Top Ten in January 2020

Good morning! I’m finally getting around to posting my Top Ten in January 2020.

These were the most popular blog posts and retail products among JLS readers during the month of January.

Let’s get started!

Top 10 In January 2020: The most popular posts and products among Jo-Lynne Shane readers in January 2020


You know the drill. Based on Google Analytics, these were my top 10 posts from last month. I’m listing these in typical Top Ten order, with the most popular post last.

Top 10 in 2019: The 10 most popular products and post from my blog last year!

10. Top Ten in 2019 // I think this is the first time a Top Ten post is in my Top Ten. Ha!

These were the 10 most popular products and posts among JLS readers in 2019, and it was definitely to see what resonated most over the course of the entire year.

January 2020 Favorites

9. January Favorites 2020 // Everyone’s favorite monthly roundup made the Top Ten this month! I’m still using and loving all of the items pictured above.

Coffee Talk: Intermittent Fasting Update & Kitchen Makeover Plans

8. Coffee Talk: Intermittent Fasting Update & Kitchen Makeover Plans // This may be the first time a Coffee Talk ended up in my monthly Top Ten as well… January was a strange month!

I guess I should hint at what my Coffee Talk is going to be about more often. Usually I don’t even know until I start prattling on, but I’ve had a lot going on lately so it’s been easier to keep them more topic-focused.

January Q&A: Beauty, Fashion, Home & Health

7. January Q&A: Beauty, Fashion, Home & Health // Everyone loves a good Q&A. I’m going to try to remember to do these monthly.

Anyone have questions for February? Please email them to me with FEB Q&A in the subject line. (Or if you ask in the comments of this post, let me know that it’s for the Q&A, otherwise I will answer here.)

5 Ways to Wear Black Cigarette Pants: Desk to Dinner

6. Cigarette Pants: Desk to Dinner // YAY, so glad you all liked this post! I have 4 more posts styling cigarette pants in the works. I’ll be posting them on Thursdays.

Try-On Haul: Amazon Fashion, Luxury Sweaters, Sock Booties, Work Pants, and AGOLDE Jeans

5. Try-On Haul: Amazon Fashion, Luxury Sweaters, Sock Booties, Work Pants, and AGolde Jeans // A Try-On Haul in the Top Ten… shocker! Haha! Well, at least I know what y’all like.

Actually, this is the first month in a while that all of my Try-On Hauls weren’t in the Top Ten.

Spring Fashion Forecast: What's In and What's Out for Spring 2020

4. Spring Fashion Forecast: What’s In and What’s Out for Spring 2020 // You guys always love this post, but it’s not one of my favorites. I’m still in full-on winter mode over here.

It’s really hard to tell now how these styles will translate for the mainstream. I’m excited to see what hits the stores in March.

Try-On Haul: Denim, Activewear, Rain Gear, Accessories & More!

3. Try-On Haul: Denim, Activewear, Rain Gear, Accessories & More // Yep, another Try-On Haul. This one has more variety than most. I’m really trying to get out of my sweater rut.

2. My Daily Looks: What I Wore // No surprise here… you guys always like these. This one had a few outfit evolutions, which are always a hit.

My next What I Wore post goes live tomorrow, so stay tuned for that!

And in first place… drum roll please…  🥁

Styling Crop Straight Jeans for Winter

1. Styling Crop Straight Jeans for Winter // I can always depend on a Fight the Frump post to be a hit! Although this one definitely had some naysayers. I really found the variety of opinions interesting.

Okay, moving on to popular products…


Based on my ShopStyle analytics, these were the 10 most popular products across my blog and social channels last month.

10. BLANKNYC Suede Moto Jacket // This jacket is such a fun one for spring — I love the color. It’s more pink than coral, as the name suggests, but that works out fine for me with my cool undertones. Size up in this; I have the medium.

9. Halogen Crewneck Cashmere Sweater // This is a nice closet basic if you’re needing a cashmere crew. It’s not the best quality cashmere money can buy, but it’s soft and fits nicely, with good length in the sleeves.

You can use a sweater stone to help will pilling and extend the life of it for a few more seasons. It runs TTS; I have the small.

8. Banana Republic Devon Legging-Fit Washable Bi-Stretch Ankle Pants // Another great wardrobe staple, I’m styling these 5 ways to show how versatile they can be.

They run small, I recommend sizing up if in between.

7. Goodthreads Women’s Mid-Rise Crop Straight Jeans // These are a good budget-buy if you’re looking to try the straight crop trend.

They’re true to size, and they don’t stretch out with wear.

also wearing: Amazon Two Tone Star Lace up Fashion Sneakers (size up half)

6. AGolde Toni Straight Leg Jeans // For a higher quality pair of straight crop jeans, these have a really nice fit and a beautiful wash.

The denim is soft and thick, and they mold to your body but don’t bag out. They run TTS.

also wearing: Sole Society Sport Elastic Flats (very cute on, and comfortable too; size up if in between)

Amazon Brand - Daily Ritual Women's Supersoft Terry Hooded Open Sweatshirt

5. Daily Ritual Women’s Supersoft Terry Hooded Open Sweatshirt // This is funny because this cardigan is actually from last year! I think because it popped up in most popular items from 2019, it got a bunch of new sales.

