Classy Turtleneck Outfit for Winter Date Night

I’m back with Day 2 of 5 Ways to Wear a Grey Sweater, and this time I’m styling a classy turtleneck outfit for a winter date night look.

You may not immediately think of a cashmere turtleneck for date night, but when it’s the middle of winter and freezing cold, I’m willing to accept the challenge.

To jazz it up a bit, I paired my grey turtleneck with black coated jeans. The coated denim instantly elevates the look, and keeps me warm as well as chic!

If you don’t have coated denim, black jeans or skinny pants would work just fine. I recommend skinny pants over a more conservative trouser style because this is date night, not a work function… Although, if you are going to a work function… you can totally swap out the jeans for trousers to make this look office-appropriate.

Because the turtleneck is plain, I added a layered station necklace. Mine is no longer available, but I linked a few options below.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing a classy turtleneck outfit for a winter date night look with coated jeans and pumps.

I also wore burgundy suede pumps. I considered over-the-knee boots for added warmth, but I have another look in this series with OTK boots, and I really like the suede pumps with the coated denim.

The burgundy is fun for a subtle pop of color, but black would work just as well… or snake print or leopard. Since the rest of the outfit is neutral, pretty much anything works.

And if you’re really worried about being cold, a dressy black suede bootie works too.

Then, to really turn it up a notch and bring the drama factor, I added a faux leopard fur coat.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing a classy turtleneck outfit with a leopard coat for a winter date night.

This coat is absolutely gorgeous, and definitely brings this classy turtleneck outfit into the date night category.

It’s also very warm. #winning

(See the part above about it being winter and freezing.)

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing a classy turtleneck outfit with a leopard coat for a winter date night.

I actually have a New Year’s Party this weekend, and I might wear this exact outfit. I love how it’s both cozy and edgy, practical and dramatic, and still classy.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing a classy turtleneck outfit with a leopard coat for a winter date night.

Outfit Details:

grey cashmere turtlenecks // black coated jeans (option) // pumps (option) // faux leopard fur coat // similar necklaces here and here

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photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. What a stunning outfit!  And the coat..😍.  Beautifully styled as usual!  Good luck with the kitchen renovation, I’m overdue for one by about 30 years, lol!  #harvestgoldforthewin! Yah, my wall oven/countertop range are still Harvest Gold, how awful is that?  They are the only 2 appliances we haven’t replaced, apparently they are the least used (LOL), and involve a whole lot of construction to change out…I can’t imagine trying to pick out new appliances these days, as the choices are endless!  So best wishes with that adventure!  

    1. LOL! Well, if it works… 🙂 All of my appliances are kind of bare bones, and old, and they drive me bananas. I can’t wait to get new ones that are exactly what I want.

  2. I’m with you on the turtleneck for date night – I’m always freezing!  I love this paired with the coated jeans – very classy…

    The hunt for appliances can be overwhelming.  We did this a few years ago and I know they have incentives sometimes when you buy everything from the same brand.  We chose Thermadore and are extremely happy with our decision.  My most favourite appliance I simply can’t do without?  The Vitamix, lol….

    1. Ha! Too funny. I don’t have one. We know we want a Bosch dishwasher, but we are thinking of doing the rest in a different brand, but all the same so we can get a package deal on those.

  3. I’m all about wearing sweaters in the winter since I’m always, always, always cold! The biggest problem I have since I am so cold blooded is shoe selection. I would love to be able to wear shoes without socks in the winter, but if my feet are cold then I can literally think about nothing else lol. I hate that I always wear socks in the winter, which can limit the shoe choices by a lot. Wearing flats or heels without any sock in Iowa in January would be a killer. 🙁

    Love the gray sweaters this week! I started looking at my sweater choices and I have no gray. I think I’ll be shopping for a new sweater this week!

  4. That coat!!😍 Do you think it is something that can be worn for the next couple of years? I would hate to invest in it and then see it not be on trend next year or the year after.   It’s also such a statement piece that I can only see wearing it under 10 times a year anyway. Or would you wear it as an everyday (or almost) coat? 

