Mother/Daughter Easter Dresses with Kohl’s

You all! I have a fun surprise for you today. My 16 y/o daughter is making a guest appearance on the blog.

I’d love to say, “We had so much fun shooting this look…” but it was 43 degrees — 33 with the windchill factor — so yeah.

What I can say is, she definitely has a great appreciation for my job after this experience. Ha!

No, seriously, we did have fun. It was a bonding moment, for sure. And isn’t she darling?

I know, she will hate me for that. but I think she looks amazing in this dress, and Alison really captured her fun-loving personality… even though she was freezing. She’s a good sport.

So today I’m partnering with Kohl’s to style three spring dresses that are perfect for Easter, wedding guest attire, or other spring celebrations you may have on the horizon.

If you have a daughter or granddaughter who is looking for a dressy spring dress, we found lots of great options in the Kohl’s junior department.

After perusing the online options, C settled on this floral maxi dress.

Easter Dresses for Teen Girls at Kohl's: Cinched Shoulder Pom Pom Detail Maxi Dress with madden NYC Vanity Women's Wedge Sandals

This dress has such pretty details. I love the lace trim and the shoulder ties with pom pom details. It’s cut a little low in the front, so she wore a lace trim cami underneath.

She paired it with wedge sandals that are a little higher than anything she has worn before, but at 16, she’s ready to start wearing higher heels.

I feel like they still look youthful enough for a teenager, and she feels grownup wearing them, so it’s a win-win. These sandals are comfortable and fit true to size.

Her crystal crossover cuff bracelet is in keeping with the feminine, delicate style of the dress, and she’s also carrying this Circus by Sam Edleman crossbody.

For me, I love a stretchy ruched sheath because it’s stretchy and comfortable, and the ruching is so figure flattering.

This blue floral ruched sheath immediately caught my eye because the pattern is so pretty, plus I love how the colors coordinate with my daughter’s dress.

The boat neck and cap sleeves are flattering to most body types, plus it’s fully lined, and super easy to slip on and go with no zippers or belts to futz with. For size reference, I have the medium.

When a dress has a lot of pattern like this, I think it’s fun to wear shoes that coordinate. I love my neutrals, but sometimes it’s fun to switch it up and wear a colored shoe, so I paired this dress with blue d’orsay pumps.

Easter Dresses for Women at Kohl's | Spring Dress for Moms | Women's Chaps Floral Sheath Dress with Apt. 9 Caspian Women's High Heels

The third dress is a similar style to the blue one, but I know a lot of you prefer sleeves, so I picked another floral ruched sheath with 3/4-length sleeves.

Again, this dress is fully lined so comfortable and figure-flattering. It’s stretchy without clinging, which is really hard to find.

I like the way the flowers are placed sparingly on the solid background, allowing a lot of room for the eye to rest, and the colors are so gorgeous. The pink, green, and white really pop against the black.

For shoes, I went with a classic strappy sandal in a blush color to compliment the colors in the dress, and I wore a simple beaded stretch bracelet and two-tone hoop earrings with both looks.

The best thing about this dress is, you can wear it at least three seasons of the year. In fact, I’d probably wear it any time of year but swap out the shoes for a closed-toe pump in the winter.

SALE ALERT >> Save up to 20% off your Kohl’s purchase in store and online today through Wednesday, 4/17! Save 20% if you spend $100 or more, or 15% if you spend under $100 with code USAVEMORE.

There are so many great options for affordable spring dresses at Kohl’s right now, and this is a great time to shop — before styles and sizes start getting picked over.

Easter Dress | Spring Dress for Moms at Kohl's | Women's Chaps Floral Sheath Dress with madden NYC Brigid Women's High Heels

Outfit Details:

floral maxi dress | wedge sandals | crossover cuff bracelet | Circus By Sam Edelman crossbody bag | blue floral sheath dress | blue d’orsay heels | black floral ruched sheath dress | blush ankle strap sandals | Dana Buchman crossbody bag | hoop earrings | beaded stretch bracelet set

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links, it helps support my business (at no additional cost to you) so thank you!

photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. Love love love both dresses on you & the one on your daughter is fabulous. I particularly liked the blue one on you with the light blue pumps.  Looks great & reminds me its spring. 

