Grey Sweater and White Jeans Outfit for Fall or Winter

Happy hump day, friends! This week, I’m styling 5 outfits with a grey sweater, and today I’ve got a grey sweater and white jeans outfit for fall or winter.

I love the combination of white and grey and denim — see this look from last spring with a grey sweater, blue jeans, and a white denim jacket. Today I’m styling a similar look, but it’s a grey sweater and white jeans, a denim jacket, and snake print booties.

The grey sweater is the same Halogen cashmere crewneck that I styled on Monday with a puffer vest, black jeans, and grey trainers; but this time I decided to incorporate white jeans because they’re fresh and crisp and unexpected.

I also added a necklace this time. I really like how it breaks up the expanse of grey in front, and also the shape is flattering and draws attention to the waist. These white skinnies from Madewell have a 9″ rise, and they’re nice and thick and not see-through at all.

To add even more color and texture to the look, I added a plaid blanket scarf. My rust color was just restocked, but that grey combo would also look great with this outfit.

Grey Sweater with White Jeans and a Plaid Scarf

The snakeskin booties at another element of interest — the texture and pattern really takes this look up a notch, yet they’re still casual and comfortable.

In fact, these booties are probably the most comfortable ones I own. They are leather lined and super cushiony inside, and the 3″ block heel is stable and walkable.

Finally, the denim jacket adds an additional layer of warmth as well as another point of interest to this grey sweater and white jeans outfit.

If you’re in the market for a classic denim jacket, I can’t recommend this one highly enough. It’s soft and stretchy, it has a nice shape through the mid-section, and it’s the perfect medium shade of indigo blue.

It may be too cold where you are to wear this outfit right now, but it’s a great look for fall or early spring, and you can ditch the denim  jacket and wear a coat for now.

Outfit Details:

grey cashmere crew // white jeans // denim jacket // snake print booties // grey crossbody (old) // scarf

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photos: Alison Cornell

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28 Responses

  1. Love the scarf, but seems like the only color left is “pink combo”. I also like the softness of the grey and medium denim with the white jeans, instead of a stark black/white look. Looks awesome!

  2. What a great outfit, definitely eye catching!   My white jeans are at the bottom of the jean pile……
    Was just discussing Maine w/husband & decided no trip to Maine this month 😢….we are still helping our daughter & son-in-law empty his late fathers house (Who passed away unexpectedly the day after Christmas), it’s overwhelming at times……fortunately we have found a local organization that will take almost everything. Also finding we have to go through things piece by piece. Plus his grandparents had originally lived in the house! #lotsofstuff

  3. Hi Jo Lynne, beautiful outfit, thanks for sharing! I have been meaning to ask for a while now, are distressed jean’s gone out of style this season or less on trend than last year? I feel like I see less distressing recently!

    Thanks for your feedback. Have a great day!

  4. Love this look!  I still have a hard time wearing white jeans in the winter.  Need to step outside the box.  LOL!  Thanks for sharing!!

  5. It’s a beautiful sunny day in South Texas with the high of 68, so this outfit would be perfect to wear today. Thanks for reminding us that it’s okay to wear white this time of year😃

  6. Love the look and as much as I love my white jeans they are packed away for now. This is due to the weather and fact that I am wearing my black puffer coat almost always. We have a snow storm today and are expecting 15-30 cm… Most things are closed and our sons first day back to university today didn’t happen….If you want snow come to Canada…. I’m sure you will find lots.. LOL

    1. I’d LOVE to have some snow.  We rarely get it. They are teasing us on the news we might next week, but I am not holding my breathe.  

  7. I’m enjoying this series! I often pair a gray sweater with jeans, an idea I got from you.

    FYI, the red REI jacket you recently featured is on sale (from $99 to $69). It’s a really cute jacket. I wonder, did you buy a size Small?

  8. Cute outfit. I love white jeans but wear so much in spring/summer that I have to give a break in winter. I have lots of grey tops. Love grey. Look forward to your new kitchen. 😀

  9. Did you see that Lord and Taylor has their cashmere sweaters on sale for $39? I’m trying to have some control. Especially since we are back into the 70s tomorrow. 🙁

  10. Such a great look, but I still can’t get myself to wear white jeans after Summer.  You look so great in them with the denim jacket and the added scarf. I love scarves.  I wish people were still wearing them more like they use too. I haven’t seen anyone wearing them this Winter.  I wore one yesterday and for the first time felt out of place.  Do you think they are going out?This season coming up is my hardest season to dress for.  I get tired of the dark, thicker clothes, but its still too cold and dreary out to wear Spring outfits.  I have a baby shower last weekend in Feb. and already am thinking I don’t really have anything to wear.  

      1. Okay….thanks. Maybe that is why I felt funny yesterday. I went out in a thick scarf thinking it was colder than it was and thus felt out of place. I loved using one as an accessory for style, not just function…..helps give interest to an outfit.  

  11. Just a quick message about appliances – buy the quietest and best reviewed dishwasher you can find and go from there, especially if you can hear it running throughout the house.  We have a very open floor plan and we didn’t want to always have to wait to run the dishwasher until we were not in the great room/kitchen anymore.  It was a wonderful decision!  My husband also wants all of the appliances to be from the same brand, so we started with the best and quietest dishwasher we could find and then chose the other appliances from the same brand.  At the time we bought ours, KitchenAid was the winner for us.  

  12. I love this outfit as it looks so put together. I’m a scarf person but I have never thought to wear one with my jean jacket. Thanks, Jo-Lynne.

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