How To Elevate A Classic Utility Jacket for Spring

Who has spring fever? *raises hand high*

This is the time of year I start to give y’all whiplash alternating between winter and spring outfits. While we’re still dressing for winter here in the northeast, most of us are hankering for springtime, and it doesn’t help when my southern sisters start to ask for spring fashions!

Today’s post is for those of you who are tired of winter outfits and eager to think ahead to the next season. I’m teaming up with Lucky Brand to talk about how to elevate one of the most essential wardrobe basics for spring — the utility jacket.

How To Elevate A Classic Utility Jacket for Spring | Lucky Brand Bridgette High Rise Skinnies | Lucky Brand Girlfriend Utility Jacket | Lucky Brand Rose Embroidered Tee | Lucky Brand Woven Emmie Flats | Jo-Lynne Shane | Fashion for Women Over 40

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Lucky Brand does a lot of things well, and one of them is the classic utility jacket. I’m really loving this year’s version, which they’re calling the girlfriend utility jacket. The color is a nice soft olive green, and it’s 97% cotton with 3% lycra so it has nice structure as well as a bit of stretch to keep it comfortable.

I love how they’ve given this utilitarian wardrobe staple a bit of a feminine flare without sacrificing its traditional features.

How To Elevate A Classic Utility Jacket for Spring | Lucky Brand Bridgette High Rise Skinnies | Lucky Brand Girlfriend Utility Jacket | Lucky Brand Rose Embroidered Tee | Jo-Lynne Shane | Fashion for Women Over 40

There are so many ways to wear a utility jacket. It’s fun to throw one over a casual dress for summer, and I often wear mine with a sweater, jeans, and booties in the fall, but my favorite way is probably with a t-shirt, jeans, and flats or sandals in the spring. That’s the way I styled it for this post.

How To Elevate A Classic Utility Jacket for Spring | Lucky Brand Bridgette High Rise Skinnies | Lucky Brand Girlfriend Utility Jacket | Lucky Brand Rose Embroidered Tee | Lucky Brand Woven Emmie Flats | Jo-Lynne Shane | Fashion for Women Over 40

Speaking of things Lucky Brand does well, another one is jeans. In fact, the brand was originally started around it’s iconic vintage-inspired denim.

I’ve long been a fan of their Brooke legging jeans, but I wanted to try a different style, so I ordered these Bridgette high rise skinnies. They actually fit a lot like the Brooke, but they have a comfortable 10″ front rise, which feels amazing. I love how they hold everything in.

Plus they’ve got a versatile mid-wash that works well with the casual outfits I’m so fond of.  For size reference, I’m wearing the 29, which is my usual size in Lucky Brand jeans.

How To Elevate A Classic Utility Jacket for Spring

When it comes to what to wear with a utility jacket and jeans, the possibilities are virtually endless. Being the plain Jane that I am, I often go with a solid tee, but I was trying to push myself a little bit outside of my comfort zone with this outfit, so I started poking around to see what other ideas I could come up with.

One of the biggest trends this spring and summer is embroidered details and florals. My style tends to be classic with a side of edgy, so florals and embroidery isn’t always a look I’m drawn to, but when I saw this rose embroidered tee, my Spring Fever was suddenly in full bloom. #seewhatIdidthere?

Lucky Brand Rose Embroidered Tee | Jo-Lynne Shane | Fashion for Women Over 40

It’s cute on its own, but I really love how it looks peeking out from underneath the olive green utility jacket. It adds interest without overwhelming the outfit, and it creates a pleasing mix of femininity and toughness. For size reference, I have this tee in a small.

How To Elevate A Classic Utility Jacket for Spring | Lucky Brand Bridgette High Rise Skinnies | Lucky Brand Girlfriend Utility Jacket | Lucky Brand Rose Embroidered Tee | Lucky Brand Woven Emmie Flats | Jo-Lynne Shane | Fashion for Women Over 40

I finished off the outfit with these adorable woven flats. How stinkin’ cute are these for spring!?! The Emmie flats are one of Lucky Brand’s tried and true shoe styles; they’ve been around for years, and they keep updating the colors each season.

Woven shoes and bags are popular this spring, and these are a great way to incorporate the trend into your wardrobe. For reference, I went up a half size in these.

Lucky Brand Emmie Flats | Woven Flats

Emmie flats

I love casual outfits like this — comfortable, put-together, and on trend. Each one of these pieces can be mixed and matched with different items in my closet for a lot of different looks as the weather warms up over the next few months.

