Holiday Gift Ideas for Tweens & Teens Under $100

Oh, the tweenage years… such angst… such agony…. but at holiday time, it’s the parents who are in agony. What, oh what, to get the kids???

It was so much easier when all they wanted was legos and baby dolls. Now their lists are comprised of laptop computers, Xbox consoles, and cell phones. Whatever happened to visions of sugarplums???

These days, kids aren’t usually shy about telling you what they want for Christmas, but sometimes you want to give them something that’s NOT on their list, ya know??? So I figure, I’ll share some of the top things on my kids’ wish lists, and you can share some things on yours, and together we can come with a great resource for all parents of teens and tweens looking to make their kids (and grandkids) happy on Christmas morning without breaking the bank.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Tweens & Teens Under $100

Holiday Gift Ideas for Tweens & Teens Under $100

1. PopSocket $10 // I hesitated to add the PopSocket because they won’t be here by Christmas, but perhaps you celebrate with extended family after Christmas or are looking for future birthday gift ideas. These are pretty nifty. They’re only $10, and you put them on your phone to protect it from drops, plus it provides a secure yet relaxing hand position for easy texting, scrolling, and selfies. These make great gifts for adults and kids alike.

2. Lego Friends Amusement Park $90 // Okay, so I was joking about legos above, but I my 11-year-old actually still plays with legos. She is big into these Lego Friends building sets, and there are a wide range of price points available. I do find that the smaller sets get built too quickly, so I prefer to splurge on the bigger sets when I can. They take a lot longer to build and are more fun for the older kids.

3. Ukelele $47 // My older daughter is teaching herself to play the ukelele, and now my younger daughter wants one. I can’t complain about a toy that doesn’t require a battery or a charging cable, and it’s only $39 for a pretty decent one.

4. PomPom Beanie // Two of my three kids have a pompom beanie on their Christmas wish lists, and one of them is my 17-year-old son. He wants the sports version, of course. This is a fun idea for the sports fans in your house.

5. Quirkle $20 // This game is fun for the whole family. It says kids as young as 6 can play, but it’s also fun for adults and teens.

6. Ticket to Ride $73 // This is probably our favorite family board game. It’s more complex than Quirkle and definitely better for the older kids and aduls. We have the first two versions, and I’m considering the new one for my son this year. He loves to play it when we have friends over.

7. Onesie $28 // My girls are all about the onesies right now, and they are both asking for more for Christmas. They specifically love the animal ones. Go figure!

8. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera $60 // What’s old is new again! These instant cameras are all the rage with the younger set. They actually spit out little pictures like old time Polaroids, and the kids think they’re a blast.

If you have teens and tweens, I’d love to hear some of the things on their holiday wish lists!

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  1. All of my daughter’s friends love my Loopy case that I have on my phone. https://www.loopycases.com
    Other ideas for girls: cozy blankets/socks, fun decorative pillows, film for that Polaroid camera (hint: it’s not inexpensive), makeup brush set.

  2. I bought my almost 13 year old son Ticket to Ride. Sounds like I made a good choice! My kids all still love Lego too.

  3. Our kids have similar lists- already purchased are Lego Grand Hotel and the new Lego Supergirl Hero Highschool sets, pop sockets, and ticket to ride.

    Other things we added are laser tag guns ($80)with walkie talkies ($40) for outdoor activity, tin can robot kits ($12) and the google cardboard virtual reality glasses ($15)

  4. Thanks for the ideas Jo-Lynne. I have a 16 year old that just started driving and I know we will be putting some gas station gift cards in his stocking. I also have a 13 year old boy and both of them are into patterned dress socks. There is a place on-line called Yo Sox that we got them each a “sock of the month” plan for next year. Onesies are popular in my house too! I do have 3 god-daughters to buy for so the other suggestions for the girls are super helpful!

  5. My 12 year old son wanted a soccer jersey for his favorite player from a German club team. I crossed my fingers, made the international purchase, and held my breath. It took a full month to arrive, but he will love it. He also wears hoodies instead of a coat at school so I purchased Nike and UA. I also found a pre Black Friday sale on those Nike elite socks. Headphones and books were also on his list. His birthday is in November so Christmas can be challenging. The only games he likes are on the Xbox, but I’m interested in the Ticket to Ride that many have mentioned. Might be good for a family game!

  6. Hey Jo Lynne … I was in Home Depot … the day after Thanksgiving sale ( gotta keep my hubby happy, too 🙂 ) and found these SIMPLY FIT boards (seen on Shark Tank) they come in super cute colors .. we got a bright orange and a purple one for our girls… you stand on them and and move back and forth …. it looks like fun (not exercise 🙂 ) and it comes with a CD too!!!!! An unexpected gift at HOME DEPOT —who knew 🙂 $39

  7. My 16 year old daughter got an Ivory Ella shirt for her bday and now wants another for xmas. After the first of the year she’s getting a hand me down car so we are getting her gas cards, AAA membership, snow brush, and mittens to keep in the car.

  8. Great List Jo Lynne and I love everyone else’s list as well. My daughter just started college so is an older teen and she had the tempered glass iphone screen protector on her list as hers cracked from dropping but her iphone screen is still in tact so she asked for a new one. Also asked for a portable Bluetooth speaker but one that had higher sound quality when loud so we got her the Anker Classic Portable for right around $40 and the reviews are good. Her and my son also love to have nerf gun wars so we got two new ones with extra bullets or they have the new kinds with balls instead. My son loves movies and music so he always gets an itunes gift card but have been thinking about a subscription to either Apple music or Spotify. My nieces and nephews all wanted Amazon Gift cards.My son thinks a Drone would be fun too which can come in a wide variety of prices (he’s not getting one though). Oh we also have the game Ticket to Ride and if your family likes that they also might like the classic Risk game. My daughter, her boyfriend and my husband love to play that game.

  9. The instant camera is also on my 11 year-old daughter’s list. I’ve also purchased a few items from Bath and Body and a Philosophy soap gift set. Lulu lemon headbands are in high demand also.

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