22 Days of Spring Fashion: Striped Sweater Outfit

Greetings, friends! Happy Thursday and happy first day of March! BUT… today is not JUST the first day of March; it is also the first of 22 Days of Spring Fashion!!!

I’m excited to team up with Cindy Spivey once again to bring you a new spring outfit every weekday during the month of March, and I’m launching the series with this cheery striped sweater outfit.

Spring striped sweater outfit for women over 40 featuring Madewell 9

I was drawn to this sweater immediately when I saw it online. There’s just something about navy and orange and pink on an off-white knit that feels decidedly spring-like, but it also provides enough warmth to be comfortable for our chilly early spring weather.

Spring striped sweater outfit for women over 40 featuring Madewell 9

I was pleased when it arrived to find out the fit was relaxed but not oversized at all. It doesn’t require shapewear, but it also isn’t baggy. The length is also nice for most body types.

It’s not super heavy so I can see wearing it with shorts or capris when it gets a bit warmer, but for today’s post I wore it with distressed skinnies and white mules.

Spring striped sweater outfit for women over 40 featuring Madewell 9

I also love how these coral drop earrings add a pop of color to the look, and they are especially cute with this sweater as they draw out some of the colors of the stripes.

Spring striped sweater outfit for women over 40 featuring Madewell 9

In my opinion, mules are the easiest way to update your spring wardrobe.

I’ve been kind of overwhelmed lately, to be honest, with how to style the new trends and how to look current wearing some of my old favorites. Loafers or mules, or in this case loafer-mules, seem to be the easiest way to make a simple sweater and jeans look up to date and modern.

Spring striped sweater outfit for women over 40 featuring Madewell 9

I found these mules at T.J.Maxx but they’re no longer available so I’ll link to some other options below.

Spring striped sweater outfit for women over 40 featuring Madewell 9

These jeans are Madewell’s 9″ high-rise skinny jeans in allegra wash: rip and repair edition. Phew, that’s a mouthful! I like them a lot, they’re very comfortable, and the wash looks really good.

Spring striped sweater outfit for women over 40 featuring Madewell 9

They have a nice fit, and they’re very comfortable to wear. They stretch out some but don’t get too baggy. The raw hem is on trend, and the lighter mid-wash is nice for this time of year. It pairs well with white and the pastels that are trending.

Spring striped sweater outfit for women over 40 featuring Madewell 9

This ivory saddle bag is old, so I’ll link to some newer styles below. I really love a white or ivory bag for spring. I’ve had a lot of people express concern over them getting dirty, but I’ve had this bag going on three years now, and it hardly shows any wear and tear.

Of course it occasionally gets smudged or marked, but most wipe off easily with dish soap and a white paper towel.

Spring striped sweater outfit for women over 40 featuring Madewell 9

This exactly the type of outfit I live in this time of year. I’ve been swapping out my heaviest wool sweaters for lighter cotton ones like this, and mules or ballet flats have all but replaced my winter boots.

I was also excited to bring this white bag down from the attic. Nowadays I see women carrying white bags all year-round, but I still enjoy putting mine away for a while. It’s more fun to use it again when I’ve taken a break.

I think a lot of people feel this way about white jeans, which I understand. I’m excited to get those back into my outfit rotation too! In fact, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post featuring a casual weekend outfit with white jeans!

Spring striped sweater outfit for women over 40 featuring Madewell 9

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42 Responses

  1. I agree with you – the colors of the stripes sing SPRING to me as well! I bet it would look cute paired with shorts! I am soooo ready for spring weather!

  2. I ordered this sweater from Old Navy last weekend and it should arrive tomorrow! I was drawn to the cheery colors too! I love the background you chose to feature this outfit, so pretty! How does it still look like Fall where you live, when it’s almost Spring? Have a great time in Nashville and Happy Birthday to Paul!

  3. Love the advice about updating basics with a trending shoe like a mule or loafer. I am excited to try out this shoe. As always, your style and your guidance bring much needed balance to my wardrobe. I can get so caught up in trends that I end up looking silly instead of looking current. You are really great at staying trendy in a way that is true to your sense of style and helping readers find great pieces so we can stay stylish.
    Have a fabulous time in Nashville!

