Grey Sweater with Blue Jeans and Hiker Boots

It’s Day 4 of 5 Ways to Wear a Grey Sweater, and today I’m styling a super casual look with a puffer jacket, ripped jeans, and hiker boots.

As you probably know, this outfit is my jam; I wear a variation of this almost every day during the fall and winter.

In fact, yesterday I wore a grey v-neck sweater with different jeans, black hiker boots, and this same jacket. I didn’t even think about it being one of my 5 ways to wear a grey sweater.

For this look, I’m back in a turtleneck, but of course any grey sweater works. I really like the combination of the light wash jeans, medium grey sweater, and grey hiking boots.

The washed red jacket is the icing on the cake. While you can certainly wear any coat with this outfit, I really like the pop of color.

My REI jacket is on sale again, by the way, and with free shipping! It comes in a wide range of colors, and it’s lightweight but deceivingly warm. It runs true to size; I have the small.

Shop More Colorful Coats:

Hiker boots are on trend right, now, and they keep this classic look modern.

I often tuck my jeans into my hiker boots, but with the height of these boots and the length of these jeans, they weren’t quite tucking, so I cuffed them.

Cuffing jeans can chop up the leg line and make you look stumpy, but since there isn’t much color contrast between the jeans, the cuff, and the boots, this works without throwing off the proportions of the outfit.

I did front-tuck the sweater, though, to shorten the upper body and keep a good balance.

And because this look is so casual, I kept it simple with studs for earrings, but you could certainly add a necklace or scarf.

Outfit Details:

grey turtlenecks // skinny jeans // Caslon hiker boots // REI red puffer

If you’re shopping for grey turtlenecks…

Lord + Taylor has an amazing sale on their cashmere right now, and their essential turtleneck comes in a bunch of great neutrals, including charcoal. (I recommend sizing up if in between.)

I’ve also heard good things about this slouchy turtleneck at Old Navy, and it has no wool for those who are allergic.

On the other end of the spectrum, my Equipment cashmere turtleneck was an end-of-season sale purchase last year. It was springtime, and I really wasn’t in the turtleneck mood, but that’s time to make investment purchases like this one. When winter weather finally rolled around this year, I was really glad I had it. This year’s version is 15% off at Zappo’s, but I expect better sales at the end of the season.

Good mid-range cashmere brands are Nordstrom’s Halogen (this one is suuuper soft, and it’s TTS) and Bloomies’ Aqua and C by Bloomingdale’s (size up in these.)

At the moment, you’re going to get the most bang for your buck from the Lord + Taylor or the Aqua. FYI, the Aqua comes down to $60 if you’re a Loyallist and $53 if you shop with your Bloomies card. I love the super long ribbed cuffs, and the quality is better than L+T, in my opinion.

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photos: Alison Cornell

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38 thoughts on “Grey Sweater with Blue Jeans and Hiker Boots

  1. I bought that Old Navy slouchy turtleneck last month and really like it. It’s held up well through several washings (turned inside out on delicate setting and hung to dry). I like that it’s soft enough to front tuck, though I do feel that my sweaters with side slits lay nicer in the back when front tucked. Enjoying your grey sweater series!

  2. Love this combo!!  So I’m thinking, hey, I have that color In  jeans, a gray sweater & red down jacket!  And even that style boot!  And that RM bag in black!  Hey, I got myself a JLS copycat outfit!  Thanks for the inspiration!  
    Re your kitchen remodel, are you doing new countertops? If so, granite, quartz?  And what are you seeing as the latest in appliance metals?   

    1. LOL, that’s too funny.

      I am doing new appliances and counters and painting cabinets. I’m considering granite and quartzite (it’s supposed to be more durable than marble or quartz, but $$$ so we’ll see.)

      Appliance metals… the black stainless is REALLY cool, but I feel like it’s a more modern look, and I’m more traditional, so gonna stick with stainless.

      1. FYI,  my niece has black stainless and every time you accidentally scratch it, like all stainless, it shows, but in the case of black, it shows silver.  I’d talk to someone that has it and see if they have the same issue if you decide to go that route.  Stainless does require weekly or semi-weekly buffing with stainless cleaner though.

        1. Ohhh, good to know! I had regular stainless at my last house and loved it. I didn’t think it was that hard to keep clean, but the scratches in black would make me ill.

  3. I am liking this week series. I have a similar sweater, the jeans, I don’t have the coat but I will use a puffer vest. Right on! Outfit for tomorrow, thank you

  4. Love this series! Completely with you on buying fewer quality pieces and making better use of them. Looking forward to what you style next. Also started IF this week, though the 16:8 plan. Not as difficult as I thought it’d be.

    1. I’m open to ideas for the next series. 🙂

      And yes, the IF is pretty easy, all things considered. I’m actually loving it b/c I used to stress about finding something healthy to eat, so I was eating junk during the day. Now, nothing. EASY!