    1. I hope so! I am like you and will only wear it a handfull of times per season, but it’s such a dramatic statement, and really enhances all the solid neutral colors I tend to wear.

  5. I love this look, Jo-Lynne. I think I only own one turtleneck though because I’m still living in the land of hot flashes. Also, I go to some friends and family members’ homes and it’s soooo hot.(If it was summer, I’d be in jeans and a t-shirt!) Add a sweater with a little wool and I’m ready to lose my mind, I get so itchy. I love my sweaters, though, so I try to stick with lighter weights, non-wool and V-necks. Cardigans would probably be a good idea, but I just never like the look on me. Even using your “how not to look frumpy in a cardigan” rules, Jo-Lynne. Am I the only one in a 70+ degree house who’s too warm in a sweater?

  6. Yes, this outfit earns you a 💯!  I like how it’s sophisticated, edgy, and functional.  I agree with you, getting excited about selecting and buying major kitchen appliances = being an adult.  The price tags can be rather shocking!  I recommend checking your local Home Depot as their selection is really good and the sales can help out.  Have an awesome day!

  7. I love seeing outfits that include Accessories. However I never tuck in and I don’t wear a belt. Love this necklace and earrings! I’m enjoying your post

  8. Love the look!  Not sure our climate allows for bare skin and shoes here at the present moment.  Its -10 C or 14 F…. Brrrr!  Good luck on kitchen renos.  We did ours a few years ago and it was a lot of decision making choices.  Some tips for you, that we learned the hard way: we bought an Electrolux induction range stove.  It heats up water very fast but you can only use select pots and pans.  We would have  spent $500 on special pots and pans that conduct with induction stoves. Luckily, Sears had a special on so got the pots and pans were included for free in the sale price.   We can’t use tin foil in the oven (wrecks the magnetic radiation) which limits how I cook lasagna and casseroles.  I don’t think I would go induction again.  Seems finicky.  As well, we chose a one tone quartz countertop (no pattern).  It is quite streaky when you wipe it down unless you use a drying towel.  We didn’t realize it would be so fussy. If you choose quartz, go with a pattern.  Good luck with your kitchen reno!  Would love to see your before/ after pics.  I am sure it will look gorgeous knowing your style. 

    1. I knew someone would say it’s too cold for pumps. 😉 Definitely when I’d try for a dressy bootie. I actually could use a pair. I have the sock booties, but I’d like something even dressier with a more delicate heel.

      Thanks for the input on the induction. I do have proper pots and pans, so that’s a bonus. I’m just worried it won’t be as responsive and precise as gas, and I’ll be annoyed with the touchpad. I like knobs. 🙂

  9. Hi Jo-Lynne! Beautiful outfit, as always it seems:-) Every time you post about a date night look, I wonder “what makes this a date night outfit instead of just an every day outfit”. Could you explain that please? Fashion is not second nature to me, it requires a lot of effort along with major planning. Usually, I am the overdressed lady wherever I go, whether it is shopping, church or time with my grandkids. Not a bad thing to level up, but perhaps I am missing something major by always being the overdressed one.

    1. LOL! I don’t think you’re missing anything. Nothing wrong with leveling up! (Although I do think there’s a difference between leveling up and being overdressed.) Date Night is kind of a made-up fashion blogger term, I think, haha! But to me, it means dressier than what I’d wear to the grocery store or the mall, sexier and/or edgier than what I’d wear to church, and not as formal as, say, a semi-formal wedding.

      In this case, the coated jeans take the outfit to date night territory. I wouldn’t wear them to church (too edgy), and I wouldn’t run around town in them during the daytime (I’d feel silly). I might wear them to meet a friend for lunch at a nice place, but not just casual errands and such. And the pumps also make it dressier and a little sexier than everyday. Does that make sense? 🙂

  10. Ok I was at Nordstrom over the weekend and tried on that exact coat. It’s stunning! I put it back but haven’t stopped thinking about it. 🤪And now this…..  love your outfit!  Remember to have fun with your renovations. Yes it can be a pain but I’ve always been so happy when I was in a position to make changes in my home and get things how I wanted them. If your cabinets are in good shape painting them will be an amazing transformation. I love bright kitchens. Can’t wait to see your pictures. 