  4. I am planning a first time trip to Nashville too!  Please suggest must see places to go!  Love the outfit—minus the white mules—not sure I can embrace that trend🤔 What sizes are you styling in sweater and jeans?

    1. You must go to the Pinewood Social at any time of day, Biscuit Love in the Gulch, Henrietta Red or Rolf and Daughters in Germantown, and Arnold’s Country Kitchen for a meat-and-three. Everyone has their own opinion on the best barbecue, but three to possibly try are Peg Leg Porker, Martin’s and Edley’s. You could do nothing but eat and have an amazing time!

  5. Good Morning and Happy March! The birds are chirping and it looks like we are going to have a beautiful spring like day today in San Antonio. I actually got to wash my car yesterday 😊   
    Love this outfit and I wore something very similar to work this week, so I feel like I am on trend for spring. My sweater was the stripped bell sleeve from Loft that looks very similar and I also wore some lighter colored jeans and blush mules. It’s such a nice comfy option for work and weekends.  Enjoy your time in Nashville with your hubby.…good to have a couples weekend! 

  6. Hi Jo-Lynne, I like the outfit. Great earrings too. I have pretty much an identical top except with navy and green stripes. Unfortunately, I just cannot get behind the mule trend at all. I’d wear this with white sneakers. I really dislike the look of slides and mules, plus, as a mum on the school run, they are impractical. Will I look old fashioned if I stick to sneakers? I hope not… 

    1. Hey Emma, not at all. I am a huge believer that you do not have to embrace every trend that comes down the pike. If they don’t resonate with you, there are so many other good options. How do you feel about loafers? They can be a lot more practical. These are really cute and comfortable: https://rstyle.me/n/cyzsx2gthw and this pair looks good too: https://rstyle.me/n/cyzs2mgthw

      And sneakers are totally an option. In fact, I think an adidas gazelle in a light neutral or a converse shoreline would be great with this outfit.

  7. Fabulous outfit!  If the sweater didn’t have acrylic in it, this very warm blooded girl would add it to her ON wish list.  Happy Birthday to Paul!  I hope y’all have a fabulous time in Nashville!  I’ll be checking Instagram for your posts.

    1. I agree. I live in GA too & my temp runs 10 degrees above everyone else. I’d do a tee instead of sweater.

  8. I take back my mules look like slippers thought. These are cute and very wearable. Interesting how one new trend updates your skinny jeans. I’m not ready to give mine up either. That would make a good post – how to update your old favourites. 
    Have a great time in Nashville and Happy Birthday to Paul! 

  9. Love the look today!  Really cute with the Stella and Dot earrings……. you mentioned shapewear and was just wondering what kind you wear and how many different pieces you suggest having in your wardrobe? Have a fabulous time in Nashville!

  10. Love everything about this outfit! Happy Birthday to Paul! I hope you two have a great time in Nashville.

  11. You are correct on the mules updating an outfit! I have noticed that when I am walking into a store that younger women will take notice of me when I am wearing my mules! I always chuckle to myself when I notice this. Have a great safe trip in Nashville! Happy Birthday to Paul!

  12. I love this outfit, Jo-Lynne! The sweater is so cheery and we definitely need that now as we have the long stretch between winter and what actually feels and looks like spring. It is snowing and raining here in Toledo as I type this! Yuck! I love the raw hem on your jeans. I haven’t gotten onto the mule train….ha, ha. but you look great in them. – Amy

  13. I really love how you took an outfit that you always wear and updated it with the mules so that the look will be on trend. That is something that is replicated easily. Thank you. Have a fabulous time in Nashville!

  14. Cute look. Love the earrings! Have the best time in Nashville. If you see Marathon Motor Works while your there, that’s where our sons wedding is going to be😁. There’s a venue upstairs for events like that. XO

  15. Love the late winter/early spring look, Jolynne! I just bought a similar top at Ann Taylor (stripe ruffle cuff) and am looking forward to it’s arrival 🙂 Quick question re shoes… I have a hard time wearing flats as I walk with a bit of a limp due to health and life (not fun) and am in need of something that stays on my foot without rubbing my ankle raw. Any ideas? Have you tried Rothy’s by chance? If not, can you give them a try ;D Thanks in advance for the help!

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