Fashion for the Fourth {reprise}

Last year I wrote a post about Fourth of July fashion and I thought I’d update it with current links.

Fourth of July fashion is a bit dicey because, let’s face it. There’s a lot of this out there:

Old Navy Womens 2012' Flag Tee Shirt

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but about half of the moms at your July 4th parade will likely be wearing the identical tee shirt. (To say nothing of the men and kids . . . )

We can do better. Patriotic does not mean you have to drape yourself in the American flag. Here are some more fashion-forward looks for the Fourth and a heads-up on a great promotion at some of my favorite stores!!

Save 30% on any order at Banana Republic, GAP and Old Navy with code STARS30. Ends 7/3. Online Only. (You are so very welcome!!)

Pair a navy and white printed top such as this Banana Republic Tiffany Printed Halter with a pair of crisp white shorts or jeans, and accessorize with red instead of the turquoise pictured here, and you’re good to go!

fourth of july fashion


How cute and comfy is this Banana Republic Multi Stripe Patio Dress? It’s already got all the patriotic colors going on. Throw on a jean jacket for an evening patio party and accessorize with red, white or blue!

Banana Republic Multi-Stripe Patio Dress

Or for a super casual look, this Old Navy Womens Jersey Tank Dress would be perfect with red accessories.

casual 4th of july fashion


But there’s no need to run out to the mall. Shop your closet! What do you have in red, white and navy blue that you could put together for a festive, yet stylish outfit??

Here are some ideas from Old Navy. Just add red, white or blue accessories to complete the look!

Fourth of July Fashion from Old Navy

When in doubt, go for a white tee-shirt and jeans and add whatever red accessory you might have — shoes, bracelet, handbag . . . whatever you like!

fourth of july fashion


I love this family picture from, ahem, several years ago. We all just dressed in various articles of red, white or blue clothing that we had in our closets. Together we looked quite festive, if I do say so myself!

july fourth parade 2007

I don’t know who that poor girl is in the background. I’m sorry, Ms. Anonymous, for posting you on my blog!!

What about you? How do you do Fourth of July fashion??

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18 Responses

  1. Cute ideas! We host 4th of July at our home, this year should be somewhere between 35-40 people. I’ll be running around like a nut but at least I can look cute, thanks to you;)

  2. I treated myself to a nice red tote from Ralph Lauren, and some white and navy checked espadrilles from Lands End. I think I ‘m set!

  3. Cute outfit ideas! Old Navy always has fun stuff for the fourth. I was lucky this year and found a great patriotic dress at a thrift shop that was even Made in the USA. Can’t wait to wear it! Happy fourth 🙂

  4. Very cute stuff! 4th of July is VERY messy holiday for my kids, so I don’t usually dress up…maybe just a swimsuit!

  5. so funny – I did a Patriotic Fashions post for Memorial Day. . .much bigger in our neighborhood with the local parade. . .but we also wear an assortment of red, white and blue – which is EASY with boys! lol


  6. I don’t know, I think Just Jilly’s tee with a cat waving a flag beats your generic ON tee. 😉

    I went kinda nuts this year and bought all three kids red, white, and blue outfits. To … do what? I don’t know. Take pictures. Maybe we’ll see what there is to do that we haven’t already done for the 4th.

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