How to Instantly Level Up a Casual Outfit

Happy Friday, my friends! So much to celebrate right now. Not only is it my birthday week and a long holiday weekend, but Victoria Emerson is running a sitewide BOGO sale, and she sent me a few new boho cuffs to style.

I love her boho cuffs because they have so many interesting elements, and they’re one and done. So easy!

You can certainly layer them with other bracelets if you want, but they’re substantial enough to stand on their own.

In fact, I had one on the night we went out for my birthday, and my 14-year-old daughter noticed it and said, Wow, that’s a lot of bracelets!

She was really intrigued when I showed her how they’re all hooked together with one easy clasp.

If you see something you like, act fast, because they don’t stay around for long.

I actually kind of like that there’s a high turnover rate on her site because you rarely see someone else wearing the exact same bracelet. It’s almost like having a unique piece of jewelry that was custom made for you!

My first look features this boho bracelet with shades of beige and white.

This is actually the Cairo worn backwards. You can turn it around for more of an earthy color palette, but I like how the white beads, beige leather strap, and the shell give the bracelet a beachy vibe — perfect for summertime.

The Tuscan would also be a good choice with this outfit. It has the same square crystal beads and marbled stones, and I really like how the brown textured leather strap echos the deeper brown tones from the snake print sandals.

For my second outfit, I wore a grey tee and white shorts with a boho cuff with shades of grey and white.

Unfortunately this one has sold out, but the Giorna has a similar vibe to the one I’m wearing.

The Colima boho cuff with its twinkling crystals and silver details would also be a nice choice for this outfit, or the Toluca with its animal print strap and dark crystals would give it a more edgy vibe.

And there’s always the Attica, which I’ve styled before. This is one of her classic pieces that is usually well-stocked.

For my final look, I wore a black tee with my white shorts, and I added the Manarola boho cuff with shades of black and silver. The combination of the gunmetal chain, shiny coins, and glittery black crystals is edgy yet delicate, perfect for date night.

I love how the boho cuff adds texture and sparkle and shine, and levels up this simple outfit for a look that is effortlessly chic.

All Victoria Emerson bracelets come with a linen drawstring bag for easy storage, or you can add a gift box for just $1.97 if you want to give one as a gift.

The BOGO deal is only good through Saturday, and styles do sell out quickly, so don’t wait around if you have your eye on one (or two!)

Shop these and more of my Victoria Emerson favorites here:

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This post is sponsored by Victoria Emerson. All images, opinions, and editorial decisions are my own. Thank you for supporting the retailers that help support this site!

photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. Great outfits JoLynne and the bracelets add the finishing touch.  I love those Bermuda shorts on you.  Can you share how they run and what size you purchased?  I notice the sizing is multiple sizes.  

  2. I recently ordered some of her bracelets because of a great sale and I LOVE them. I’ve been watching you style them for some time. They are even prettier in person and the quality is excellent. Thanks for all your recommendations. I haven’t ever been disappointed in a purchase I’ve made through you. Happy birthday, by the way! Enjoy your weekend celebrating! 

  3. I don’t know if this will help, but stretching my hip flexors really has helped to ease mysterious hip pain.

  4. I ordered my very first VE bracelet last month and I wanted a wrap because I have several cuff bracelets from other brands and I really like it. I ordered a neutral color that goes with everything and its easy to take on and off. My birthday is this month too and I usually ask my daughter for a bracelet so may have to show her a few that you styled. BTW, what did you get for your birthday? 

  5. I love Bermuda shorts. They just seem classier, kinda like a LBD. You can dress them up or dress them down. 

    I want to wish you a Happy Birthday and Happy 4th July!  I’ll be traveling tomorrow so it’s a day early. 😏

  6. I have had all the symptoms you described and went for many tests and PT for months..none of which helped. However, after seeing a PT who specializes in Orthopaedic problems, he diagnosed me with sacral iliac dysfunction and helped my problem. There are special exercises you do to get your sacral iliac back in alignment. He said ballerinas have this all the time and he treats a lot of them for it. I would suggest looking this up to see if your symptoms are similar. I am an exercise instructor and a runner and thankfully I am back to doing both. Good luck and stay well. I love your blog btw , thank you

  7. Hi. I love reading your posts. I just wanted to ask about the first two bracelets in this article. I know you said they are sold out but can you tell me the names of them and if they will ever be in stock again? I couldn’t even find them in the sold out area on the Victoria Emerson website.  Thanks .

