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Hello, friends! Happy Friday, and welcome back to 22 Days of Spring Fashion! Since we’re headed into the weekend, today I’m sharing a casual spring look with a varsity tee, white jeans, and Converse.

A weekend ready look for spring featuring Treasure&Bond navy varsity tee, J.Brand white distressed cropped jeans, and Converse Shoreline slip-on sneakers. #springfashion #fashionover40

This is such a simple outfit to pull together, and this top would be cute with any style of bluejeans, but I decided to pair it with my white distressed cropped skinnies for a fresh spring look.

A weekend ready look for spring featuring Treasure&Bond navy varsity tee, J.Brand white distressed cropped jeans, and Converse Shoreline slip-on sneakers. #springfashion #fashionover40

I’ve had these jeans for several years, and I’m happy to say they’re still available! I absolutely love the fit, the distressing, and the weight of the fabric. They are low-rise and tend to slide down as I wear them, but I can overlook that because they’re practically perfect in every other way.

A weekend ready look for spring featuring Treasure&Bond navy varsity tee, J.Brand white distressed cropped jeans, and Converse Shoreline slip-on sneakers. #springfashion #fashionover40

This top is really comfortable, and it comes in 8 or 9 colors. I liked the navy for a traditional look, but definitely take a look at the other options.

A weekend ready look for spring featuring Treasure&Bond navy varsity tee, J.Brand white distressed cropped jeans, and Converse Shoreline slip-on sneakers. #springfashion #fashionover40

The white bag and white Converse seemed like an obvious choice… at least from what I have in my closet to choose from. If you have grey or navy or even red Converse, they could be really cute with this outfit. I like the Shoreline style because it has a lower vamp and doesn’t make your feet look as long as traditional Converse, but that’s just a matter of preference.

A weekend ready look for spring featuring Treasure&Bond navy varsity tee, J.Brand white distressed cropped jeans, and Converse Shoreline slip-on sneakers. #springfashion #fashionover40

This is a great outfit for running errands on the weekends, your kids’ sporting events, or just a casual daily look this spring.

A weekend ready look for spring featuring a navy varsity tee, white distressed cropped jeans, and Converse Shoreline slip-on sneakers.

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Treasure&Bond varsity tee // J.Brand cropped skinnies // Converse Shoreline // handbag options here, here, and here // sunnies c/o // link bracelet // earrings

Fashion Friday

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65 Responses

  1. This is super cute…
    Did the gathers on the back of your Chucks take some getting used to?  I agree that the other ones make my 7.5s look soooo long.

  2. Love this look- right up my alley! I tried on one of these varsity tee’s at Nordstrom last week and I loved it (I just can’t decide which color combo I like best!) but I just didn’t feel like the quality justified the price & couldn’t quite bring myself to pull the trigger- so I have added it to my wish list and am keeping fingers crossed they go on sale!!

  3. Super cute outfit!! Love the tee. These posts are making me long for spring and we woke up to snow in Ohio this morning! UGH. I am very anxiously awaiting your white tee post! lol

  4. So I have a question Jo-Lynne….I always find that the converse sneakers don’t have much support. And I know you’ve been through foot/ankle issues. Do you add anything to them to make them better??

    1. They are not very supportive. My feet are okay now but when I was suffering with plantar fasciitis and recovering from injuries, I would need a more supportive shoe like adidas or nike.

  5. Cute outfit!  I would love for you to share what your ordered off the Rolf and Daughter’s menu?  Planning a trip to Nashville soon and the menu looks interesting. Enjoy your getaway weekend!

    1. Hey Rhonda! I had the beef tartare and the fish – I can’t remember the kind. Both were excellent, an interesting blend of flavors, very interesting. But a little fancy pants for my tastes. I like classy restaurants, great service, and inventive but familiar food. This pushed me beyond my comfort zone, but it was very good. I would say I appreciated it more than enjoyed it. I didn’t care for how close we were sitting to the tables beside us.

