Fashion Friday | Backyard BBQ

Even though summer isn’t officially here, it sure feels like it! The temps have been consistently in the 80s and even the 90s for the past couple of weeks, and I think it’s finally safe to put away our long sleeves for the season.

Summertime is full of backyard BBQs, cookouts, pool parties and the like. Which begs the age-old question: What to wear!?

I like to keep it simple and casual. I’m not one to show up at a backyard BBQ wearing a flirty sundress and high heels.

For one thing, you usually end up walking in the grass, and heels are NOT my friends when walking on uneven surfaces. But besides that, I hate being overdressed. So unless the invitation dictates a more formal dress code, I like to stick with flat shoes and shorts or cropped pants. MAYBE a casual skirt. If I’m in the mood.

Let’s have some fun with Polyvore, shall we??

This outfit is a little on the dressier side: cropped white skinny jeans with a cute navy-and-white-striped top, red canvas tote and a neutral thong sandal. This would be great for fourth of July festivities, but red, white and blue is fun anytime!

Don’t rule out shorts. Shorts are really “in” this season, and if you are comfortable baring your legs, it’s a great look, and it can be really classy. I would totally wear this.

Classy Shorts Outfit


If you like skirts, this is a look I totally love but could never pull off. Still, a great look for a summer social gathering — especially a pool party.

Maxi Skirt Outfit


But if you ever see me at a neighborhood cookout, you will probably find me wearing something like this. I usually keep it pretty casual.

Casual Backyard BBQ


What do you generally wear to outdoor summer social gatherings??

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9 thoughts on “Fashion Friday | Backyard BBQ

  1. I wear a skirt and t-shirt nearly everyday in summer. It’s easy for me. I have trouble finding clothes to fit my bottom half and cheap cotton skirts totally fix my problem. I would love to wear shorts though, but I’m a few hundred thousand squats away from pulling off a look with shorts. 🙂

    1. I love that look, but I have a hard time finding skirts that I like on me. I look best in a pencil skirt, and they haven’t been very easy to find in recent years. I love the look of those soft flowy jersey knit skirts (short or long) on other ladies, but they never seem to work right on me.

  2. I love all of these! Especially the second one because now I can’t get that bag out of my mind! Which reminds me, what bag did you decide to get?

    1. I definitely want the Minkoff, but I haven’t ordered it. It’s a month away from my birthday, so I am leaving it on my Wish List and hoping I open it from someone special on July 1st. 🙂 I usually give pretty obvious hints so it’s highly likely! 🙂

  3. Love the pink and black outfit…especially with the bag! I was wondering which one you picked too, but I see from your comment you made a wise choice. Hope you will have to feign surprise opening it on your birthday.

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