Fashion Friday: Black is Back

At least it is according to an email I got from Banana Republic a few weeks back.

To which I say… It’s about time. I love me some black.  I always have.  I think black is universally flattering, and it lends sophistication to an ordinary outfit.  Truth be told, I tend to overdo it with the black.

What can I say?  Black is my signature color. (Quick, which movie did I massacre that quote from?)

The one thing I will NOT say is that black is slimming.  It IS, of course, but ONLY if it fits correctly and the cut of the garment is flattering to the body wearing it.  Of course, that is true of any color.  I definitely feel safer wearing black, but then again, that’s a good reason NOT to wear it sometimes.  It all depends on what you’re going for, I suppose.

Here are a few black essentials every closet should own this season:

1. A great black jacket. I generally don’t wear blazers, but I could get excited about this All Around Jacket from Francescas.  I love the distressed detailing and how they pair it with a satiny top and a great pair of casual jeans.  That’s a fresh, modern way to wear a blazer.

2. Black skinny jeans. Hey, don’t shoot the messenger.  I know a lot of you aren’t big fans of the skinny jean trend, but it’s here for a while, and I admit my eyes have adjusted.  I love the look of this Banana Republic Black skinny jean.

Banana Republic Black skinny jean

While I appreciate how flattering a moderate boot cut jean is on most women, the skinny jean looks more modern to me now. Of course you can find all styles in the stores — from wide leg to boot cut to skinny — and ultimately you should wear what you feel best in.

3. Black Pencil Skirt. This is another trend I am SO happy to see returning!  I love, love, LOVE pencil skirts.  I’ve had a hard time finding skirts for the past few years because the styles have been so NOT pencilish.  You can’t go wrong with a black pencil skirt.  I particularly like this Brushed Tweed Pencil Skirt from Ann Taylor.

I have a similar one and I wear it all winter long with different tops.  It looks great with a crisp white blouse or with a sweater of just about ANY color under the rainbow.  The texture of the tweed adds a bit of interest to the outfit, and it’s just classy.

4. Black Pumps. These probably aren’t absolutely essential for everyone, but I find mine to be indispensable.  I have a stunning pair of black suede pumps that I’m about to break out for the season.  I got them on an end-of-season sale a few years back, and they. are. GORGEOUS.  They are similar to these:

I wear them to dress up boot cut jeans for date night.  I wear them to church with my tweed pencil skirt (see #3) and with most of my fall/winter dresses.  I’m a fan of the rounded toe and a chunkier heel, but you can also go with a dramatic pointed toe pump for a real wow factor, such as the Barbe basic pointed toe pump from Nine West.

5. Little Black Dress. A list of essential black wardrobe pieces would be incomplete without a LBD — in any season.  A LBD is the easiest thing to throw on and dress up or down depending on the occasion.  How cute is this Eight Sixty Wrap Dress from Piperlime?? (Assuming it’s a couple inches longer on us mere mortals.)

You can’t go wrong with the flattering cut of this Nectar Dress from Athleta.

Nectar Dress

Then there’s my personal favorite, a black sheath.

6. Black Boots. I left this one for last because, while boots are definitely a HUGE fashion trend this fall, it’s not necessary to have black ones.  If you wear a lot of black, then that may be a good color to have.  But I also think a gray boot is a fabulous idea.  It’s almost as versatile as black, but it’s a bit more now.  I also love cognac for boots.  Cognac is great because it can go with black as well as brown and almost any color.  Of course, it’s fun to have all three, but if you must choose, base your decision on your current wardrobe and what will go best with the most things.

How about you?  Are you glad black is back?  What is the one essential black wardrobe piece that you couldn’t live without?

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27 Responses

    1. Ha! When I posted it, I felt like it looked familiar. Now I remember, and yes, it looks awesome on you!! So easy to dress up or down.

  1. Guess no one told me black went away!
    My fave black items are my comfy boyfriend jacket, knee high boots, a slim skirt, T’s of course, my summer skort, one particularly comfy and casual lightweight fleece pullover, and yeah my leather jacket.
    The elusive item I must find this fall is a great pair of Black Jeans!
    Love that Athleta dress BTW,

    1. Yeah, I’d say my black tank top is that piece for me. I have a few, and I wear them ALL the time with different tops or sweaters over them, or alone.

  2. Yeah for black! As much as I try to venture out into the world of color, my favorite pieces are always black. How could I pick just one piece??? I can’t live without my black boots in the winter, Mary Janes in the Spring, sandals in the summer. Love my soft, black summer shirt, and my cotton jersey black button-up James Pearse shirt. My long black skirt, my black pencil skirt are my dressy go-to’s. And, my four absolute favorites are my black yoga pants from L.L. Bean, my hooded black ribbed cardigan from J.Crew does double duty as a robe in the house and a light jacket outside, my ribbed black turtleneck from Ann Taylor ( I would wear that and a pair of jeans every day of the Fall and Winter if I could!) and last but not least my black onyx ring that was a Christmas present from my husband. Thanks for the fun post!!!

