January Reader Favorites

Ever wonder about the most popular products among JLS readers? I wanted to make this reader favorites post a regular monthly feature and run it the first day of the following month, but I had the giveaway to post this month, and then yesterday was Fashion Friday, so here we are!

These are the most popular products from the month of January. I’m listing these in the typical Top 10 List order, starting with the least popular of the 10 and ending with the most popular.

Drumroll pleeeeeeease!!!!!!


10. Loft Striped Short Sleeve Dolman Sweater // $49.50 ($50 off your $100 LOFT purchase with code SCORE)

Loft Striped Short Sleeve Dolman Sweater

9. Loft Modern Skinny Jeans in Black // $69.50 ($50 off your $100 LOFT purchase with code SCORE)

8. Vigoss Jagger Midrise Skinnies // $64

Vigoss Jagger Midrise Skinnies

7. Barefoot Dreams Essential Cardigan // $122.00 $79.99 (33% off)

6. Loft Whipstitched Sweater // $65.50 ($50 off your $100 LOFT purchase with code SCORE)

Loft Whipstitched Sweater

5. Halogen Ponte Tie Sleeve Tunic // $59.00

Halogen Ponte Tie Sleeve Tunic

4. J.Crew Cocoon Coat // $350.00 $226.99 (35% off)

J.Crew Cocoon Coat

3. BP. Cozy Mock Neck Sweater // $49

BP. Cozy mock neck sweater

2. Halogen V-neck cashmere sweater // $89.00 $69.90 (20% off)


1. Kate Spade Jackson Street Mylie Hobo // $298.00 $179.00

Kate Spade Jackson Street Mylie Hobo

I don’t know about you, but I found this post really interesting. Nothing was terribly surprising to me — except for maybe that Kate Spade bag. They had an additional 30% off sale styles going there for a while, which brought it down closer to $100. I actually paid full price for that bag last spring, I loved it so much. I rarely pay full price for a designer bag. I carried it a ton last spring and summer, and I’m excited to bring it out again soon. The color I have is a tad pinker than the porcelain color they have now, bu I think that one is actually more versatile. I’d carry that year-round. Incidentally, it’s also available in black.

Okay, that’s it for me! I hope y’all have a fabulous Saturday!

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22 thoughts on “January Reader Favorites

  1. I love the red sweater! It could be worn with black pants or pencil skirt to work. Is it a a heavier knit?

  2. I have the grey v-neck on right now!  It arrived yesterday.  I did have to order down one size and I got a petite which I sometimes do in tops and sometimes don’t need to – for those of you still contemplating.  Also, my husband just came up and told me I look good & feel good in my new sweater.  Nice! 

  3. I love all the reader favorites. I need to check into ordering that cardigan and whip stitch sweater. I love that bag too but I have a Coach bag that looks kind of like it in black so I’m kinda on the fence about buying it. I think if this one was more pink I’d probably just do it. Stay warm and have a great weekend.

  4. Hi Jo Lynne,
    I was curious to know how your back was doing?  I hope it’s feeling better by now. Can’t wait for spring fashions! 

    1. Thanks, Nancy. It’s progressing. It “catches” every once in a while but it’s much better each day. I find that good posture is key to keeping it comfortable. I tend to slouch, which is part of the problem or at least exacerbates the problem.

  5. I really like this post , looks like most of these are on sale which is good . I love the gray vneck sweater, but still not going to purchase anything yet , it is soooo hard trying not to buy any clothes until I get into the Adore class . I found out yesterday that I am a short-waisted pear and I know what that means when we get to the jeans part . I am sure they are going to tell me no more skinny jeans Lol . Anyway I hope you have a great Saturday !!!

    1. Yes… that is definitely what’s coming. :/ I agree that waiting is best, although this sweater seems pretty versatile, but I can’t be sure about pear rules, and the length will be a big factor. When you find your SSR (sweet spot range) it will make shopping for tops so much easier.

  6. Out of the 2 Vigoss jean styles you tried on what style did you like better?  It seems whatever works for you works for me!  Thanks for your help!  Toni

  7. I bought that bag when it was a steal!! Cant believe I got it when it was such a good deal!! I always seem to miss the deals!???? Now to figure out what outfits to put it with! If I search the name of the bag will it pull up the outfits you styled it with?

    1. Haha, yeah, that was SUCH a good price for a quality bag. My search function isn’t working right now and I’m not sure why it’s taking my tech team so long to figure it out. It’s frustrating for me too.

  8. What a clever post! Thank you so much for posting everyone’s favorites. It helps to see what your followers liked and to know that I’m on board style-wise.

  9. Purchased the Kate Spade bag just last week and it arrived a few days ago (I had been on the fence about it for awhile). Purchased it in the porcelain shade. Beautiful, classic bag and so well made. I can’t wait to use it!

  10. Hi Jo-Lynne, can you tell me what size you are wearing in this J Crew Cocoon Coat? I’m waiting to see if it comes back in stock. Thanks!

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