    Have a beautiful day. Our temps here in the Texas panhandle have been in the high 80’s this week, but today & thru the weekend the temps are dropping & they’re predicting snow (up to 3 inches) on Saturday. Oh joy!!  Your dresses today were the reminder of spring I needed. 

  2. What a nice idea for you both to show us such beautiful dresses. I do hope with Easter being later this year we can actually dress spring…let’s hope:) I really like the long sleeve dress and can see wearing it for almost all seasons. I think I’d be tempted to try your daughter’s dress to for a casual day out in the summer. Very cute. I haven’t been to kohl’s in awhile and I may just have to pop in while we are in the states in early May. You both looked like your having fun . Thanks for freezing for us.

  3. You gals both look lovely. How fun you could do a shoot together! I always look forward to your blog and all the fun insights with your family!

    1. I’m really enjoying following the fashions on your blog.  I like these dresses a lot!  My daughters are also looking for camisoles with a shelf bra to wear under dresses and tops.  I am having trouble finding camis in the juniors section with a bra lining this time of year.  Any ideas where to purchase them?

  4. These photos are fantastic! You both look beautiful, and your daughter looks so grown up! I know this will be a great memory to keep. Love the looks you both chose, perfect for spring and Easter.

  5. You both look so pretty!  I love all three dresses.  The shoes your daughter chose look a lot like another (splurge) pair that you have.  It’s fun to see our daughters grow up!  I also really like the light blue pumps with the floral dress.  I would have gone neutral or dark, so I like your reminder to think outside the box.

  6. Kudos to you both for looking so relaxed in that cold weather!  Your daughter is a natural.  I enjoyed this post as I have two daughters also.

  7. Love this post. All the dresses are so pretty! Your daughter is lovely – her complexion is exquisite!!

  8. ALL the praise hands for whatever parenting magic you used to get your teen to participate in this (and on such a cold day to boot!) You two look darling! Love all your picks.

  9. Love this post! Not just for myself but for my 15 year old daughter. It’s so hard to find age-appropriate clothing for her. Thank you for this!

  10. What a nice surprise seeing your oldest daughter!  I bet she does have a greater appreciation for your job now, and she gets that the weather does not always cooperate.  She looks so pretty in the dress she chose!  I really like both of the dresses you wore, as well.  And I love seeing clothes from Kohl’s.  I hope your husband does make it home without any delays tonight.  Enjoy your day!

  11. Your daughter is so precious! Such a young, fresh look! Her dress would look cute on a couple of my Grand-daughters. Love yours also especially the dark one with bright flowers. Going to check out Kohl’s!

  12. Such beautiful dresses, unfortunately I don’t have anywhere to wear them. I work in a casual environment and even our church is very casual. I love that your daughter joined you for this post and I remember when my daughter started to drive. Such an exciting milestone for them but so nerve racking for us. My daughter is 22 and we still have a rule that she sends me a text when she arrives and departs when driving at night. We have a weekend trip to Austin and I don’t like to drive in heavy traffic anymore so she offered to drive because my husband is not going so I may let her do it because she drives in traffic to college everyday. So you do have that to look forward to. She will offer to drive when you don’t want to! lol (yes, I still use it too)😉

  13. You both look beautiful. Thanks for sharing what your daughter selected. I have a 16 year old too and it is very hard to find clothes that are modest and appropriate.

  14. You mean LOL is out of date; I still use it. I was given a card for my birthday with alternatives: LOL – Living On Laxatives, BYOB-Bring Your Own Bran, so Ha Ha.