  11. I love a nice turtleneck especially if it means being warm ( hate being cold) .. that coat sure makes a statement and looks great. Have fun with the renovations. We have built 3 houses and besides the cosmetic stuff picking out appliance can be fun but daunting. Keep in mind what you hope  to get out of them, and how much you entertain? Do you have use for a double oven? Extra burners? Larger fridge? We replaced ours ( except the oven ) over the last few years only because the brand we had originally was no good and  didn’t last. Really loving what we have now. Good luck and have fun:)

    1. Good advice, thank you. We entertain a lot and we have double ovens that I love. We definitely need them a few times a year. Worth it! What brands do you have that you love?

      1. Sure the brands for the dishwasher and fridge are Kenmore. The fridge is the Kenmore 27.6 cubic feet Full Depth French Door Refrigerator Bottom Freezer . We bought this in 2015. The dishwasher is the Kenmore 24″ built in stainless steel. This was bought in 2016, and I have yet to have a dirty or wet dish come out of the cycle. I use the smart wash cycle, and dry assist options. Plus I use finish jet dry in the washer itself. I never rinse off many dishes before putting them in either, and as to not sound like a commercial but even those tough stuck on messes come off….We were told that the guts of our dishwasher were those of Bosch. NO element which also means no plastics burning if they fall down. Our oven is a GE and I can say the only GE appliance left in our house (since 2008) . Works great, very hot, never an issue. Cant say that for all the others appliances we had with them, I think their strong suit is the ovens, its nothing fancy just a glass top slide in, we bought the range hood for over top. Hope this helps:) I was very fussy when replacing mine as we had so much trouble with the originals.

  12. So cute!,,
    Love the coat …unfortunately I will
    Copy without coat.
    Can’t wait to see kitchen …redo
    I hv been thinking about light grey or
    White on my cabinets in condo.

    1. The coat is just bonus. I love the look without, and so many other coats would look nice over it, or if not terribly cold, a leather jacket. I was also thinking about grey cabinets, but I think we’re going to keep it classic and go with white. I’m thinking resale. We may paint our island blue or grey tho.

  13. I’m not sure you want any more advice on appliances, so feel free to ignore this 😊. I’ve now had two ranges with warming trays instead of a bottom drawer. At first, I wondered if I’d use it, now I wonder how I managed without one. The first one was deeper, which fit casserole and other bowls better. The range we have now is KitchenAid. The drawer is so shallow, it can be hard to fit certain dishes in there. However, this one also has a bake feature. So when we’re entertaining, I can use it to bake appetizers when the oven is full. Having the warming tray when our youngest was going to university and playing football was so helpful. I’d keep his meal warm and he would have a nice warm supper when he got home two hours after we’d eaten. Now I don’t think I would buy a range that doesn’t have one.

    1. I am wide open to advice! I have been pouring over online reviews, and my head hurts. Haha! Funny that you love your warming drawer. I had one in my last house and never used it.

  14. Love grey and black and I’m still on the hunt for another grey sweater. Excited about your kitchen reno! We did our kitchen 2 years ago now and painted some of our existing cabinets and gutted others. Sherwin Williams Origami White is what we chose and its a really pretty white ( not bright and stark) with grey undertones. Also did an appliance package and got all kitchen aid ( after my husbands research and spread sheets on appliances 🙄🤣) We had to get a Bosch dishwasher tho after trying 2 kitchen aids that just did not work in our space for some reason?? Still not understanding that but we are happy we chose the kitchen aid over the Wolf and Viking appliances we were originally favoring. Have fun ( and patience!) with it all and can’t wait to see you post about your choices and the final pix!! 

    1. We are also thinking off-white paint, not stark white. And I am LOL about your husband’s spreadsheets. We know we’re doing Bosch for dishwasher, but the rest is up in the air. KitchenAid is one of my top picks for fridge and wall ovens. Do you have any complaints? I’ve heard mixed reviews.

