The perfect marriage of my two greatest passions, coffee and handbags.

Well, it would be the perfect marriage if it weren’t so, well, unattractive.

However.  This.

THIS needs a new home.  In my closet, to be exact.  Same designer.  MUCH prettier bag.

Oh, speaking of nothing, thanks for all the sympathy on my carpet allergy.  It was short-lived.  I guess it was just the dust that got stirred up during the install.  All is well.

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8 Responses

  1. I love the bag. Very cute. And I’m glad to hear you are not allergic to the carpet. That would have been quite frustrating.

  2. Happy to hear “All is well” which hopefully means no more sneezing for you! 🙂 And here’s hoping the exact same bag I see on your blog ends up in your closet, and shall we even say – on your arm while you cruise the mall 😉 (Not the unattractive one, though!)

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