July Favorites 2020

Greetings, friends, it’s time for my July Favorites! I didn’t realize how many neutrals and “one and done” pieces I chose until I saw this graphic come together.

one // two // three  // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven

I guess I’ve hit that point in the season. It’s hot, there’s not much going on, and I just need simple and easy for long days at home or outdoor get togethers.

At any rate, this is a roundup of new finds and old favorites I’m particularly loving right now.

July Favorites

one // I’ve shared these camo floral shorts a few times lately, and I’m really enjoying them. They’re lightweight and comfortable, and the pattern is a nice mix of feminine and edgy. They also come in a more classic blue gingham, if you prefer.

These shorts have recently been restocked, and they’re on sale for $20 + 20% off today! They run TTS; I’m in the 6.

two // Even though I’m pretty well-educated on matters of intermittent fasting by now, I’m enjoyed Gin’s latest book, Fast. Feast. Repeat. It really pulls everything altogether that I’ve been learning over the past six months in a clear and concise way.

She explains the science behind IF and related food and health topics, she debunks common of myths about IF, and she explains how to get the most out of the IF lifestyle along with the various IF protocols.

If you’ve tried IF and felt like it didn’t work for you, I highly recommend giving Fast. Feast. Repeat. a read. And if you’ve been curious about intermittent fasting and haven’t read up on it yet, this is where you should start.

Even if you’re already practicing intermittent fasting, you still might find some helpful new tidbits in here, as I did. It’s also full of solid research to help you educate dubious friends and family… cuz I’m sure we all know some of those. 😉

three  // This little guy cracks me up. If you’ve followed my blog for many years, you know we’re serious about our butter in this family. We use A LOT of butter… and always the real deal. #margarineisnotfood

We’ve all been annoyed with our current butter dish because the lid isn’t easy to grasp, and it often slips out of our hands when we pick it up. So I went onto Amazon to find a better one, and I thought this cow was adorable. He’s easy to pick up, too!

four // These Gucci sunglasses came from Trunk Club, and I didn’t think I needed new sunnies, but they’ve quickly become my favorite pair. They’re simple, but so glam. I feel like they elevate any outfit to a chic fashion statement. (I also managed to snag them when they were on sale.)

Granted, the price tag is up there, so I found this pair that’s under $100 for anyone interested in the look at a more budget-friendly price point. They’re a little more square-shaped, and I like the matte finish.

five // I’ve shared these slides a few times, and I’m wearing them any chance I get. They’re very comfortable, if you don’t need a supportive shoe, and I think the caged styling and studded detail are such a great pairing.

I sized down half, but I think they’re probably true to size if you have average feet. Mine are flat and narrow, so I often size down half in slides.

six // This easy dress is super soft and cozy and comfortable against the skin, and I really like the dolman sleeves and curved hemline. Both features elevate it above a typical t-shirt dress. For the price, you can’t beat it! It comes in a bunch of nice neutrals colors, and it’s TTS; I’m in the small.

seven // Another dress that’s easy to throw on and go, this seamed tank dress from Everlane is a little dressier than the t-shirt dress, although it can be dressed down as well. It’s very lightweight and breezy for hot summer temps. It comes in several colors, and it runs TTS; I’m in the small.

eight // This picture is supposed to be of my nail polish. I couldn’t find a better one, and now they’re all chipped.

When I had my nails done last week, I decided to take a break from my typical light neutrals. This is an OPI polish, and as usual, their names are half the fun. This one is called We Sea Food and Eat It.

nine // This is another Amazon fashion find. It’s not a dress, but it’s still one and done.

I don’t know about you, but I always feel like I’m all hanging out there when I wear a dress. I like having a waistband and something between my legs, so a jumpsuit is the perfect solution. You don’t have the modesty issues that come with dresses either.

Plus, a jumpsuit is TRULY one and done because there’s no need for boyshorts or shapewear or anything other than a good pair of smoothing underwear. (I recommend Soma Vanishing 360 briefs.)

This jumpsuit comes in several colors, and it runs TTS; I have the small.

ten // I’m a huge fan of P448 sneakers, and I think this pair with the python print and black heel tab is so fun. (You know I haven’t met a snake print I don’t like!)

