I Tried It!

Most of you know that in addition to my thoughtful and reflective musings (cough, choke, ahem) at my little home-away-from-home here on the Web, I also run a beauty product review blog called Chic Critique.  And this week, we are starting a new carnival called I Tried It Tuesday, where we are asking all of our readers to post about a product (or two or three) they have tried as a result of reading about it on Chic Critique.  We will be doing this the first Tuesday of every month, so if you don’t have something to share this month, perhaps you will join in next time.

Over the past few months, we have had some regular posters come and go and quite a few guest posters, and through it all, I have discovered some fabulous products.  The one I’m going to showcase in this post was reviewed by Michelle of Life With Three.

I have been a self-proclaimed Lancome mascara snob since I was in high school.  Seriously.  That’s going on 20 years.  I have converted many a friend to the wonder that is Lancome mascara.  I’ve tried others — expensive ones and not-so-expensive ones — and NOTHING ever came CLOSE to delivering the results of Lancome.

Until now.

It took ANOTHER self-professed Lancome mascara snob convert to convince me to try CoverGirl’s LashBlast.  When I read Michelle’s review, I thought, whattheheck, for $6, it’s worth a shot.  So the next time I was at Target, I picked up the bright orange tube of CoverGirl LashBlast.

And I tried it.  And you know what?  It’s AWESOME.  Seriously, y’all, I’m a convert.  It’s not just a decent substitute; I like it BETTER than Lancome’s.  Really and truly, and I can NOT believe I’m saying this.  Only my longtime friends will fully understand the magnitude of that statement.

In fact, on my wedding day, I discovered that my precious Lancome mascara was not in my makeup bag, and I FUH-REAKED.  It was, as far as I know, and my friends can correct me if I’m wrong, my only Bridezilla moment of the whole event, but I remember a friend innocently trying to help by offering her non-Lancome mascara for me to borrow, and I wailed, “No, you don’t understand, it HAS to be LANCOME!”

And the room got quiet, and everyone stared at me, and I realized how ridiculous I sounded, but I didn’t care because I HAD TO HAVE MY LANCOME ON THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF MY LIFE!!

And then my mother, my dear mascara savior, came to my rescue, with her own tube of the precious nectar of the makeup gods.  And the earth resumed spinning on its axis, and all was right with the world.  And my eyelashes were properly clad in Lancome mascara on my wedding day.

That’s a true story, exaggerated only slightly for your reading pleasure.

So.  I am now officially a Cover Girl mascara convert, and I am not ashamed to say it.  The proof’s in the pudding.  Take a look.

Omigosh, could my eyebrows BE any more unmatched??

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