It really is good — very soft and comfy — definitely on the more casual end of the spectrum, though. If pink isn’t your thing, it comes in a bunch of colors. It’s TTS; mine is the small.

4. Everlane The Soft Cotton V-Neck //I have never been so happy to see an article of clothing brought back for another season! I accidentally stained mine last year, and it was beyond repair, so I waited patiently for it to come back in stock.

It’s more of a spring sweater, as it’s 100% cotton, and I can’t wait for the weather to warm up a bit so I can start wearing it again! It runs TTS; I have the small.

3. Amazon Two Tone Star Lace up Fashion Sneakers // These are a fun budget-buy. They’re lightweight and fairly comfortable, and they’re definitely channeling the Golden Goose vibes. I’m generally not a fan of dupes, but these aren’t a total copycat, and I appreciate that there’s no fake wear and tear.

They come in a lot of colors and patterns (these are the Gold color way), and I definitely recommend sizing up as indicated on the website.

also wearing: AGolde Toni Straight Leg Jeans

2. Nordstrom Signature Bateau Neck Pullover // This was a Christmas present from my mom, and when it went on sale, a bunch of you snapped it up! It’s a very high quality cashmere that should last for many years.

It runs big, so I recommend sizing down if in between. I have to front-tuck it so it doesn’t look too schlumpy, but I don’t mind. I like the way it drapes.

Goodthreads Women's Modal Fleece Popover Sweatshirt-1

1. Goodthreads Women’s Modal Fleece Popover Sweatshirt // And in first place, a super soft and cozy sweatshirt that is perfect for the weekend or casual weekdays at home. I can see wearing this to all sorts of outdoor events this spring. It runs TTS; I have the small, and it’s plenty roomy.

And that’s a wrap! Which posts from January were your favorites, and did you score any of these Top 10 products? 

I love getting feedback from you all when you purchase from my site. It’s good to know what resonates, and I always want to be sure my recommendations are spot-on. It makes me so happy to hear when you’re pleased with a purchase; and of course if you aren’t, that’s helpful to know too.


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10 thoughts on “Top Ten in January 2020

  1. I’m wearing the Everlane soft cotton v-neck sweater today! Definitely more of a late spring sweater, but I love it, even though it’s still very cold here in northern Illinois.

    I would like to jump on the straight crop jean bandwagon, but I still haven’t been able to find a pair that I think is flattering on me. I will keep trying though. I do think I tend to like them with sneakers more than with booties, so maybe I just need to wait until spring anyway. 🙂

  2. I have a question for your Q&A blogpost. This is something I have to deal with, because I am always gaining and losing 5-10 pounds. Right now I’m down, at my ideal weight. When you lose enough that your clothes no longer look good on you, what do you do?  I have started to stash a pile in a spare closet for if/when I gain/lose, especially now that I am buying higher end clothing for the most part. I am talking mostly jeans/pants since those show the weight loss/gain the most. It would be really helpful to know what others do. 

    1. Hi Patt, I tend to gain weight on the bottom, as well. I keep my smaller/bigger size pants that are still in ***perfect shape & ***in style, in a long, shallow tote that slides under my bed. If you have a basement, you could put them in a tote, labeled with the size for ease of finding. Or, you could fold them and tuck them away on a top shelf in your closet. 
      Hope this helps  ~Joanna 

    2. Patt, you are not alone in this situation. I have a set of size 8 and 10 (okay and size 12 if I am being totally honest!!) pants, jeans and shorts for this exact up/down scenario with my weight. I keep the size that I am not in a rubber maid bin in the spare bedroom closet. I pull out and swap bottoms as my weight changes. I am heavier in the winter and weigh less in the warmer months. Unless I move far south, this strategy seems to work ok for me.

  3. What a fun post!  I enjoy looking back on what we liked the most.  I hope you’re having a great day!

  4. Thanks for all your posts! I love that I can trust you to do all the legwork to keep me up to date and fashionable! 😁 I wore the Good threads straight crop jeans today and really enjoyed them. Guess I’ll get over my skinnies eventually. Lol

  5. I really like the Goodthreads mid rise straight crop. My question is what wash would you recommend? I have a darker pair and a slightly destructed pair similar to these. Which of the other washes would be most fashion forward? I am tempted to get the lightest wash but not sure that would be as flattering and didn’t know how much that wash is in style. I value you opinion on this!!! Also, do you find them TTS or should I size up or down?

    1. I found them TTS, and I’m thinking the Authentic Blue is a good mid-wash. The extra light washes are fun for summer and super casual looks, but they’re not as versatile. Deep Blue and Ingigo rinse are nice too – it depends on what you’ll be wearing them with. I’d stay away from Mid-Blue, I’m not a fan of the whiskering on those.

  6. Great post there! I actually have many favourite looks from your January list. Loved the grey pullover, sneakers and the denims. Grey is my all-time favourite so anything in grey is my favourite. Lol.

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