It Just Goes To Show, There’s Nothing New In The World

A few weeks ago I posted and said that I would pay good money for a
pair of stylish jeans with a 9-inch rise.  And I wasn’t talking about
the kind with the tapered leg either.  I want a stylish, hip pair of
jeans that comes up over the belly flab and helps hold it in.  For the
past few years, I have been suffering through the "low rise" trend and
I’m here to tell ya, it ain’t purty.  I mean, I like the style and
all.  But on a woman who has born three children and carries her weight
in her middle, it’s not the most flattering cut of pant, that’s all I’m

Do you remember when "low rise" meant that the waist of the pant
sat right at or just below the belly button?  I think my first pair of
low-rise jeans had a 9 or 10-inch rise.  I recall getting my first pair
of "low rise bootcut jeans" at Old Navy, back around the year 2000.  I
thought I was so hip and cutting edge with my "low-rise" jeans.  They
sat just below my belly button.

Nowadays "low-rise" means they sit a good two or three inches below
the belly button, and I’m not even talking about the "ultra low-rise"
jeans with a 5- or 6-inch rise.  I am lucky to find jeans with an
8-inch rise.  It seems to me that 10 would be perfect, and I’d settle
for 9.  I have a pair of trouser jeans with a 10-inch rise, and I adore
them.  But I can’t seem to find anything in a more casual style and

UNTIL LAST WEEK!  I finally found The Jeans.

A Nordstrom
sale catalog showed up in my mailbox, and in it was a pair of jeans by
Seven for All Mankind.  I am already a fan of Sevens, so when I saw
that they now have a pair of jeans they are touting "high rise boot
cut" I was intrigued.  And they were on sale, which is virtually
unheard of in designer jeans.  I looked closely at the description and
I had to laugh when I saw that the rise was listed as 9 inches.  That
is NOT high-rise, people!

Nevertheless, I high tailed it over to Nordstrom to try them on.  They fit like a glove, do wonders for the rear view, and the waistband hits about an inch below my belly button. 
They are definitely an improvement over the 7-inch-rise jeans have in
my closet.  I didn’t buy them on the spot, but I’m thinking good and
hard about it.  I have one week until the sale ends.