How I’m Transitioning My Beauty Routine from Summer to Fall

With the 26 Days of Fall Outfits series wrapping up, everyone in the Facebook Group has been saying, NOW what do we do?!? 

You guys, Cyndi and I aren’t going anywhere!! In fact, as I said yesterday, I’m planning to focus more on the fashion and beauty topics for a while and see where that leads. I have sooo many post topic ideas swarming in my head, I just need to find time to create them all.

We’ve been talking a lot about fashion during this transition season, but what about your beauty routine?

Do you also change your makeup and skincare with the seasons? I do. My skin tends to be quite dry, and I’m also very pale when I’m not in the sun, so I have to adjust my makeup and skincare when cooler weather sets in. Here’s what I do. Everyone is different and has different skincare needs, but many of these ideas are universal.

How to Transition Your Beauty Routine from Summer to Fall

How to Transition Your Beauty Routine from Summer to Fall

1. Switch to a heavier, full-coverage foundation.

I used to wear a mineral makeup in the summertime and switch to full coverage foundation in the winter. Nowadays I wear M·A·C Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation all year round, but I change up my face powder with the seasons. In the summertime, I wear Bronzing Powder, and in the winter, I usually use Jane Iredale PurePressed Base over top of my foundation. It is what I used to use alone in the summertime, but now that I’m older, ahem, I like to have full coverage all year round.

Foundation Tip: If your skin tends to be dry in the winter months (I know mine is!), then before applying foundation, put on your moisturizer and wait three to five minutes for that to set in. According to celebrity makeup artist Lusine Galadjian, this helps your foundation to go on smoother and blend in with your skin. (Who knew!?)

Also, to make sure you don’t get that awful line where your foundation ends and your neck begins, always blend your foundation down into the neck so that it disappears gradually.

2. Consider a richer hair color.

I use the same hair color all year round, but if you are one to highlight or lighten your hair in the summertime, you may want to go deeper and a bit warmer in the winter.

3. Try a deeper, more intense lipstick color.

In the summertime, I use coral and pink lip colors, but in the winter I like deeper oranges and rose-brown tones. This is a great time to experiment with vampy reds and plums too!

4. Go for deeper, warmer nail polish colors as well.

I love a nice medium-brown shade like CND’s Rubble. I also love deep navy, burgundy and plum in the cooler months. I switch up my nail polish every week or two, so I have fun experimenting with different colors.


5. Start using lip balm regularly.

Chapped lips are the worst, and your lipstick doesn’t apply well or look good on dry lips, so as soon as cool weather sets in, I start applying a good quality lip balm morning and night. Right now I’m using Lip Conditioner Peppermint Balm by Beauty Counter. A friend sent it to me, and I love it. It gets an EWG rating of 1 and contains natural ingredients such as avocado oil, beeswax, and shea butter.

6. Apply cuticle oil daily.

Fingernails also tend to get dry and brittle in the wintertime. I recommend using cuticle oil all year round, but you definitely don’t want to neglect it in the wintertime. I swear by Solar OilRead more about why I love it.

CND SolarOil

Cuticle oil and lip balm sit by my bed. They are the last two things I apply at night before I crawl into bed. Some people also love to apply a foot cream and hand cream as well.

7. Exfoliate 1-2 times a week OR invest in a Clarisonic.

Dry, flaky skin isn’t pretty. Exfoliating with a gentle facial scrub one or two times a week (any more than that is too much!) helps keep your skin soft and smooth. Then always follow up with a good moisturizer. I also find myself needing a richer facial moisturizer in the wintertime. I’ll be curious to see how my current Burt’s Bees Renewal Line holds up for me in the winter months.

Even better than exfoliation is a Clarisonic manual exfoliator. I swear by my Clarisonic Plus. It was by far my best investment ever. Mine is almost 10 years old, and it’s going strong. I just replace the brush head every so often. As long as I’m faithful about using it (ahem…) the Clarisonic keeps my skin soft and smooth like nothing else, and every esthetician who has ever given me a facial has told me to use it daily.

clarisonic plus at qvc

I’m sure there’s more, but those are the first things that come to mind! I’ve already begun implementing some of these tips, although the weather here in Philly hasn’t gotten the memo that it’s fall.

I’d love to hear your best tips for transitioning your beauty routine from summer to fall. What did I miss?