      1. I am very happy with our Kitchen Aid appliances. We purchased a 6 burner gas stove and overhead vent and double ovens. Also got the microwave but ended up putting it in our basement bar that we renovated after the kitchen because again, there was an issue with the space or something so I kept my existing microwave in the kitchen which is fine for now ( it’s stainless and matches.) we also kept our existing fridge because it was fairly new ( stainless as well) and it did not warrant replacing. The only thing I’d say about my ovens is it takes a little longer than my other oven to preheat. It’s not a big deal at all. I like the sleek design of the KA appliances. I actually really wanted the KA dishwasher. After having my Bosch now for a while, I’m not liking it which is strange because so many people love it!! Mine doesn’t clean exceptionally well like I heard it does and after a couple days gets a funky smell. I found I really need to rinse the dishes well before loading but still I get the yucky smell. It is very quiet which is nice but I miss having the drying part. I always have to use a towel to dry some of the glasses. 

        1. How odd about the Bosch!!! I have never heard that complaint. I have had several of them, and they all clean well. My current one has awful loading racks, tho. It’s the base model, so I’m going to upgrade, plus it isn’t stainless.

          Good to know about the KA – I also love the aesthetic. The other person who had a bad experience did mention it slow to preheat. I guess that’s not a deal breaker as long as it is reliable and cooks evenly.

          1. Isn’t that crazy?? I thought maybe I was missing something or was doing something wrong because I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about Bosch but it has not lived up to the hype for me. I like the top rack for silverware which I did not have previously ( KA had that too) and the loading space and racks seem fine but I don’t like the general cleaning and no heating coil to dry the dishes thoroughly. Maybe I got a lemon 😅. Oh and I saw you said you may paint your Island. We gutted our small island and put in a bigger one ( so we had to rearrange our kitchen floor plan a bit ) but we painted our island SW Dorian Grey. I was worried because I did not want it to be anything bluish and it’s not at all. Of course in different lighting and spaces it may look different but I’m really happy with the color.  My dining room is Dorian Grey too so it was a nice tie in for the 2 spaces. 

  15. I love this outfit!  And that coat!  “swoon” 😍

    Hope you will share pics of your kitchen reno. We have oak cabinets and I would love to paint them but my honey is hesitant. You always have such good pictures and details, I may be able to use them to convince him. 🙂

  16. Love this outfit and the cute shoes especially. However, this close to Christmas, my budget won’t handle those prices. But i can dream!
    I have all Bosch appliances and LOVE them. The dishwasher is a dream. Now my appliances are over 15 years old so they do last.
    How’s the IF coming? I started yesterday. So far so good altho I did overeat yesterday in my window. haha

    1. I’m 100% committed to a Bosch dishwasher. I won’t have anything else. I’m confused, though, when it comes to the rest. IF is going great. I’m not hungry anymore, and I’m noticing a lot more energy!

  17. LOVE!  You look fantastic and classy. I thought I had enough green sweaters but I don’t have a turtleneck!  

  18. Wish I could wear the color grey, but it drains me of color.  We just had our new GE stainless steel oven delivered last week and love it!!  I understand reading reviews until your head hurts…it’s a lot of information.  My best piece of advice would be to check out Consumer Reports.  It really helped me to narrow the choices down.  We are also going to be painting our oak cabinets white.  I would love to know which color you decide on!

    1. Yes, that’s what I was looking at last night. It doesn’t necessarily jibe with the personal feedback I’m getting from people, but sometimes it does. I think my biggest issue is the size of the fridge and features I want. There aren’t many choices. And I need the ovens to match b/c they’re side by side. Maybe I need to walk away for a few days and come back to it. 🙂

  19. If you are looking for a luxury experience while shopping for appliances you should visit the Subzero and Wolf showroom at the Navy yard in Philadelphia. They have a cooking demonstration once a month to learn about the appliances. They are friendly and knowledgeable and makes appliance shopping fun. 

  20. Excited to hear about your kitchen remodel! We, too, are going to paint our cabinets. I chose an off-white color with a dark quartz counter top. We will be choosing new appliances soon. Can’t wait to hear what you decide! Good luck!

  21. Hello,

    Would you please recommend some shops or on-line stores where a woman in her 50’s can find classy, dressy dresses that don’t look like typical old lady mother of the bride dresses?
    Thank you,

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