner, to a show, or to a friend’s house for wine. That said, I think it’s important to wear what makes us feel good.

    Jo-Lynne, do the R&B boyfriend jeans have any give in them? I’d love a pair of boyfriend style jeans as I wore out an old pair from WHBM and had to put them in the trash last fall. They were so worn I couldn’t even donate them.

    It’s cooler in DE today, too. I’m not worried though because September is always hot here. Still, it’s fun to think about fall clothes, and as you said, Jo-Lynne, some of the styling you showed here today works well during that transition time.

  12. Consider the faux leather with OTK or knee high suede cognac suede boots.  Tones down the shine.  I agree with the super high slit on the tunic–feels better a bit more covered.  I have a sweater dress that I wear my faux leather leggings with tho.  The outfit is super warm that way!  Not that we need warmth in S. CA where the temps are 90-100 this week.  Ugh! Fall PLEASE!!

    1. Ugh, that’s hot. yeah, I can see them with a sweater dress, some of those are too short for my comfort level even with tights, but they could be cute with leggings, and would maybe be more form-fitting (in a good way) than a tunic.

  13. Good morning! Before you ditch the faux leather leggings, try dressing them down. My favorite way to wear them is with P448 sneakers and an oversized sweater or sweatshirt.  It’s a super cute (slightly edgy) casual look, and it doesn’t come across as “sexy.”  It’s worth a try before you send them back, right?  😀

    1. Yeah, I could try that. My biggest issue is I don’t have anything long enough to cover all the important parts. 🙂 I hardly ever wear anything that long on top b/c it adds visual weight and makes me feel schlumpy. I love the look on others, but I’m not sure it’s going to ever be one I feel good in.

  14. I love all of these outfit inspos, JoLynne.  I don’t use the Nordstrom credit card, so I can’t shop Anniversary Sale items until Wednesday.  EVERYTHING in my Wish List is Sold Out.  I guess I’ll watch for restocks, but it is disappointing and I probably won’t pay any attention to the sale next year.  I do appreciate your hard work in covering the sale though.

  15. Great post.  I agree with ditching the Spanx faux leather leggings. They look like scuba gear to me no matter the wearer or how they are styled.  Of course, that’s my opinion and I know people who love them but I can’t see it.  The coated denim jeans from WHBM you’ve featured in the past provide a similar edgy vibe but look classy. Love the sweaters.  Rust is not a good color for me but for those it flatters, there are gorgeous selections to be made this season. The funnel neck, pink crew neck and N cashmere cardigan sweaters are items I’m considering. Love that you’ve featured several jeans currently in my closet and paired with similar boots. Great inspiration. 

  16. I love post like this. Helps with the Summer/Fall transition. Those transitions are hard for me. I can’t shop until Wed and so much sold out. I think they should just have the sale, set a date and give plenty of time to shop it and get plenty of inventory. It is going to have to change somehow as people are getting frustrated that nothing is left. The people who can’t start until last date really can’t say they are shopping the sale. Anyway it is what it is. I guess I’ll wait for good Loft deals which they always have and I like their quality for the prices they have. Always having sales often. Could you share some of Lofts Fall items and do a try on haul? Thanks for all your hard work getting people informed for the NSALE it was fun to read and see what’s out there. 

    1. Amen to everything Kathy said. By the time I’m “allowed” to shop at Nordstrom, items all sold out so “big hype, not much stock”. The staggered shopping dates come off as elitist. Just set one sale date for all: easy peasy. Sorry for venting 😉

      So sorry to hear about the folks in Iowa. It has not been in our news here. 2020 just keeps slapping us hard. Can we just skip forward to 2021? Praying for the safety and well being of those affected.

  17. I think the Spanx leggings look good on you! I think you just need to figure out how to wear them for you. I don’t have the Spanx brand but have them in black, brown and a deep red and love to wear them with tall boots and a tunic type top or long sweater. They can be very warm though!

  18. I have the SPANX leggings and I like them because they are not like a regular legging that is designed as yoga/workout gear….all stretchy and soft.  These provide support like any other SPANX product so are a bit of a tighter feel. They work very well when travelling because they act like a compression sock only for legs. They work best worn under a dress or oversized sweater which provides comfort while travelling and you can look good (learned about this from travelfashiongirl). Everything has its place and for this item it is light compression while travelling

  19. Thanks for thinking of us here in Iowa. It is a slow process but recovery continues. Another opportunity to practice patience…a common thread of 2020! Your post is a little escape to some normalcy for which I am grateful Jo-lynne. So many cute, easy ideas to replicate using our closets!

  20. Al of the outfits are super cute and doable. A BIG thank you for mentioning the Iowa storms. It is a horrible disaster that basically has gone unmentioned in the news. When our grocery prices go up, or as you said, Nordstrom shoppers aren’t getting their merchandise, wahwah, maybe someone will give some attention to it. Keep up the great work, JoLynn.

  21. I ordered a pair of the faux leather leggings to try also but like you I’m afraid they just aren’t going to be worn but I thought I’d at least try them on and see. I was hoping you would show us different ways to style them 🙂

  22. Hi! Try the faux leather leggings with one of your long cardigans and a tee. Wear with sneakers, mules or flats. It tones them down.

  23. Wow I love all of these outfits! They really make me excited for fall and the cooler weather. I am excited for your fall series with Cyndi!

  24. Try wearing the white tee with the black stripes and the rust/orange Caslon cardigan with the faux leather leggings. Wear with sneakers or mules/flats. The classic pieces on top will tone down the edge on the bottom. 

  25. These outfits are great… and I just bought a pair of olive green casual pants from The Gap and was looking for style ideas… thoughts and prayers to all of those in Iowa, how devastating.

  26. Great post!  I ordered the BP cardigan in the oatmeal and it was canceled, so this morning I placed an order for it in the grey.  I really like that sweater, so I’m hoping the grey won’t be canceled.  I know that the faux leather pants won’t be added to my closet because they don’t fit my personality.  I have some olive green cargo pants that I would have never thought to pair with my denim jacket, until now.  So, thank you!  I had no idea that Nordstrom has a big distribution facility in Iowa.  It is awful about the storm that hit there ☹️.  I hope you’ve had a great day!

  27. This is a great post! I was trying to add it to my Pinterest board but couldn’t pin the entire post. I’m sure others would love it also. Help! 

  28. Love the Nordstrom Signature sweater in the beige. I’ll keep looking for restocks. Looks like it has enough brown in it that I could pull it off.

    I ordered the Paige joggers in my usual size but need to size down. Hope the new pair works because I really like them.

    Appreciate all of the time you put into your posts.

  29. Thank you so much for mentioning the derecho that hit Iowa last Monday. I live in eastern Iowa and while we were fortunate to not get hit as hard as Cedar Rapids we still have quite a lot of damage. There are still people without power in our small town and clean up to be done! I have definitely never seen anything like it. Thank you for thinking of us, its definitely not been on the national radar!!

  30. I bought the faux leather Spanx last year and wear them with slip on black sneakers, and a casual grey top from Anthropologie that just covers the bum.  Thought the leggings were a little racy for me at first but kept them because my husband absolutely LOVES them and asks me to wear them often lol!  Giving them more of a sporty look works pretty well. 

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