A couple nights ago, Hubs was out, and I had just gotten the big kids off to bed.  I was on my way to take Baby R up to start her bedtime routine when I heard a knock on the front door. 

Now, it was pitch-dark outside, and I was by myself, so, being the fraidy-cat that I am, I almost went upstairs and ignored it.  But then I thought, what if a neighbor needs me or something.  I must be brave.

So I headed back down and carefully peeked out the narrow window beside my front door.  No one.  Creepy.

Then I caught a glimpse of orange out of my peripheral vision, down near the doorstep.  I unlocked the door, and slowwwwwwwwly opened it, peering out to make sure no one was hiding, ready to jump me.  My fears were abated when I saw this sitting on my front stoop.

We had been Booed!

The Boo-Gram is a tradition in our neighborhood.  In addition to candy treats, inside the bucket were a Boo decoration for our front door (so no one else tries to Boo us) and instructions to deliver a Boo-Gram to two of our neighbors.  (Click on the link above for full instructions and Boo decorations to print, if you so desire!)

This morning, I ran to Tar-Jay and picked up two more Halloween buckets and candy, and Hubs is printing some Boo-Grams to enclose.  And tonight, when it is dark and quiet out, we will creep stealthily down the street and drop our Boo-Grams at the doors of two unsuspecting neighbors, and then we will run away, hoping we don’t get caught.

I can’t wait!