These are more of a fall/winter shoe than a summer shoe, but in my experience, P448 moves their styles regularly, and I didn’t want to miss out on these, so I mentioned them to my mom when she asked me for birthday gift ideas. Lo and behold, they wound up on my doorstep just a few days later!

Unfortunately these run bigger than my other pair, so I had to exchange them for a smaller size, but Zappo’s makes returns and re-ordering super easy and a new pair in the right size was delivered the very next day!

eleven // Perhaps the best thing to come out of quarantine, I discovered a great wine club!

When our state went into lockdown due to Covid-19 back in March, I decided to try a wine club so I could get my favorite personal indulgence delivered right to our door, plus it was just something fun to do while we were stuck at home.

I looked into a few different option, but I didn’t care for most of the questionnaires. They seemed to be more geared to people who didn’t know wine or what varieties they like, but then I came across Firstleaf. I liked how they had you pick your actual favorite wines — right down to brand and variety. It seemed like a much better way for them to gauge which wines we would enjoy.

Long story short, we’ve been very happy with them. You can choose how often you receive shipments, and you rate each bottle you get so their selections improve over time. You can also go in and swap out bottles for upcoming shipments if you see a variety you don’t care for. For example, I love a dry white wine, but I detest Chardonnay, so I always swap those for something that looks better to me.

Overall they’ve been a great match to our palates, and it’s been nice to expand our horizons. I highly recommend Firstleaf if you enjoy wine and want to try some new ones.

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24 Responses

  1. We started the wine club after you mentioned it. We have liked every wine so far. We haven’t had a chance to try all the ones we have received. We have to drink more wine haha!
    The gray t-shirt dress is sold out in the medium. I don’t think a small would work for me as I usually take a medium in tops, while you take a small. I was hoping to find a dress like this when I fly to NC (going down to help out for a week with our grandson.) I could always wear capri yoga pants and a top, of course. That seems to be my uniform these days. Anything I wear on the plane will go straight into the laundry when I arrive so I need something that washes easily.
    I have Gin’s new book, and I need to find some time not working to get into it., maybe when I am on the plan. My husband decided to join me doing IF (he is a diabetic), and he is finding that his blood sugar levels are much better (he has continued with all his medications.) I wasn’t sure he would be able to follow fasting, but he is doing great. In fact, we end up with longer fasts since he usually eats when he gets home from work, so I wait for him.
    Sorry you are missing your trip to Maine. Traveling is so much more difficult these days.

  2. You have some great July favorites!  The modesty aspect of wearing short dresses is one of the reasons I don’t have one in my closet.  And to get one that hangs correctly over my thick backside while not swallowing me up elsewhere has proven to be extremely challenging, so I finally said to heck with it.  I have enough summer clothes any way.  I’m sorry it’s gloomy there today.  We can wait to have some gloomy days to help cool us off a bit.  How many hours is the drive for your dad to get to your home?  I know y’all will enjoy having him!  How is your grandfather doing?  Make it a great day and keep on with the coffee!

    1. It’s a 6 hour drive with no stops – so just long enough to make it quite a haul for a weekend trip, but they often do Thurs – Sun or Fri – Sun. I am happy to report I did not indulge in a 4th cup. I didn’t want to deal with the heart palpitations, lol!

  3. I love the sneakers but then saw price. Ha. They are cute though. Enjoy your weekend with your dad. I’m getting use to days at home and kinda enjoy. But like getting out a few days a week. This too shall pass.

  4. I bought the IF book. I really liked the information in it. My friend and I are starting IF today. Thank you for your suggestions,will also check out wine club.

  5. Great choices as usual.  I especially love the nail polish color and name, LOL!  And those studded sandals, 😍.  I have a wide foot, and seem to have difficulty keeping slides on, so I pass on buying that style, just look and drool……
    We, too, cancelled our Maine trip the end of May, and fortunately got all our money back, since I had deposits on 2 condos.  Tomorrow we’re making our first trip to Lancaster since February.  We, as well, just need a change of scenery.  Many changes at the hotel we normally stay at.  I’m curious to see what things are like at the Amish places we visit, as well as the farm stands, but I can’t imagine them wearing masks!  Hmmmmm….We’ll see!  

  6. How much does the wine club cost? Curious because I think that’s something my husband would enjoy and his birthday is coming up!

