A couple nights ago, Hubs was out, and I had just gotten the big kids off to bed.  I was on my way to take Baby R up to start her bedtime routine when I heard a knock on the front door. 

Now, it was pitch-dark outside, and I was by myself, so, being the fraidy-cat that I am, I almost went upstairs and ignored it.  But then I thought, what if a neighbor needs me or something.  I must be brave.

So I headed back down and carefully peeked out the narrow window beside my front door.  No one.  Creepy.

Then I caught a glimpse of orange out of my peripheral vision, down near the doorstep.  I unlocked the door, and slowwwwwwwwly opened it, peering out to make sure no one was hiding, ready to jump me.  My fears were abated when I saw this sitting on my front stoop.

We had been Booed!

The Boo-Gram is a tradition in our neighborhood.  In addition to candy treats, inside the bucket were a Boo decoration for our front door (so no one else tries to Boo us) and instructions to deliver a Boo-Gram to two of our neighbors.  (Click on the link above for full instructions and Boo decorations to print, if you so desire!)

This morning, I ran to Tar-Jay and picked up two more Halloween buckets and candy, and Hubs is printing some Boo-Grams to enclose.  And tonight, when it is dark and quiet out, we will creep stealthily down the street and drop our Boo-Grams at the doors of two unsuspecting neighbors, and then we will run away, hoping we don’t get caught.

I can’t wait!

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16 thoughts on “BOO!

  1. We call it ghosting in our neighborhood and our house got ghosted last night! I’ve been racking my brain all day to come up with some creative things to put inside the buckets to ghost my neighbors.

  2. This happens to us every year, and I never am able to return the favor because I always get Booed (or the ghoul visits us or whatever it is) right before Halloween. It is a really fun thing to do, and I tell ya! I don’t open the door either!

  3. We did this, too. After you’ve been boo’d you hang a white paper with a ghost on it on your front door. A neighbor called this past weekend, and said that when the first few appeared on front doors they thought it was eviction notices, too funny. Everyone’s home is set back from the road so you can see the white paper on the door but you can’t see what is on it. We had so much fun our boys thought we should boo more than two homes, we have one more to drop off.

  4. I think this is a fun way to celebrate–especially for the kiddos. I dragged my feet this year and didn’t get myself together in time…so ’til next year…

  5. We call it being Boo’ed by the Phantom in our neighborhood. Then the other night I got Booz’ed. No I didn’t get wasted–it was alcohol for the adults dropped at the door instead of candy for the kids. Pretty cool idea, actually!

  6. I got CAUGHT boo’ing today. It scared me out of my shoes, almost! I was turning to walk away from the door and it opened and I gasped and squeaked. I had Bean along with me in her stroller and it got stuck in the grass so there I am, squeaking and gasping and hopping around trying to dislodge stroller wheels out of the grass in broad daylight as my neighbor stands there in his front door laughing his bummy off. Oh yes, Boo’ing is big fun for kids of all ages!

  7. i SO want to do this, but i am totally anti-social when it comes to my neighbors. lol. i thought about trying it in the office. maybe i’ll do it for christmas. though it’s sorta hard to sneak off when you’re in cubicle-land. lol. i think i will just carry a regular tote bag, with the thing in it, and if i walk by and they arent at their desk, i’ll stick it in there. clearly, i am overthinking this.

  8. We do it in our neighborhood, but we’ve only been booed once. 🙁 Sad times. I wanted to be booed this year, but we have not been… 😀 Hope y’all had a fun day!

  9. We were booed too, my boys were pretty excited about who we were going to boo.

    And yes, there was much confusion at first as to what was going on!

    Happy Halloween!

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