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True confession: Until about a year ago, I was never one to carry a compact in my purse. I always carried lipstick, but that was it. I hardly ever touched up my face when I was out and about. But a few months ago I went to a travel blogging conference at which the fabulous Vera Sweeney led a session on dressing for video, and she threw out a comment that stuck with me. After reminding us to use face powder liberally to prevent that ghastly shine when we’re on video, she said that she never leaves the house without her compact.

It occurred to me that I’m often out and about and notice that my nose is shiny and my chin is red (life with rosacea… ain’t it grand?) and it never occurred to me to buy a powder compact to carry with me.

And I was raised in the South too… I know!

A few weeks later I was at the mall and stopped into the MAC store for some new makeup, and I asked them to recommend a powder compact to carry in my purse. That is when I discovered Blot Powder.

Blot Powder is so much better than a regular face powder because it doesn’t build up over the makeup already on your face and get caked in your sweat. Lovely, right? But you ladies out there all know what I’m talking about.

Instead, Blot Powder controls shine without adding any noticeable color or texture. It’s intended for use when you need frequent touch-ups. You can also use it with a brush to set your makeup for the day.

I fell madly in love with this product when we went to Disney World last fall. I used it multiple times a day, and it never got cakey or gross. What it did was keep my face from getting shiny and control the redness that often shows through my makeup after a few hours.

I can’t believe I spent the first 20 years of my adult life without a powder compact in my purse. I’ve carried my Blog Powder ever since, and I can’t imagine living without this stuff.

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11 thoughts on “MAC Blot Powder #BestOfBeauty

  1. I have the same problem, I have eczema and after just a few hours my redness will start to show through. Because of the eczema my skin is so very dry to it’s easy to look “cakey” after a while. I recently switched to mineral power makeup at the suggestion of my SIL who is an aesthetician, my face looks so much better for longer now and I can touch up throughout the day with out it getting thick.

  2. I saw this on Pinterest and was immediately intrigued. I have oily skin and look shiny before I leave the house. I’m ready to hit the MAC counter right now.

  3. I’m NOT a make-up girl, so I don’t do the whole liquid foundation thing. But I do use a loose powder on my face b/f I go out. And yes, I do keep a powder compact in my purse. In addition to evening out your complexion when you’ve been gone all day long, and it’s not over yet (!), it’s also a handy mirror, if you find yourself in a place without a mirror. I can’t tell you how many times that has come in HANDY.

    And you had a Freudian moment up there. You called it “Blog Powder.” Bwahaha! 😉

  4. I have been using the Mally’s Poreless Face Defender and really like. I have not tried the Mac Blot Powder but was interested to know if you have tried the Mally’s and if so which did you like better.

  5. Hi Jo-Lynne….Do you personally go a shade lighter than your foundation, or try to match it? I noticed there are not a lot of color choices, so it shouldn’t be hard. I wear their foundation (NW30) so Im going to try a medium.

    1. Hey Lisa. I don’t remember, to be honest. I got whatever they recommended at the store. I think it was medium, though, because I know I bought this in June so I would have had a tan by then. 🙂

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