How To Elevate A Classic Utility Jacket for Spring | Lucky Brand Bridgette High Rise Skinnies | Lucky Brand Girlfriend Utility Jacket | Lucy Brand Rose Embroidered Tee | Lucky Brand Woven Emmie Flats | Jo-Lynne Shane | Fashion for Women Over 40

girlfriend utility jacket // rose embroidered tee // Bridgette high rise skinnies // woven flats // similar sunnies // similar earrings

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50 thoughts on “How To Elevate A Classic Utility Jacket for Spring

  1. YES! My goodness, do I ever have spring fever too. Super cute outfit. I love the floral embroidered detail on that tee. It’s on a lot of jeans but I haven’t seen many tees. Very wearable!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I understand what you’re saying about your southern sisters and pulling out their spring fashions.  That’s exactly how this southern sister feels when y’all start pulling out your sweaters and scarves in the fall and it’s still 90 degrees here.  🙂

    1. Agree 200%!  Lol!  I get so jealous of our northern sisters who get to wear the cute sweaters in the Fall but we are still baking down here!  ????. But of course that works the opposite way in the spring.  Are we ever satisfied?  Lol.  Have a great day! 

  3. You look adorable as usual. I love your laid back style, I love everything about this outfit but the tee shirt. It really looks cute on you, bc you are young & trendy, but I could never wear  it. I’m over 60, so it would make me look matronly (bc I am)!! I remember shopping for shirts like this for my 75-year-old mom!  I love your blog!

    1. I agree. If I put it on it would look like the Alfred Dunner older lady shirts I bought my mother in law. But it looks cute on JoLynne. I’m not into the embroidery fade.  

  4. Really love the spring inspiration – you can’t go wrong with a utility jacket or vest! By the way I have been stalking the J.Crew Cocoon coat you recently styled in grey. It finally popped up in my size (4P) but I had to get the Heather Acorn which I think I will like also! I did go through your site to order it so I hope that little bit helps! Have a great weekend 🙂

  5. I love this outfit! I love that tee on you. It’s not often we see patterns on you but it looks great, especially with the jacket.

  6. Oh how I love utility jackets, this one is very nice! I typically wear them all day at the office as part of my outfit. 
    Happy weekend, all!

  7. I LOVE those flats!  They are adorable!  And did you see all the other cute colors they have?!?  My pocketbook can’t take it!  Lol.  But are they comfortable?  

    You look so cute and comfy in this outfit but I’m not a fan of the utility jacket.  It always looks so cute on others – like you – but on me … I don’t know it just doesn’t look right.  Not sure if it’s because it’s not what I usually wear or if it’s because it just really doesn’t look good.  Ha.  

    Glad you’re feeling better.  Have a blessed weekend!  

    1. Yes, they have a ton of great colors in these. They are comfortable, but the leather more so than this woven style. I think the leather gives more and molds to your foot over time. These are super cute tho.

  8. Ha! I was out window shopping last weekend and almost bought this tee! It looks really cute on you,and I think it should be a keeper. I may have to purchase this tee and the “ don’t stop believing” tee (big Journey fan)! I usually shy away from graphic tees, but I keep checking it out. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Happy Friday!  You look classy as usual!  I agree about the embroidery/floral–not a big fan of either but in seeing it everywhere. You definitely pulled it off, but I’m still on the fence.  I’ve been wanting to try a pair of Lucky jeans so thanks for styling them. You made me smile with your “ya’ll & hankering!”  Are you sure you’re from Pennsylvania?!–Bless your heart ????
    Jeannie from SC

  10. Yesterday it was below 0 and the wind was cold it literally cut through me like a knife.  So yes, I’m ready for spring, but I fear it’s at least 3 months away for this Wisconsin gal.  I can’t believe utility jackets are still in.  It seems like they have been trending for years.  I’m beginning to wonder if they will never go out of style and be considered a classic like a trench coat.

    1. I consider it a classic at this point. Kind of like a denim jacket… more of an American classic, LOL.

      And yeah, today it is 20 with a biting wind – nothing like the day I wore this outfit. LOL!!! But when spring comes, I’ll be ready. 😉

  11. Such a cute outfit and such a great casual look. I haven’t really been interested in the embroidery trend, but this tee shirt changes my mind!