  3. So thrilled to see black “officially” back in, although I agree, I don’t know if it ever went out for me either. I’m a lover of color, but only when its based in either blacks or grays. My wardrobe is all about how these color ground everything and they are perfect together! My go-to black pieces are my LBD, my yoga pants, and a little black cardigan.
    Love the blazer! I love the look but I have never fully embraced blazers – just might have to give it a whirl this season!

  4. Wow, I am loving all the picks, even the skinny jeans! I am so happy that sheaths are style, because they work really well on me. When I’m keeping up on my arm workout with weights, my arms look like the ones of the actress in Terminator 2. What’s her name?

    I had a black pair of suede pumps from Nine West. Alas, they are no more. I tried wearing them last September to two events on the same day and they literally fell apart halfway through the day. Fortunately, I had a less exciting pair of plain black Nine West heels as back up, but I miss my black suede ones.

  5. Must have: black slacks and a couple of black skirts. I also have a pair of black low-heeled pumps. I love black. BTW — that last sheath dress — I really, really don’t like dresses/ shirts that a lot of fabric between the neck and the chest line. Maybe one day you could do a post on how large-chested women should dress. B/c that kind of dress/shirt makes me look HUGE, since there is about a mile of fabric there, on me. Just a thought. It’s very, very troublesome, when you’re big-chested, to find bras, to find shirts that aren’t tight, or to wear things that are fitted around the waist without looking like you’re soliciting. Sigh. And since you can’t find things that aren’t tight on the chest, and can’t wear things that fitted at the waist, all tops make you look fat. Okay, just venting 🙂

  6. Oh yes – happy to wear black 🙂

    This season I bought a new wool duffel coat, and shorter black coat for the school playground, and some new knee length black leather boots!

    Also tending towards grey/(nude) pink shades too – so it’s all good!

  7. I’m really excited that black is back! I love black. I wear it constantly. Of course, the black skinny jeans I won’t be investing in, first because I can’t pull off skinny jeans, and second because I’m swearing off jeans altogether. I have no butt, so when I wear jeans, I’m constantly pulling them up. And wearing a belt doesn’t work because I don’t have a butt to hold the belt up! So I’m swearing off jeans altogether and sticking to skirts. So I AM excited about the pencil skirts!

    You should do a Fashion Friday post for those of us who have no butt and can’t wear jeans….. like what alternatives are in right now. 🙂

    1. You know what? I have that problem too! I have a flat butt, but I love jeans so much that I just deal with yanking them up all the time. 🙂

  8. I have the same problem with jeans…lack of a behind! I still wear them though. (with a belt or I just tug them up constantly.) I have to say that I will be sitting the skinny jeans thing out. I just don’t think they look good on anyone. Or at least very, very few people. I have been making it a point to note women (as opposed to girls!) in skinny jeans whilst I am out and about. I saw one (one!!) woman the other day who looked great in them. (I almost went up to her and told her how good she looked but I didn’t want to creep her out!) I think for the most part they are a trend that needs to go away. And I will do my part to hasten their exit!!!

  9. Yeah me too – never knew black ever left!? I love black anything and everything. I love a basic pair of black gabardine pants – I have a lined Ann Taylor pair with a beautiful pleat detail down the pant. Totally versatile, never goes out, dress up or down, summer of winter.

  10. I’ve been on the search for some black jeans. Went to Banana Republic yesterday and tried on a pair but there was something odd about the fit on me. I finally found a pair at Eddie Bauer. I’m not usually a fan of their jeans, but they did have some straight legged jeans that seemed to have a skinny (and perhaps slightly more forgiving) fit that worked well for me.

  11. I LOVE black. I mix it with a splash of color. My favorite outfit is my black riding boots, under boot cut jeans and my black ribbed turtleneck. It’s like my uniform. If I’m feeling crazy, I ditch the turtleneck for a black tank, under a colored v-neck sweater. I like everything you posted, except for the skinny jeans. Skinny jeans. (((shudder)))

  12. I think it’s funny when magazines and TV anchors report that “black is back” because…I don’t think black ever went out of style. Black is one of those colors that is truly classic. Always in.

    I’m the same way as you are, by the way. I love black. A little too much, I think. My closet is FULL of black.

  13. I am going to end up being the party pooper here. All black all the time is depressive, particularly during the winter months. I am not thrilled that people are being encouraged to wear more black still this winter. I have found it to be practical if you work with children because it hides stains as well as a good neutral mixed with some color and for particular formal events, but too many people overdo it on a regular basis because they are convinced it is the ultimate and universally flattering. However, the contrast of black against some people’s skin or too close to their faces does little for them. And wearing black is not the only to appear slimmer if it is a concern. There are just so many die hard ideas about wearing the color black. I’ll just be unfashionable and wear vivid colors instead and be mindful of what suits me rather than what the fashion industry dictate I wear.

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