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It’s time for another Insta Recap!

insta recap

Everyone seemed to like the idea so I’ll try to do this weekly. I thought Saturday morning might be a good day for it. I take it for granted that a) everyone is on Instagram and b) everyone following me sees everything I post. What!?! It’s not all about me? Ha.

So here we go. These are my faves from the past week on Instagram!

This is the top-down selfie of the outfit I shared on Wednesday. I just love this outfit. Simple but chic. See how the outfit came together.

stripes and leopard

Outfit Details: Top via LeTote | DL1961 Amanda Skinnies (sold out; similar or budget option) | Sam Edelman Alaine Topline Flats (ON SALE 15% off at Nordstrom!) | Pave Chevron Necklace | Renegade Cluster Bracelet | Ally Double Wrap Bracelet | Pave Chevron Ring | Tory Burch Amanda Crossbody (sold out; similar or budget option)

This is a casual outfit I wore last Saturday. I have “real pictures” too that I’m planning to post next week, so stay tuned for that! meanwhile, shopping links are below.

Insta Recap: Jo-Lynne Shane

Outfit Details: Sweatshirt Tee (sold out; so sad) | DL1961 Emma (ON SALE at!) | utility vest (similar) | Umberto Raffini Kiki Ankle Boots in Mushroom Suede c/o The Walking Company | Silpada chevron plunge necklace | Alex & Ani Wire Bangles | animal print tote (similar)

It got really cold last weekend, and I broke out my cold weather running gear.

Lululemon Cold Weather Running Outfit

Outfit Details: Cold Weather Half Zip (Lululemon; old, but this is super cute) | Toasty Tech Tights | Saucony Guide 8

We had the craziest weather on Sunday. It was cold all day, and that evening we had a brief hail storm. We watched the storm move in, and I took this picture about 10 minutes before it started to hail. I love a rainbow. It always reminds me of God’s promises to us. Ironically, we saw this just as our guests arrived for prayer meeting, which we all thought was pretty cool.


The next morning, we woke to frost on the ground. The kids got excited and thought it had snowed. According to my iPhone, it was 27 degrees at 8am. Needless to say, I wore my cold weather running gear again! I even put a layer on under my half-zip that morning. I stopped to take this picture as I was running by. I don’t love running in 27-degree weather, but it sure beats 87.


This was Monday night, after I had my foundation matched at the salon where I go to get my nails done. I broke my compact, so they got me set up with a new one. This photo was taken later in the day, and it looks like I should have touched up my chin. Oh, well!! I have a bit of rosacea that I’m always trying to keep covered, but for a no-filter selfie, this isn’t too bad.


I grabbed this shot after stopping into my local whole foods mart for a Pumpkin Spice Latte. These are so much better than anything you can get at Starbucks. They’re made with real pumpkin puree. I was also experimenting with mixing silver and rose gold. Check out the arm candy. This is a simple outfit I throw on a lot for working from home and running errands. These Felicia Flats are like butter. I wear them every chance I get. If I lived in a warmer climate, I’d buy them in a few other colors, but I know that once it gets cold here, I won’t wear ballet flats much till spring.


Shopping Links: Legend Pendant | Blessed Bangle | Pave Triangle Cuff | Pave Arrow Cuff | Resilience Cuff | Pave Spear RingLOFT Striped Vintage Tee | Felicia Flats in Classic Nude Leather

And in case you missed it, this is from my post on how to wear a blanket scarf. I think this outfit is adorable, but it is a bit cumbersome for everyday wear. Over on Instagram, @maggielousmommy said that she actually cut her blanket scarf in half and shared it with her sister. She wears it like this, but it is only one layer, and she said it’s much more comfortable that way. I think that’s a brilliant idea!

how to wear a blanket scarf

Outfit Details: Classic Red Plaid Fringe Scarf | Chambray Shirt (50% OFF! Use Code: HALFTIME) | AG Ankle Leggings | ankle boots (25% OFF!) | Becker Cuff | Maylee Ring

I took this picture yesterday when I was headed out to have lunch with my husband. We had the most hysterical waiter at the Capitol Grille. At the end of our meal, he treated us to dessert and champagne. When we got the bill, it was comped. What a fun way to end the week!

date night

Outfit Details: moto jacket (similar) | grey tee | grey/black jeans (similarON SALE 25% OFF!!!) | Sam Edelman Alaine Topline Flats (ON SALE 15% OFF!) | moto hobo | Fern Rooted Mystery Wrap c/o Alex and Ani | Fern Trail Blazer Beaded Bangle c/o Alex and Ani | Avocado Path of Life Charm Bangle c/o Alex and Ani | Avocado Path of Life Expandable Necklace c/o Alex and Ani | Not pictured: Fern Trailblazer Earrings c/o Alex and Ani

We have a full weekend planned. First I hope to go for a run, then we have a trial dance class this morning, a possible corn maze excursion this afternoon, and my son’s final cavalcade of the season is tonight. I’m going to be ready for that Sunday afternoon nap tomorrow!!!

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10 thoughts on “Insta Recap

  1. I’m not on Instagram, so I appreciate your recap 😉
    So glad I found your blog, I get a ton of ideas from it. Thank you 🙂

  2. Jo-Lynne, regarding your rosacea, has anyone talked to you about Rodan & Fields? I’ve had great results with their products on a facial scar, but I know others have used it with equally great results for rosacea.

    It worked so well, I don’t even use foundation anymore. I didn’t even buy it for my scar to begin with, I just wanted a good moisturizer! Now, I’m addicted.

    If you want to know more, feel free to email! You guys have had these products available in the U.S for a while now, but it’s new to Canada and not many people here have heard of it. It’s good stuff!

  3. Hi,

    I also have rosacea and began using the Rodan & Fields “Soothe” line about 6 months ago and love it! It took care of the rosacea quickly and somehow evened out my skintone too. I no longer use foundation either.

    I really enjoy your blog Jolynne! I started following once I found you thru Cyndi’s blog. I am also in PA but on the western side of the state. Enjoying the fall views here too!

    Thanks for your posts,

  4. I’m not on Instagram either and I appreciate the recap as well. I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Love the rainbow!!!

  5. You are looking great Jo-Lynne!

    I have rosacea too. It can be such a pain! I know there are different types and no one thing works for everyone, but I want to share what worked for me just in case it helps you or any of your readers.

    I mix tea tree oil with argan oil 50/50. Tea tree oil can be pretty strong, so if it burns or is uncomfortable try using 25% or even 10% tea tree to carrier oil. I applied this morning and night for several months until my skin was completely clear. I read stories of people’s skin getting worse at first with this before getting better. This did not happen to me (thankfully!) but it might be something to watch out for. Once my skin healed up I’ve been completely rosacea free since. For a couple months my cheeks were still a bit pink but even that has faded. I still put the TTO/Argan mixture on at night a couple times a week just in case. I can’t emphasize what a huge difference this has made for me. My last flare was pretty bad and I was very self-conscious of the way I looked.

    Tea tree oil can be found at most any store. I’ve even seen it at Target and Walmart. The carrier oil does not HAVE to be argan oil. Any oil that agrees with your skin is good. I like argan because it does not make my face shiny and does not feel greasy.

    If possible, it also helps to discover your triggers. The main one for me is wheat. I was rosacea free for many years until my last flare by just avoiding wheat. I think dairy is also a common trigger. And of course STRESS! That was the cause of the my last flare, despite not eating any wheat. I also think if there is any inflammation in your body, say from an injury or illness, that it can cause a flare.

    Best of luck! I hope this is helpful to someone out there!

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