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Galentine’s Day Outfit Collab

Greetings friends, and hello Monday! I’m super excited to be teaming up with some of my favorite over-40 fashion bloggers to bring you some Galentine’s Day outfit inspiration.

Tania, Jennifer, and Deborah and I have each styled an outfit we might wear to a Galentine’s Day get-together.

You may be wondering, What’s Galentine’s Day?

Well, Google is your friend! I knew what it was — basically a day around Valentine’s Day to celebrate your girlfriends. But I had to look up the origin because I’m a geek like that.

Evidently, Galentine’s Day was introduced in Season 2 of Parks and Rec — an NBC sitcom starring Amy Poehler. In that episode, her character, Leslie, gathers a group of girlfriends for brunch and gifts.

“Every February 13, my ladyfriends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style,” Leslie explains. “Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair — minus the angst. Plus frittatas.”

And thus Galentine’s Day was born! Since then, it has taken off as an unofficial holiday and an excuse to get together with girlfriends.

My friends and I usually keep our gatherings pretty casual, so I put together a Galentine’s look with jeans and flats.

I actually styled the same sweater and jeans two ways…

This sweater is soft and stretchy, and the slouchy silhouette is on trend. I love the extra long cuffs.

I actually have it in ivory and liked it so much, I bought it in the pink with Valentine’s festivities in mind. Plus it’s just a cheerful color to brighten up these dreary February days.

I paired it with crop straight jeans, although after seeing these pictures, I realized I like it better with skinnies.

Since the sweater is kind of relaxed and oversized, it looks better with a slimmer silhouette on the bottom. Also, these jeans are probably a size too big on me, which adds extra bulk as well.

Oh, well. #liveandlearn

I added a leopard belt for a pop of texture and print.

I don’t usually wear leopard with leopard, but since the belt is such a small piece, I thought it was fine to go ahead and throw on leopard flats.

These J.Crew flats have such a flattering shape to them, and they’re very comfortable. I didn’t think they would be at first, but they broke in quickly and are now among my most comfortable flats.

Another option is to echo the pink from the sweater in the shoes, with these pink suede pointy toe flats.

These are from the brand Linea Paolo, and I’m pleased with them so far. They do run narrow, so keep that in mind.

I really like the notched topline — details like that are a nice way to add subtle interest to an outfit.

This time, I carried a leopard clutch. I guess I really like that pink/denim/leopard combo!

This clutch is a beautiful bag. I’ve had it for a few years, but happily it’s still available. It’s a great way to elevate a casual outfit, but you can also carry it with dressier looks as well.

Here are some under-$100 options, if you’re looking for something similar for less.

This is an easy outfit to recreate with items in your closet — and you can always wear red or a lighter pink sweater if you prefer those hues. It’s a nice break from all the neutrals that have been trending lately!

Another fun option would be to swap out the blue jeans for white jeans.

Which version of this outfit is your favorite — pink flats and leopard clutch, or leopard flats and black crossbody?

Just picture it with jeans that fit properly, m’kay?

Outfit Details:

pink cowl neck sweater // straight crop jeans (skinny option) // similar leopard belt // pink flats // leopard flats // leopard clutch (budget option) // similar pearl earrings

Don’t forget to visit Tania, Jennifer, and Deborah to see their Galentine’s Day looks!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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24 thoughts on “Galentine’s Day Outfit Collab

  1. THIS outfit is so GREAT! I love everything about this sweater: color, fit, sleeves, cowl, texture. It looks so cozy and soft! You look so comfortable yet chic!

  2. Even though I tend to be drawn to neutrals I love the colour of this sweater – it looks great without looking sloppy.

    Love Dr. Jason Fung – the author of the book you mentioned you are reading.  We Youtube his videos all the time and it was so easy to understand his views on intermittent fasting, low carb and nutrition.  I will have to check out his book and his podcasts as well.  

  3. I finished reading “ The Obesity Code” last week.  I am on same page as you are. I have not struggled with obesity but battled scales always. I learned a lot from this book. It all makes sense and I enjoyed having him share study after study. I highly recommend it for all. I wished when my daughter was born I had known all of this.

  4. Love the pink sweater it looks so warm and cozy . I think I prefer the pink flats but both outfits are cute. I’d probably prefer the sweater with skinnies too:) have a great Monday 

  5. This pink is so fabulous with your complexion! I love the cozy, slouchy shape. Isn’t it funny how different an outfit looks when we see pictures of ourselves wearing it? I like it styled with the leopard belt and bag. The pink shoes draw my eye to your feet instead of your beautiful face. 