  12. Great post. I have a lot of jackets, but not a utility style so I am definitely getting one after reading your blog.

  13. We are a long way from Spring up here in Canada, LOL! I guess I’ll find out in a few hours from Balzac Billy (the groundhog). I love this look and really must look into a utility jacket. I have been debating between that and a jean jacket, and I think I could pull this one off! Thanks for the whistfull thoughts of spring! 🙂

  14. Love the outfit. What size jacket did you get. I’m not a fan of embroidery but cute tee with jacket. What college did your son pick? Also happy your back is better.

  15. You look so good in this outfit!  Evidently the embroidered chest doesn’t accent ‘the girls’ too much since I know that is not the look you go for.  I need to start incorporating my utility jacket with outfits now, since I don’t always need a heavy coat.  Thank you for braving the 40’s to show us a lighter weight outfit.  Congratulations on your son making his college selection!  I’m so glad your back issues have settled down!  Enjoy your weekend!

  16. I love utility jackets. I have it in khaki and in white. So, I am very happy to see they’re still in style. Your tee is cute with the jacket. It lends a feminine touch. 
    That’s good news! Your son is off to college next year. I wish him much success. I hope he’s not too far away though, so you can still see him often. 

      1. That’s nice and close. My daughter was almost 3000 miles away when she was at university. She came home for Christmas and the summer. Not nearly enough. They do get pretty busy getting on with their lives but I’m sure he’ll still be home often. FaceTime is a good way to stay in touch. Seeing their faces makes them seem a little closer.

  17. I clicked through to the jeans and the reviews are mixed. Some say there is no stretch so size up and others say too much stretch. What is your opinion? Even though I am not a fan of embroidery (that said, by the end of the season I will probably change my mind 🙂 ), it is a cute look on you – love the whole outfit!

  18. A utility jacket is such a great piece for spring! I like the embroidery on your top. I just ordered one with embroidery recently from LOFT. Hope you have a great weekend!

  19. Ditto with the other comments, I love the Utility Jackets too. I realize it’s not for everyone but I think it’s such a cute casual look. JoLynne of the many blogs I look at yours is my favorite. I love that you are relatable. Never over the top, your style is classy and casual. I also appreciate that you stay focused on clothing for the most part and don’t get into a lot of other topics. Thanks so much, looking forward to the new SPRING looks 🙂

  20. Jo-Lynn, I love this outfit. The utility is one of my favorites to wear in the spring and fall. I love the embroidered detail on that tee. I need to start keeping an eye out for embroidered details. I’m always a little bit behind the trends, but figure if it’s a good one, it will stay around for a while. Thanks for posting and for hosting. – Amy

  21. It took me a minute to find the new comment box! 

    Well winter has certainly forgotten about California!! It has been in the low 80s all week and this weekend it’s supposed to be even hotter with fire watches everywhere. Even the nights have been warm (high 60s at night so we’ve been sleeping with the windows open.) So I’ve shelved the idea of buying any more new sweaters and  I’m buying spring stuff now and wearing sandals. ☀️???? I saw those cute flats at the mall last weekend. Are they comfortable? 

  22. I LOVE this! I haven’t been on their site in awhile, but I may need to scroll through and see what they have. I do have some similar pieces and will definitely be duplicating this look come spring (or next week bc I’m sure it’ll warm up by then again here!)!!

  23. What a good feeling it is when your child decides the college and the deposit is in. I did that 3 times. I think the hardest is dropping them off that first day in their dorm room with a roommate they don’t know. When I dropped off my 3 rd child I told my husband I never want to do that again and so glad I don’t have to. Little did I know my mom would have an accident and hit her head with a brain hemorrhage and have to go into rehab for a month. Dropping her off and packing her closet in the little room with a roommate she didn’t know and still not right in her head was like dropping off another child. I cried all the way home. She was sad and scared. As always I made it through.  You have exciting times ahead with your son after you get use to letting go. :). Love your outfit. I have a utility jacket but never wear it. I bought it in a Fall red and just doesn’t go with as much as I had hoped. Any ideas. It feels too dark for spring and not heavy enough for winter. So only Fall works. I don’t look good in olive and was trying not to go beige, which I normally do. Yeah Eagles. They won. I’m late commenting. :). 

    1. Oh, my, I bet it was harder to leave your mom than your kids! I do think it will be hard, but my son is rooming with a friend, so I don’t have much angst over that. Just will be weird that he’s “on his own.”

  24. I enjoy your blog everyday. You have the best and most put together outfits for the Seasons. I love that you like classic with a little edgy.. That’s me, also. Look forward to yours and Cyndy’s Spring Fashion. Have a Great Day!!❤

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