  15. I love both the dresses – so springy and fresh. Your daughter and you will make so many people Easter day smile.

  16. Oh my goodness, your daughter is so lovely! And even though a 16 year old was featured in the dress and shoes she looks so poised and graceful that I feel like an older woman could totally pull it off.. and by older I mean that my 48 year old self really wants this dress and shoes for my step son’s graduation in June. 😊

  17.   That was so nice for your daughter to join you for this post!  You both look beautiful!  I wouldn’t have known it was so cold if you hadn’t said anything.  You both looked very happy.  I wish I had somewhere to wear the dress with sleeves! 

  18. Such a great post today! I love all of the dresses you’ve styled (I can only wish I was still 16 years old so I could buy the one Caroline has on – so cute!!!) LOL!! (Yes, I still use LOL since I don’t know how to insert an emoji :))
    Great post you two!!!

  19. Yes, she is darling! Great move, Mom, to include your daughter. You both look lovely! Instead of LOL, I just put Ha! or Haha! because my daughter also told me that nobody uses that anymore! But then why do I listen to a 24 yr old? I still have friends who use it and don’t judge anyone for it!

  20. Your daughter looks adorable and modest while still looking cute and hip! So many girls are opting for such short dresses or low cut dresses. I love when a teenage girl dresses appropriately! She looks fabulous!

  21. Such nice pictures. So fun to work with your daughter. You both look great and love the choices of dresses. I love how you put the light blue shoes with the floral blue dress.  Looks perfect.  I didn’t know LOL was out. 🙂  My grown kids still use it so I don’t get in trouble when I do. 🙂  

  22. I adore all of these dresses!! And your daughter does look great in hers! I’m so glad you featured these, as I have a 30% Koh’s discount that just went active today. Now I’ll be looking at the dresses for sure!! I would even wear the dresses you styled for work with a cardigan over the top. Another great post, and thank Caroline for joining us!!

  23. What a beautiful pair you are! Love all the dresses! I have a question on a comment you shared on your FB Live Tuesday. You mentioned you no longer use R+F Lash Boost. Is there a reason that was concerning you or did you feel you just don’t need the extra boost any longer? I’ve been using their Lash Boostfor almost 2 years and love it, except for the cost, but if there’s a concern I need to know about, please share.

    1. No reason, I just ran out, ha! Also I started using it b/c my lashes were thinning, and the length was just a bonus. Now they’re thicker for some reason, and I miss the length, but they seem okay so I just haven’t ordered more.

  24. You both look great! I’ve heard the same thing about lol, but I don’t care! Lol
    Wonder what is current? Hee-hee? Ha? Who can keep up? 

  25. Your daughter is darling, like her MaMaThe dresses are a wonderful welcome to spring. We continue to have snow in our yards. Thankfully sidewalks and streets are fairly clear. One day we did reach 50 degrees. You and your daughter will have this memory : remember the very cold day we modeled spring dresses? That was lots of fun.

  26. Your daughter is so cute! I shop at Kohls in my neighborhood and it has a great selection and good quality. Through your Blog I discovered The Loft also in my neighborhood and I also discovered that Nordstrom is affordable for me!

  27. Jo-Lynne- Love your post! You and your daughter look so beautiful! Love all the dresses! How great that you did a photo shoot together! This will be a treasured memory! Blessings!

  28. What great fun for you and your daughter! Love, love, LOVE the blue dress and, the blue shoes are so unexpected.

  29. Such pretty dresses!  And, yes, your daughter is darling!  She looks beautiful in that dress and did such a good job as a model, which I’m sure is harder than we might think.  

  30. What a fun post! Love that it’s a mother/daughter post and the outfits are so pretty.  Love the blush block heel sandals…I own them and can’t wait to start wearing them! Love that you’re featuring more outfits from Kohl’s!

  31. What fun to be able to do the spring dress photo shoot with your daughter, love the dresses and hopefully where your at it will warm up some before Easter

  32. You two made some beautiful choices in dresses!
    Your daughter is so lovely, and her outfit is perfect.
    Your dresses are both pretty. I think the blue flowered one is more you, and makes more of a statement.
    I’m intrigued by the Circus line of shoes and handbags by Sam Edelman. I’m happy to see a more affordable line, and will be taking a closer look.

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