What Are You Into This Month?

I grabbed this from Steph.

The Book I Am Really Into (or one I want to get into!):  Here’s the thing.  I hardly ever read.  It’s pathetic.  I used to be The Biggest Reader on the planet.  But, well, life is busy.  But I do have a book list.  And after I return the four overdue library books sitting on the front seat of my car, I plan to reserve the following:

Same Kind of Different As Me

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter


That Extra Half An Inch

The Prodigal Summer

The Other Mother

It’s just a bastion of quality literature, isn’t it?  Most of those books were recommended by you guys out there in Bloggityville.  So I can’t recommend them yet, but I’ll let you know what I think after I read them.  Bear in mind, it could take me until 2010 to read that many books, despite my supernatural speed-reading capabilities, so don’t hold your breath for my book reviews.

TV Show Worth Watching:  That’s a tough one.  Although I watch a lot of TV, I can’t say that much of it is worth watching.  Which makes me wonder why I waste my time.  I’m going to go with The Amazing Race, which starts next week.

Movie I’ve Seen (In or Out of a theater):  I can’t even remember the name of the last movie I saw in the theater, how pathetic is that?  I do remember going to a movie with my friend Sarah last month.  But the subject matter and the movie title escape me.  Clearly, it made quite an impression.

As far as rentals, I don’t even remember the last time we rented a movie.  Movies are like books.  It’s not that I don’t like them; I just don’t make the time for them.

WAIT!  WAIT!  I got it!  Becoming Jane, haHA!

The Candle I’m Loving:  Uh, that would be the one sitting on a high shelf in my kitchen cupboard behind the special wine glasses that I haven’t used in a month or ten.   

It might behoove me to locate the long lost candle, seeing that if someone were to walk in my front door right now, they would be greeted by the fragrant aromas of new carpet and sauteed garlic, both of which are unpleasant enough in their own rights, but in combination, are quite an intriguing symphony of scents. 

Now, I love to walk into a friend’s house to the pleasing aroma of a scented candle, but I just hardly ever bother with them at home.  Which is just another reason why I could quite possibly be the laziest person on the planet.

Blogs I Am Always Visiting:  Well, there are many.  Here are a few.  Big Mama cracks me up every time, and I look forward to Fashion Friday all week long.  And "June Cutoff Cash" has more funny in her little finger than I have in my whole body.  I have been a fan of her blog since the very beginning, and she has become one of my favorite "cyberfriends".  Megan at Fried Okra is one of my newest favorites.  Although she’s really not that new anymore, is she?

What I’m Most Looking Forward To Next Month:  Thanksgiving!  My family is traveling to Virginia to spend Thanksgiving with my parents, my brother, and his fiance.  I’m anxious to hear about their wedding plans and to get to know her better.  AND.  I hope to get together with my friend S.  If I get permission, I’ll post pictures.

Wanna play along?  Go right ahead!  And kindly leave me a comment so I can read yours.

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13 Responses

  1. Ok, so if you have some time, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get a cup of coffee with you… not a lot of time, just like a brief drive by… Mill Mountain coffee is calling your name…. 🙂

    and two more books you should add to your list… Mommy Tracked and Testing Kate… both by the same author… 🙂 (and her name escapes me… however, they rock!)

  2. This will give me something to post about tomorrow!! Thanks for the blog material :).
    Same Kind of Different as Me is soooo good!! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it (no pressure). I used to be a big reader too, but now I find it hard to stay awake to read.

  3. I want to play along too! I do! Maybe Tuesday? (That’ll give me time to pick up a book from the library, watch a movie, dig up a candle, cruise the TV Guide Channel and look at a calendar!)

  4. Thanks, dcr. I heart you muchly.

    I bought Activa yogurt today because of you, causing my husband to call after me, “Do you have to do EVERYTHING dcrmom does?” right there in the dairy aisle.

  5. Fun! I jumped in and did one too. Isn’t The Amazing Race the best?!? I’m on the edge of my seat–just a few more days.

  6. I so need to do this. Yours is the 2nd blog I have read with this! Fun… okay, before I click on someone elses blog… I’m gonna play! 🙂

  7. What fun! I copied everything down to play. It may take me a few days to get it up. Thanks for sharing! Did you like Becoming Jane? I thought it was ok.

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