5 Ways to Wear a Grey Sweater: Puffer Vest and Trainers

Happy Monday, my friends! I know it’s already January 6th, but somehow today feels like the official beginning of the new year, am I the only one? I’m feeling refreshed and inspired and ready to go!

I mentioned in my New Year’s Eve Thoughts that I want the focus of 2020 to be on quality over quantity. Rather than sharing so many new items, I want to help you build a wardrobe of quality pieces that can be reworked in different ways. In that vein, today I’m launching a new series…

5 Ways to Wear a Grey Sweater

5 Ways to Wear a Grey Sweater: A New Style Series by Jo-Lynne Shane

Rather than compiling five outfits into one post, I decided to spread them out over the week and dedicate a post to each outfit. See all FIVE posts HERE!

Why A Grey Sweater?

I chose a grey sweater for this series because I’m assuming most of you already have a grey sweater or two in your closet. If you don’t, I’m going to suggest you invest in a one… or at least another neutral. If grey isn’t your thing, you can substitute ivory or camel or taupe or black for any of these looks. But I personally love a great sweater. I have, um, several… 

Grey is pretty much universally flattering, and it looks good with so many colors, as well as other neutrals.

I recommend investing in a good quality grey sweater, either cashmere or a wool/cashmere blend. If you’re allergic, acrylic or cotton (or a blend of both) can work just as well, but I love the warmth and softness of a quality cashmere, so that’s what I usually wear.

Shop Grey Sweaters Here:

For this look, I styled this cashmere crewneck sweater, but you could just as easily wear a grey v-neck or turtleneck sweater with this look. I included some of each in the shopping widget above.

This is a Nordstrom Made Brand, and their cashmere gives you a good bang for your buck, especially if you buy it on sale. It’s not as thick or luxe as some higher end brands, but it’s soft and warm and should last a few seasons of regular use.

Grey Sweater with a Puffer Vest and Trainers

For the first of 5 ways to wear a grey sweater, I styled my grey cashmere crew with a black puffer vest, black jeans, and grey/black trainers. I was going for a casual-chic monochromatic look.

5 Ways to Wear a Grey Sweater: with a Puffer Vest and Trainers

Because the look is casual, I didn’t bother with a necklace, but it could probably use one — or a scarf is an option as well.

This vest is a great price, and I like the combination of the shiny front  and back, and the mesh side plackets. It also has a packable hood and a stand collar for extra warmth.

You can find it at Lord + Taylor and Saks Off Fifth, and it also comes in burgundy and white.

See how I styled a similar outfit with a burgundy puffer vest last winter — I also wore black jeans, but I went with black booties and a grey turtleneck.

I chose black jeans to keep a monochromatic color palette, but blue jeans would work too. I might even wear this with white jeans!

These trainers are from Everlane, and they’re currently on sale as part of their Choose What You Pay promo. They’re verrrry comfortable and have great support.

I bought them with Paris in mind… I know I’ll want dark sneakers to wear with outfits very much like this. I recommend going with your usual sneaker size, which may be a half size larger than your typical size for boots or pumps.

I love this sporty look for running errands or sightseeing or volunteering at an outdoor event, or other situations where I’ll be outside and don’t want to deal with a coat.

The luxe cashmere sweater creates a pleasing juxtaposition with the casual sneakers and outdoorsy puffer vest, plus, the sneakers are practical for when I’m going to be on my feet for a few hours.

Outfit Details:

grey cashmere crew // black skinnies (budget option) // black puffer vest (also at Off Fifth) // grey trainers

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photos: Alison Cornell

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27 thoughts on “5 Ways to Wear a Grey Sweater: Puffer Vest and Trainers

  1. I just ordered the trainers and you are so spot on about them being perfect for Paris! Nothing screams American tourist like white men sneakers 🙂

  2. Love the look.. I’m definitely a grey sweater gal( also camel and black and ivory)  Can’t wait to see the posts for this week.. 

  3. Great article! I always find new ways to wear things from your posts. I swear I have no creativity and need helping thinking outside the box sometimes when it comes to mixing things up.

  4. I am so looking forward to this new format!! 🙂 I have a few grey sweaters too so I will be paying close attention this week!  

  5. Great post – the Everlane trainers are only available in W sizes, so can you recommend/link any others that would look stylish with this outfit?

  6. Love this look. I think the trainers are so cute with this outfit. I need to think outside the box more.  I kick myself every time you show us your old puffer from last year that looks double. I don’t know how many times I almost bought it and then didn’t and now wished I had. I know I still be wearing it. Its just different and soooo cute.  I love a grey sweater and I have many in my closet, but for some reason don’t tend to grab them. I think because my hair is lighter color and I’m fair skin and I sometimes don’t think its that great a color for me.  I look forward to this week and all the ways to style a grey sweater.  🙂  I’m with you…..today feels like the first day back from the holiday break.  Looking forward to a fresh new start.  PS  How are you going to have the energy to run in the early AM when you haven’t eaten for so long with your new diet?  Would you drink coffee after running?  I know you have your coffee first thing. I can’t imagine coffee on an empty stomach all day.  A heartache waiting to happen for me.  You are fortunate if you don’t get headaches.  

  7. I am looking forward to this new format – I am set on quality/classis vs quantity this year. I need to downsize and stick with basic classics. Thank you!

  8. LOVING the idea for your new format. I’m always running out buying new items to put an outfit together when I really need to be more creative and look at what I have and how to put different pieces together. Especially when you move from casual to more dressed up by changing jewelry, shoes, etc.

  9. Your black sneakers will be great in Paris! Regular brightly colored or white gym sneakers scream “tourist” in Europe. Love the “5 looks to wear…… ” concept. I lack the imagination to shake different looks up. Glad to have some inspiration. Back to work, back to a routine. The first week back is always an adjustment.

  10. White sneakers used to be a sign for american tourists over here (I`m from Germany). But this isn´t true anymore. The sneakertrend is still going strong in Europe and people of all ages wear them in so many colours. Even I, who never wore sneakers except for sports activities, now have different pairs in different styles and colours. And I love white sneakers as they go with so many of my clothes (especially in spring). Even brands who are known for comfort shoes produce their own versions of sneakers.

  11. I love this post. I don’t like that the Kut black jeans only have size 0 or 16. Ugh that’s what’s been happening now… I lost over 20 lbs and need 4 or 6 now but almost everything is gone.

    Will have to keep checking back.

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