  7. Stopped by Old Navy yesterday on the way to the gym and found those shorts. I have a really hard time with shorts so I have to try them on and these worked out great. They only had one pair in this color in my size 6 and only $10 so thanks for sharing those. I also love those sandals and need to look into another wine club. I canceled one earlier this year because the shipping charge was too expensive. 

  8. Thank you for recommending a follow up book on IF. I just ordered it. After your January 5, 2020, post about the book, Delay, Don’t Deny, I ordered it and read the entire book that afternoon. I started IF the next day, January 6th, and reached my goal of losing 40 pounds yesterday, which was also my birthday. This was the absolute best gift I could give myself! I intend to practice IF for the rest of my life. Thank you, Jo Lynne, for inspiring me on this journey!

    1. Congratulations Judy….Like you I began my IF lifestyle after reading JoLynne’s January post. As Gin Stevens always says, “many of us came to IF for the weight loss…and stay with it for the health benefits”. Keep up the messaging JoLynne and again congrats Judy!

  9. I have those Marc Fisher slides in the tan color, and think they are so good looking. As for the sizing question, I am pretty much a rock solid 8.5 M, and I needed every last bit of the 8.5 in these. My foot is a little thicker than yours, so width/thickness is probably a determining factor in deciding whether to size down or not, but my toes and heels come all the way to the ends, regardless. I was happily surprised to find slide sandals that actually stay on my feet!

  10. We are having some rain here today off and on. It’s very muggy though. My daughter and I took advantage of a wet day to get some errands done. I think I’m over buying summer clothes especially since most things are entertaining here at home or on the back deck by or in the pool. It is definitely a summer for bathing suits, cover ups and flip flops. I’ve been drawn to the neutrals lately as well. Love the butter dish so cute! Looking forward to the Nordstrom preview tomorrow, hopefully the Canadian website won’t let us down and I can make my wish list😉. 

  11. So funny about the butter cow. I had one of those for ages and recently donated it. Primarily because I quit using it. We started using Kerrygold butter which comes in a big block. It’s a half pound so like two cubes stuck together lengthwise. With the cow the people in our house who shall remain nameless could not manage putting the cover on without squishing the butter which then oozed out the sides. So I got a cute little white crock at amazon with a nice wood lid. Also started clarifying my butter to make ghee — it’s so easy in the microwave — and that goes into a mini Coquette baker. I can leave it out and it doesn’t get rancid. Since we use butter on a lot of stuff but never on bread since we don’t eat grains or fake bread (insert glue here) I only need it at the stove area. But it’s so cute!

    Rather than storing it I decided to put it in a giveaway box and bless someone else. Sometimes that’s the only way to not feel guilty and remorseful is to remind ourself we are making another person smile. And that leads me to my sappy comment of the day!  You posts do just that. They make me smile and I find encouragement knowing we are all in this pandemic together. 

    I managed to get a gel mani during the one day Calif opened salons. They closed the very next day so I’m sure I’ll be back to chipped paint in no time. My fav opi of all time was ‘Vido Is My Car Reddi’. At the time I had a little red Mitsubishi Eclipse and I matched. Now I have a big white whale of a car. 

    Great ideas in this post!  As usual!  
    — L.

  12. A question for your next question/answer segment. Please share your best brand for a minimizer bra. Also, a strapless one for larger breasts.
    Thank you!

  13. Great post. I love all things bovine so the butter dish is a KEEPER!!!!!! I like your roundups because they’re all great items from over there and yonder.

    Here in California we are increasing COVID cases. I read that national experts (medical, science, healthcare and others) are recommending once again to close the country and start over to decrease the case numbers.

    Back to Northern Cali – very few people wearing masks when we walk our dog twice daily.

    We pray for God’s grace to cover everything and everyone. I feel for the bereaved.

    Back to positive: looking forward to the Nordy sale and some semblance of ‘normal’ whatever that is going to be. I thought they showed great items and I for one just want to be grateful, upbeat, and glass-half-full each and every day. So I put on my eyeliner, practice good self-care, and show up.

    PS – my contractor is coming Tuesday to begin replacing the kitchen backsplash with that adorable 2 x 20 tile in glossy white! 🙂

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