SPRING FASHION FORECAST: What’s In and What’s Out for 2020

Who’s ready to talk 2020 spring fashion trends??? I’m in full-on winter mode here and spring isn’t even a twinkle in my eye, but I had some requests during last week’s Facebook Live to talk about what’s ahead for spring, so I did some research and this is what I came up with!

There will be plenty more winter outfits, but for today, let’s look ahead to what we might be wearing this spring.

First, let’s discuss color trends for spring. The 2020 Pantone Color of the Year is Classic Blue, which is awesome because it’s such a versatile color, and universally flattering.

As far as fashion trends, well… we’ll have to wait to see how these trends will translate to the mainstream, but as of right now, they are pretty far out there!

All of the fashion websites following the runway trends list corsets, sheer tops, hot pants, super long bermuda shorts, sheer (as in see-through) outfits, bralettes under blazers, and high side slits… oh, boy!

Nevertheless, I persisted.

I dug deep and came up with 10 wearable trends we may be seeing in stores this spring. 

I’ll be curious to see how some of these styles translate to the masses when our favorite retailers start rolling out their spring lines.

Then keep scrolling to see the trends that are probably going OUT this spring.

Spring Fashion Forecast: What's In and What's Out for Spring 2020

The 10 Most Wearable Spring 2020 Trends

Remember, these are TRENDS. You do NOT have to wear them all. Pick and choose which trends you will try based on your body type, lifestyle, personal style aesthetic, etc.

But, I do encourage you to pick one or two to experiment with. It’s a good idea to integrate a couple of the season’s trends into your existing wardrobe –that’s how to keep it modern and fresh!

(All images are clickable.)

#1. prep trend

The trend watchers report seeing the prep trend all over the runway, and the easiest way to get this look is with loafers.

Evidently they’re cropping up in all sorts of futuristic shapes, but I predict we are going to see more of the traditional loafers and loafer mules that have been around for the past few seasons.

#2. suits

This probably goes along with #1, but the suits I’m seeing are pretty funky. I don’t find suits very practical for my everyday life, so I will probably sit this one out.

#3. crochet

This was in last year’s list, but I never saw it much once spring rolled around. Did you?

Crochet is one of the more wearable trends, but it’s got a bit of a boho vibe, so choose a piece that works with your personal style aesthetic.

If it’s a little bit see-through, don’t let that deter you. You can always wear a tank underneath. Or try a crochet bag!

#4. big bags

This cracked me up, from Elle.com: “For those who prefer practicality over the micro trends, it’s finally time to retire 2019’s itty-bitty-it-bags that didn’t fit anything to begin with. Think big. Bottega Veneta and Off-White are ushering in XXL editions large enough to fit all of your life’s problems. Literally—they can probably fit your therapist.”

I couldn’t find an example that was as dramatic as the ones they were showing, but this one from Topshop is kind of fun… it also comes in a pretty caramel color too.

#5. elevated polka dots

Polka dots for spring certainly aren’t groundbreaking, but we can look forward to seeing this classic print popping up in new shapes and sizes.

#6. wide legged pants

They keep telling us wide legged pants are coming back in style, and they’re all over the websites, but I’m not seeing a lot of them in real life or even on the other fashionistas I follow.

This is a tricky trend to pull off, especially for those of us who are larger on top and short-waisted, but they can be really chic on the right person.

#7. plaid

Plaid was hot last fall, and it’s going strong right into spring. I kind of like the idea of plaid cropped skinnies in spring colors…

#8. psychedelic prints

60’s and 70’s inspired styles are huge this spring, and along with that comes clashing colors and psychedelic prints… I’ve always had a thing for tie dye, and I’m seeing a lot of it already this season!

#9. neon and brights

Bright colors and neons are cropping up again this season — I’m pretty sure this was on last year’s list too. My favorite way to incorporate a bright color into my outfits is with my footwear.

#10. long dresses

Long dresses are here for another season, along with high slits and 60’s and 70’s inspired prints.


I added this section last year, and everyone seemed to like it.

#1. chunky dad sneakers // To which I say with glee, buy-bye!

#2. clear bags // I’m surprised by this one, mainly because some stadium rules make them a necessity. We shall see…

#3. letter necklaces // These were super popular with the younger girls, I didn’t see them much in our circles. At any rate, I thought I’d include it.

#4. leopard print slip skirts // I chuckled when I saw this because someone just asked me if these will be in style for another few years. I never know how much credence to give these lists… it really depends on where you life. I would still wear it!

#5. boilersuits // Good riddance, I say! I never got on that train. Some girls looked really cute in them, but I think you have to be young and reed-thin.

#6. bike shorts as streetwear // These were hot on last year’s list, and a few of the younger bloggers I follow tried to embrace this trend. It was even the image I chose for my Spring 2019 Fashion Forecast (they were styled with a blazer and pumps.) But the trend never really took off, and Harper’s Bazaar lists it as one of the trends to retire in 2020.

#7. hair clips // Again, this is a trend I saw mostly on the younger set. Evidently the headband trend is still going strong, but the hair clips are going out. I don’t wear either, so I’m kind of eh on this one.

Okay, go for it. Tell me what you think.

But before you say “I will never…” remember that there will be more wearable versions of most of these trends as the spring lines start to hit the stores. I’ll be curious to see how that pans out!


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