Holiday Gift Ideas for the Guys with Nordstrom

I don’t know about you, but I find holiday shopping for the men on my list a bit more challenging than shopping for the women. I guess it’s easy to shop for women when I spend so much time online vetting women’s fashion, makeup, and accessories. I have to work a little harder when I’m shopping for my husband or our fathers, but once I get in the zone, it’s kind of fun for a change.

I’m teaming up with Nordstrom to share some of my best holiday gift ideas for the guys, and my husband is taking a turn on the other side of the camera to help me feature an outfit that is comprised of a few of my favorites.

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Guys with Nordstrom

Since most men don’t love clothes shopping, I find that they’re usually appreciative of clothing gifts at the holidays. Maybe your guy is different, but I think the majority of Paul’s winter wardrobe has been accumulated over the past few Christmases. Of course, Nordstrom has much more than just clothing, so I’ll include some of those gift ideas too!

This is the type of outfit my husband lives in during the wintertime. Because his office is business casual, they’re allowed to wear jeans, but he likes to look put together so he usually wears a dress shirt with or without a sweater on top.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Men with Nordstrom

These quarter-zip sweaters are nice because you can also dress them down by wearing a crewneck t-shirt underneath or dress them up with a button-down. This particular sweater is made of merino wool, so it’s nice and warm, and it comes in 9 colors. They’re also 25% off right now. He also has a few v-neck sweaters, which also look great over button-downs or crewneck tees.

Paul is a huge fan of Bugatchi dress shirts. They’re pricey, but they’re a great quality, and they come in some really spiffy prints. People still say spiffy, right?? Ha! But seriously, these are really sharp. I love the contrasting collars and cuffs, and they look nice worn alone or under a sweater. They come in both shaped fit and classic fit.

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Guys with Nordstrom

A cashmere scarf is an item most men wouldn’t buy for themselves, so it makes an excellent gift. My husband used to be warm-natured, but as he’s gotten older, he really seems to mind the cold, so he appreciates a nice scarf. Plus, it just looks nice and adds a finished look to an outfit. Most guys don’t care about that, but if we like our men to look good, sometimes we have to give them a little help, amiright?

(Actually, Paul does a pretty good job dressing himself so I can’t take much credit, but I do appreciate his efforts.)

Christmas is a great time to gift a coat. Again, it’s a more pricey item they often don’t want to buy for themselves, and this time of year you can usually find good sales on coats. My mom gave Paul this wool blend field jacket last Christmas, and he wears it all winter long. The shorter length is a bit more casual than a traditional long wool car coat, and I like the modern styling. For a less expensive version, this jacket is also nice looking, and it’s on sale.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Men with Nordstrom

Holiday Gift Ideas for Men with Nordstrom

He’s also wearing his favorite straight leg jeans. After he complained about jeans being too stiff one too many times, I ordered him a pair of premium denim, and he’s been a convert ever since. He has a few pairs of these, and he loves them. Plus, they look good on. Just sayin’. For a dressier look and for offices where jeans aren’t part of the dress code, these smartcare twill pants are nice. Paul has a few pairs, which he wears to work sometimes and to church on Sundays.

We finished the outfit with wing tips, but a more casual shoe would work too. He’s a big fan of boots right now. In fact, I have a pair for him under the tree. He picked them out the last time we were at the mall, but I won’t let him wear them ’til Christmas. I’m mean like that. Ha! These UGG chukka boots are nice too, and they come in three neutral colors.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Men with Nordstrom

quarter-zip sweater // similar button-down // cashmere scarf //straight leg jeans // field jacket // similar wing tips

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  1. Thank you so much for posting some mens’ fashion. I’m trying kick my husband’s casual look up a notch. I love the zip sweater and dress shirt combo. I just ordered him a set for Christmas. This is so much nicer for my husband to wear for a casual look instead of his free t-shirt from the blood bank and running shoes. :-P. Tell Paul he’s a big help! Hope to see more posts like this.

  2. Handsome husband! And, sometimes there’s no other word that quite works as well as spiffy! My mother was fond of saying that, and I have continued the tradition although these days I get more quizzical looks when I do. I hope it doesn’t go away! Ha Seriously, our collective vocabulary seems to be shrinking.

  3. Ok, I have been looking for some better-fitting jeans for my Paul. Read about Levi’s 541s but they are for an athletic build…PC plays baseball but enjoys eating, too. So not sure they are the ones for him. I just want him to try a pair of jeans that fits better than his standard (very) relaxed fit Levis. Are these 7 for All Mankind, true to size? Maybe this will be a 3 Kings present for the first of the year.

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