Happy hump day, friends! I share my daily outfits every other week on Wednesday, and today’s the day.

Our weather has gone from the 20s to the 60s and back to the 30s in the past week, so my outfits are all over the map. I also have a couple of “outfit evolutions” in this one, which I think you’ll like.

As a reminder, I’m around 5’5″ and 140-ish. I’m wearing a size 29 in jeans and a small in tops, unless I state otherwise.

Okay, let’s get started!


I always have a hard time at the beginning of these posts, remembering where I wore the outfits pictured. I usually have to look back at my calendar. #agingisfun

I’m assuming this first look was for working from home and running errands… actually, from looking at my calendar, I see that I took my daughter to the DMV that day and went to a church meeting that night. So there ya go!

These are just some comfy “old favorites” — I just purchased them last fall, but you’ve seen it all before.

When pairing a blue top with blue jeans, I try to make sure there is some contrast, so I went with my darker AG Farrahs. A true dark wash would look good with this too, but then I would probably pick a darker shoe as well.

Even though these booties have a lower shaft, I still needed to cuff my jeans so they don’t fall into the bootie and look messy. The lighter cuff doesn’t break up the leg line too much because the shoes are light as well, and they have a low shaft.


And again the next day, working at home and chauffeuring one of the girls to an appointment.

This Nordstrom Signature sweater was a Christmas gift, and it JUST went on sale! It is sooo luxe and gorgeous.

My jeans are off-black, but they recently sold out. Clearly, I’m liking the monochromatic outfits right now!

These jeans have a 29″ inseam, so they’re on the longer side for me. I often pair them with mules because booties interfere with the hems, but the mules allow some skin to show (which is typically more slimming) and make the tattered hems more visible.


This sweater is one of the few that I own that really needs a front tuck. I did a side-by-side comparison so you can see what I mean…

It’s a little too long and boxy without, but the tuck helps define my waist, and also brings the length of the sweater up a few inches, creating that pleasing 1/3 to 2/3 ratio.

The graphic below is a little sloppy, but it shows what I mean by 1/3 to 2/3 ratio.

Obviously, the front tuck doesn’t bring it up quite to the 1/3 mark, but it’s closer. The untucked version pretty much cuts me in half.

Okay, moving on!

Another day, another grey sweater… and this Naadam ribbed scoop sweater is also on sale! I’ve shared it before, but if you missed it, it is one of the most luxurious sweaters I’ve ever owned. I can’t believe how soft it is. It also comes in burnt orange and black, but the black is not on sale. Still, it is well worth paying full price for. The quality is comparable to much more expensive sweaters.

It’s definitely form-fitting, so you may want to size up for a more relaxed fit, but I decided to keep the small.

I threw this on to go out with my husband on a Saturday night, and we even got a “real” picture outside too!

The sweater is form fitting with a deep V, so I consider that date-night worthy, even though the rest of the outfit is very casual.

It was rainy, so I wore my Aquatalia boots. This picture shows them better…


I wore this next look to church on a Sunday. I had nursery duty, so I went a little more casual than usual. (There are no babies, just toddlers, so I wasn’t worried about wearing a nice sweater.)

And would you believe it? This leopard sweater just went back on sale! It keeps going on and off sale, but it’s currently 40% off at Nordstrom (available in S, M, and L) and even less at Bloomingdale’s (available in XS and L) after you add it to cart. (I have the small.)

Again, I chose to pair these jeans with mules.


The next day, I wore this outfit to run some kitchen-related errands. Unfortunately, the sweater sold out.


And this was another day of running kitchen-related errands… I haven’t been at home much lately!

I chose light-wash jeans to pair with this oatmeal-colored sweater, and then I wore taupe booties to keep it all light neutrals.


Okay, now I have an outfit evolution for you…

It was a cold day, and I wanted to wear my favorite grey sweater. (It’s from last year, sorry!)

I tried it first with my Sorel wedges, but they require me to cuff my jeans. With the longer sweater, and the light cuff breaking up the line of the leg, I felt like my legs looked a little short and stumpy. Plus, the grey on top and bottom seemed kind of plain Jane, even for me!

So, I switched to these hiker boots and added a vest.

I like how the black in the vest ties in the black boots, and because the boots are dark and the jeans are dark, it creates one long, lean leg line rather than getting chopped up by the light cuff (above.) For some reason, the white shearling doesn’t seem to be a problem.

But then I decided it was too cold for wearing a vest with no coat on top, so I changed to my red puffer jacket.

I added a scarf, and that was the final look.


And here’s the 2nd outfit evolution…

The next day was Bible Study, and I was trying to get out of my grey sweater rut. I also thought it might be fun to wear white jeans. I style them for the blog in the winter, but I rarely actually wear them.

It was another cold day, so I decided to wear my casual grey OTK boots with white jeans, but I needed to figure out a top.

I started with my teal supersoft mockneck (wearing a medium.)

Hmmm, maybe a front tuck…

Funny, as I look at these pictures, I rather like this outfit, but at the time, I felt like there was too much contrast with the teal on top, white in the middle, and grey on bottom.