  5. I love this look Jo-Lynne. You look fab, the red really suits you! And I love it because it is perfect for the school run, and my very casual life. Thank you! 

  6. Another great casual outfit. Thank you for explaining why you cuffed the jeans and front tucked the sweater, now I understand my very similar version I wore yesterday didn’t look right!

  7. Hi Jo-Lynne,

    I have always said “no” to anything that has to be dry cleaned, but you seem to show a lot of cashmere. So, I was wondering if you dry clean these items or if you can hand wash or even machine wash on a delicate cycle. They are very tempting, especially when on sale.

    1. Camille, I have quite a few cashmere sweaters. I hand wash mine with mild detergent, rinse well and gently squish some of the water out. Then I roll it in a big fluffy towel to absorb more of the water before laying flat & shaping on another dry one. 

    2. Hey Camille, I do dry clean my stuff, but honestly, they don’t need it very often — just once or twice a season, unless I stain something. I’m glad Joanna chimed in about washing. I have heard a lot of people say they wash their cashmere with great results.

  8. Another great outfit!  When I saw what the wind chill was going to be up there, on last nights news, I wondered if you would be up and out early for a run.  Picking out stonework today does sound fun!  We’ve had a few mornings with the temp below freezing and the daytime high in the 60’s.  As of tomorrow we are going to have highs in the 70’s, possibly 80, as the threat of severe weather moves across the south.  Not fun!

  9. I ‘m glad you did this series as I bought a few new grey sweaters this year. I bought the one similar to the Old Navy slouch but bought mine at Banana Republic Outlet, and its a lighter grey with more volume in the sleeves. We got our 30 cm of snow and today is a winter wonderland. The Christmas décor finally came down yesterday and I’m slowly getting back to the routine. Started back to my work out routine this week as well. Glad to hear your IF is working. Looking forward to what’s being shown tomorrow for the last grey sweater. It really is a great neutral .

  10. Hi Jolynne, can you share how you are doing the IF, what you are doing and how you are tracking it? Cute outfit btw!

    1. Sure, I’m doing 19:5 or 20:4 most days. I eat “anything I want” but always try to break my fast with something healthy. Either soup from a previous dinner, or tuna salad, or something like that. Then I snack a little as I’m cooking dinner – popcorn or something. And then a healthy dinner, done by 7PM usually. I find I don’t want to eat as much as usual because I get full faster. I’m tracking with the Zero app.

  11. Love me some grey sweaters and this series! I revived a grey cashmere turtleneck for Christmas and I love it! It’s from Talbots. It’s going to get a lot of wear!

  12. Thanks so much for sharing your thought process on how you styled this. I appreciate being reminded of proportions. Also, good luck with your renovation. Any interest in sharing that design process too, would love a “peek behind the curtain”? Thanks for all of your hard work on this blog, huge fan!

  13. You’re outfit is cute. I like the color of your puffer. It really pops with the neutrals. 

    You mentioned IF. Which one are doing that is making you feel awesome?  And, what do you eat in that window? 

    1. I’m doing 19:5 or 20:4 most days. I eat “anything I want” but always try to break my fast with something healthy. Either soup from a previous dinner, or tuna salad, or something like that. Then I snack a little as I’m cooking dinner – popcorn or something. And then a healthy dinner, done by 7PM usually. I find I don’t want to eat as much as usual because I get full faster.

      1. Perhaps, I’m not eating enough in that window as the weight is not coming off. I’ll add in a before dinner snack and see if that makes a difference. Thank you for the feedback. 

        1. I’m playing around with it, but I did notice that I wasn’t really losing, and then yesterday I ate more than normal, and I lost 1.5 lbs overnight. (That’s huge at my age, lol!)

          I also think it takes a while for your body to “get it” and start losing. The weight loss supposedly is very slow. So I’ve been weighing daily (my normal habit) but not stressing over it. I feel a lot thinner thru my middle already, and that’s encouragement enough for now.

          Also, I got this from Gin Stephens – I am recording my weights each day, and taking an average at the end of the week. If the averages go down each week, even by a half pound, I’ll be happy.

  14. I am loving this series! So many ideas!  I wore a gray sweater yesterday with jeans and boots,  and today may be my other gray sweater.  I could wear it with a puffer vest, since I don’t have a cute puffer jacket like yours.  Have fun looking at options for your countertops!

  15. Love your plan to focus on intentional purchases and using our clothing items in a variety of outfits. Cool to use your influence in this way!! I used your posts this week as a packing plan for Vegas trip this weekend. Threw in a dress …just in case…and I am good to go! Thanks, and good to hear you are not hungry. IF works for me, and I find my food choices are healthier, which was contrary to what I expected when I started out …thought I would be famished and eat everything in sight!
    Go figure!

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