I’m Creating A Monster

Or maybe I’m finally doing something right.  I’m not sure which.

The other night at dinner, Husband offered to take the kids to the
dairy to get ice cream cones.  My 7-year-old son piped up, "I don’t
need all that sugar!  I’m going to go outside and play with my friends!"

HULLO???  This is the King of Hot Fudge Sundaedom.  Sure enough, he ran outside to play and turned down a trip for ice cream.

Then yesterday when we were at Wal*Mart, I suggested that we visit the Sonic drive-in.  Now, mind you, I had spent the last
30 minutes perusing the isles of the grocery section with two kids
bombarding me for every sugary, fat-laden treat they laid their greedy
eyes on.  I am sure I said "no" at least 100 times, no lie.  (I did
find some healthier snack alternatives.  I’m planning to share them in
another post.) 

So anyway, as I was debating whether to go to Sonic or to go home
and fix sandwiches, my son piped up, "But mom, that’s just more junk!"

Good point.  Unfortunately the euphoria was over last night
at dinner when he asked me, "Mom, why don’t we get to have any junk when
everyone else does?"

Because I’m a mean mommy, and I’m out to make your life miserable, of course.  Isn’t that my job?

Anyay, we did succumb to the Sonic drive-in.  I had never been before and wanted to know what all the fuss was about.  I don’t quite get it, frankly.  McDonald’s makes a far superior burger, and don’t get me started on the fries.  Although I haven’t had a Quarter Pounder in years, so perhaps my memories are a tad inflated.

So what’s the big deal about Sonic, anyway?

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  1. I actually worked at Sonic when I was in highschool. The onion rings are made from scratch daily. I’ve had it so much though that if I never ate there again I’d be okay with that. I think that the big draw is the variety of stuff- and ours serves breakfast all day.

  2. The burgers are just ok (but honestly? McDonald’s? No better, in my book). The fries aren’t the best, but I always go for tater tots. The onion rings are good for fast food. Then they’ve got the chili dogs, a good grilled cheese, corn dogs, frito pie-in other words, a lot to choose from. I think that stuff that isn’t at all the other fast food places is what Sonic does best, in terms of food. And oh, the shakes! THAT is the main appeal of Sonic. I bet a rundown of their sales would show that they live and die on the shakes.

  3. I don’t know what the big deal is at all! I love onion rings but they taste too sweet. Yuck. Onion rings are not supposed to taste like the desserts. Most things are very greasy. Now I wouldn’t touch McDonald’s with a 20 foot poll but on a rare occasion will stop for a whopper. That mostly happens while traveling and being on a money and time budget. The desserts at sonic can be pretty good though.

  4. I’ve not been there yet, although I thought the draw was their milkshakes and sodas. Sortof like Nifty Fifties except they have good burgers and fries too?

    So if I go I won’t expect good burgers. Thanks.

    Your kids are amazing! Very fun post.

  5. I’m more a Steak -n- Shake gal, myself. Or the local joints. But homemade burgers are the best, really! How DID you answer the “why can’t we when everyone else does” question? I imagine I’ll be hearing that a lot as a mom. Need witty retort.

  6. Wow, people who have never been to Sonic. I’ve been going to Sonic my whole life! When it comes to burgers, I don’t compare one place to another, because it all depends on what I’m in the mood for at the time. I do love a good Hickory Burger from Sonic, though. And love the onion rings, coneys, frito pie, and even the greasy cheese sticks.

    Sonic Diet Cherry Coke used to be my absolute favorite thing, but now that QT came to town, I can get a dang good Diet Cherry Coke or DP there, and for half the price.

  7. Oh no. No, no, no. There is no way that any burger from McD’s could ever compete with a Sonic burger (a properly made one, that is!). Sonic burgers taste like REAL burgers, McD’s . . . well, you can taste the damage it’s doing to your body. I do have to agree McD’s has everyone beat on the fries, hands-down.

    Sonic has the BEST onion rings, the BEST cherry limeades, the BEST slushes EVER. Oh yes, I love me some Sonic.

  8. They could take away the whole menu as long as I have cherry lime aid’s.

    They did have little mini banana splits and they were awesome too!

  9. My vote is the Cherry Lime Aid or the Diet Coke with real limes! I don’t really eat the food there, but I love the ice and the drinks!!! Well, okay I do love the tater tots. There I said it! It’s out in the open… I LOVE SONICS TATER TOTS!! Too bad I can’t eat them anymore.

  10. I really do minimize my fast food consumption, but I have to admit, I do like Sonic. The drinks are pretty awesome, and I LOVE THE ICE.

    It is pricey though. 🙁 But it is also neat to be able to order whatever, whenever. How very American of me. 😉

    But it is also fun to pull up to a stall, push the button, and eat while listening to Sonic Radio. Especially in the cool summer nights.

  11. I used to love the onion rings, but they have fallen in quality in recent years. I do love the ice in the beverages, especially the unsweet iced tea. My kids love the tater tots. I’m done with the food though. If I’m going to do fast food junk then I’m going to get something I like.

  12. Oh yeah, Sonic has a happy hour here from 2-4 or something like that and drinks are half-price. So I can get a large unsweet iced tea for 86 cents! Is there anything better? No, I think not. It was my “treat” on the way to swim lessons every day.

  13. For me – Lemon-Berry fruit slush – THE BEST summer treat! And when I was preggers – I had to have peanut butter fudge shakes with extra peanut butter and cheddar peppers (I think that’s what they are called there) – yes, at the same time. And they are open late so hubby would run out and get that for me when the craving hit -yum! Other than that – Sonic doesn’t have a huge appeal for me.

  14. Tater tots.
    Slushes for the kids.
    Breakfast at any time.
    And as Nicole mentioned, happy hour when the drinks and slushes are half price. Easy, cheap treat for the kids.
    Oh, did I mention tater tots???? 🙂

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