      For a late lunch today, we went to Husk. It was more my speed. The dishes were familiar but innovative and interesting. Presentation and flavor was fantastic. Service also top notch. Both restaurants have a great atmosphere (but different from each other.) Anyway! If you’re planning a trip, I would DEFINITELY try to go to Husk. If you like fancy and unusual, go for Rolf and Daughters.

  6. I love those jeans so much that I have 2 pairs!!! You wear them well! I’m going to have to break out my converse kicks to wear with them! Have a great weekend!!

  7. Your flight challenges sound nerve racking.  I’m so glad last night was so pretty!  What a cute outfit.  That is something we can definitely copy from items we have in our closet.  Have a fabulous Friday!

    1. It was stressful for a while. I reached out to American Airlines on Twitter, and they fixed it. The people in the airport were not interested in helping us at all. I have had good results in the past with Twitter and AA. Whoever runs that account is on the ball. Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Jo-Lynne – Restaurant suggestion – The Mockingbird – its in the Gulch area of Nashville. It’s very good! Desserts are delicious and so are the brussel sprouts appetizer. I don’t love brussel sprouts but these were delicious. Another good restaurant is Kitchen Notes. It’s located in the Omni Hotel downtown. Have a fun weekend – the weather is suppose to be good! Enjoy our city!

  9. Very cute outfit! Enjoy your weekend, I live in Nashville and I think you will love it here. If you don’t already have plans for dinner, I would recommend Lochland Table or The Southern.

  10. You  dodged  a bullet by getting out of town when you did. The weather here in Delaware is nasty and i heard points north have snow. I love this outfit. I have a pair of grey shorelines that I love, looking to get another pair for the warmer weather.  Enjoy your trip 

    1. We sure did. They let out student drivers early today at my son’s high school, thankfully. He got in an accident the last time he drove home from school on a snowy day.

  11. Found a great shell at Ann Taylor to wear this Spring! I remember u said u were looking for one.  I just bought 3 of them!  And it’s 40 off: https://www.anntaylor.com/mixed-media-shell/403546?skuId=20947156&defaultColor=1246&catid=cata000010

  12. My kind of outfit. I got the shoreline converse 2 yrs ago after seeing on your blog. I love them. I debated between white & grey. Got the grey. Glad I did. Yall have fun in Nashville.

  13. Yep, great weekend look…or any ol’ day for that matter. It took me so long to really start wearing my Converse and now I love them. I hope they don’t go out of style any time soon. Also hope you are having a ball in Nashville!!!

  14. You hit my favorite look right on the head!! Love it! As always, I Love Your Blog!! Keep the outfits coming!! Have a Great Weekend! Cold and Windy Here!!!❤

  15. I love this–perfect casual outfit! The website says the top runs large. Did you need to size down? Thanks!

  16. I really like how the white jeans take this outfit up just a notch above regular denim! I ordered that top (in the light pink) back in the fall and ended up returning it. I was bummed that the stripes on the sleeves are a screen print rather than part of the actual fabric. The screen print made them oddly tight/stiff around that part of my arms. I know the top has been popular and they’ve added lots of colors. Did they change the sleeves?

    1. Nope, they’re still screenprint. It would be nicer if it was fabric sewn in, but I think they’re trying to keep the price point under $50, so I don’t mind it too much.

  17. I loved that shirt when you showed it to us in the try-on-session…I just can’t pay that much for a ls t-shirt…I was hoping you’d found a dup. at ON for $20, drat!

  18. Love the cute casual outfit!
    Hope you hv a better flight home!
    Maybe you will be on my flight…
    Yes reach out to AA…
    We have had a lot of changes in the last
    Year with the merger.
    Only want our customers to hv the best

  19. Love the outfit I love how it is athletic inspired without being athleisure. By the way, with me completely admitting my OCD tendencies; you mentioned in your introduction that this is the 22 Days of Summer Fashion”. I am assuming you mean Spring.

  20. I can’t wait to be wearing my white jeans again! Hopefully our London weather will pick up soon! I think this is a great look
    Laurie xx

  21. Thanks for the recommendation for the Leith white jeans, I bought them from your link and I love them. <3

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