I will say this, though. It’s very well balanced. Each part is about 1/3 of my body, especially with the tuck.

Next I tried this navy fair isle sweater turtleneck.

I thought since there is white in the sweater, it would pull it all together. I think I’d actually like this with lighter grey boots — maybe even my taupe Jeffery Campbell booties.

But it was pretty cold for bare feet in booties, so I decided to try something else.

I tried the light pink Nordstrom Signature sweater from Monday’s Try-On Haul, thinking a lower contrast between the sweater and jeans might look better.

But now, my attention goes right to the boots…

This is also when I realized this sweater wasn’t a keeper. Even with a front-tuck, it’s too wide, and I just don’t care for the fit.

So then I tried this bright pink turtleneck.

This sweater is a really good deal, by the way. Bloomingdale’s now has it 60% off, and I really like the rib-knit trim, exposed back seam, and extended cuffs — all fun details that make it a little more special than a basic turtleneck. I recommend sizing up in this; I have the medium.

This creates a more flattering silhouette, but I was beginning to realize that the boots and white jeans combo was the problem, not the tops I’d been trying.

The stark contrast between the white jeans and dark grey boots draws all my attention, and the casual styling of the boots isn’t quite right with the crisp, classic white denim.

A lighter grey boot, or even a bootie, would look better, but it was too cold for that, so…

I switched to the black hiker boots, and then I added a black vest for another point of interest and to tie in the black boots.

But I wasn’t feeling confident in this outfit either. I think the white jeans are too dressy for the hiker boots and vest? I dunno… but sometimes it’s best to go with your gut and not over-analyze…

Bwahaha! I do realize the irony of that statement. All I’ve done so far is over-analyze this outfit, but when it got to this point, I just realized it wasn’t going to work out, and I decided to ditch the white jeans entirely.

By then I was running late, so I switched to my faithful blue AG Farrahs, added a long necklace, and ran out the door!

I tried it both front-tucked and untucked, and ended up going untucked. I think it works either way, because the vest is slightly longer than the sweater.


In retrospect, I think the white jeans looked too dressy for everything I was trying to pair them with — a different shoe might have helped the first two looks, but by the end, with the hiker boots and a vest, I needed a more casual jean.

Okay, that was a long one!

The next look was last Friday, and you guessed it… more kitchen errands! It was a mild day, so I went with ballet flats, and I didn’t even need a coat.

I read somewhere to do the front-tuck off-center so it looks more carefree… I like it!


And that brings us to last Saturday! I took the girls to the mall. It was another mild day, so I took the opportunity to wear this sweater. (It’s not as warm as some.) I love it, but it definitely needs a higher rise jean. Also, I went with a medium in this one.

Incidentally, the price on these Rag & Bone booties is INSANE. I guess they are going out of style? I don’t care, I love them. The quality is outstanding, and I like the dip in the front.


That night, Paul and I had a New Year’s Party to attend, and I wore the 360Cashmere turtleneck from Monday’s Try-On Haul. This is the one that sold out at Nordstrom Rack, so sorry! I did get mine at that amazing price, so yay for that!

I also wore my new Banana Republic Devon skinny pants… that’s right! No jeans!

I was going for country-club casual with this look, is that a thing? I didn’t feel like jeans were appropriate, although I could have probably gotten away with black jeans and the rest of this outfit, but I wanted to look a little more refined. These pants were perfect!

I also like how they pair with these Marc Fisher pumps. My feet aren’t handling higher heels very well these days, so I picked up this pair recently. The chunky 3″ heel is walkable, but the pointy toe elongates the leg and keeps them on the dressier end of the spectrum.

Then I went with a cozy sweater on top to keep the look from being too or fussy.

Sorry, the lighting in my room was horrible. I waited too late to take pictures.


This next look is from Sunday. We went to church and then out to lunch, and I finally got to wear my white jeans!

See, now this works because the white jeans have a dressier vibe, so pairing them with a classic v-neck sweater and pumps makes sense.

We tried to get some pictures outside, but it was pretty windy.

I love the combination of light neutrals in this look, and the snake print pumps are so fun. (They’re also at Bloomingdale’s.)

These pumps are the Sam Edelman Hazel that I’ve been wearing comfortably for years, but I was struggling a bit after wearing them for a few hours on Sunday. I guess it’s just old age and joints that aren’t as flexible anymore? I don’t know, but it’s a bummer. I’m going to have to start keeping my heels around 3″.


Yesterday, I wore this to get my mammogram, fun! I figured if I have to get a mammogram, I may as well feel cute, so I wore my new Agolde crop straight jeans with that same 360Cashmere sweater and my Aquatalia booties. I really like how it turned out!

I don’t usually wear turtlenecks when my hair is pulled back — I feel like I look like a floating head, haha! But I made an exception this time.


And that’s a wrap! Whew! That was a long one. Maybe I should go to doing these weekly.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday, and if you have any questions, I’m happy to answer in the comments!

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