    1. I’m not sure about the one with the grey tee, but the one with the pink top is actually the Cairo – I had it on backwards. I just realized it and haven’t updated the post yet. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  8. Thanks for the reminder of adding the bracelets to the casual outfits!  I’ll do that!  I’ve ordered many of the VE bracelets after you recommended them previously.  I gave them for Christmas presents last year and they were great…loved the one I gifted to myself too!  Have a great birthday celebration!  As far as the health thing…I’m in my 60’s and pretty healthy, but it’s amazing how the health “challenges” pop up and you have to deal with them.  It gets frustrating, but you can handle it!

  9. Love her bracelets and cuffs. I am tempted to buy a few more, but it is hard to buy more when I rarely wear the ones I have (since we are not going out. We are still being very careful and don’t feel comfortable going out to eat.)
    Have a wonderful 4th. We are celebrating with our son in law, daughter and new grandson since we are here for a few more days. It will just be the 5 of us, mother-daughter quarantine bake-off (she has been doing them for awhile with 2 friends, and they decided on mother-daughter this week since I am here.) It looks like a complicated flag layer cake.

  10. I was sorely tempted, went to the UK site and bought one. They really do look good with simple clothes, as you have styled them. If I had had the opportunity to mention where I had found them I would have given your website.

  11. I bought the top you are showing. The red clay v neck  and plan to wear it tonight when we go to Rosebud Restaurant tonight.  I have white Bermuda shorts too and lots of V E bracelets   I bought some in her  last 2 for 1 sale and gave them to my sisters.     They loved them.   HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY .   We have much to be Thankful for 🇺🇸❤️💙   

  12. Hi Jolynne,  Could your hip issue be arthritis. We are the same age and I constantly battle aches and pains in my body. It is usually overuse or arthritis for me. I love your blog and thank you for all the work you do.

  13. I love her bracelet’s.. in fact I was surprised when another blogger said it was a Canadian owned company I didn’t realize that and perhaps I should look into it more. I’ve ordered a few recently for Christmas yep I said it Christmas gifts… and have given a few for my wish list😉. Sorry to hear you’ve not gotten much further with what’s going on with your bum/ hip area. I guess it’s good news but yet it is frustrating when you still have no real answer. If you can try a chiropractor and or a massage therapist, one that comes highly recommended or someone you know has seen ( they will get into that area of pain and do a deep tissue massage) It may hurt at the time but boy will it feel good afterwards:) They may even be able to do a laser treatment if it’s a real deep injury too.. just my two cents worth…Hope you enjoy the rest of your birthday celebration and Happy 4 th of July. 

  14. I love your white short outfits!
    I agree with you about leveling up with the bracelets! They are rich looking. The snake sandals finish the look too!

  15. I’ve had similar symptoms which were also diagnosed as SI joint problems. I had to quit running and switch to walking 🙁

    Was also told cycling would irritate it, but it doesn’t for me 🙂

    1. Yeah, I switched to walking 6 mos ago but it’s still lingering. :/ I think it’s more my desk sitting than running that’s bothering it, but maybe I’m wrong. I’m going to ask about that next time I see my doc.

  16. I really like your VE bracelets.  I do like the BOHO cuff bracelets I have and agree that they add just the perfect touch to my outfits.  I’m glad that you don’t need to have surgery on your hip issue.  I hope that the other medical challenges can be easily resolved!  I hope that you’ve had a great day!

  17. Bless your heart. Im so sorry that your MRI & X-rays didn’t show anything, but on the other hand it’s also a blessing. But pain and discomfort is no fun. Hang in there. 

    I’ve been having horrible knee pain & that knee has been locking up. So I had an MRI Wednesday & got the report that there’s a tear in the meniscus and my knee with osteoarthritis is 3x worse than it was a year ago. Seems like I’m headed for a new left knee – but that’ll be determined next week. Honestly I’m ready for my drama to be over. But at least if I get a new knee no more arthritis in it. Woo hoo. 

    I love these Victoria Emerson bracelets. They are sooo beautiful. 

    Have an incredible fourth. I hope your continued birthday celebration will be fabulous!!

      1. Yes…I broke my hip last summer, then had another crack in the same general area late fall…I was down what felt like forever. I’m ready to have my life back. 

        Happy Independence Day!  

  18. Such pretty bracelets!  I do love wearing bracelets. I’m looking forward to wearing mine, if we ever leave the house again!  Ha.   Hope your hip stuff gets worked out.  These nagging issues get tiring!

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