  6. Beautiful outfit! I love the pink sweater with the leopard print belt and shoes the best. As for the jeans, I thought they looked great and actually looked at the Nordstrom site for more details. I like the looser look, I am getting tired of the skinny/legging type leg all the time. (and I have plenty of skinny jeans!). Your jeans would also look cute rolled at the hem with a bootie. Enjoy the sunshine and 60 degree weather in Philly today!

  7. The first thought that I had was, “wow, Jo-Lynne looks great in this bright pink!” It looks great with your dark hair and complexion. I loved it best with the leopard shoes and clutch. But, I am also stying today leopard accessories, so I might be biased. Lol!

  8. Were you cold during this photo shoot?  I noticed that both hands are fisted, even when you aren’t holding your pretty leopard clutch.  I like the pink flats outfit the best, mainly because I love pink.  I’m wondering how you keep the shoes from rubbing your heels when you walk, since I know you have narrow feet.  That is a real and big struggle for me with flats.  We had an enjoyable low key super bowl party next door.  Most of the commercials were bad, and the halftime show was really vulgar, definitely not family friendly.  The game was good because it was not a runaway.  I hope you have a great day!

      1. The stripper pole and lack of clothes while gyrating around at the 1/2 time show didn’t exactly elevate and empower our next generation of powerful, intelligent, talented young girls and women. Sends a poor message that women are just sex objects to be gawked at. I am shocked J Lo had her 12 yrs old dgtr up stage singing with her while all that was going on. Is this the best we can do? In this day and age of #metoo, sends a bad message.

        1. Very well said, Yelena! My husband kept saying how awful it was given how women say they don’t want to be “objectified” yet that’s clearly the message that was being sent during that show. Awful! It did, however, serve as a reminder to me that I need to get back to the gym!!

        2. My thoughts exactly. We had co-workers and friends and their children at our home for a Super Bowl party and that was the exact conversation we had as we sat stunned at what we saw during this show. I felt I should have walked across the room to block the TV from the kids view. It made me feel incredibly uncomfortable and I am not a prude by any means. So amazing isn’t it how many news commentators have been singing it’s praises – just wrong!!

    1. I totally agree… a bunch of us got together at our friends place to watch the Super Bowl. It was so disappointing to see two beautiful women with so much talent not be more mindfully of who their audience truly is. Good to hear others opinions:)

  9. The shade of pink looks so pretty on you with your dark hair.  I like both looks but my favorite is with the leopard flats. Maybe it’s because I love wearing mine to elevate an outfit, they really go with so much! 

  10. I Love this outfit!! My friends and I meet every 2nd Wednesday for Lunch. We are called the WOW (Wild Old Women). We were named by my Best Friend’s Husband. We all went to school together. Most of us from Elementary to High School. This will be our Galentine’s Dinner. We dress casual and we have the most fun. We are aged 69 and 70. All of our ladies dress casual but always look beautiful. We usually have around 10-17, including 3 guys joining us. Hope your kitchen remodel is going well. As Always, Love your Blog. I have learned so much from you. Hope you have a Great Day!! ……Linda W. ❤

  11. Gosh, this pink looks so beautiful on you!  I love the sweater with both shoes, but those pink ones are just striking.  I do have a bright pink sweater and leopard slip ons that I never thought about pairing together. Thanks for the inspiration!  

  12. I love that shade of pink on you and it looks so cozy. I’ve noticed the long sleeves on other bloggers too.  I thought it was personal style to have the cuff over their hand but you mentioned it’s in style. Huh! 
     I prefer the first one with the black crossbody bag. With the pink shoes, your eyes jump from them to your sweater, while with the leopard shoes the sweater remains the focal point. Does that make sense? 
    I missed most of the football game, as we went out to dinner. I’d rather concentrate on my friends than watch a game. Not my thing! 

  13. I love the straight crop jeans, but can see they’re a bit too big. So that brings me to my question…how should jeans fit? I struggle between buying the pair that fits snug, knowing they’ll stretch a bit, and the pair that’s just right, hoping they don’t bag out!
    What areas can we count on stretching…waist? Hip? Legs? I always make sure the rise is hitting the correct places and not looking too tight, but how about the rest? Maybe this can be a FB Live discussion? Thanks!

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